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  1. Thanks thats the kind of review I was looking for.
  2. Scully your paintings are the best I have ever seen. My eyes really do deceive me when I look at any of them.I feel I could pick them up.Unbelivable talent.
  3. Another great video and superb shooting as ever. I too like the narrative.Its a shame people these days always see the bad never the good. Without effective pest control the countryside and towns would be over run.Then they would look to blame someone.
  4. I have a 302 in the cabinet.
  5. I think it was the finish internally.Although it could have been one of the Turkish budget guns.This is the reason I asked on here.I feel confident that some on here have used them.Hence a realistic users review. I thank you for your contribution it's another option
  6. Please could I have some opinions on the diamond range of bettisoli shotguns.I know they loose money but I will be buying a used one. But they do look nice and it would be a keeper. The reasoning behind the question. I want a multi choke steel proofed o/u. I only shoot occasional clays now for fun not competitions. When when we lose lead all my current guns are not steel proofed and all are fixed chokes.I now that normal steel should be fine on some of them,but I thought I'd ask the question. I am aware that internally they are probably not the best but the you tube reviews are very favourable. Just putting the question to the pigeon watch community. Not buying one yet just getting facts.
  7. I like that it's a little different yes,like you say it's usually the drakes, nice to be different and it's really well done.
  8. They were certainly the best writers.I stopped getting it shortly after John Humphreys died.Loved his articles on roaring Emma.Sorry not highjacking the thread.Just commenting on Penelopes contribution.
  9. Watched around a 40 minute video today on the gunshops you tube channel about this very subject. Whilst I am not a great lover of him he did interview several people and it made for an interesting watch.The unfortunate thing is the game dealers have in effect brought the voluntary lead ban forward.There is definitely a bigger picture here. Sorry I don't know how to put a link in
  10. That's a proper lathe,Very well made.Just think what you could make on that.
  11. Now that I like. Classy job.It looks like it belongs to the gun from new.
  12. Looks a bit like fodder beet.
  13. Another vote for Asda.I was with an independent for years but they closed.Asda was nearby and they are brilliant to be honest.
  14. Usually guards slash their peak.As newbie to this quite rightly said its used to keep your chin up
  15. We have vented ones at work.they are used for storage so are not opened very often.No condensation at all though.
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