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  1. Condescending smugness!.......if that is an acceptable phrase? Needs to go viral
  2. It was meant to be no deal today ! ********!
  3. Shufti

    Boiler help..

    Pressure release valve, clean or replace
  4. Yes A big thank you to you all for making PW what it is 👍
  5. Lads The deed is done! We went with a recommended claims firm. Really surprised we were not cold called by any one. I towed the car home (close by) and its sat on drive, I suppose not the best thing to have done.First of many mistakes perhaps ! Courtesy car coming , then an "engineer" to assess the damaged car. Thanks again all for your help and time I'll post the outcome however it goes ( will I live that long!) Be use full for others Cheers Shufti
  6. Could you pass on link or number if your happy to? PM if you prefer. Thank you for your time
  7. Thanks all for help and concern. Yes at the time there was a difference.....40+ years since my last claim ...got complacent! Mrs S carted off to hospital with neck braced up and x rayed , nothing broken. There best part of the day.....so busy ! Home with very sore neck, hurt leg and black eye. Cars finished Tried a local solicitors and they were only interested in the personal injury side. Only looking to get a fair solution ,sh'es hoping to go back to work next week (only off 4 days at moment} so no ones getting rich! Yes liability all the other car I am reluctant to use those firms so looking for advice and PW helps in spades. Thank you all for taking time to reply and help. Takes me ages to type .....sometimes use two fingers now! Thanks
  8. Hi lads Last week my missus was hit bad while waiting to turn right. Her car shunted across road lucky it missed oncoming traffic. Other car admitted fault and police charging him with driving with out due care and attention. We are only TPFT! Any of you lads had any dealings with a claims company?.....before I'm shot down I don't believe we got much option! Any help much appreciated Thank you
  9. Correct me if wrong but doesn't the scottish license require good reason? ie plinking in back yard not acceptable. If so will knock off thousands of owners. hope I'm wrong
  10. Same thing here New rotary and 12v 12ah battery , fully charged ( according to my charger) and ran only 2 hours approx ! I expected at least 5 hr. Charger only puts out 600ma . and is fine with the little flapper battery. Maybe not enough? maybe charger goes onto trickle too soon? May be battery a dud ! I'll check motor next time for temperature. AA sell 7ah batts with rotarys ...L did not reckon that would be sufficient so went for the 12ah.
  11. Shufti


    Conspicuous by their absence here north Essex Sadly!
  12. My first swallow 2018 seen today north Essex. Surprised given the weather lately.
  13. Yes had same trouble. On 2 year contract with tesco , took it in to nice lady and she sorted the memory/storage. HTH
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