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  1. It looks like it may take a swage block or is there a corresponding hole in the top.
  2. They are belters. I have been making up sea rigs,no where near the same skill levels in any way,shape or form. But rewarding just the same when you catch on them.
  3. I may be missing something here.Probably down to manufacturing.Steel is £400 a ton less than lead so surely they should be cheaper cartridges.
  4. When I used to smoke.My go to every day lighter was a petrol zippo.
  5. He was indeed the voice of formula 1 in what I consider some of it's best years. I always remember the interview with nigel mansell when he had a sore head. A loss of another of the voices I grew up with.
  6. wisdom

    Copy Lanskis

    They are on the bay of e.They look the same but are way cheaper.They might not last as long or be as well finished.But they certainly sharpen a knife.Which after all is what I want them for. I think they come up if you type Lansky in the search bar.
  7. wisdom

    Copy Lanskis

    I bought a set.They certainly do the job.They are just a bit less refined in the castings compared to the real ones(friend has a lansky set).The copy set provided a razor sharp edge,perfect for my needs.
  8. You used to mix it with water and I think(it was a long time ago)it made aquaoil which was a bore solvent.
  9. Date will be on the hub. Look for the serial number. If it starts with a W the frame was made in worksop.Nottingham was their place and factory.When it closed,production moved abroad. they were not the Raleigh bikes of old.
  10. If it's a 3 speed the hub usually if not always is dated. If it has derailliur gears the model type usually gives an indication. The heron badge is also a good indicator early ones were riveted on. Later ones were stickers.
  11. No expert but had bikes for over 40 yrs.
  12. Do you have a photo?
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