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  1. Sipe are good hard hitting cartridges I can’t vouch for the others though.
  2. Thank you for some interesting views, I think my main point is that the only option that I’ve seen that is a positive step forward in lethality is TSS unfortunately this is out of most peoples price range. Every other option is a poor substitute so far as I can see it, yes they work with higher velocity/ pressures/ pay loads admittedly I’ve only used steel shot a few times and didn’t get on with it so now choose to not shoot ducks etc I guess I am also tired of the hype and feelings that this subject drags up and the bluntness that it can bring out in some people hence my first comment.
  3. I don’t normally voice my opinions out loud as there is a tendency to get shouted down, however with the question with regards to lead shot I do feel we are taking a step back. Throughout history the development of weapons/ firearms has always been for more efficient lethality that is why we use lead. By adopting steel or copper we are taking a step back and neglecting our first duty of insuring the most human dispatch of the quarry due to inferior kinetic energy being transferred. I’ve read some of the findings on lead and the environment and I know it’s toxic, however the lead used in sh
  4. I’ve got the .410 hushpower pump and I think it’s brilliant, yes you do have to think about your range but once you get your eye in that’s fine. Over this past year I’ve used it more than any of my other guns, I like the fact that I don’t wear ear protection with it and decoying it will do all you want. The subsonic cartridges are very quiet, I’ve only used the Eley ones and I do limit my range with them. But I mainly use normal 3 inch magnums either Eley in 6 or 7s or Hull high pheasant 6s fibre wads are quieter than plastic. It’s the right tool for the job if noise is your concern, just
  5. Hello Centre pin, I can vouch for the Halfrauds one I think I got their 3.5 l Diesel engine one a couple of years ago. I had a Vauxhall combo with a bad electric fault which would drain the battery on starting, the jump starter got me home on many occasion. I’ve also jumped a Nissan Navara and used it on my Defender during cold weather, plus my wife’s Sharan 1.9 diesel.
    If the battery is knackered it’s not enough but with some residual life it will get you out of the ****. The leads are short but the pack will sit on top of the battery. 👍

    1. Centrepin


      Thanks Steve, being a tight Yorkshire old *** I'm waiting for the January sales now😁

      Merry Christmas to you and yours


    2. stevieknuckles


      Thank you Andy for the seasons wishes and the same to you, there’s nothing wrong with watching where your money goes. You’re right they will be a much better price in a weeks time.

      I hope you’re managing to get out shooting, I’m lucky as we are tier one, but I can see that changing after Christmas. One day at a time and al that.


  6. Hi I’ve got the .410 Mossberg pump hushpower, it took me a while to get the hang of it but now really rate it. Yes you have to be sensible with the range, but decoying they are a joy to use. I use mainly Eley 3 inch magnums they are noisier than the subsonic carts but kill better, the subsonics are very quiet. There are quiet a few videos on you tube have a look and see for yourself, I’m sure your dog will be fine with one of these. 👍
  7. Thanks, I was in the right spot at the right time. Sometimes it takes weeks to catch up on one!
  8. Primos tripod trigger sticks for me, I shot eight Wednesday night all standing. My mates Ewes are lambing so a fair bit of walking around on hilly ground. They are quick, self levelling, and light most shots I take are within 150 yards I’ve never tried clamps or quad sticks so can’t vouch for them.
  9. Keep persevering I bought one in February and really struggled at first. A friend of mine who is a very good shot also got one at the same time, I went out with him and watched him shoot and that gave me the confidence in the gun. I found I was shooting low but once I got the hang of it I’ve had some great days shooting with it. It’s a proper tool for pest control and where to ya nice and quiet I don’t wear any ear protection and your not disturbing anyone with it. I’ve been able to shoot a lot of places I can’t with a normal shotgun, I’ve another .410 and it’s so loud compared to the Mossber
  10. I use Eley 3 inch magnums in 6 and 7 they are a little bit noisier than the subs but kill very well, I’ve shot plenty of pigeons and corvids with them you won’t be disappointed. Fiocchi are also good a little louder I think that’s due to the plastic wadding and one of the reasons I don’t use them anymore.
  11. I can’t vouch for the 20, I’ve got the .410 Mossberg and really rate it, so far all of the ammo I’ve used has been good 3 inch magnums in Eley and Fiocchi 18 gram 6 and 7. The subsonic is very quiet but you do need to keep range sensible, the .410 isn’t that heavy or ungainly. if you can have a go on both before you buy.
  12. I use a 410 Mossberg hushpower they are full choke I pattern tested mine with Fiocchi and ELEY 3 inch magnums both 18 gram and no 6’s and 7’s. This was out 30 yards and up to that point the patterns were consistent on all of them and there was plenty of energy to flatten the pellets. I don’t push my luck past that. 👍
  13. I’ve got the Mossberg Hushpower 410 it’s a great gun, I’ve been using mainly 6’s and 7’s 18 grams from ELEY they are the 3 inch magnums. I’ve also used the subsonic ammo there is a marked difference in noise they are very quiet. I use the normal magnums most of the time as they are harder hitting, they kill really well and I have been very impressed by the 410. It’s the gun I take out most, I’ve also got a twenty and a twelve but they are gathering dust at the moment. I don’t see any point in making loads of noise if I can get the job done quietly. There’s sub good videos of people using them
  14. I’ve been lucky enough to have fired tens of thousands of rounds through many rifles from bolt action, semi auto, to full auto. I own two CZs a 17 and 22 lr both are great rifles and are far more capable than I am. They work, you will not be disappointed. Yes there are nicer rifles out there it’s your money so your choice, but for the extra cost you are still shooting the same ammo through them. They are hard to beat for value and reliability.
  15. That’s a shame I live in Newport Isle of Wight, would have been lovely to shoot a piece of local history. Maybe next time ☹️
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