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  1. Wow that is amazing.I am in awe of your talent.
  2. I had one for years (brno) it had Cutts compensator slots in the muzzles.A strange sliding breech no choke in either barrell.One of the best guns I ever owned.
  3. That's a very fine consice answer. The power of pigeon watch.
  4. I totally agree. I served and remember people we have lost
  5. Unfortunately couldn't watch it now its gone to Amazon
  6. Virtually everything in my local screwfix is slightly dearer but wood from our local merchant has nearly doubled in particular osb board
  7. If they were cheap it's possibly why.No print so they were put aside and have corroded.If the were cheap enough it wouldn't bother me.
  8. Mine are grown up now but I remember with absolute terror the time we booked one at a well known pub chains soft play area.It was gladiatorial from the start.The children whom had individually often been for tea at our house turned into raving psychopaths.All intent on upstanding the birthday child.Parents said they aren't normally like this.The party food was poor,was not at all enough to keep them occupied.It was the first and last one we ever held.
  9. That is stunning. I like the way you have done the ears especially. Mind blowing work.There is so much talent on this site.
  10. I made one out of a hardened steel bolt it's still going strong.It was machined on a lathe slowly with plenty of coolant.
  11. Looks really good. Is the yolk off an artic air brake diaphragm? Just curious.
  12. We were the same it was kicking around for years.
  13. I think I remember my grandma calling the tub a dolly tub (it was a galvanised one and was corrugated) and the copper thing the posser.Then onto the mangle to get the excess water out.
  14. I have a set as well as traditional ladders. I use them for heights above stepladders and for ease of use.They are heavy but very handy.They were great for painting the hall stairs and landing due to the adjustable height.For outside the house painting,brickwork,gutters I use the traditional ladders.They are handy to have though as they fit in the car boot.
  15. I think they were puch mopeds.Like you say very smart uniforms. There were lot of them too
  16. Plastic cladding and a good extractor. You can wipe down the cladding ,we have it in our bathroom and have never had any problems at all
  17. Blackpool is my usual ground.It has certainly improved recently.I do find the stands often challenging which is a good thing.
  18. Hi All. Just an enquiry.Has anyone shot there,And what's it like,costs etc.
  19. I went too.I totally agree very poor I got a few shirts at the last one great value and a waxed jacket for dog walking same stall really cheap but excellent for the money.I was hoping to restock but they weren't there.
  20. I have an old fixed choke lanber with 3 stars on the bottom barrel and 1 star on the top. Would the 3 stars indicate 3/4 choke? It has never been altered so will be the original chokes
  21. Is it running at the right speed.Could the motor be struggling under load indicating a problem with the motor.
  22. Often they are cast alloy. Don't know how you could effect a strong repair other than plates and bolts. I could well be wrong though
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