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  1. I think that you have to give credit to Governor Abbott for sending loads of illegals to DC ?
  2. OF - may I suggest that you do not listen to the pundits advising you to expect an automatic offer of recompense from Express/Fiocchi. In my experience life is not like that !
  3. OF - might I suggest that you retain some of the worst fired cartridge cases and also a decent number of unfired ones from the same lot/box, although returning the bulk of them to dealer. If you find, at a later date, evidence of barrel damage eg pressure bulge in front of chamber/cone area it may be prudent to have retained in your possession some of the cartridges which were causing the problem. Might even be no bad thing to have your guns checked by a competent gunsmith to allay any fears. Better sooner than later?
  4. Those torn case mouths indicate that there is an overpressure problem. If I were you I would be sending some for testing at an independent lab.
  5. that will fill every user of lead ammunition with confidence for the future.πŸ€”....
  6. may be helpful to other .410 users if you post the batch number of the affected shells.
  7. I recall that the first time I saw the above it was printed in a BSAC magazine article which condoned the introduction of further restrictions which were an impediment to those seeking to apply for a licence or renewal of existing licence.
  8. Mistake?? You..??? πŸ™„...... 🀣🀣
  9. I think that a few small UK craft, crew armed with airguns, patrolling just offshore of Frogland might prove the best deterrent yet.
  10. The cover on their membership insurance was the most comprehensive on offer back then, also considerably cheaper than the others, especially that lot who circulate a magazine of sorts advertising all sorts of ....er.... mainly their own organisation ..and deals on cars, etc.
  11. harkom


    Teresa (dis)May, perhaps? You never know!
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