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  1. Glad to see you are still at it pc will definitely miss your reports.furlough seemed to bring more guns out than usual cost me a lot of shooting one very productive farm i visited 3 times after 15 mile drive to find 3 guns already set up and the rape there i had to myself all winter. Game dealer shutting for 2 months didnt help either.since i retired i got more land and you cant get round it all and it seems use it or loose it.
  2. i personaly haven't seen this before out in the open it is a currently active wasp nest. I also watched for the 1st time a leaf cutting bee taking pieces of leaf into one of my flower pots unfortunately i couldn't get a pic of it it was coming with leaf about every 15mins for 2 days i havent seen it since.
  3. dad

    A few bits free

    Only had one enquiry today
  4. I know how you feel I'm just getting over 2 weeks laid up with back trouble i cant stand in one position for more than 10mins sitting is not much better so I'm up down up down i come home like a wreck sometimes.
  5. dad

    A few bits free

    Actually the trelis works well specialy the larger version up against a hedge just expand it and sit behind use 2 poles but the wood breaks easily. Version in picture i use for head cover for birds coming from behind
  6. Good luck young man one thing to always remember use it or lose it farmers like to see you there.they also like a chat from time to time they have a solitary job.
  7. One of the worst shots in the book for me. low and i cant pick them out against the ground and lift my head to look for them. They usually overshoot the deeks and are on top of me to quick too close then i try to scare them so they flair. Anything other than perfect gun fit and you shoot down 1 side.
  8. I nearly never put this post on because i felt a bit of a fool. The neck is a real problem the wife rubs voterol in for me it leads to tension hedaches and bad sleep i struggle to get comfortable on pillows a self diagnosis is arthritis i get it while fishing too sitting down looking at a float with a bent neck as with shooting craneing my neck looking skywards i feel i hve to keep looking down and stretching all made worse by gun recoil.as for eye shutting or flinching probably not too much of a problem on driven game flying in a straight line but pigeon on a wind is a different matter a couple of times while out monday in the wind on the 2nd shot the gun was know where where it should have been.i shoot 12g o/u 30gr 6s i am 74 a bit old for switching guns i think.
  9. i have been shooting s/guns for 60yrs now and the last 6 months i have developed the habit of shutting my eyes when i pull the trigger especially on the second shot i have no idea what has brought this on but i think it is affecting my shooting i may be pulling off line or not following through. I retired 4yrs ago and have been going out sometimes 6 days a week shooting on average 400 carts a week could it be shell shock of some kind it certainly affects my neck now.or could it be new carts i got clever's seem to be louder than I'm used to.thru all my working years i probably only shot 50 carts a week on average.
  10. I was out in the wind on monday under a good flightline birds coming low straight at me 20ft high dancing on the wind then flairing to get over the trees at my back had to take them in front so i could pick up on some bare rape 40 shots for 9 down shocking. Odd misfire on clever carts didnt help fired if i put them back in again.
  11. dad

    A few bits free

    few bits here going free for any newbie that is prepaired to play around with them collect only near st ives cambs notvthe table and chairs. Send pm
  12. dad

    Sorry no picture

    Never thought of that the wasp didnt seem to be angry it wasnt a common household wasp
  13. dad

    Sorry no picture

    while on the river today i saw what i thought to be a recently emerged dragonfly large head double wings floating on the surface alive about 2 inches long and about the same wing span its couloration was very drab like a lavea sitting on top of its body was a very large ginger wasp looking insect appearing to sting it several times then it flew away. Any body got any ideas.
  14. dad

    Any ideas

    Just been confirmed by EA expert spined loach nationaly rare but a little hot spot here.
  15. dad

    Any ideas

    raking a swim out found this in the silk weed great ouse cambs. Fished here 60 years never seen one before dont think its a minnow look how close the eyes are and how long the nose is.
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