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  1. Not sure he had a twin brother who lived in Australia. Terry lived in Feltham. He used to be a regular at the game fair often sleeping in the wagbi/basc tent
  2. Totally agree with Wymberly basc members enclosure was the meeting place for old and new friends to catch up, it also had it's own bar. Not as posh as the old bfss but had some good times there usually meeting up with my old mate Terry Harbour with his dogs sadly long gone. Went this year basc stand was quite sparse and a bit boring. Dave
  3. Also tried to order twice, unprimed 20 and unprimed 12 bore cartridges. Once in July 2020 and again in Feb this year, email reply to arrange postage. Not heard a dicky bird since.
  4. Hi all just reading the topic about greener gp's. My wife bought me one in 1977 as a birthday pressie from S R Jefferies in Guilford now long gone, apparently it was found in a barn. I think it cost about £40, it is a take down model has a thumb screw on the lhs of the action to remove the barrel, serial no 1382 with a 26in barrel. it stills shoots well albeit with 2 1/2 in chambers. It has been used for anything from geese to charlie. would it be possible to find the date of build. Many thanks Dave
  5. Have you tried adding the sugar to the berries a day or two before adding gin/vodka. you will see how much juice it extacts from the berries.Dave
  6. Thanks for the replies all especially feltwad i've loaded a few so will let you know how i get on. Remebering the last time i used some the comments were interesting.
  7. g,day all does any one have a recipe for 2.5 12 bore black powder loads. Want to load some for my old w j jefferies hammer gun , loaded some in the past but have lost the data.
  8. Hi all.neibour I have been given a bag of old mixed cartridges by my next door neighbour's nephew found in the loft, amongst which are ten eley 36grm of bb in a 70mm case brass plated steal head. They are marked eley field special and special chasse, i think they are alphamax but have never heard of them before. Any ideas.Dave .
  9. Thanks for the reply cookoff013 loaded 12 bore in the past but not worth it now. Loading 28 bore at the moment lead 24grams on a mec 600, but want to load 20b bismuth ready for the season,can I duplicate the lead load for bismuth as they are similar sg.Dave
  10. Hi all, does any one have a load for 20 bore bismuth in 2 1/2 in cases. I've been doing a search but no luck, i've nobel 82 ,csbo and pbs2 powder,cx50 primers and plastic wads.I normaly load 28 bore but have acquireda very nice english 20 that i would like to use on an ainland duck pond.Many thanks Dave
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