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  1. The cocking action both (510) are beautiful as I had a AirArms 410 with the pull bolt at the rear and complete rubbish it’s so smooth to cock it and like I said pellet on pellet even my fac I’ll try a upload some pictures
  2. I own both A/A in fac and sub 12 love em very Accurate
  3. Ok thanks for the heads up
  4. I’m after the n8vision clamp anyone know where I can get hold of one please
  5. Spain187

    Pard 007

  6. Has this the recording option?
  7. Spain187

    Pard 007

    Pard 007 (16 mil ) package The unit is in pristine condition 1x Battery plus charger 1x micro sd card plus adapter 1x scope collar 1x hard case Original packaging No instruction manual Any questions please ask £300 posted
  8. Now sold sold sold
  9. Pulsar Digisight Ultra N355 in very good working condition, with all the bells and whistles Original box which is quite tatty but sight spot on Any questions please ask £500 posted 1st class
  10. Spain187


    Pard 007 (12 mil) if anyone has one please all sorted now
  11. Spain187


    Could someone please tell me how to mark an item as sold Please
  12. This item is now sold
  13. Na sorry I’m after a pard 007
  14. Sorry been a very busy day swop for wat ?
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