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  1. Certain individuals have the unfortunate ? -albeit inherent tendency to induce rust formation on bare metal surfaces just by handling the gun. Others, fortunate people, seemingly do not have this "disability" - presumably it is related to personal secretion NaCl content. So, the best rule ....always wipe down after handling. Incidentally, there was a post on Double Gun forum with a detailed comparison of many oil and grease preparations - notably 3-in-1 did not prove particularly effective at eradication of moisture.
  2. If bore measurements remain as proof stamp, then probably a 3 1/4" chamber. And IF 10B at muzzle be wary of putting plastic G wads through it.
  3. Hi Dunks. I noticed that your nipples look crisp and clean ..... so may have been replacements at some time past. The fences look to have some changes associated with use whereas the nipples look "new"..... so perhaps they will be the right size for the currently available size 11. Looks a nice gun, Enjoy.
  4. My past experiences of bsacs only serve to re-inforce my opinion of its' policy makers, many of their employees/reps and their failures in several of the fundamentally important issues to the shooting sportsman. So, in reply, there is no way that I would get involved with bsac. But thank you for the offer.
  5. Scully, Big Thanks for pointing out this issue to the members. Zapp, thank you for highlighting the minimal BSAC content on this site.... and I reckon that will be a fair representation of its minimalist representation of its' contributors interests and wishes. C O G - do you mind if I ask if your recent flurry of activity on PW might be the result of a fall in membership income and grumbling at t'Mill ?
  6. I seem to recall that the recommended crimp depth is ~ 55thou." - in order to provide sufficient strength and resistance to the crimp - in order to produce satisfactory ballistics.
  7. Try PH 009 or Remington gun cleaner and soak affected area for a few hours.
  8. Oh Well ! Donkey before cart discussion.... Why not try each gun at some clays - using a cartridge load that you intend to use for your shooting - and check that the pattern density is appropriate to that end ? Might be of more relevance to your dilemma than the aesthetics? Hope it works out well for you.
  9. The pack frontrunners to be a couple of Malinois' that haven't been fed for a few days.
  10. I guess that all of these sports can be undertaken , or will have to be undertaken in the near future, using "non-toxic" shot ?
  11. Jords - well thought out series of questions. But do not believe many of the "answers". Turry 2016 -- = IDIOT..
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