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  1. harkom

    Vectan prices USA vs UK

    For comparison does anybody know the prices for Vectan powders in Europe?
  2. harkom

    vets and teeth

    A hungry dog will tackle a fresh knuckle bone -- avidly.
  3. It may be of interest to those reloaders in the UK who use Vectan powders that Vectan powders were on sale at 10$ US ( yes, TEN dollars) per can at a Washington State Shoot last weekend. How is that? The last can of AO - and it will be the last I buy of that brand powder - just 3 months ago - cost £38. Now go figure that out.
  4. harkom

    Neighbours dog

    Hi Doc, Briefly Try to defuse the situation; ball in your court to reason with "unreasonable people", but - TWO points - 1. you are a certificate holder, hence vulnerable to spurious complaints from a n y body 2. the westies' welfare is an important issue. Better to help if possible, but if you are going to take it to the wire, you need more substance to your allegations. If you own dog(s) - offer to introduce them and socialise the WHT. Westies are very prone to skin complaints and often difficult to treat/manage but without professional advice on nature of problem, your allegations are just that. If WHT owner seems co-operative ask for a health cert, in case it is mange. RSPCA not interested UNLESS there is a marked welfare issue, or "illegal" sporting background. Environmental Health - maybe an option but only ratchets up the neighbourly animosity as does bits of paper and notes left for them to find. I wish you good luck with this problem, and hope the itchy little dog gets the help it obviously needs.
  5. harkom

    More powders being banned

    From a different angle - why can the American reloader frequently purchase European powders, primers and new cartridge cases (shotgun) - cheaper than the US manufactured equivalents - and cheaper than we can buy in the UK ? Am I correct in thinking that the tariffs applied in the US on foreign imports are not being levied - OR - are the EU manufacturers "dumping" a subsidised product in the US to undermine US manufacturers. Whatever way one looks at it, there is a bad aroma.... surprise, surprise?
  6. harkom

    Goose call

    Does it have a Scouser accent?
  7. harkom

    Moorland fire in Manchester

    Paul, just remember Packhalfwit will toe the BBC line....."- caused by Global Warming", "CO2 emissions", and, er.......and" Loss of Habitat"....and lastly if they can link it in-... by Brexit
  8. harkom


    Maximum 4's of interest?
  9. harkom

    Cooked first pheasant - tough as an old boot!

    Blackpowder, that sounds a tasty recipe. ..are there any recommendations on the haggis ....brand/butcher
  10. harkom

    Tope fest Drummore

    Yes..... "the big job creator"....myth, or..... many foreign nationals doing the labour 'cos the natives don't or won't. No disagreement about seals - and cormorants - but the "health giving" aspect of Om3 oils does not mention what other chemicals of an undesirable nature that is contained. Nor the devastating impact of the farmed fish parasite overload on the wild stock. Then of course there is always the additional "employment" - for the contractors who have to transfer the tonnage of rotting fish, by road, for disposal. (I heard the stink gets up quite a few noses?) And while on the topic of employment, how have numbers held up in the old longstanding workforce of ghillies, netsmen, hotel trade catering for anglers, etc................?? Just askin'?
  11. harkom

    Ms Abbott in the news again

    😂😆😂 Good one !
  12. harkom

    Tope fest Drummore

    Let's hope that the marine fishery can make a better job of resource management than.....oh, wait a minute.. Are they involved in licensing procedure and issue for west coast salmon "farms". Whatever,,,,,, the management of Scotland's salmon and sea-trout river fisheries has been desperately lacking, in fact, most would term it abysmal.
  13. harkom

    Tope fest Drummore

    There seems to be little or very poor regulation and monitoring of the ? illegal electro-fishing in LB. Answers please.....yes/no.
  14. harkom

    Tope fest Drummore

    Ah Perhaps that is because you are not using the right tools - or a big enough battery and electrodes....????
  15. harkom

    Tope fest Drummore

    Is there anything left to catch nowadays? And the shellfish stocks have been decimated by the usual get rich quick types.....