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  1. Great idea to make it dual purpose.Does it not "dilute "the smoke too much.
  2. That looks really good.Cracking job you have done.
  3. They must have been the most popular cartridge used back in the day. The empties were everywhere. I found them good to shoot,they certainly did the job.
  4. Looks like or is very similar to a reduction box that used to drive the muck belt under battery hen cages.Spline coupled to a motor output to a belt drive.
  5. An epirb is a good thing to have as well.Should you get into difficulty.
  6. Very nice pictures I like the first one particularly.
  7. I used to use zebrite paste on mine.Stinks at first but after it's got warm it's fine.
  8. They are a nice find.I love seeing old cartridges.
  9. The army had a solid gun case for rifles that fitted the crosser type bikes.Try surplus suppliers they were abs really well made and lockable.They took a rifle and scope not sa80 size more sniper rifle size
  10. That's what I use.Never had a problem with them.Pants are great value too.
  11. I have pointed the whole house and painted the facias and all stonework.This was done with a tower scaffold.Bought of a certain marketplace.Sold it when the job was done and someone gave me more than I paid. Found it easy to work from.
  12. I know it's a massive change from the jag x type I was looking at but does anyone have any experiences good or bad on the 1.6 diesel versions 2008 -10 model.Seen one in the flesh and they seem useful and the £30 road fund licence is a sweetener.
  13. Stunning such top quality workmanship.
  14. I would say vacuum pump or pipes leading to it.As you have brakes at low speed. When the rpm picks up its leaking.
  15. Dont know if Vaughn Landless is still in Pilling.Used to be the gun Smith at entwistles.
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