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  1. I tend to disagree with your view. It is simplistic,perhaps, to assume that " freed up resources " would result in " more robust" checking. My guess is that it would only allow the authority to cut expenditure on FEO numbers and that there would be no actual improvement in service to the customer. Ultimately, the entire licensing procedure should surely be focussed primarily on reducing the future potential risk of another mad dog scenario. It is wishful thinking that by lengthening renewal times would automatically result in a better and "more efficient" turnaround time on issue of certificate issue/renewal. Comparison with the issue of a driving licence does not really bear scrutiny.....hypothetical perhaps, realistic?--NO. Your observation on risk and probability would bear this out?
  2. This is, IMO, an erudite statement which highlights the necessity for periodic renewal of a SGC/FAC - e.g along the lines of 3-5 year period. However the idiots at BASC have been canvassing and promulgating a much, much longer certificate longevity. huh...?? Another point which I have not seen mentioned on the "requirement" for GP endorsement of a certificate renewal/application - ( and the demand for payment in lieu ) - It is only a couple of years ago that medical practices were requesting patients approval to release the individuals medical files, en masse I presume, to third parties - on the premise that this would optimise patient health care (and no doubt there would have been cash incentives involved !!?? and no mention of this information being gathered and used by Insurance companies etc)......so the question remains - "If the NHS medical practices can do this, why cannot the individual applicants file/records be made available for access by qualified FEO scrutineers - at little/no cost ?? yours, etc Disgruntled
  3. 16 bore cartridge belt

    waist size? Brady leather belt (as new) - available, but small-medium size. if any use please drop me an email.
  4. Simply rude people!

  5. Heseltine at it now.

    I think you should not be tarring Nigel Farage with the same brush as the Kinnocks and all those other self-serving ***** who ride the gravy train. Mr F was there to initiate an EU exit, I think?
  6. 8 Bore Reloading

    Underdog I am confused...... the standard bore diameter for a 12 bore is .729" - agreed? And the nominal constriction for a full choke is 40 thou. (.040") - agreed? If my calculation is correct this equates to a bore measurement of ~ .690" at the choke, so can you please explain to me where the 80 thou. reduction in bore diameter comes from? Thanks.
  7. BASC magazines - free (just pay postage)

    UNREAD..! well that is no surprise then : seen one - seen them all. lol.
  8. Nobel number 80 shotgun powder

    hi Saddler. would you have the Nobel 60 series reloading data available?
  9. Hi , could you please possibly copy the Nobel No.80 pamphlet and email it to me at


    many thanks ,


    1. Imr 800x powder

      I would like to take that if possible. Whereabouts are you based?
    2. Making a Claim

      One GOOD reason to pay for goods by Credit Card, rather than by Debit/ BACS/ et al...???
    3. Roll turn over

      Source: Eley pamphlet for Series 80 powders - " allow 9/32" case above the top card for both paper and plastic cases". Turnover strength obviously depends on case mouth strength and wall thickness. A skived case mouth might give a weaker RTO e.g. Cheddite 3" 12g case. So ? trim to suit your needs?
    4. Spaying problem

      glad it has turned out well, etc.. but why did you have here neutered? I hope it was not solely on "the vet's recommendation"-
    5. Gun Dog Castration

      SA practices tend to "recommend" many things for your dog's longevity, irrespective of their financial incentive (ahem). Nobody will mention it (vets) - 'cos presumably the white coated ones in the consulting room (located behind the foyer filled with myriads of trinkets essential to Fido's mental and physical well-being) - but when you+your castrated dog get into the beaters' cart amongst other (intact) male dogs - you will find to your chagrin, the latter are pestering your best friend. I warn you..... Transgendering is rife....
    6. Best You Tube videos.

      Spike Milligan and the PakistaniDaleks....