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  1. sabel25

    Need a new jacket!

    I got a Laksen Kudu jacket which is light and good to shoot in Not sure if they are phasing them out but i got another for the future as i like them
  2. sabel25

    William Powell perdix

    Was thinking of mentioning ASI myself but was'nt sure they'd deal with general public Good advice I know John Rothery will not deal with the public only trade
  3. sabel25

    Construction apprenticeship

    Have to agree I did the same 5 year day release worked both on bench joinery and on private sites so best of both worlds Working for a small country joinery business The college was great for the theory and we did bench joinery We had 4 apprentices came onto the job we're on 2 brickies 1 plasterer and 1 joiner the brickies were perthetic and would not work no matter how the masons tried to teach them both left The joiner lad was good at the start and keen but dwindled off more interested in his mobile and left The plasterer has stuck to it and will help anyone and is still keen and can plaster The whole system is wrong And yes always taking photos of them standing next to work done my us tradesmen Biggest problem with the young is the bloody mobiles They're on them the whole time even when i tried to warn them that their boss will go off on a one They could'nt care But i find myself having to show much older blokes how to do jobs as they have'nt served a proper apprenteship either
  4. sabel25

    Single Gun Storage Help

    I would'nt recommend fitting in a loft As said ease of access for one Condensation can be a problem, so to the temperatures freezing in winter and extreme heat in summer Your bound to have a bit space somewhere in a corner or inside a fitted cupboard As said buy a decent sized one you can always store your cleaning rods and cartridges in it if you do'nt buy another gun Or even store all the spare cash you'll have by not buying more guns
  5. sabel25


    Hi Salmo I've got some here Cheddite granular 31g no5s & 6s fibre unopened slabs I am shooting in Scotland tomorrow Saturday 19th If you want to meet up
  6. sabel25

    William Powell perdix

    I'am in the N east myself Good luck and hope you find what you're lookng for as you're on the right track Best of luck S
  7. sabel25

    William Powell perdix

    Depends where you are if you're looking for your nearest dealer You can google them as there are a few up and down the country Honesberie shooting school castleguns here in the N East I would steer clear of sportsmanguncentre if you're after a game gun go for an Artemis with solid top rib depending on your budget and preference But that would be my next gun on my list But i am an avid caesaer Guerini man All the Italian O/U guns were and are based on the best English O/U guns of the early 20 century and were made for the English market as were the Spanish SxS'ds
  8. sabel25

    William Powell perdix

    William Powell even call the gun the Artemis Perdix and stick another £600 plus on top
  9. sabel25

    William Powell perdix

    You should just go direct to B Rizinni They will custom fit a gun to you in your spec ie an Artemis There was a thread on here a year or two back by someone who went through William Powell and it ended up heading through the courts Plus it will probably be cheaper and you may get a trip round their factory ( unless you want the the William Powell name on ) Second that as i have the Highlander sideplate
  10. sabel25

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    Not that i've heard of up this end anyway I live near an Army range where live firing is common so will non toxic apply to the forces now?? The report i was reading They did'nt mention what non toxic componenets they were using
  11. sabel25

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    German scientists have been developing and testing non lead bullets and been comparing them to lead They concluded that at normal stalk distance they were on a par except for large game Deer and boar who had a longer run off period after being shot and lying down and dying The Danish say there is longer run off with non toxic compared to lead at normal to longer distance and apparantly they are coming into Scotland on trial
  12. sabel25

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    Perhaps these duck in question??? were aquired from Scotland shoots Where you can shoot wildfowl over land but not over shore estuaries lead shot that is
  13. sabel25

    Barrel blowups

    We had our summer get together clay drives and barbie last summer A young shooter was using a friends browning just up from me and i heard them say something about an odd sound and the friend said that he gets the odd wad sticking in the barrel They were using eley XL 21g Thankfully they removed it I also have the habit of checking by barrels prior to loading and do'nt use hearing protection when shooting as i like to hear everthing that's going on around me I had one occasion this season where one of my RC prestige cartridges misfired and did'nt go off so was disgarded That was the first time that's happened with these
  14. sabel25

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    Have you seen who signed the paper Labour and green party With all that is going on with ( i'll not mention the B word ) Is this not just a rouse to stick thorns into the Tory government Or that they think they can just slip it through as they think the Government will be distracted with all thats going on Where do they stop A large number of big houses and churches the like have lead roof coverings where rainfall runoff runs into waterways Large amount of various species of birds take thier water from the gutters etc from such Have'nt heard of any lead poison reports Perhaps they should concentrate on the plastic polution issue as this is by far the greater threat to the enviroment where they have factual evidence
  15. sabel25

    Sloe gin

    That was me strimmer_13 and it's bloody lovely stuff is'nt it I was shooting with some French guys and a few mates last week At the end of the day i handed out my sloe whisky They loved it and held their glasses out for more Bottle was emptied in no time Often at shoots at elevenes i'll go to the back of the vehicle only to turn round and everyone is congragated behind me Seems they can sniff it out Enjoy S