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  1. A good smithy could soon open them chokes
  2. sabel25

    Monkey Puzzle

    We have them growing here Planted in the garden of the local hotel / wedding venue 14 mile from the Scottish bourder
  3. There's a nice one in the private guns for sale thread Bargain price 1979 mod
  4. sabel25

    Monkey Puzzle

    figgy's spot on about the jet The monkey puzzle ( Araucaria Araucania ) is native to Chile and Brazil Were we not part of the South American continent till we got moved away with the tectonic plates moving thinks around There's a big sandstone quarry near to me on top of a hill and i remember one of the stone masons telling me that they had come across fossilzed palm trees
  5. That should be a good buy for any Beretta fan
  6. You'll have to contact him via gunwatch Seems he's not a pw member
  7. Can you pass your info on for this sad little ******* please and stop bragging Day and night ? Not what my mates lass said and what your lass said?
  8. No Have a conflab with the better half and sort out the problem In no walks of life is there any person better than another I have dealt with all kinds so called generals . majors and the like and they are no better person as ones self I have never doffed my cap to no man and never will including dukes or Earls and viscounts We ae all equals and have shot with such, Only thing i found is they have been left more money than myself and many others but cannot shoot for their life Have a little word with the better person and ask IF there is a problem You're doing them a favour by vermin control Fact Who else does?
  9. Have to agree here Someone that is licensed for firearms seems to be prioritised as doing wrong ( Which is still to be proven ) but as said there are stabbings , shootings . murders every single day but hardly makes page 5 in the tabloids Yet some one that has been approved by the appropriate FEO to own and use SGC/FAC are jumped upon as murderers I'am registered for both and no one seems to have any issues Yet i work with a certain lazey useless idiot that calls himself a tradesman of the same age as me and when he's asked where i am during the shooting season He answers Oh him he's away murdering things and this is a bloke that has been brought up in the countryside ( yet this is the sad ****** that is always combing the dating sites hunting down some poor sad female and still cannot get hooked up The outcome being all my workmates get some game to eat should they want it This certain idiot gets nothing and does not get to work with me on my jobs
  10. Maybe try saddler on here as he is good with leather Recommend
  11. sabel25

    Six nations

    Thought that as we can all do that Thing was that flag belonged to Shamima Begun trying to show pratriotism to the UK ( tongue in cheek )
  12. sabel25

    Six nations

    And why did you edit ?
  13. sabel25

    Six nations

    Second this I have always said that footballers should serve an apprenticeship on a rugby pitch No diving , Fake injuries, No argueing with afficials and all opponent supporters can mingle I like football but it is too full of over paid premadonnas that think they can run the sport "Too much money envolved"
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