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  1. wisdom


    Restoring a black and decker workmate.
  2. Me too. It's a nice old knife that has been used and possibly abused.Doing what it was made for.
  3. That looks the same as mine 2 locks with different keys. Never had a problem with any of the FEO's over the years.
  4. The top shaft on the first picture looks like Morse taper.Which would perhaps indeed indicate it goes in a drill press.But what would stop the whole tool rotating.
  5. Jack pike one did the job for mine as they grew up. Just dont leave it on the gun as it will stain the stock. I had a leather one as well but cannot remember the make.
  6. As above or egg and chips with beans of course
  7. I have an el chimbo side by side hammer ,3"magnum.Its a belting little gun,never seen an over and under.
  8. This is very generous of you. Pity you are too far away.
  9. Very nice. A proper chopping board.
  10. Stable or horse box rubber flooring is very tough.Cannot vouch for being chew resistant but it's certainly tough.
  11. wisdom

    Boundary issue

    I would think the best solution would be a solicitor as there may be repercussions in the fact that he may have to reinstate your gate post etc.
  12. Welcome back. This will be another of your much viewed threads I am sure.
  13. wisdom

    Pressure washer

    I think there lies the problem.At work we developed low pressure due to the amount of water the new houses that have been built draw.We are the end of the line and between 7 and 8 in the morning we only get a dribble.Ended up getting United utilities in.They confirmed what we thought.Need to install a big tank now.
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