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  1. Good luck with the r/t jd i had 24 doses made me very tired towards the end only lasted a couple of months though. That was 18 years ago so well worth it i wouldnt be writing this without it.
  2. I like to keep a dozen in a dedicated fridge but sometimes i keep too long and and end up fridge full of maggots so now i put them in individual plastic bags with seal tops to contain the maggots it only takes one fly to crawl down a throat even as late as November.i dont take more than 3 out now 2 for rotary 1 for flyer and 8 half shells i notice they seem to fixate on rotary and come close enough to be shot.
  3. Thanks for your comments guys i used the sbs for 30yrs i think it is quarter and half fixed chokes at the time in cambs area 30yd pheasants and partridge were the norm but now we seem to leave them untill 40-60yds and 32 and 34grm carts in the little berreta sbs with a plastic stock butt plate knocked my spine about too much by the end of the day. I did take it for a short trip out last week out of desperation on pigeon but it was very windy and the birds were all over the place and i struggled too much to risk saturdays game day
  4. since changing to an o/u from sbs i have picked up a bad habit of sitting the bird on top of the barrels and shooting under neath and lifting my head up off the stock especially on driven birds over my head i have hardly hit one all season its got so bad i try to shuffle round and take ad a over head crosser. Any tips please.
  5. dad

    A quick 21

    We have a young man who shares this perm with us who never bothers to decoy he waits for a bit of wind puts a few string bangers out then hoes in a belt of trees puts a rotary on the out side starts about 1pm and gets some going out and some coming home he shot 30 on thursday and regulary gets up to 60 shooting through the canopy this young man is probaly on of the best pigeon shooters i have ever seen i watched him shoot 40 2 weeks ago through the canopy for 55 shots and they were all 30yds plus just a natural i suppose teally nice bloke too.
  6. dad

    A quick 21

    Its the new perm again nearly always plenty about getting round them is the problem it really needs 5 guns but only 1 or 2 will get shooting. I have had a few similar bags since december but didnt think worth reporting. I set up on a likely field and my mate takes the car and moves from field to field standing in the trees keeping them on the move but its been a bit to wet lately and we were asked not to drive about.
  7. dad

    A quick 21

    been a lot of pigeons on our rape lateley 7 fields in all all in one block, not been able to get to them because too wet to drive around and too far to walk with decoying kit so only been standing in the trees around margins without too much success, after a couple of shots some land in trees on another field and any new comers seem to spot them from hundreds of yards away and go straight to them. We went on thursday and about 2000 were down feeding and in the trees halfway down one of the fields so i phoned the manager and got permission to drive to it. They all left as i arrived and luckily flew back to the town and not to one of the other fields. I quickly set up with rotary and 10 shells and they soon started coming back but mostly ignoring deecs and landing in nearby trees first. Luckily a few came close enough and paid the penalty after about an hour disturbed birds started to go another field and the rest soon started too follow and by 2pm it was all over so in one and a half hours i picked up 21.
  8. Great reading your exploits keep it up merry xmas and a happy new year to you and all pw members.
  9. can anybody tell me the for or against wet or dry pluckers for game i am thinking of buying one
  10. i took 85 lead shot frozen pigeons to my dealer recently and got 5p each it cost a gallon of diesel to get there and back does any body know any where in cambridgeshire that pays better.
  11. Try if you can to check the inside of theiŕ throats i have seen some with white smelly growths inside.
  12. I think that is a first. I spent a month in your neck of the woods recently on the severn barbel fishing mid sept. To mid oct. It rained every day the river was 10 feet up i was up by the wyre forest there was plenty of pigeons mostly on grass paddocks acorns were everywhere the kept plopping into the river i spent most of my time pretend shooting like air guitar certainly no shortage of birds there my mate spent 3 weeks on a lake about 40 miles away and said it was the most pigeons he had seen for a long time a field of what looked like millet had just been flailed pigeon shooters were really getting stuck in.dont know if you get over that far.
  13. dad

    Another 25

    had another day on the rape i shot tuesday i had been asked to keep an eye on it this was thursday. Very wet start to the day but only spitting by the time we arrived 11am a quick drive around put small groups up from the fields with the lower crop some fields are knee high. Birds were getting out of the trees everywhere though so decided to give it a go on the same field as tuesday but in a different spot as the wind had changed right round. it was off the main flight line and with the threat of more rain and a cold wind i decided to have it of my back not in my face wich meant any birds would probably come from behind my mate was going to be mobile to keep them on the move.set up by 12pm 3 birds crept in from behind as i was loading and flew out before i could shoot by 1pm i had 10 in the bag shooting poorly 2 to 1 things slowed down a lot and i noticed quite a line of birds coming from in front and going back to sit up and the odd nosey one came to the deecs for a look, i manged to bring one down and found it to be full of wheat just starting to chit it had no red die on it and its been far too wet for drilling for nearly 2 weeks here,i managed another 6 full of wheat and ended at 3pm with 25. It amazes me birds so full of wheat should still decoy.
  14. never shot much during the summer everything seemed to get pulled up too quick before the birds had a chance to get on it and i dont like the flies anyway so i went barbel fishing instead with good success untill i booked a month on the severn with the river at the bottom of the garden,the river was perfect for 3 days then rose 10feet and stayed like it the whole 4 weeks on my return the farm manager from the new perm phoned to say pigeons had started getting on his rape and to come over and he would show me around and give me a key to get in.i met him 2 weeks ago and he showed me a block of 250 acres of rape over 7 fields most of them had a belt of mature trees 20 feet wide down at least 1 side and with access to drive alround most of them and birds were flushing out every where, too good to be true.i had a look at the fields again at the end of last week and there must have been 3000 pigeon spread over the whole block.the manager phoned again yesterday he had seen all the pigeons and wanted to know when i was going and could he come with me as drilling had come to a stop.we met this morning at 10am and got sorted we had to split up. Before we parted he told me the 2 brown fields in the block were going to be spring lupins,we parted and i was set up by 11am with rotary and 6 on cradles and 9 floked half shells for a bit of bulk a string banger up the far end about 500 yards and a moon walker the other end about 400 yards as i was walking back to the hide i could see birds going in to my decoy pattern i got back to the hide and shooting started imediatly i shot till 2pm and ended with 70 i am sure the pc would have doubled that i only get 1 at a time 5 come in 4 go back out i am to slow these days.the manager told me 450 acres of peas and some more lupins are going in in the spring he wants me to look after.
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