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  1. Spaying problem

    glad it has turned out well, etc.. but why did you have here neutered? I hope it was not solely on "the vet's recommendation"-
  2. Gun Dog Castration

    SA practices tend to "recommend" many things for your dog's longevity, irrespective of their financial incentive (ahem). Nobody will mention it (vets) - 'cos presumably the white coated ones in the consulting room (located behind the foyer filled with myriads of trinkets essential to Fido's mental and physical well-being) - but when you+your castrated dog get into the beaters' cart amongst other (intact) male dogs - you will find to your chagrin, the latter are pestering your best friend. I warn you..... Transgendering is rife....
  3. Best You Tube videos.

    Spike Milligan and the PakistaniDaleks....
  4. Ugh. Dog walkers

    Shoot the mutt. Scan the microchip. Contact the database for owner details. Prosecute and sue for losses. job done......oh wait a mo..... irresponsible owner may not have chipped Fido. So better to have at least shot muttley?
  5. 5kg No5 Shot

    Hello. What make/brand is it? Thanks.
  6. Now I know I'm old - bit of a rant too....

    Well ....er, yes Minister; Now we all know, thank you Sir Humphrey......
  7. BBC show ignorance again!

    hi Paul, please do us all a favour and lodge a complaint with the local wildlife officer. I perhaps will not wait with baited breath for any prosecution! ATB
  8. Police raid Gypsy Encampment

    ? All the Goods returned. Plod usually just says " we'll give you a crime ref. no. so you can claim on your insurance".......yes?/no?
  9. Wood burners in London

    But Just Remember the last perversion - diesel vs petrol - emanated from The Smoke... which identified petrol as the biggest risk to Londoners since ...er..sliced bread (RIP G Brown). Sound like another scam to boost/enforce sales of another .....what is the word I am looking for.....ah..Entrepreneur....
  10. Halal

    Well, Joe, how would you know that those about to die in a slaughterhouse are ignorant of their impending fate? Not uncommonly they can smell blood - as well as hear distressed animals - so perhaps your comment is superfluous. And why do the occasional escapee (usually bovine) run off, reportedly "berserk"? And seeing you have mentioned perspective.... I did not specifically mention grouse.... but could have been referring to cervine creatures = ( quadraped with cloven hooves)....but to get back to the point you made about blasting birds out of the sky, I would humbly suggest that at least there is a realistic of recovering the dead/wounded on the moor. I do however find it reprehensible of those who shoot wildfowl on an estuary without a retrieving dog to recover the dead and wounded. And finally a word of caution...... Chesapeakes are not really for the novice handler/trainer. So get yourself off to the local petstore or SA vet practice and get some leaflets about dog husbandry, etc. ATB by the way I have yet to see a bird in the sky with a gun.....
  11. Halal

    Talking of dogs - can anybody explain why the veterinary profession are silent about it being acceptable practice to kill a conscious animal by exsanguination.... but it is unethical to dock a puppy dogs' tail within a few days of birth. I suppose this argument/discussion on ethics and welfare can be extended to castration and tail amputation/removal in lambs and piglets. Any suggestions> ?
  12. Halal

    "RELIGION" ....whatever that means......has been the cause of more Death and misery to the human (really ?) race for the last two thousand years... So why should these sentient animals - that have sustained and worked for the human race for many more millennia - be subjected to a cruel ending as their final sacrifice..?? I am interested to know.
  13. Halal

    i.e ....... Immigration problem solved in large part....... and emigration probably boosted...... But remember the spineless bunch of trough creatures at Westminster will do SFA, the BBC and its highly paid Lib Elite ( Packham et al ) will go all out to ban a humane harvest of a natural product from the Uplands, and ....well , need I go on..... excuse me while I go and regurgitate.....:(---
  14. Halal

    Ban Halal slaughter and imports of this meat...... then watch the Exodus....lol....