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  1. harkom

    GAEP 12 Gauge De/Re Cap and Size

    Thank you - in that case I would like to buy it. If you email me we can sort out payment.
  2. harkom

    GAEP 12 Gauge De/Re Cap and Size

    Hi. Is this tool convertible to other gauges with the appropriate collets e.g. as in the mec supersizer ?
  3. harkom

    16, bore users.

    is that carrion crows..?? ..........or rooks....?
  4. harkom

    Up To His Neck In It!

    Well, as nobody has said it so far...."I can't believe it !!"
  5. harkom

    BASC membership hits 155,000

    I hold membership in 3 wild fowling clubs - each of them incorporating a basc subscription - so does that mean that "my" membership has been counted three times in the quoted membership numbers. Oh and by the way, I never seem to be notified of the appropriate refunds by their membership office.
  6. Are you intending to use this gun in a shooting party or just on your own? And how is your personal insurance - health ..... and er,,, ahem....liability??
  7. harkom

    Reloading for a 16ga

    try .... 16g.com....
  8. harkom

    Improvised hearing protection

    did anybody ever tell you that you are not as green as you are cabbage looking..?? 😉
  9. harkom

    Prunella Scales

    depends if she goes overbored....?
  10. harkom

    Sickening attitude to Remembrance

    I have just watched Australian PM Scott Morrison give his address at Armistice/Remembrance Day Service. An excellent presentation !
  11. harkom

    Canada goose

    hey Guzzi, where did you get the clap?
  12. harkom

    IMR powder wanted

    I am looking for some IMR PB powder if anybody has some unwanted/spare. TIA. harkom
  13. harkom

    Rules..for the many, or the few ?

    Not only their job....but also all emollients, pension rights, etc derived from their position as a State employee... that would be a wake up call to these Ne'erDoWells..... excuse me while i puke...
  14. harkom

    Whitefronted Goose?

    Why doesn't BAsC .... Just omit the letter S from the misnomer?