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  1. dad


    driving around the edge of a rape field today i stopped under an oak tree to see if it was a likely spot to shoot from and was surprised to see the ground littered with hundreds of acorns fallen in the weekend winds.
  2. dad

    What is it

    Just took a pic of the seed about 20 of them on the head
  3. dad

    What is it

    The whole field is the height and colour of ripe barley or wheat i think it still has a couple of weeks to go as some are still slightly green like the one on the left. Only 1 head per plant i think.no weeds so well looked after. Not familiar with the farm but it was a big acreage no smell to it
  4. dad

    What is it

    just seen about 50 acres of this can anybody tell me what it is never seen it in cambridgeshire before just asked a farmer he didnt know.
  5. had quite a lot to look at on saturday in particular a rape field that had about 400 on it while it was still standing last weekend. We went there 1st and was dissapointed to see it had already been cut and cultivated so we moved on. I forgot to mention it was pouring with no sign of a let up. We looked at a further 6 fields of rape and barley with a few bird on each 25 was the most we saw with nothing flighting not surprising for the time of day and the rain so we drove around some fields with woods and spinney to se if any lift out nothing of any note did.this was supposed to be a banker and i had a guest/friend with me.we made the decision to park his car up and take some of his kit and get in with me and drive to the new perm 45 mins away where i shot 30 on monday hopeing it hadnt been pulled up.the rain was still pouring and i didnt expect to set up but as we got nearer easterly it started to ease and eventually stopped on arrival.about 200 birds down and birds flighting we quickly put out 2 scarecrows and the rotary with flags on at the village end and set up the other end.6 fields of rape here most getting attention from pigeons so traffic in the air most of the time it was 1.30 by the time we started shooting we had 8 dead birds and the rotary out and singles were coming in fairly frequently i was shooting ok 12 for the 1st 13 shots my mate was shooting poorley and he is a double aa clay shot we packed at 5pm with 45 picked should have been 65 easily. Hundreds of birds bypassed at 150yds looking but wouldnt commit.as we packed it started raining again. I will post a picture of pigeon damage for mr packham.
  6. dad

    Rape stubble

    Useually where there is cover and favourable wind if i can and flag off areas where i dont want them to go down.
  7. 8.30 this morning phone call from a farmer all the rape has been cut over the week end i was still in bed.a quick scurry around take dog for a walk put gear in car and on site by 12.30 29 degrees but a good wind 6 fields of rape birds down and feeding on 5 of them each field has a small copse i was on my own. No obvious flight line birds everywhere decided on tried and tested spot on largest field put a scarer out village end of field and see what happens.enough traffic backwards and forwards to get a busy couple of hours it slowed up at 3pm and i packed up at 4pm farmer started to cut verges 30 birds in the bag and 5 unpicked a good start to harvest.there were more birds to be shot with a bit more effort like more scare crows and earlier start and later finish. I will post a pic of my new scarecrow a spare rotary rotating it works for me
  8. dad

    Clumsy feet

    Peanuts but her favorite is sunflower i save some heads and put them on the wall she keeps coming back to pick them off
  9. Caught 5 last Tuesday must be making a comeback i was chub fishing with luncheon meat
  10. frequent visitor
  11. My first gun was given to me in 1960 when i was 14 by an uncle it was a s/s 12 with a cracked choke barrel half way down you could see daylight through it i dont recall a name only a silver badge on the stock i think it may have been damascus barrel after a years use my father took it to birmingham and go new barrels made.
  12. Nice one pc confidence to go out seems to be growing all around i went thursday it felt great to be out again.some people i know who were shooting within days of the ban cashed in and got onto some of my perms while i was being cautious.
  13. dad


    should have gone on this 4 weeks ago but didnt want to risk it unfortunatly this was a new perm for me and felt like i was letting him down i only shot 9 and my mate on another field had 13. It was obvious they had finished with it there was a persistent gang of 20 with a couple of ferals in with them that would completely ignore deeks (plastics) and drop anywhere then within 30mins another 100 would join them in ones and twos i had to walk out and put them up 5 times during the afternoon there was 3 silver and red big rotating thingys a kite and a gas gun on this 30 acre field at one point they were 20yds from the gas gun when it went off they rose and dropped down again within 40yds and the second bang within seconds never lifted them at all. The farmer phoned me to say some other guys might show up he gave perm to because we hadnt been he said they had been going for 4 weeks and had some good days. It dont pay to be cautious.
  14. can i use a rotary and decoys on a field of soya that pigeons are plundering when shooting them
  15. It seems reading this that its ok to shoot pigeons if they are damaging a crop and you have tried scaring them off to no avail.is it against the law to bring the deterents in while shooting and can you use a rotary and decoys to guide them to your part of the field. It seems to me that some people think its ok and others are still holding back.
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