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  1. Spot on as always Simon Really enjoy and appreciate your videos, thank you
  2. Very pleased to say had a pair! of Greenfinch at the garden feeders yesterday. The first for at least 5 years.
  3. Avoid the Rotax, according to many lads on Airgun forum. In fact all of em! S/h BSA ,Air arms etc
  4. Yes thanks Twenty, I am aware of all the pressures on all our wildlife. Looking up Metaldehyde , a key ingredient in these things it is a poison. Everyone banging on about lead and yet thousands? of tons of pellets used in gardens ,let alone farmers fields! I discourage there use ,although perhaps hippocratic? I have used ant powder very occasionally. My own simplistic view!
  5. Song thrush were fairly common when I was a kid, now even hearing one these parts is rare. What you think of slug pellets effect on these birds? Surely must be poisoning them?
  6. My 1st Cuckoo this year seen from car near Higham, Suffolk today.
  7. Yes , them fangs! Reading up, Deer society state up to seven young born! but mostly 2 to 3. Certainly spreading. Mostly Muntys and Fallows round here AFIK
  8. Saw my first few evenings ago. Positive i/d, he stood looking directly at me! I'd heard they were about here, seen by Frinton golf club! Essex
  9. Really enjoyed that! Thanks for all your effort to share.
  10. Superb new bit of kit! As always thank you for showing us all.
  11. Ok Glad its not going to breakers, thanks for the offer.
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