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  1. All the info iv'e found refer to the extra "muskets" ! I suppose thats telling....looks to me like classic didnt sell well and they brought out the very long guns. Still want know though! I have pinged deejay thanks OP
  2. I'm trying to find owners info on this. Thank you OP
  3. Could any owners of the above rifle tell me the usable shot count you get at 25 ish ft/lb . Thank you
  4. So very sorry to hear this , Essex is really suffering , thieving scumbags! One of my boys had his van rear door almost drilled through other night but very lucky some thing spooked them and left empty handed.
  5. Shufti


    Go on the airgun forum ,lots of info
  6. Shufti

    FAC air .22

    Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions. Some are just too heavy, bulky or unsuitable for my use.
  7. Shufti

    FAC air .22

    Thanks Eyefor, I'll look it up
  8. Shufti


    Common sense prevailed in the end! A very happy Brexit day all!
  9. Shufti

    FAC air .22

    Thank you both
  10. Shufti

    FAC air .22

    As per my thinking Also if needed pump or small bottle in van. Thank you all .
  11. Shufti

    FAC air .22

    £500 ish!
  12. Shufti

    FAC air .22

    Yes , both have yet to be handled by myself Thanks for suggestions, lets see whats about !
  13. Shufti

    FAC air .22

    Variation in post Looking at all options, as above required particularly BSA Scorpion or similar ? Thanks
  14. If you have any water tanks, check they are not warm/hot . If so you have heating fault. HTH
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