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  1. You will not be surprised to hear that many pharmaceutical drugs/medicines that are manufactured in UK undergo the same nefarious retail channels and have to be re-imported by the NHS. EU and Big Pharma are just part of The Gang of Immorals.
  2. Dog theft is not a new phenomenon. Historically - eg early-mid 19th C there were very harsh penalties ( by todays standards) for this crime.... yup, even back in the day there were dognappers/ransomers despite the harsh penalties. More topically, dog breeders should be very careful when advertising their litter of pups, and let's not be shy here, there are many owners trying to cash in on the crazy pup prices of recent times.
  3. That would be my preferred option also, especially when buying American goods "made in USA".... but sadly a lot of their manufacturing industry has been outsourced abroad with the inevitable decline in quality.
  4. What !? ....that does not say much for the efficacy of the vaccine, does it ? Annual Lepto vaccine if dog at high risk - ok. Are you a vet or just a shareholder/venture capital holder in these franchises?
  5. Have sent pm regarding wads.


  6. Very well said. ....could not agree more on all counts.
  7. with her girlfriend. No issue with that ...but why does she put on a front of a normal ( m/f) couple with a "husband" ?
  8. Not directly related to this thread, but National Motorcycle Museum seems to be selling off classic bikes at Bonhams.
  9. I used to buy clothes, camping kit, etc from Cotswold Outdoors stores..... but not after they promoted a line of CP designed and promoted outdoor gear.
  10. Oh well, although you never did answer my query about the type of wad that you inserted into your empire cartridges, I now know ! 🤣
  11. Now, I never did read any follow up press reports about the Johnson summer holiday in NW Scotland to that which reported BJ using a tent without permission on a neighbouring farm to their holiday cottage. If PNN can force Bo out of the cottage to spend a night under canvas in far NW, Would wager that if PNN instructs him to add restrictions to field sports....... well ...?? He will roll over. And my view of the photo shoot with PNN and CP .... his smirk calls to mind the coyote with a devilish plan for the prairie chicken.
  12. MEC Sizemaster - if interested pm me.
  13. Bliar was a complete ****wit (albeit a smart operator) - whilst showboating at the FMD outbreak his mismanagement squandered shedloads of money. And as for the Iraq War.... well, let's not even go there.
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