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  1. The usual places for them to bulge will be at the chamber cone and the choke. I suggest that you get the bores accurately measured up in order to help you decide your best course of action.
  2. These "rights" of religious slaughter are based on ancient historic "beliefs" - or mumbo-jumbo - and really have no place in modern day society. Government is currently reviewing legislation relating to all animals -wild and domestic - on the basis of sentience....ie a form of animal rights. If animals are going to be allowed rights, then surely a demise involving a minimum of stress and unpleasantness should be the number one priority on the list for these creatures which serve mankind by providing sustenance.
  3. The issue for me, and for the others who think about the slaughter process, is the degree of stress that the cows undergo leading up to the actual killing. Remember that these animals are in a long queue slowly proceeding to the point of killing and may well (in fact some are) become aware of what is happening. I would think that pre-stunning would reduce overall stress and duration thereof. The killing is the least pleasant part of an industrial process whereby " meat manufacturers" expedite the delivery of flesh in a package onto a supermarket fridge shelf.
  4. Does anyone know of a UK source for PR wads?
  5. Used to be about £10 / litter. As a point of interest how many pups did your mate have docked at £80... and did that include chip or chip+vacc.?
  6. The customer has the right to take(insist) the docking certificate at the time of amputation.....and have the micro-chip,( and presumably a first vaccination done concurrently) at a later date, by whomsoever vet, before 8 weeks age. Just remember that these venture capital "vet" practices do all that they can to manipulate the customer base to the benefit of their own profit margin. [
  7. The chip can be implanted by a n other vs.....or possibly even by a licensed implanter.
  8. Did she manage to find a co-operative practice?
  9. If your Winchester is NOT a break open type (for reload and unload) I would suggest that you take heed of the above noted warnings in relation to "bloopers" due to the risk and inherent danger of wadding or shot remaining in the barrel after firing. From the limited information provided it appears to be guesswork as to the factor(s) causing ejection problems. Cartridge case type, length and possibly the load itself are factors but the gun itself may have a peculiarity involved in this issue. Probably worth your while to post on US sites eg CastBoolits and look for advice.
  10. ...presumably the "scan" referred to the vet/a n other having scanned her micro-chip..???!! If a u/s scan had been carried out as a diagnostic procedure on first presentation then the tumour would/should have been identified. As an aside .. did they try and sell you a tooth scale and "special" dog food/supplements/wormer at the same time? If I were you I would not only complain to the practice principal but insist on an apology and ?refund... "before you make a complaint to the ruling body."
  11. Great Idea..... and then we, the proletariat could be "governed" by the Civil Servants and their cronies. Nice one !
  12. I reckon that all the experts are missing the most important point in this issue. Nobody has mentioned the necessity for carrying out a risk assessment of the job in hand, beforehand. 🤓
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