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  1. i did start looking at 410's awhile back😁
  2. i always wanted one of these as a kid but never got one ,then when my father passed away my mum found one amongst my old mans clutter i havent shown my 3 yr old granson yet better check with his mum maybe i should find my old control line airplane out
  3. hi mate im interested in the travel rod
  4. bear62

    pete shelley

    ive just got back from dog sitting at my daugthers to find out one of my of my teenage heros ,Pete Shelley of the buzzcocks, has gone, all those great songs of my teenage years , one of the great Manchester bands. RIP Pete Shelley
  5. no problem pike fishing is one of my passions
  6. mate of mine is in the scrap business, he said to me a few years back( when they were stopped from dealing in cash ) that it wasn't about metal theft but all about income tax
  7. arrived home from work on Monday afternoon, as I'm parking the van up,i notice my 12 month old grandson banging on our bedroom window smiling and clapping because granddad is home
  8. ive still got the pajero wheels and tyres if you er still interested
  9. bear62

    Work trousers

    I'm on my third set of aldi work trousers at 8.99 a pair you cant beat em I refuse to pay 25-45 quid on something that just gets covered in s##t and cr#p
  10. i doubt she would have guzzicat she could hardly see over the steering wheel
  11. only last week I was waiting to turn into a builders merchants in Norwich when I spotted a bootiful cock bird hanging out of the front grill of an old dears car she was totally oblivious to the fact, fortunately it wasn't a motorcyclist
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