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  1. Thank you Sako That has certainly planted a seed!
  2. Cracking job there!
  3. Shufti


    in view tonight.
  4. Great loss, But what treasures left for all; Thank you sir
  5. Interesting ! Awkward shots to pull off
  6. Gangsta shooting!
  7. Gravity will have an effect? Maybe H My head hurts!
  8. Cant see all, but would it fit horizontally? Thinking ease of access...wheelbarrows etc, just a thought.....rare!
  9. Shufti

    Canadian canoe?

    Novacraft 15 sp3 Handles superb on water .Rather heavy to load but worth it. Around £800 ish new last time I looked...billy bargain quality boat. As said go to song of the paddle website HTH
  10. Some at Finchingfield Essex
  11. Is there any sideways play in bolt? If so replace the plastic! bearing. XTX shows how...straight forward.
  12. You've got it covered , good luck with your project👍
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