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  1. Simmons on the bench and Currie invisible on the pitch
  2. Looking for a motorised clay trap. Consider all states of disrepair. Based in the North West/North Wales area. Appreciate this isn’t the best time to be looking but planning ahead. I’m a member in a small rough shooting syndicate. Feel extremely privileged to have been invited to join by the long standing regulars. Unfortunately age and injury has caught up with a few of them and all ready to give up after 50 plus years. The terrain is tough. Thought we could have clay shoots whereby they can still participate and shoot over the land, hence the look out for a few old traps we can renovate for the job.
  3. Does anyone know if Costains clay shoot is still running on Sundays? Probably 2 years since last there.
  4. fitzy

    Weihrauch HW30

    It’s a long shot but thought I’d try. Looking for a HW30 ideally the S with rekord trigger. Beggars can’t be choosers so either calibre. Time I started teaching my lad to shoot. You can get package deals with scope and muzzle weight but want him to learn to use iron sights. I’m ok with a hammer so prepared to take on any condition. Thanks
  5. You should get it chrono’d in case it is running over 12ft lbs although it shouldn’t. Power will likely increase a little as it all beds in so needs to be considered if already close to legal limit. Worth getting a price from Sandwell, expect their basic tune won’t cost much more than a diy kit and saves you the hassle if it isn’t the type of thing you enjoy doing.
  6. Tinbum is one of many an airgun tuners that’s sells diy Tuning kits, comprising of piston seal (ie 25 or 26mm depending age of gun) spring, top hat, spring guide, washers and grease. Highly regarded in the airgun community. The old HW77’s originally were 25mm but didn’t know the early 95’s were 25mm too. http://www.airrifletuning.com/ There’s also Welsh Willy. States on website that his kits work with both piston sizes https://woodfield-gcp.co.uk/product/welsh-willy-weihrauch-spring-service-kits/
  7. The default reply on the airgun forums is usually a HW99s or HW95K. I’ve never owned either mode but cant fault any of the Weihrauch I’ve owned. The HW99s looks bit of a bargain with the rekord trigger and open sights which should always be the starting point when someone young learns to shoot.
  8. Thoroughly enjoyed watching Japan play. Didn’t kick possession away, recycling the ball with speed and accuracy. Played with great heart, determination and at a pace the big men of Ireland struggled to keep up. Good to see the best team won on the day.
  9. Thanks nabbers, great tent but it's definately a 1 or 2 man that I'm wanting.
  10. Thanks. Think the Hilleberg Alko or Soulo are top of the wish list. Own a Nallo 3 which has been brilliant, just need to downsize with no compromises in performance.
  11. Lightweight 1 or 2 man quality tent Hi, friend has got me interested in doing some wild camping. I've got a very nice Hilleberg 3 man tent but looking for something smaller for backpacking. Ideally 4 season. Something like an Akto or similar.
  12. Starting to question Farrell as captain. Played extemely poorly against Wales. Yesterday lost the game for England giving away 2 soft intercepted tries which brought Scotland back into the game. Finally his familiar late shoulder tackle and narrowing avoiding the sin bin. England need to learn to play for 80 minutes, not 40.
  13. Thanks for the link but Cornwall too far away I'm afraid.
  14. I've always been one to care for my possessions. One such item is my silver pigeon field grade 3. Didn't want it getting knocked about rough shooting so bought an old o/u. Then I went and got a lighter sxs. Now have 3 guns when could have just used one. Friend is of the mind to use a good gun till it wears out and then replace. The Beretta will outlast me so thinking I should just get enjoyment out of it rather than keep it shiney in the cabinet. I probably shoot best with it than the cheaper two. Just wondered whether forum members ever suffer the same dilemma.
  15. You need a loupe or magnifying glass and a sharpie marker pen, without which it's very hard to determine the angle. You shouldn't rush to reprofile the angle until you can see what you're doing.
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