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  1. Now sold thanks for looking
  2. Selling for my son. About 12 months old smaller than standard face but not mini model. Looking for £20.00 posted.
  3. Thank you all for your replies. Not going ahead as the car has corrosion on the advisories from last years MOT.
  4. Just under 3 grand which I think is at the top end.Although it's in cracking condition.Its a bit pricey.
  5. wisdom


    Brilliant film showing the true reality. I have watched it a couple of times and it really showed what they were up against.
  6. Take the tank off and clean it out.There may be a filter in the bottom.then clean the fuel line then the carb. Should be good to go.The question though is how did the fuel tank get grass in it.
  7. One on a local forecourt has caught my eye.Its got all the bells and whistles 58,000 miles. Anyone got one?good or bad.I would welcome your thoughts.
  8. Air leak between the carb and manifold could be a possibility. Does it run better with the choke on,even when warmed up?
  9. They are a great little starter for youngsters.Its a good price for someone. I learnt in a mirror.Toppers are easier to sail,set up and maintain.
  10. Have you located the snake yet.This thread needs an update.Its something any of us could come across.
  11. I'm memory serves me right.Where the lift arms connected to the mole plough.The arm went between two plates and the pin went through one plate,lift arm swivel,then second plate.
  12. Just watched this.Bygone era sadly.
  13. Theres a catch either side of the fuel tank.accesible under the bonnet sides.I think but it was a long time ago. Or near the front.Just rubber t shaped catches. Air cleaner inlet and exhaust off and maybe fuel cap and you should be good to go.
  14. wisdom

    1/4 unc bolts

    One and a half to two inch bolts. All sorted now.Thank you tightchoke and the power of pigeon watch.
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