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  1. Refreshing! I enjoyed that thank you
  2. I welcome the Starlings , they have been thin on the ground round here.(north Essex coast) We lost Greenfinch about two years back and as for Song Thrush I haven't even heard one( garden) maybe three or more years. Surely slug pellets in gardens do no good. Now we have Herring Gulls on the ground ! and only fly off if I go out shooing? them! Eejits feed them and they have little fear. Also no Black cap this year.
  3. O/P also asked for a running total.......please
  4. Thanks for your views , makes sense. Wait and see what the coming? licences states. .
  5. Yes caught me out Does this work ? https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/798011/wml-gl33-standard-licence-conditions-trapping-wild-birds.pdf
  6. Lads Am I missing something in this......can we trap ? I believe we can.....but not sure? How do you read it?
  7. We as a group have no clout what so ever..... but the farming industry certainly has.
  8. At least we can get on with our job......although restricted
  9. Hi Lads Update, just received a cheque for the old car and the courtesy car goes back next week. Almost three months hire to be paid to the claims company! from the other party's insurance. Madness! So far so good, I'll name the firm when they collect the car as long as we don't get stung by any extras. Thank you all for your help.
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