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  1. hi everyone just to let ye know how i got on saturday.. we shot 28 pigeons and 3 crows.. it was a lovely day to be out and about..
  2. cheers is that the bearing in at the back of it with a shaft sitting in it.. i never thought to check it i will do tomorrow cheers
  3. hi everyone ive dusted off the magnet i bought a few years back at the fair to use it at the weekend.. ive hooked it up to the battery but cant get it to speed up.. ive adjusted the little screw that pushes a ball bearing up against the motor shaft but its made no difference.. i even stripped and cleaned it incase the shaft coming from the motor to spin the birds was seized but it hasnt helped.. its doing about 28/32 rpm heres a video of it ive also changed batteries to no availl now it was a cheap magnet so maybe thats the fault
  4. whys that.. some fella shoots his land that has no permission,, and then leaves dead birds and empty casings there..
  5. thanks.. wind has been none existent here lately with the hot weather.. hopefully it picks up for the weekend.. will follow those other tips yu gave also cheers
  6. hi everyone i will be shooting these two fields on saturday which is 38 acres the farmer has cut around the head lands and cut a few strips through the field as the pigeons were eating the laid barley so he said he would harvest it.. the pigeons seem to be coming from a few different direction some dropping in and some flying on to other areas.. a barbed wire fence runs through the centre of the fields and provides some basic cover.. we will add some bracnhes and have a net..we are thinking of setting up there in the middle of the field.. as the field runs off down a hill to where a small forest is.. some idiot of a poacher who left two decoys behind with his name wrote on them had set up in front of the forest on sunday in the low ground and shot a nice bag of pigeons and crows and left them where they fell,,i had a nice time yesterday evening picking up his maggot infested birds.. anyway the farmer isnt to happy .. passed on his name so hopefully the farmer follows through would setting up in the middle of the field(marked with black circle) be the best option as its higher and we would have a better chance of passing birds seeing us.. or is the forest the best option (marked on picture)in the low ground.. havent done that much pigeon decoying but have got a nice bit of gear together over the last while ie a magnet 20 shell decoys 2 bouncers and a diy flapper
  7. hi all this is my attempt at making hide poles..the material i used was 18mm round bar by 3 feet ... fits nicely into the hide poles 50mm angle iron by 1 foot 4x clothes line poles from B&Q 8mmx30 bolts with loctite nuts 8 altogether ... if using a hand held drill maybe use 6mm instead i sourced all these parts in a local steel supplies as they have a better selection and are easier to deal with.. the hardest part for anyone with basic tools will be drilling the holes.. my local steel suppliers are very easy deal with and would have no problem in cutting the steel up for you.. you could throw them an extra fiver maybe if you liked.. the reason i used the angle iron was so i could use my foot to shove the poles into the ground instead of using the poles and bending them.. the original poles can be extended to 2.4m which is very high.. it comes in two parts so i cut 30cm off each bar to make them shorter and easier to carry and store.. i then cut the 18mm round bar into 8 inch lengths and put a point on them using a lathe.. i understand most people dont have lathes but the guy in the steel stores can cut 45 degree angles on them easily with a bandsaw.. or else you could source hollow steel and use a hammer or vice to flatten a point onto it... after this cut the angle iron into 20mm strips and drill holes 30mm apart.. again the local steel store will cut this.. i then inserted the round bar into the hide pole 2 inches.. and clamped them in a vice..drilled 30mm apart again.. if you havent a vice.. a vice grips would do and you drill it with a hand held drill once you had the poles secured.. but will be tricky start with a small drill bit at high speed.. google drill bit speeds so you will be doing it right i then tightened it all together wit the nuts and bolts and then the finished product.. if you have any other questions id be happy to help
  8. email husqvarna who make mcculloch and ask them for one.. they are proud swedes and would probably love to see some ff their gear working after so long.. i have an old diawa reel and a spring broke in it..i emailed customer support and told them the story and they were very helpfull
  9. ya cant beat those last minute phone calls.. are ya coming for a shot?.. scramble the gear together jump in the car like the dukes of hazard and away ya go.. hit the first permisson and not two minutes out of the car when ya glass a herd of three deer grazing together.. the wind is right the lay of the land is right and ye set about the stalk. after a bit of hunkering and crawling we are in position and ready to fire.. a good evening out i took two and my friend took one
  10. ive a concrete blocked shed.. suits what i need it for better.. holding fuel for fire etc and as a workshop.. the walls can take more abuse and less maintenance
  11. daithi

    Is Obama right?

    this is well worth a alisten.. i was listening to it on the way home from work yesterday.. it just shows you the mentality of some americans.. they sound like they are in gun fights once a week the way there going on.. fast forward to 11 minutes http://www.todayfm.com/player/listen_back/7/25964/05th_January_2016_-_The_Last_Word_with_Matt_Cooper_Part_1
  12. thanks il have a look if he has any faster ones cheers
  13. no we were shooting together but i think it would be better one at a time more room to maneuver... would of shot more this way i think
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