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  1. Wasabi

    .17 hmr velocity

    So today I decided to buy a chronograph. I've spent the morning testing all sorts of stuff with a mate. The biggest surprise was .17 hmr. 17 grain hornady vmax out of a 16 inch cz455. 5 shot average at 3 metres is 2,631 fps with a spread of 61 fps. That's a lot faster than I was expecting. Have I got a hot batch or is this normal? We checked the accuracy of the chronograph using a known handled out my mates .223 and it was withing 50 fps average of what he gets on his chronograph.
  2. Wasabi

    Too Close For Comfort

    Is it just me or does this not make any sense at all?
  3. Wasabi

    prince harry

    I think you'll find they gave up control so they don't have to fund government. And let's not forget how they came to be in possession of said crown properties.
  4. Wasabi

    Shot Count

    I'm interested to know how many shots you've put through your trusty guns. My 1994 Miroku 6000 has had about 120,000 through it. It's been tightened once and the teague choke is feeling a bit "loose" on the bottom barrel. What's the general thoughts on realistic shot count for a machine made O/U?
  5. My man! Why a 1.5 foot sword is perfectly adequate.
  6. Looks like a perfectly normal priest to me. I've ordered one for the trout fishing!!!
  7. Not sure why anyone would need to buy a two foot steel sword advertised as having a sharp edge. What hobby does that fit?
  8. Not sure why anyone would need 90% of what they sell. Shame it's not a closing down sale.
  9. Wasabi

    Bitcoin falls 80%

    If I say we're using XRP you'll know!
  10. Wasabi

    Bitcoin falls 80%

  11. Wasabi

    Bitcoin falls 80%

    It's burst plenty of times in the past. It'll be back no doubt and no I don't hold any! Crypto currency is here to stay. I work for a company that has been using one crypto to make international transfers and it's like letter mail is to email. I think most of these crypto coins will fail but a few will survive and make some lucky people very rich.
  12. Wasabi

    .17 hmr range

    That's about right. My longest is 220 yards but I've found the vmax bullets don't seem to expand beyond about 160 which makes precise shot placement a must. 150 is easy, 200 needs a quick range find and aim off using mil dots
  13. Wasabi

    Injured Roe Deer

    Why? As it stands I now have a much better understanding of the legal situation if I find myself in a similar predicament in the future.
  14. I was out lamping rabbits last night with my hmr when I heard a whack on the road a few hundred meters behind me. We then saw a clearly injured roe doe making its way across the fields. What's the deal with shooting an injured deer with a non deer legal calibre? I'm not saying what I did as either option will be wrong in someone's eyes.