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  1. Blackpool is my usual ground.It has certainly improved recently.I do find the stands often challenging which is a good thing.
  2. Hi All. Just an enquiry.Has anyone shot there,And what's it like,costs etc.
  3. I went too.I totally agree very poor I got a few shirts at the last one great value and a waxed jacket for dog walking same stall really cheap but excellent for the money.I was hoping to restock but they weren't there.
  4. I have an old fixed choke lanber with 3 stars on the bottom barrel and 1 star on the top. Would the 3 stars indicate 3/4 choke? It has never been altered so will be the original chokes
  5. Is it running at the right speed.Could the motor be struggling under load indicating a problem with the motor.
  6. Often they are cast alloy. Don't know how you could effect a strong repair other than plates and bolts. I could well be wrong though
  7. Blackpool sporting Clay's near greenhalgh
  8. I use Astra platignum or feather blades.Prorasso soap is really good,Or edwin jagger soap. La Barbera do a selection pack with several different types in it.I always go back to Astra though.
  9. Is it a miners tally.(although I think they had a hole in them)
  10. wisdom

    New bar

    Like it.
  11. If you contact the British beekeepers association.They will give you the details of local clubs/members. I bought mine from thornes but don't have it now.Manual 4 frame one.
  12. Stunning.A lovely story too. I cannot believe I am looking at a painting.The detail and texture are so realistic.Its like you could pick them up.Amazing talent you have.
  13. Think it's too big for a fuse puller.Do you have a cover over the locking wheel nuts.It could be for removing the covers.
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