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  1. Shufti


    Info all there on the interweb and available seals.
  2. Stripped down easy. Seems its missing a tiny washer and spring according to spare parts available in USA. Surprisingly well engineered and finished off... to me anyways.
  3. Yes thank you OP Busy trawling , some ones been there before!
  4. Hi lads Recently bought a s/h BSA ultra complete with chinese pump. Happy with the rifle, but the pump gives up at 1000 psi. Not a deal breaker as I have a scorpion se and Webley pump bought new. Would like to reseal the pump but cant find a kit. When time allows I'll strip it and hopefully find a damaged o ring/seal that I can maybe source if cost effective...and available! These pumps are available cheaply with a service kit! So far haven't found a separate kit for sale. So has anyone fixed one ? I have seen the u tube videos. Any help would be appreciated TIA
  5. Understand exactly.
  6. Dont know whether this helps but I take the sim card and put in my little canon camera then dead easy to skan and zoom in on any pictures. works for me
  7. Received compensation a few weeks ago. We bought a three year old replacement car a while back. Missus still very nervous,especially right hand turns! All settled and I can recommend Accident Advice Helpline/Easidrive . Thanks again lads for your time and advice .
  8. Outstanding! Excellent work
  9. Refreshing! I enjoyed that thank you
  10. I welcome the Starlings , they have been thin on the ground round here.(north Essex coast) We lost Greenfinch about two years back and as for Song Thrush I haven't even heard one( garden) maybe three or more years. Surely slug pellets in gardens do no good. Now we have Herring Gulls on the ground ! and only fly off if I go out shooing? them! Eejits feed them and they have little fear. Also no Black cap this year.
  11. O/P also asked for a running total.......please
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