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  1. had a day on the drilled beans thursday 3rd day running pushing our luck I know only shot 7 we packed up 2pm as rain started on the way out we decided to look at the rape and found it was alive with pigeons one plantation on the edge of the field about 40ftx250yds must havehad a 1000 birds in it we drove along the side about 30ft away to put them out up one way then back then the same on the other side and there were still birds in it watching us we could have shot quite a few with an air rifle probably 2000 overall we couldnt shoot friday so had to wait till Saturday now the rape is a shared perm so decide to go early and hoped other saturday shooters would still be looking at drillings got a call friday night from farm manager asking our plans for saturday I told him and he said he might meet us there with his young son no problem i told him we met up saturday 9.30 still loads of birds about manager and boy wanted to go on a small field that he had watched birds going to on Friday and easy to cover I would set up on the 60acre field now about half this field cant be shot from because of horse paddocks an houses so I set up then we walked them off the far end and put out the old p.c. trick moonwalkers in three places I forgot to say it was blowing a gale and thanks to the camo umbrella I take now it was bearable but I had to tigh it to the hedge another pc trick my mate had a deli belly and decided to wait in the car and see what occured it wasnt long before the action started and it wasnt too long before I had 45 down for 90 shots very challenging in the wind then I got a a call from the manager we are not getting much can my lad sit with you and have a few shots with his 410 no problem I said deli belly will pick him up. I decide to put my gun away so I could concentrate on the lad about 8yrs I think I moved the deeks in a bit so they would come incloser 15yds hopefully. that worked the lad had 67 shots for 3 down he was delighted the gun was a dreadfull fit far too long in the stock he struggled to get it into his shoulder and it fired to the left but he enjoyed himself thats what matters. I think there would have been 100 bird day therebut there's always tomorrow it . Deli belly never set up. He kept the moonwalkers upright they kept blowing over and the pigeons on the move.
  2. I changed from a berreta sxs to an o/u and never shot as well again i still have both guns and persevere with the o.u for physical reasons.
  3. standing around between drives on a game shoot just before xmas I over heard the guest standing next to me talking to one of the other farmer guns about some new land he had taken the contracting on and what a nuisance the pigeons were I quickly piped up I'm the man you need for that I'm out 6 days a week he showed mild interest at the time and I didnt push it later in the day we were pegged next to each other and got chatting and he asked if iwould be interested in having a go at the pigeons nobody else has permission and I will be putting beans and barley in in the spring love to I says we swopped numbers with a promise he would phone after xmas (heard it all before) low and behold 2nd week in jan I got the call do I want to come and have a look arranged a time an me and my mate went met him for a look round, nice bit of land not much cover but in a good pigeon area just outside 2large villages as we were driving around I was disappointed to see no rape and commented far to many pigeons here for rape he says, about 500 acres in all all yours if you want yes please I says as we were driving off the land I notice some rape field over the boundary with pigeons going down who owns that I says we do he says is that out of bounds then yes somebody does the pigeons on that ar well you cant have it all can you. We left with a promise he would phone when the beans were in.2 weeks later on our way to one of our other farms the phone rang its the same farmer what are you two boys up to today only I'm looking at a 1000 pigeons on my rape be there In 45mins i says meet you there we meet up he shows us 7rape fields some being slaughterd by pigeons go on all these when you like he says what about the other shooter I says dont worry about him when can you start now I says good he says and left us to it another 600 acres in prime spot we shot 58 that afternoon 65 the next day 40 the next then it started to get harder and the flighline out of the village would change direction quickly we still managed 20s and 30s but one of us would have to put flags out and bangers and stop them from dropping I n on another field then the drilling started and thy left the rape.he put the beans and barley last week we had a day on beans yesterday I shot 75 for 150 shots very windy and I'm struggling a bit went back to the same spot today and shot another 45 then rain stopped play there must have been 2000 pigeons over 4 fields I was furthest field away from the bulk of the birds and managed to draw quite a few In to the deeks my mate who was the wrong end of the busyist field couldnt draw any away from the main gang and only shot 6.
  4. I use flocked shells for pigeon and paint the white parts with uv paint on wobblers like ezze wobblers work good enough to get a few close enough to shoot then put shot birds at begining of killing area so incomers see them first but only if I have to walk otherwise dead birds some times I will bulk the pattern out with a few shells if I am short on dead birds when I start putting them furthest from incomers.works for me. Not keen on shells for crows though infact here I have noticed crows avoid a pigeon set up especially a rotary turning round and going back the way they came.
  5. Thanks for the encouragement.some of those birds overshot the runway and got so close I had to wave my arms at them to try to turn them at 5 or 6 yards.
  6. Arrington/croydon area lucky enough to have 5 farms all touching each other about 2000acres altogether
  7. Turned up on the rape today must have been 2000 pigeons on it walked them off they all went the right way for a change good breeze too said to my mate we cant walk away from this the down side is there are 10 more fields of rape within a half mile circle and some have been feeding on spring bean shoots too which is un usual.usual pattern is they start coming back before we are set up see us out in the field setting up the first ones then go somewhere else and the rest follow so we rushed and just got finished in time the plan was for me to shoot my mate to go and banger off some key areas then set up on one of the other fields. He found another shooter on one field a gas gun had been put on another so he put two string bangers on two more. Then sat in his car to see what the birds would do before choosing where to set up himself. The birds that I shot at all went back to the sitty wood then came out again over me some would go to a bangered field that would go off then back to sitty wood this lasted a couple of hours befor they got wise to it and stopped coming I shot 27 for 67 shots pc would have had a 100bird day I am not good enough any more or quick enough to get left and rights the birds were coming straight at me wind off my back 5 feet high dipping and weaving not landing then flaring all directions before I got a shot off these birds have been around all winter and very jittery. My mate never set up he watched from a distance and told me when birds were coming he can see them 200yds before me (walky talkys ) great I asked him to join me but he was ok watching.at times I thought if I cant do better than this I will stick to fishing I do better game shooting they fly in a straight line. I am 73 in a couple of months and weather permiting am out six days a week I suppose I should be grateful.
  8. Hundreds in my area too lots of barley drilled. I was on rape saturday got a call from farmer barley is in now about 60 acres pigeons already on it dont shoot sunday but went for a look pigeons all over it so went early monday we shot 3 they weren't on it but we thought they would arrive. we got another call 80 acres put in sunday 1oclock my mate decided to have look 45 mins later hes back nothing on it. We could see another farm putting in beans in the distance so packed up and went for a look nothing on way home we found 2 small barley drills together with about 800 birds in trees and down so early start tuesday about 500 still there so set up and shot poorly 28 should have been 40 they didnt really come back. Got a call 2pm 80 acre field got 3500 on it too late now early start wednsday arrived 10am not much down but plenty in the trees 2 seperate hides packed 5pm 24 each enough birds high in the blue sky for a good day but they wouldnt comit i couldnt see any barley on top decided to try another day thursday again nothing on it but we had seen hundreds in the trees on a ajoining farm that we thought were waiting to come to our barley i set up my mate sat in car too watch 2 birds came in quite a few came to our trees 1oclock ajoining farm phoned 1000 on my rape couldnt shoot today so rape saturday.
  9. dad

    Fly ready

    Very funny i suppose i asked for it
  10. out on Tuesday five of my deeks had eggs in their throat!! Febuary
  11. Hi. Any body help please i just shot 89 pigeons and the outlet i use their chiller has gone down any body in cambs got a number they can share within reasonable distance of st ives i have been going to eley
  12. Freind of mine bought a £1700 nv from the shooting show 4 weeks ago paid £500 deposit and told about a week he has been struggling to make contact with guy who took order. Should he be worried.
  13. its a bit late now but i just bought a lightweight magnet £69.99 from A1 plus 2 pro flaps, not recieved yet was it a good buy.
  14. painted my flocked half shells with it this year and have used them all summer and allthough my bigges t bag has only been 58 i have had plenty of 15 to 25 sessions but we dont have large numbers here at the moment, i dont like wasting dead birds to the flies. i put them on modified eezee wobblers and use a rotary or flapper or both , i think if they spot the flapper or rotary the fixate on it and come within range
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