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  1. SWMBO uses it to good effect.However she does check other sites as well comparing the goods and p and p
  2. No never getting tired of your posts.please keep them coming. Amazing work.
  3. Or they (the system)could need balancing if one has been off for decorating.
  4. Beauty. Nice practical handle too.That knife will be cherished I am sure.
  5. Something at the back of my mind keeps saying Cunard.Dont know why. Just had a rummage could it be this. https://images.app.goo.gl/UqVk2jJCi4BfUKoh6
  6. Brilliant. I too was expecting a gun.
  7. Looks very similar to my el chimbo side by side .410 proof Mark's on mine are where the arrow shows.
  8. That looks superb. I personally think the wood on the grip looks fine.The finish on the blade is amazing.All in all a fantastic useable knife.
  9. When I was on the lifeboat we rescued 1 Fowler and his lab.He was very experienced but the fog caught him out and he couldn't find his route back.He was up to his chest when we got him.It was high tide.We were called when someone heard his shout. A compass is invaluable.
  10. I have had expensive wellies in the past.Now I dont go shooting as often as I used to I was in the market for a mid range pair. I used to always use hunters or royal hunters in the 80's when they were quality. I was in a trespass outlet yesterday and found a pair of their own brand reduced from £60.00 to £18.00 only 1 pair and they were my size.They are proper rubber I will report back as to how they perform. At 18 quid if I get a year out of them it'll be ok.
  11. Love the black and white(with a touch of colour) pic.great looking dog.
  12. That really just about sums it up. It's the same with a lot of traditional trades unfortunately.Particularly in engineering.
  13. Wow. That's very nice indeed.
  14. There is never a boring ditchy thread.😂😂
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