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  1. fitzy

    Six nations

    Starting to question Farrell as captain. Played extemely poorly against Wales. Yesterday lost the game for England giving away 2 soft intercepted tries which brought Scotland back into the game. Finally his familiar late shoulder tackle and narrowing avoiding the sin bin. England need to learn to play for 80 minutes, not 40.
  2. Thanks for the link but Cornwall too far away I'm afraid.
  3. I've always been one to care for my possessions. One such item is my silver pigeon field grade 3. Didn't want it getting knocked about rough shooting so bought an old o/u. Then I went and got a lighter sxs. Now have 3 guns when could have just used one. Friend is of the mind to use a good gun till it wears out and then replace. The Beretta will outlast me so thinking I should just get enjoyment out of it rather than keep it shiney in the cabinet. I probably shoot best with it than the cheaper two. Just wondered whether forum members ever suffer the same dilemma.
  4. You need a loupe or magnifying glass and a sharpie marker pen, without which it's very hard to determine the angle. You shouldn't rush to reprofile the angle until you can see what you're doing.
  5. Will try Cheshire Pheasants. Calling it a shoot sounds far grandeur than it is, an armed ramble is a better description.
  6. Would anyone recommend a good source for 2nd hand poultry crates? We're a small pheasant shoot where we release about 160 birds a season. Given the small number released and our location it'd be advantageous to have our own crates to transport the poults to shoot from breeder. Only need about 5. Located in NW of England/N Wales.
  7. Thank you for the pic, very helpful. Might have a go at making a replacement when find the time.
  8. It looks a lot worse in the pic than in reality. Looks alot better now cleaned and oiled. Will see about getting it sorted. Thanks to all for the advice.
  9. Recently bought this skb and wondering if there should be a piece of metal between the 2 barrels under the forend. If so, would its absence affect the integrity of the gun or merely be cosmetic?
  10. A very worrying precedent.
  11. Can only seem to make flatulent noises with the back of my hand. My nine year old son does it better.
  12. Anyone recommend a fox squeaker? Looking for something inexpensive. Seems to be all different types but some must be more effective than others at getting Charlie's attention. Did find a post but 10 years old. Don't want something that takes 6 weeks practice to master.
  13. One of the appeals of Rolex to me is their rock solid residual values. Hardly set the horology world alight but you wont lose half it's value walking out the shop with it like you would with a JLC or VC. Rolex 5% price increase on 1st october. If you want to look into watch collecting have a look on this forum, plenty of really interesting makes and models that don't require a footballer's salary. http://walletfriendlywatchforum.com/ Eddie Platts' TimeFactors is worth a look. The TZUK forum is a great place although seems to have become Rolex obsessed in recent years and all the poorer for it.
  14. Don't get confused with Vostok Europe on the shopping channels. Different company - hideous.
  15. Have a look at Vostok, real throw back to the USSR. Inexpensive but interesting with cult following. I've got a Komandirskie and it's a lovely eye catching watch. The Amphibian range are good too. Used to be buttons but prices are climbing. They can be a bit rough but there's a charm to them.
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