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  1. Likey likey! No sidelever a plus!. Stock cheekpiece is horizontal rather than angled as on previous wood stocks, which makes Pard addon a bit uncomfortable. Shame still 13mm rails. Thanks Stu......must resist!
  2. Shufti


    Hi Pm me your contact details .
  3. Shufti


    Not local but if you fancy a trip to Clacton you can use mine . Stu's method will tell you all you need.
  4. Shufti


    Where in Essex?
  5. Thanks Best viewing tonight !
  6. O P Popper Current series Ultra /Scorpion etc Have 13mm dovetail. Sportsmatch make them.
  7. True inspiration, Top man. Thank you Sir Tom
  8. Excellent photos, Thanks for showing.
  9. Thats the kiddy! I rigged up a rockin magpie using the remote in the past. Stopped using it after the general license debacle! Good luck with your invention !
  10. Thanks for your explanation . It will certainly attract attention. Look forward to hearing of your success!
  11. Once wired up there are cheap remote on the bay. Only flick tail when you want ! Well done, Patent it !
  12. Brilliant! Robosquiz! Is it a stuffed or just fresh dead one ? Or toy? Can't tell by picture!
  13. Thank you Sako That has certainly planted a seed!
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