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  1. i have a field of soya with hundreds of pigeons going to it the farmer has a gas gun and a scarecrow on it and the farm manager goes regularly to scare them off. Can i shoot it without an individual licence. Is gl31 sufficient. Should i phone police before shooting. I also have a large osr field that is getting a lot of attention from pigeons.
  2. while out game shooting this past season i found i kept getting tears and blurred vision in my right master eye also my left but not as much it seemed to be caused by wind getting behind my glasses. Has anybody got any pratical remedies for this. The glasses i wear are largeish a bit like snooker players
  3. What about vinnie jones he likes his shooting he must know plenty of celebs who might help.
  4. Beautiful moth i found one in caterpillar stage last year very odd looking withits elephant snout
  5. like a lot of guys on here when I go out shooting I rarely know where I am going to end up and on what crop I drive 30 or40 miles looking for pigeons on crops on farms I have permission on if I find any I stop and set up the farmers expect that of me. I dont have computer fascillities so would need to ask someone else to do it for me will the license cover what I do if I apply.
  6. dad

    Little beauty

    I have some delightful newts too some pregnant i cant wait I have seen crows at the waters edge fishing for them
  7. I think that by the time this gets sorted you all will be so gratefull to be able to go out with your gun on a saturday and shoot a few pigeons you will pay NE what ever they ask for its all about money they have already said they are under funded and under staffed.it looks to me like a kick in the teeth for the working man pigeon shooting is usually free or at least affordable.
  8. Thought i would share this little beauty absolutely perfect not sure whether frog or toad.
  9. Only ever seen one in 1960 in devon near woollacombe
  10. Well done lads.they have been in the trees all day round here for weeks now eating buds, and topping up with rape, and having a good rape feed around 5 oclock
  11. Thanks just what i need.
  12. Courtesy of my mates over enthusiastic dog
  13. Thats a good idea thanks
  14. one of my farmers rents some land from the national trust and they require a risk assessment proof of insurance and gun licence before we pigeon shoot does any body have any experience with the risk assessment part
  15. shot the barley again today seed has been a bit here today gone tomorrow lateley and there was still 200 down on it. Decided to get real birds out of freezer and thaw them, after shooting it yesterday we thought they would be too wary for shells.i started to put the pattern out 12 dead birds and found they were still frozen solid my ex mate had forgot to get them out the night before, ,they were all shapes and sizes luckily i brought 2 fresh from my bait fridge for the rotary. Not ideal with wind in our face and poor deeks we started. My mates o/u 20g kept getting carts jammed yesterday so he brought his 3 shot singing its praises about how well he shot with it. Our hide was right at the end of a hedge and we sat facing the barley with most of the birds coming from behind either side of our hedge most came from my mates side on the right with the 3 shot,1st 9 birds in 8 flew out again so it was walk back to the car and change guns and a crafty fag for him, to be honest i never shot much better with birds suddenly appearing from behind and lots more skirting the deeks at 60yds it dried up by 3.30 and we packed with 12 in the bag and 4 unpickable could have, should have been a lot better.
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