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  1. got some guy on my house roof

    So the toe rag is in the metals trade - trying for the lead on the roof, and going for copper in the loft..??
  2. 16g to .410 adaptor, made in Birmingham.

    Interested, but is this under Section 2 regs?
  3. BASC Council Elections.

    Well said, sir
  4. 1 Bore Case

    is this the metric pound......of 15 ozs?
  5. Powder Trickler

    Hi. Managed to find it, at last. If you email your name, address, etc I will get it in post for you..
  6. Kent Wildfowler’s Press Release

    Well I never did hear BASC shout from the rooftops about "their" input to a successful challenge ( to date) on restriction and/or removal of lead shot from live quarry shotgunning. Incidentally I never saw much/any input from the Stalkers/Rifle Brigade in contesting this manoeuvre to impose further restriction on the shooting community. So where was the Countryside Alliance and their representative on the Lead Ammunition Advisory Group whilst Basc Council members were sleeping and being lead (sorry, just had to...).... down the garden path, Swiftly, to a point where lead shot was banned for live quarry. *** wake up....!!!
  7. Powder Trickler

    i will have a search tomorrow.......if i find it i'll let you know then.
  8. Powder Trickler

    any particular type in mind? I may have a Lyman model somewhere.
  9. M was rumbled for away from home, unlikely in the case of B - I heard he was caught as a devotee of the George Michael persuasion... lol
  10. Italy

  11. Casterating working dogs

    I don't think so..!! And I did not see any reference in OP regarding use of dog as stud or that it is a rig. Find a vet who you can have a sensible discussion with....regarding your preferred options.
  12. Casterating working dogs

    Why not hemi-castrate. Remove affected testicle, leave the "normal" one. Problem with castrates where they are encountering intact dogs in close proximity - say in the beaters' cart - is that the male dogs will bother your dog by displaying a range of behaviour typical of a male "looking for sex". Probably better at this age to leave him with self producing testosterone function to prevent this.
  13. ".....if you train your dogs correctly...." And just how many dog owners follow this precept? My experience would suggest that very few - and here I mean the great majority of the dog owning public - have instilled very little/zero basic obedience in Rover/Fido. You only have to walk your own dogs in well used areas of public access to become embroiled with disobedient dogs and their foolish owners. Such a scenario immediately brings to mind the thought..... "My Gawd, these people have probably bred and reared kids"......
  14. As above, well not quite.......... substitute the word BASC for "the governments .....look after their own".
  15. James Bulger (petition)

    The Telegraph published an article last week-end. An interview with a solicitor appointed on behalf of the defence recalls his experience of the case. Makes very, very harrowing reading. Perhaps the pundits pontificating on the guilty parties should have a read?