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  1. You have Hit the Nail ... bang on the head.
  2. harkom

    Local Elections

    👍.....you are being too complimentary to the delusional old fool.....but then again he did get himself re-elected to get the snout back in the trough...and top up his pension. 😤
  3. harkom

    black powder

    did you receive my email?
  4. Establishing with seed may be a good idea compared to plant/rootball translocation as there may very well be undesirables of a vigorous disposition incorporated. Don't ask how I know..... 😞
  5. Please remember that COTSWOLD OUTDOORS outdoor gear utilises Packham for promotion of products. So perhaps a reminder to the company just how their promo man's popularity ratings are soaring - not.! I used to purchase quite a bit of their clothing and camping gear.....but no more.
  6. I have to take issue with you on your post's deficiency.....IMHY it should have included one other arch-opponent of field sorts---- yup.....One ...Tony Juniper....self proclaimed ..."Eco Warrior"/self publicist, etc.... obviously not a lone voice or activist albeit one without reservation of self promotion. However for those with time or inclination ...😩...click on his resume specifics. The impetus of your post is quite explicit, but in plain language, these "warriors" are identifiable as a joined up organisation/cabal.... with a singular aim. I leave it to you the reader to join up the dots between the organisations/" charities"/welfare bodies....the list goes on....bbc, blah, blah ... Part of their strategy seems to be - ---- - Attack the different sections of the shooting fraternity on their individual front...eg pigeon shooting, corvid control, grouse moorland management et al.... After this multi-prong attack produces the biggest Single identifiable and measurable backlash, these warriors have identified that particular section as the one which may sway bureaucratic/ political regulation control. As part of their divide and rule strategy the WJ cabal will cede "permitted allowances" in...say, corvid and pigeon control....on the basis that .tit-for-tat...say for example....grouse shooting must be regulated and licensed. As a fieldsport enthusiast you should NOT think/accept that All is hunky dory on our side of the fence....Far from it....as regards perception by both the general public ...and also from a sizeable section within the field sport community. Far be it for me to have to point a finger at the section of the shooting community which most likely brings down Public umbrage on fieldsports in general. And so it will proceed,,,.....wildfowling next.....and.... who's next? It is your guess ... and so ...death by a thousand cuts..... If you have taken the time to read this - I apologise for the lengthy monologue but it really is long past the time that Fieldsport representative bodies woke up to the fact that they are being outsmarted and outflanked on most, if not all fronts. They must realise that an apologist (BASC) agenda is not acceptable to the respective memberships - and that although they have failed miserably in several battles, the War must go on...but on a much better devised plan and footing. So...if the current generals can't produce, perhaps they should either step aside, or be pushed before it is too late. I think that "WE" .. ie -The Countryside -by which I mean songbirds, shorebirds, moorland birds- livestock and dare I say it Crops - deserve it. The intensive game farm industry may deserve what it gets but it should not be allowed to drag down those of us who are more in tune with the Great British Countryside. Amen.
  7. The "FAULT" - regarding the licence debacle -has been engineered (by the pressure groups) - and their Insider(s) in NE/DEFRA -to be attributed to NE.... who will then attribute it as a DEFRA fault in regulatory policy. Meanwhile the new head of NE shrugs and says "not my fault" 😐(😂).
  8. GGA ..?? I suggest, respectfully, that you research the history for flooding on your property and near vicinity as this may prove useful in your search. Insurance Co's seem to collate their information on flood risk from "maps" which cover an area rather than the local topography. Good Luck with your problem.
  9. BASC - Pie Chart......oh dear oh dear..... Interpret the heading on each section ....and think about what it really means.... oh dear, h dear. 2.6% - on "business intelligence and research" .....now there is a misnomer if ever there was one. The appointment of one Tony Juniper as head of Natural E was announced some time ago - yet there does not appear to have been any real or significant opposition to this person -- whose personal website proudly declares him as an "Eco Warrior", with multiple listings on his CV referencing, amongst others - The Guardian, University of Bristol, etc, etc.... Oh dear, oh dear.... if this is the best that an "organisation" which purports itself as the shooting man's voice and representation..... we are all f'd...
  10. Malinois..?? woof,woof......screaaam...😫
  11. Thank you. ps -( as an aside - the constituency placed alongside the names of the Anti group might be useful ) pps - i could not name my local MEP offhand.
  12. send 'em to London... c\o S Khan...
  13. Fallowfen Goldens, not far from you.
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