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  1. Personally, I would prefer that they were given the "waterboard" treatment , rather than a quick dunk.
  2. Assuming that treatment so far has been provided by an orthopaedic surgeon (specialist) - based on the aforementioned documented pre-op assessments - it may be a question of more time needed for gradual improvement, but eventual outcome does not look good for working soundness. If the consultations and advice have been - so far - all given by the "over-the-counter" vs - request consultation with the actual surgeon - or request referral to specialist centre. ps - unlikely that any of the "off-the-shelf" medicaments will make much difference, so put your money into seeking specialist advice from a recognised orthopaedic surgeon, preferably one with first hand experience of the working dog. Good Luck.
  3. And just where does one get that nowadays?? OK OK no need to tell me "in Burma" !
  4. logically, he might be better off to confirm or repudiate his concerns over the cartridge performance, so get velocity +/- pressure test on a several?
  5. Late to the party,,,,,, but I am interested to know if the flesh of cushats that have been feeding on beech mast have a distinctive flavour. ... compared to those that have been feeding on greens/rape? Same thoughts on acorn fed birds?
  6. harkom

    Trump & ISIS

    If the Brits are thinking it is appropriate to lay the blame on USA for the Iraq situation....you better remember one T Bliar ... and remember if you voted to put that *** in No 10. Just sayin'.
  7. ....and wouldn't you go soft too ?
  8. harkom

    Scotland Ref#2

    Not quite accurate. Mark Twain had a better quotation - " Politicians are like babies diapers : they should be changed frequently, and for the same reason".
  9. I would be grateful for any help in obtaining powder and shot bushings for a Redding model 16 reloader. Also for any 16G tooling for this reloader. Thank you for looking.
  10. harkom

    Owen Jones

  11. Can you give me the internal/ bore diameter of the brass case please? Also, if possible the depth of the primer pocket. Thank you.
  12. the insurance package offered by them was very attractive, and if I recall correctly, came out top on a survey comparison , published in Sporting Gun, a few years ago. And considerably better than that stuck on the BASC membership ...and that was before their new updated (ask reduced terms of cover) as in the latest fanzine !
  13. When curing the pig, or smokin' a bit of pinky..or perky ... better make sure it is "well done". Trichinella not welcome!
  14. harkom


    After the sloe gin has matured and been drained from the sloe sediment+pips, this can be re-used and works well with dry sherry. And if this needs to be "beefed" up in alc.% .... try adding some straight Polish spirit. (NB -NOT spirit based polish).
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