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  1. Prospero - are the cartridges closed with RTO or crimp closure? How old are the cartridges ? Storage good -or high temperature possibly leading to plastic degradation? I might be concerned about possible damage to the barrel if the complete end of cartridge were to go down the tube in company with the shot& wad in one mass.
  2. You're having a laugh, aren't you ? basc has had a captive fee/subscription paying body for years - aka wild fowling clubs. Sadly the committees of these " keep giving" bodies could never see the shortcomings of basc as an organisation and that of the "board" and upper management) - and just kept on paying into the coffers and thus contributing to the expense accounts/ pensions etc of the "outfit", elaborate offices etc. The clubs are only just waking up to the pitfalls of monopoly models....but " better late than never" unfortunately is not going to apply in this instance.
  3. Not forgetting the 3" chamber 12Gs....and then there are the 10Gs...2 5/8", 2 7/8", 3" , 3 1/4".... and then there are the 8Gs in 3 1/4", and......and... And there was me thinking that basc had morphed out of WAGBI....an organisation born ,developed and promoted to protect the interests of Wildfowlers.... . Oh well, the current bsc mouthpiece for wildfowler interests has probably never heard of these guns. After all, if it is not an automatic and dressed in camo, then it ain't a 'fowling gun. I rest my case.
  4. What a disappointment...thought it was gonna be a flying carpet that was so unusual....
  5. harkom

    Sedwill gone

    👍..... I must commend you on your reply....and your politeness .....just remember the old truism - " Never argue with an Idiot. He will only...etc..."
  6. It might be interesting to view the accounts - money IN and money OUT - of Wild Justice (if there are any). Pictures of Doc Avery would indicate the need for substantial funding of grocery and bar bills 😂.
  7. I think that John Lennon did not contribute to that school of thought..!! 🤣
  8. Well, good luck with that approach. I think that the majority of the shooting&fishing fraternity do not realise that the hierarchy in these departments/quangos or whatever their name, is now predominantly ruled and run by the anti-fieldsport types, their appointment having been proposed and endorsed by like minded friends and colleagues in government office, civil service, university, etc. For those who may have the qualifications for middle management and field work in the these organisations the chances of their gaining a position within them is remote - unless they show subservience to the agenda of those now running these outfits. The days when the likes of NT, NE, SNH et al were largely staffed by ex-military personnel and lower orders of the landed gentry are long gone. These organisations are now "run" by activist types , appointed by the "liberal left" intelligentsia (latter word a misnomer I know ) who , by and large are bereft of any understanding of rural culture and associated historical sporting "rights". The middle ground for policy in these management structures has been hijacked by the very vocal "Anti-fieldsport" people and the neutral minority within have either retired, resigned or remained shtum for personal reasons. Yeah, I know this will receive the usual comments of " Conspiracy, Conspiracy", " another nutter on a rant"..... but really you should do some homework on the problems facing field sports and once you have recognised a few...then start joining up the dots.
  9. Songbird Survival seems to be the only organisation that makes a public stance and declaration on songbird mortality and their predators. A great pity that this organisation is not well represented in MSM.....well, no surprise there, then ....seems like Pack&co have sole access to those platforms.
  10. Nature Boy and Twenty..... wake up and do some research on NE.... viz. the NE programme on withholding leases of foreshore to wild fowling clubs, etc. Oh by the way, Head of NE is one Tony Juniper - an associate of Packham & co - IIRC also involved in Wild Justice previous efforts against the countryside sports.?
  11. just inform feo of the date that you submitted your request to GP, and that their response is...." ...whenever... blah, blah.."... The matter then is out of your hands and you have done your best to comply with a....er, a....part of the ACPO wish list. So if it does not appear "in time " for them to issue your renewal, you will expect a temporary one to tide you over until the ....yes,.just play their game !
  12. I thought that travellers autos had real bits of hedges, branches and leaves incorporated in the bodywork - from charging hedges etc rather than just a paint job...🤔....
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