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  1. Stu ... may I recommend useful source of reference on the historical aspect of The Union.... BY an independent viewer, well ...by an American. The Scottish Enlightenment..... the Scots' Invention of the Modern World by Arthur Herman Really?
  2. So..., what you advocate ..is.....what is on offer....is not what is on offer to YOU....the voter, the mug electorate. Suck it UP you punters at the ballot box....er?? wwwhich X .. goes where?? *** have i voted for??
  3. not directed as a barb.... more of a a bit of friendly advice.
  4. If.... but ...only ...if ...you do not agree with submission of scotland to rule from brussels ...why would you want to vote for krankie & co? I just don't get that.🤫
  5. stu..boy... I will now defer to the wisdom of G Carlin..... " never argue with ..... only beat you with experience". Have a good weekend.
  6. hope that you do not mind me asking.... but I would appreciate a list of your references (independent/ academic) that make a compelling case for Indy.
  7. I neither expect nor need your pampering. I only make the point that if you are going to make outlandish claims on a public website that you can actually substantiate your regurgitation of propaganda.
  8. Billy! Billy!...wherefore art thou?
  9. and what are you trying to elucidate with this figure?
  10. so... if you have such big runs of wild salmon,,,, why are you releasing them. .. after "playing" them ..on the end of a "nail".... and then going to the supermarket to buy a bit of "stuff" ...packaged and labelled as ....errr...salmon? ok then... go on ..give me the names and their ranking. (remember Gordon Brown was a product).
  11. Too true JP..... you, as non-native (= not dyed in the bs) ...are only too well aware that somebody UK has to provide funds for the freeloaders to follow their hedonistic impulses.
  12. so... how many did ye chap on the head and take home for a feed?
  13. so ...are you saying that educational standards are irrelevant.... just so long as it is "free"? Seems to me that UK gov. and its predecessors have been also dumb in their approach to apportionment from the common purse?
  14. and....???? what then?????
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