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    Clay shooting and riding my Suzuki GSXR 750R.
    Reloading shotgun shells from .410 28 20 12 10g you can save up to £1 on a box of 25 shells.

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  1. Hi, i shoot clays, have shot for England and also Great Britain, in a discipline known as Fitasc all over the world. When you shoot clay's, remember that they slow down, where live pigeons don't, this is a problem when changing from one to the other.
  2. Hi Islandgun, I would think twice about using Fiocchi primes, I have just used some and all that I keep getting was miss fire's the primers are very had, so I went back to the Rio's 209, I hops that this can help you. Regards, Hotshot100
  3. Hotshot100


    Hi, to all of you, I am a male I am 79 years I live in Suffolk 3miles to Newmarket 11miles to Bury St Edmunds. my inside leg measurements are 29" that's if you are interested. Thank you all who wanted to know this. Kind regards, Hotshot100
  4. Hi, I am looking for 20grauge plastic wads for reloading. I have thousands of Winchester AA hull 67mm once fired. I am trying to load them with 28gram lead shot, does any one knows where I got buy them from. Regards, Hotshot100
  5. Hi, I have a reloading machine that I am thinking about selling it, it is a 12 gauge Ponsness Warren 900 size-O- Matic. The reason that I am selling it, is that I have 3 of them, 2 Ponsness Warren and 1 OMV. all 12gauge reloaders. I am asking £600.00 cash only on pick up. It has had a lot of extra fitted to it. You can try it before you buy. It has to be collected because of the weight. Kind regards, Hotshot.
  6. Hi, it will not stop them you can pick up a knife out of the kitchen.
  7. Hotshot100


    Hi cookoff013, I we be 75 on the 17th October. I am a male. I live in a village Nr Newmarket Suffolk.
  8. Hotshot100


    Hi, i am looking for reloading stuff, Powered, Wads, Primers, Shot, Lead And steel. Regards Hotshot100
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