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  1. wisdom

    Decking help

    No. My decking is double sided.I have the bigger grooved side uppermost.
  2. Yes the podcasts on the Yorkshire gent are all very good. The one with Richard Everitt puts some interesting and somewhat justified points across.
  3. Top job there. Pop some photos up when their occupied.
  4. Looks the same action as my el chimbonda. 410 but mines 3 inch chambers.Cracking gun.
  5. Loving this thread really brings back memories.
  6. wisdom

    Knife crime.

    Nailed it there.Same with legitimate gun owners. We have to abide by the law or we lose our licences.cleaner than clean.
  7. Seems a great idea for me to.
  8. It shows on the picture it being done with a home made crimper.Very good I must say.Great feeders and simple to make too.
  9. Those shoes look well contaminated.
  10. Good article indeed. It sums it up really.Surely time for the powers that be to recognise that people who have been engaged for decades in traditional management of the countryside,did what they did because it simply worked.
  11. Some had the collar number stamped on them. I thought it could be from the mounted division but am now corrected.
  12. wisdom

    Aluminium Gates.

    You just have to be careful if the ally meets steel.Galvanic corrosion could occur particularly if you are on the coast.
  13. Laurence was there last time I called in.Didnt realise he had left.So it may not be as good now.Bond and Bywaters used to be good too but not been for years.
  14. And another vote for malmo they are excellent.Bamfords are pretty good though.
  15. Brilliant.Mine all helped dress pheasants and ducks.Came rabbiting on odd times.When we had our small syndicate they all came on the beating line from an early age.They had a good understanding of everything and the ways in which food was gathered.More importantly they still support local butchers and producers.
  16. Just curious.Where did the RHD come from?Was it introduced by man?
  17. Stunning looking knives.Something to cherish.
  18. As Westley said. "If the cartridges have been stored at the ground, thestore room is unlikely to be heated and withtemperatures dropping well below freezing, theperformance of ANY cartridges would be affected". That was my first thought.
  19. Never thought of that as I don't normally use fibre was.Devil to shift though.
  20. I bought a slab of fiochii tt100 cartridges from the clay ground this morning as I had run out of my usual cheddites now todays were fibre wad the lead fouling in the barrels of both guns was terrible particularly just after the chambers. I can see the reasoning behind fibre wads over plastic but is this amount of fouling to be expected.I really struggled to shift it.
  21. Was at the local clay ground this morning.There was a chap shooting a beautiful little .410 over and under and smoking Clay's too.It was a Redolfi EOS light,What a great gun in adult size.I struggled today with my 12 bore. Just proves how capable this calibre is in the right hands.
  22. Mine had a hook with a wooden t handle which went in one hole and came out of the other so in effect the plate hung from the centre when lifted.
  23. Certainly doesn't happen near me.All the shoots near me give them to the guns,beaters and locals.
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