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    Jack's game

    Just watched several episodes of "Jack's game on YouTube.Several things spring to mind.I do remember watching them on tv years ago when I was a youth. 1.Imagine something like that on normal TV now. 2.Life seemed much more simpler then. 3.Seems to be that country pursuits were more accepted as the norm. Maybe rose tinted glasses but it's how I remember growing up no one abusing people going about lawful activity. Anyone suggest any more YouTube stuff in a similar vein.
  2. wisdom

    parking tickets

    Fight it for the cost of a stamp or an e mail. Get a letter or e mail off to PALS and one to the chief exec.(important) You need to include details of your appointment and details of your blue badge and car. Also make the point of the cost to the nhs of not showing up for an appointment.Stating that there were no spaces but as you were on the site and struggling to park you did not want to miss your appointment even though you had left yourself enough time.mention any mobility issues you have and if you had been waiting a long time for the appointment to come through. Good luck
  3. wisdom

    Jack's game

    7days in a week where did you find the out of town ones.They were brilliant.Jack Hargreaves was a childhood favourite of mine.he used to use a little diahatsu 4 x 4 if memory serves me right.
  4. wisdom

    Few pics,rabbits,pigeons,rut,stags.

    Great pics. Thanks for sharing them.lightning one is brilliant.
  5. wisdom

    Sticky wicket

    Great write up. That's my kind of day.I would be well chuffed with that cartridge to kill ratio.Its just nice to be out shooting.
  6. wisdom

    VW Touareg

    Daughter has one. It's fairly thirsty.Access to some parts of the engine is difficult without removing lots of bits. I like it though,as for serious off road not sure but it copes well with muddy tracks and fields.
  7. wisdom

    Caerlaverock wildfowling update

    Yes a positive and sensible outcome and I hope it all works out well for all concerned.
  8. wisdom

    Good news for grandad

    How very proud you must be. Many congratulations.
  9. Welcome aboard some of us are still(occasionally)get those scores after many years.
  10. wisdom

    Bluebird on the loch

    Yes I was only 7 though
  11. wisdom

    Bluebird on the loch

    I know it's been all over social media but I like this little snippet. I was there as a small boy when the accident happened.Cracking restoration.
  12. wisdom

    What a Guy

    Yes everything he does is with enthusiasm and boyish vigour. He's not made a bad programme yet.Oh and he could give a good account of racing motorbikes too.
  13. Found this on youtube thought I'd share it.
  14. wisdom

    Speed Cameras

    Are they not ANPR cameras.Just a thought.
  15. wisdom

    "HARNSERS KNIFE" Part 1 Template

    Cannot wait. I presume we will be treated to your usual picture included narratives. Looks a good practical design too.
  16. wisdom

    Midland Gun Company 12 gauge

    Just to add. I have the exact gun and it's brilliant nothing fancy but shoots well.Bargain at that price.
  17. wisdom

    More problems for wildfowlers in Scotland

    Surely with declining budgets you would not decrease the permits as they equate to paying into the local economy in many ways overnight stays being one example. I hope some common sense will come but I sadly doubt it.Further restrictions could follow over the next few years.
  18. wisdom


    That is where the market would be.
  19. wisdom


    My dad used to have the same set.Not a lot of fixings are whitworth nowadays. I have a full socket set and loads of ring and open ended whiworths.Used to use them on Gardner engines and Atkinson and ERF lorries back in the day. Good luck with the sale
  20. wisdom

    Strange food combinations

    Lancashire cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches pure brilliance.
  21. wisdom

    Shed interior lining.

    Mine were in the garage no insulation though. They bred well.Good ventilation with no draughts is vital. Wooden sheds are quite warm.
  22. wisdom

    Back on the forum, what has been happening?

    Welcome back.i have found it to be quite a lot quieter of late.
  23. wisdom

    The one and only Single Shot Club

    Single webley and Scott hammer ejector graces my cabinet.It's great for the bunnies. Had it decades.
  24. wisdom

    Gun dealers comision

    I agree. Try on here first I am sure it would be a better option for you.
  25. wisdom

    Game priest

    I like that to be honest.A little different from the norm.