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    Is the triumph an oil in frame T140v
  2. wisdom

    Made In Britain

    Seen em all. Really good to see what quality is made here.The Kelly kettle was amazing.Those metal spinners were great to watch.And yes it's Jimmy Nail narrating.
  3. wisdom

    The admirable Ditchman.

    That is truly fantastic.The man can make anything.Such talent.
  4. wisdom

    hanging geese

    No no no I've always done them fresh. I could be wrong though.
  5. wisdom

    Jack's game

    Just watched several episodes of "Jack's game on YouTube.Several things spring to mind.I do remember watching them on tv years ago when I was a youth. 1.Imagine something like that on normal TV now. 2.Life seemed much more simpler then. 3.Seems to be that country pursuits were more accepted as the norm. Maybe rose tinted glasses but it's how I remember growing up no one abusing people going about lawful activity. Anyone suggest any more YouTube stuff in a similar vein.
  6. First off is the barrel clear?
  7. wisdom

    Another specialist tool.

    Love the ingenuity.
  8. wisdom

    New to welding, Advice please!

    If that bead is from a beginner there's no hope for me.I too am self taught but only weld now every now and again that is very impressive.
  9. wisdom

    pyrographed walking sticks

    Absolutely amazing work.
  10. wisdom


    Was just about to say the same
  11. wisdom

    Tiring to bring old Diana back to life

    This will be a good thread.
  12. wisdom

    Trip wire alarm

    There appears to be no way of securing any form of cartridge.The missing bits if there are any, would appear to sit on the shoulders but there is no sign of any fixings.In fact it looks like the hammer would cut something passing through the "v".A real mystery. And a great thread.
  13. wisdom


    What did your father in law use it for? It's lovely but unusual which makes it very interesting indeed.
  14. wisdom

    Future of shooting sports?

    I can see where you are coming from in many ways. I have been shooting for 40 yrs and have done pretty much the same as you.Got many people started off.My youngest son is now shooting with me and will be applying for his own cert soon.There seem to be many hurdles in our way.It is certainly is a lot more controlled and negative than when I started out.When we received the pistol ban.i had to give up target shooting and I gave up rifle shooting at the same time as the range closed. However it is big business in reality and does contribute to local economies so I think we will be ok.We all have to stick together though.
  15. Been to Tesco twice recently and they haven't had sporting gun on the shelf.Am I just unlucky or have they stopped stocking it.Anyone else experienced this or am I just unlucky.
  16. wisdom

    "im mainly messing about"

    I suspect some form of jaw dropping handle.😂🤣
  17. Never thought of that as I only get it now and again.
  18. Unfortunately not. Used to get it from the newsagents but it has closed.
  19. wisdom

    pink numbers

    There are good numbers coming off the Lytham estuary.But they have only just started in big numbers.
  20. wisdom

    Well it's done .....

    Now that explains the porcelain type material you were looking for. Where was the head and spoon from?
  21. wisdom

    Well it's done .....

    That's really nice.
  22. wisdom


    All good here too.
  23. wisdom

    Ditch is at it "again"

    I bet they have both been rebuilt to an inch of their life.
  24. wisdom

    Need some shoe recommendations.

    I have all mine reheeled with 1/4 plates. They last forever but are somewhat noisy on wooden floors
  25. wisdom

    Signet hand tool stockists

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F112661047341 Have a look at this.Is this what your looking for?