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  1. This thread is getting better .Just love the old cartridges.Shot many of them back in the day.
  2. Haven't got any but love seeing them restored and running.
  3. He will have a day to remember forever.A credit to the fowlers and basic for creating the experience.They are the future of our craft and shooting.
  4. I like the prybars and bottle openers as well as loving the knives. Good luck in Canada we look forward to your return and fantastic knives
  5. That's going to sting.
  6. I had 3 crv,s the older classic one with the spare on the tailgate was the best off road.The others were good also but not as good.However they were a lot better on long journeys.Very comfortable.
  7. merry Christmas to the fantastic people on pigeon watch.I hope you all have a great new year and good health and happiness for 2020.
  8. I'm with you on that. I too thought they were box lock with ornamental side plates.Good gun though.
  9. I had a gat pistol.Couldnt hit anything that required accuracy.Upgraded to a Wembley junior brand new from entwistle guns in Blackpool.Then a BSA scorpion.Happy days of freedom.
  10. Very likeable and larger than life personality. I too grew up with his programmes. And he was very open about countryside matters.He had a good innings.
  11. There is some photos on Instagram.But I cannot do anymore as I am not on Facebook.
  12. Damp may be in them. But they always left the barrels incredibly mucky
  13. I have used the rotweils they were very good in the day.I think they came in boxes of 100 with a carrying handle. Baikals roar,kick and shoot flames and confetti but they did hit what you pointed at. The others would suit collectors I would think. I love seeing old cartridges they remind me of days gone when shooting was far simpler. I have still a full box of Winchester rangers.Shame you dont get them any more.
  14. Looking at the action I think ours was an earlier model. As for the challenge,I was a lot younger and didn't need varifocals,was slimmer and could lie flatter.🤣 Nice conversion by the way.
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