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  1. Sunday morning in Lancashire Not a lot but would have frightened them.
  2. If it's the type as above leatherman wave for me.Brill piece of kit.
  3. Lovely looking bench. It looks nice in oak. Was it hard to work with?The curves look spot on.
  4. As above.They are good for the money and cheap enough to throw when done. I bought a dewalt 8mm singly it was expensive and didn't last as long as the screwfix one.
  5. Wonder if the NFU and DEFRA will get behind the shooters who after all do sterling work on crop protection for no cost to the farmers.
  6. Me to. Just the one a folder non locking.I used to carry an opinel but since the law changed I don't carry it all the time now.
  7. wisdom

    Need another hobby.

    I have just started to learn guitar.Its a thing of wizardry trying to get fingers on strings in the right order.But will persevere I am sure the pain in my fingers will stop eventually.
  8. They did one years ago 6 cyl 1000cc I think it was the cbx beautiful sound.
  9. One of the best cartridges around at the time in my opinion.
  10. No sign yet of our regular pair at work. They have been coming back for years fledged 4 last year.
  11. Regarding tourniquets.If we put one on it stays on.We have to mark the time on the patients forehead.It is only removed at hospital.
  12. wisdom

    Decking help

    No. My decking is double sided.I have the bigger grooved side uppermost.
  13. Yes the podcasts on the Yorkshire gent are all very good. The one with Richard Everitt puts some interesting and somewhat justified points across.
  14. Top job there. Pop some photos up when their occupied.
  15. Looks the same action as my el chimbonda. 410 but mines 3 inch chambers.Cracking gun.
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