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  1. harkom

    Whitefronted Goose?

    Why doesn't BAsC .... Just omit the letter S from the misnomer?
  2. harkom

    410 rollover tool

    yes, that is the type.
  3. harkom


    ....and SNH.
  4. harkom

    410 rollover tool

    i have available an old style RTO tool, in mint condition i.e. unused, if that is of interest.
  5. harkom

    moving countys

    May I suggest that you send any written notification(s) by recorded delivery, as well as any email(s) that you may send.
  6. harkom

    Conspiracy Theory Question...

    Is the NWO - whatever that is supposed to be - the aim/project driven by that global benefactor George Soros? Yes, the same speculator who reportedly "made" billions out of collapsing markets and mismanagement of national economies by the likes of e.g. Gordon Brown/Blair, et al.
  7. obviously there is a wide range of tool type and quality, and therefore the price. If you give me details of what you are looking for regarding ...use or not; if used - is it for plastic or paper case, length of case?

    I may be able to help, if so whereabouts are you located?

    1. harkom

      pet insurance

      just a point to remember in the overall scenario of "pet costs" when you open the glass door and enter - 1.- if it is a working dog ---.....ermm... "it is not covered under the terms"....of the policy. 2. you walk into the local veterinary SA practice... is the first question from the desk lady - 1)name,address, etc 2) are you insured...3)... and you credit card details...???... Fees (costs) are directly related to those....who pay the bill...?
    2. harkom

      8 Bore Roll Turnover

      which type are you looking for? ....pillar drill RTO head or the traditional hand RTO tool ?
    3. harkom

      Floating Gunslip

      Does it float with a gun inside it?
    4. harkom

      Frank Field

      i believe that Frank Field was appointed under the Bliar Admin of "New Labour" to look into future Pensions Policy. Sadly he was "removed " from this post - were his recommendations unpalateable to TB and his Cronies (Campbell-end) regarding their future "electability"? Just another glaring example of the shortcomings of the UK Political and Bureaucratic Westminster quagmire ( Swamp) infested by self- serving reptiles...? Rant over...
    5. hello OB. Are these cartridges reloads, and if so, did you only find this damage to occur in Eley VIP cases? Any sign of high pressure on the fired primer indent? ATB.
    6. harkom

      CSB5 24 gram load suitable?

      Why does an enquiry for recommendations(=suggestions ) on a load - using powderX - progress from "data" ( ie.NOT) - posted by a loader with the supporting endorsement - "great load, given me by a mate" - to the "I dunno" by the respondent when queried on the technical aspect of the load. Surely to goodness - on a internet forum - one can only suggest/indicate load data which is supported by pressure/proof test. I rest my case.
    7. harkom


      One of the reasons....the main one??.... would appear to be that a great many members(sic) of the...Legal- Profession (sic).... have found that the representation of so-called Minorities and fighting for their Rights.....is a particularly rewarding trough of the public purse in which to engage their snouts . Amen Cherie Bl**r and cohorts.?
    8. harkom

      Kent Wildfowler’s Press Release

      well then ...your favourite organisation ...?basc.... may not be doing so well in dealing with access issues for 'fowlers on long standing fowling grounds.... lindisfarne, caerlaverock, wigtown, findhorn.... how many more to add to the list...?? try looking in pw wildfowling page.