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  1. Some of you talking on here like I've not changed lol Iam happily married two kids life's so different now I was a young ******** simple has
  2. Cheers for all your comments, I'm not going to go into details but yes I were in a few fights and got punished I pleaded guilty served my time. The law states that you can apply for a firearm if you haven't done over 3 years, which I haven't. I even went to college to do game keeping when I was younger and did work experience at harewood house I had a letter from harewood house stating this included in my application
  3. Tattooed Did not state on my letter if I apply again in a year will they still bring it up ?
  4. Yeah sorry I did serve 9 months, my wife was typing that for me I was telling her what to write cos she's faster at typing and she misheard me
  5. Cheers for your advice, i don't think experience is a problem that wasn't mentioned in the letter, I do go a few times a month with a couple of pals who are experienced sgc holders but it's not the same as getting up on a morning and going off your own back rather than waiting for an invite! I do have permission myself at a few farms so it's only a sg I need!!
  6. If I did have the money to do it, I'd definitely do it, what happened to rehabilitation! They're alright allowing Harry Roberts ( 3 cop killer) to have a driving licence what if he lost it in a road rage incident and used his car as a weapon
  7. I was given 18 months for abh but got out after 15 months for good behaviour so I'm not banned from owning a firearm, I did get in trouble a few times for fighting but like I say I've not had any issues since 2004. I'm not a member with basc but I did get in touch with them and they said they don't always take cases on and they couldn't tell me anything because I'm not a member. I did get the visit from the Feo he seemed happy with my cabinet and my shooting experience so I thought it was looking good
  8. Hi all I have just been refused my sgc, I have been shooting since a young lad and have always gone with my dad who had a sgc, my dad has sadly passed away so thought I'd try for my own, I do have a police record (abh) but I have been a good boy for 11 years now they refused me saying I was a danger to the public!!! I would go for appeal but it involves going to crown court, for a solicitor to represent me it would cost £2000 at least and not just that if I lose the appeal I'm liable to pay court fees so basically that's not an option so sadly there goes my shotgun days. Cheers all
  9. Ya defo standing on the wings holding there feet and pull up is the best way takes seconds
  10. Not up on them but watched a programme on them other week don't you need a licence to handle them ?
  11. The convictions will never leave police computers I was asked something where I got a no further action so they keep absolutely everything believe me
  12. Nice shooting mate well done 3 less
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