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  1. sabel25

    Young ones

    What sort of budget you looking at Might have a couple to suit him
  2. sabel25

    Browning  A BOLT .223

    Seems a bargain Why not have it RFD'd I've had 3 of my rifles RFD'd up here to gods country in the past and all were spot on If there was a problem with it being not fit for purpose then your local rfd cannot pass it onto you
  3. sabel25

    Leather cartridge bag

    "SOLD" to duckman69 Thanks
  4. sabel25

    Leather cartridge bag

    Yes still here I have pm'd details Thanks S
  5. sabel25

    Leather cartridge bag

  6. sabel25

    Leather cartridge bag

    The reason being ?
  7. sabel25

    Leather cartridge bag

    Can you enlighten me on this quote or am i missibg something
  8. sabel25

    Tikka T3 or T3 lite .223 magazine

    Have a look on Black rifle mags
  9. sabel25

    Leather cartridge bag

    Brand new real leather black leather cartridge bag with leather shoulder strap holds 100 carts £23.00 posted Not sure why the other listing dissapeared but it was sold but this one is for sale bank trans or paypal plus costs
  10. sabel25

    SYMONDS 16 gauge

    pm inbound
  11. sabel25

    TULA Exhibition Hammer 16 gauge

    what's the chamber length Idea of age Any stamp marks on barrels
  12. sabel25

    Home made sloe gin

    No probs You'll have to send a sample to see if it's up to par
  13. sabel25

    Home made sloe gin

    Much the same as sloe gin But i have developed my own technic for making sloe gin / whisky / vodka Start with nice ripe sloes and a medium priced whisky Not an expensive single malt Slash the sloe skins with a small sharp knife Basicaly i use litre bottles Fill with sloes to 1/3 up the bottle then pour in sugar so it runs through the sloes till it just covers them ( i find this the right recipe Add whisky and shake well and place near or in warm place with bottles on their side Shake and turn bottles each day for a few days then periodicaly turn bottles ( like champayne ) this allows the spirit to get more access to the sloes instead of them sitting in the bottom of the bottle After two / three month drain off through a fine guaze clothe sample then add a little more sugar and shake and back next to warm place so all gets dissolved You end up with a rich red colour liquer and once tried you'll not bother with the sloe gin again I've converted none whisky drinkers who always look for seconds and great if your coming down with cold or flu My mate makes it now after showing him and his none drinking wife always seems to be getting a cold
  14. sabel25

    Home made sloe gin

    I actualy made a sloe whisky using honey It was for a mate/neighbour who asked me if i could make it with honey instead of sugar and it came out a treat
  15. sabel25

    Leather cartridge bag

    As title a new dark brown real leather cartridge bag with leather shoulder strap holds 100 cartridges Still in wrapper £25.00 posted bank transfer or paypal at buyers cost