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  1. wisdom

    Gun dealers comision

    I agree. Try on here first I am sure it would be a better option for you.
  2. wisdom

    Game priest

    I like that to be honest.A little different from the norm.
  3. wisdom

    Prefab concrete garage conversion

    From what I remember when dismantling a family members the sections were standard sizes. So I don't see why it couldn't be done. Just draw it out on paper to scale.that should give you the answer.
  4. wisdom

    Are cars to complicated?

    That's what I would do.Simple 2 wires through a push button.
  5. wisdom

    Licorice Allsorts

    I think they are the best personally.
  6. I am with TriBsa on this look for a second hand frame and swap the bits across.
  7. wisdom

    Motorcyles and Shotguns

    Back in the day.I used a slip over my shoulder.Barrells down.
  8. wisdom

    Side by Side Club

    If you allow me to include my Baikal and a s x s .410 hammer I'm in.
  9. wisdom

    Drilling Stainless !

    I drilled 316 stainless successfully after learning the hard way (burning drill bits out). I drilled slowly and used rocol cutting fluid in a plastacine well and it was perfect. pilot drill first then up in stages
  10. wisdom

    Daystate leaking again

    Cleaning rod should push them out
  11. wisdom


    +1 That's the only way.
  12. wisdom

    a big thank you to walker 570

    A thing of beauty. Love the sheath as well.There is some real craftsmanship on here.
  13. wisdom

    Heads up gun auction Norfolk

    Quite like the Nikko. I shot trap with them in the 80's
  14. wisdom

    Model of Ark Royal

    Amazing model of our iconic carrier Was on escort with her far too long ago.when we ruled the waves.
  15. wisdom

    Out with the my lad

    Great stuff.Its nice to see youngsters coming through. both my lads learnt on clays not as young as yours though. I like the pic in the snow as it looks like you have captured the shot string.In fact they are all good but that's my favourite.
  16. wisdom

    Thermal question.

    Tight fitting ideally.Just as Loki said. Very effective they are too.
  17. wisdom

    What is it

    Usually called a splash or dust guard if it' behind the disc wire brush and some paint will sort it
  18. wisdom

    Touareg 3000cc

    Daughters got one nice motor comfy nippy but not too economical might be a bigger engine though.
  19. wisdom

    Help for the decorators on here...

    Not sure but it must be along similar lines.Could that be an option I wonder?
  20. wisdom

    Help for the decorators on here...

    Brother in law did his with some form of film it transformed it.Black finish and very neat got it from evil bay I think did windowframes too.
  21. wisdom

    Midland Gun company?

    I have a Midland o/u double triggered non ejector.Ive had it years it' a great gun for me.Good looking with nice machine engraving.Not worth much nowadays but does what I want it too, game and clays.Very reliable only had a broken firing pin years ago.Nothing else at all.
  22. wisdom

    Trooper shocks

    If the springs are ok you can leave them however the choice is yours but changing them alongside new shocks could improve the ride.It all depends on your needs.Eg load carrying,towing.
  23. wisdom

    Motorcycle test

    Same for me GT 750 then an oil in frame Bonneville oh then plates in legs due to a car running into me
  24. wisdom

    Kent Wildfowler’s Press Release

    This should be a wakeup call for BASC They need to act more positively for shooters and the problems we all face.They have done some good work but are weak in others.
  25. wisdom

    another,ready for varnish

    Looks really good especially the top. I admire skills like this.