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    Another plea

    I think i will show my face at least i took a lot of flak from this forum for going out tuesday. These perms were too hard to get to ignore especially with the amount of shooters round here just waiting to jump into my shoes. I know of 5 shooters that were out at the weekend in my locality.
  2. Qfarmer friend sent me a plea and a picture today when can you get here 1000s of pigeons on my barley and rape. When he started drilling 2 weeks ago he phoned me and i told him there were traveling restrictions in place but i would do what i could.these are good people that are kind enough to let me roam all over their land for many years 30 years some of them and i cant help in their time of need. If farmers start saying dont bother to come any more your not here when i need you. Try to expand pic this is a different farm from my tuesday post. I think the extra volume of birds is the result of last years lock down.
  3. Hundreds of beans on top and chitting beans in cracks been drilled 3.5 weeks now with 3 fields of barley drilled adjacent 2 weeks later it took a week for them to find it then they switched to the barley for a few days then back on beans had a look today only 100 on it but 3 massive flocks 3 fields away on someone elses we didnt shoot. Walked out on the beans still for pigeons they will be back.
  4. I said in my reply to old boggy that the keeper dealt with the police, and he did get a ref number. I often phone 101 when shooting near the village and tell them how many guns and give licence plate numbers etc.i had verbal perm with perm to pass on any prob with conformation, to farmer.
  5. Well said that man. Only response worth reading. When i go for a walk every day if i dont shoot i walk past many people go through gates over stiles past cyclist joggers horse riders etc.etc. i would sooner get in my car drive 2 miles to my nearest perm and walk round in isolation. Tell me what is safest for my health and others. Cyclist increase 10 fold some will fall off joggers increase 10 fold some will fall some will end up in hospital.
  6. My 65 12 for deeks 30 for freinds 23 freezer the other chap was the keeper he took his with him. He had phoned police and got the ok.
  7. i had a desperate call from a farmer monday lunch time 100s of pigeons on his beans that are just erupting is there any way i could get there i told him its not looking likely at the moment but i saw monday night basc latest post on crop protection and thought there was enough wiggle room to go tuesday. Before i got anywhere near the field i could see hundreds of birds in the air over it, its a big field about 100 acres when i pulled up i got the bins out and saw hundreds down feeding so quickly deciding where to set up with favourable wind i decided to drive down the wheelings and put 4 string bangers out and and 2 moon walkers then hid the car as best i could and got stuck in they started commiting straight away coming in 2s and 3s it was difficult shooting as they were coming past me out of range going over the deeks into the wind then deciding to come in turning and coming with the wind pitching over the rotary spooking at the last second and going out again fast i did connect with quite a few but i just couldnt connect with the second bird that tended to want to escape over the high bushes at my back and before i got on them after the 1st shot they were right in my face at 10yds i would wave the gun at them to try and make them change direction if they did i still missed them going away zig zagging i ended picking up 65 and only found 1 out of about 10 i know i hit. I am not one for exaggerated statements but i saw over 5000 birds a freind that joined later who shot 45 on flightline after they passed me who shoots far more than me said its the most he has ever seen and reckoned up to 10000 !! I have seen this many before on this piece of land they come from 4 directions when they all choose to come to the same place together its like that this 300 acre farm had all been drilled with beans and barley.
  8. I sat in my garden today listening to shooters not more than 3/4 mile away fo r the 4th day running on drilling put there by a semi commercial outfit operaters and shooters obviously are not pw members this time last year i lost 2 perms because i wouldnt turn out on some very vulnerable soya because of th gl debacle lack of information, decision making, from the powers that be all the while 4 other shooters had a great time and got a 1000 acres of shooting. I have some common land at the end of the village no through rd its very pretty walkers and dog walkers love it there is room for 3 cars to park i counted 8 today parked on verges the pedestrian traffic through the gates was constant singles, pairs, parents and children all self distancing cyclist and joggers to and i cant spend a day in a field on my own in case i have a car accident on the way..
  9. Take no notice of them i think its great. 4 questions what were you using. Is it any good. Does it help your shooting. How much does it cost.
  10. I dont know too much tech about sprays but in the past i have had to pull in my deeks and sit in the car for half an hour while the tractor sprayed yellow mist then set up again and still shot some i think beans are like marmite if there is any thing else about especially seed they will leave beans alone i have seen beans sit on top for 4 weeks sometimes apart from crows they know they are not going anywhere and if they start chitting they get exta meal.
  11. After sitting in the front room of a farmer i know and having a cup of tea i asked if i could resume shooting his land after an illness absence he told me help yourself go when you like i thanked him and said make sure you tell the part time keeper (they have 1 shoot a year). I have shot on there with others for over 30 years.shortly afterwards while shooting i was approached and told in no uncertain manner i wasnt welcome and if i wanted to shoot i had to go through him so i decided i didnt need the hassle and walked away i know the farmer doesnt know whats going on he's a very nice chap.
  12. Yesterday morning i could hear 2 guns no more than 1/2 mile outside the village having plenty of shooting on some drilling and again this morning out of curiosity i got in car for a look and saw 2 seperate l/rovers parked 300yds apart and rotaries and deeks out and i know this land is the perm of a rather aggressive semi commercial who charges shooters but doesnt admit to it.
  13. Well done tightchoke its hard to find people my way that want any i even put a card in local shop free pigeons? I had a good day monday 76 didnt go tuesday was going again wednsday but got a text from government last night saying stay in so i have but regret it already and its only 10am what to do is a dilemma.
  14. Well done they seem to know there is safety by the roadside.that easterly gave me different options. I was keeping some for emergancy rations but was forced by lack of space to empty freezer and start again the day before the notification i will try to get a few with air rifle in garden for emergancy.
  15. I shot all day monday i never saw a single person anywhere near the field i was on but on the way home in the car i saw many more walkers and joggers than normal obviosly stay at homes doing their best to avoid each other by 2m. I took the wife for a walk today and we were overtaken by a sweaty jogger 2m away and when she pulled in front with the wind blowing from her to us we could still smell her perfume from 20yds in front i hope none of her sweat was airborne.definitely safer in my isolated pigeon hide.
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