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  1. As previously mentioned I too thought it was a photo.What amazing talent,I was impressed by your previous ones but I think this one takes it to another level because of the way you have captured the finish of the steel.
  2. This is going to turn into an interesting thread.Its not the poaching gangs that are the current plague more one or two for the pot.Love these stories.Ill own up to a folding .410 in my youth on a local estate and shooting in the dusk .Take the shot then off on my bike.The keeper was quick but we never got caught.
  3. Shot today.Loved it 38 x 50 so very happy for a first time.
  4. That's how to teach kids.No frills just facts.Sustainable food at its best.
  5. Thank you gents.Will give it a go
  6. I fancy a go at it. Any tips and if I go on my own can you release the clay and shoot via a delay setting also is it 5 shots over 5 stands moving along like dtl.
  7. wisdom

    Lead ban

    That is a good call realistically.
  8. It's the grounds rules not mine.I presume ricochets.
  9. So if I understand it correctly.Virtually all clay grounds will have to close and all my guns will be valueless.This is effectively the end of shooting for many of us.None of the clay grounds around me allow steel shot.And as for game shooting the impact will be massive. Then there's all the suppliers of shooting gear from clays to clothing massive Financial impact
  10. Spotted the first one on Friday.They come every year nest in the same place and rear a good brood.Nice to see them back that's in St Anne's.
  11. Used to use them in the 80's flames shot out of the muzzle as confetti rained down. Kicked like a mule but killed what they hit and smoked clays.Cheap to buy too
  12. Can I ask is it multichoke and proofed for steel?
  13. Drooling right now they look tasty
  14. Effectively if the total ban goes ahead all my guns including the s x s .410 will be virtually worthless.My clay gun is fairly open chocked but it's a no steel ground
  15. Great write up. I used to love days like that.
  16. Peanut butter works best for me.Used to use Mars bars but better success with peanut butter.i put my traps in a proper trap box for convenience.
  17. I think pics are the key here. My drain plug is a 1/2" square but the filler is on the back of the engine.Thats where I set the level to. From your picture.The centre square one is the drain plug.To the left of it is the filler.Just fill to above the bottom of the neck.Thats what I do with mine.Its a later model but essentially the same.
  18. I think pics are the key here. My drain plug is a 1/2" square but the filler is on the back of the engine.Thats where I set the level to.
  19. On mine it's filled level to the bottom of the filler.Ditchman is correct about self sharpening. I have never had mine done.Its all down to correct adjustment.
  20. Very nice indeed. Walker570 was it the Norton Commando that followed the Triumph or was it the Triumph saint
  21. Ingenious using stuff available anywhere.
  22. Well done Kent wildfowlers. Just shows what can be done with a bit of forward planning and forward thinking.That number of members will be a good thing for outdoor and Country sports.
  23. I have an el chimbo side by side .410 it's a lovely little gun
  24. I have had good success with gorilla brand traps in a proper box placed against the garage wall.Peanut butter for bait first 4 nights resulted in 4 hits.Baited every night since and nothing.
  25. Looking forward to this thread.I made a couple years ago they were practical and functional not fancy.Wanted to do more but never got round to it.
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