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  1. Spot on I hate the man and have little respect for Harry and Meg. They are just trying to stay in the lime light Yet they wanted privacy. P Morgan just became outspoken and likes to hear his own irritating voice and just wanted to dominate the programme and use it for his own innuendo Regardless of anyone else wanting to speak. Just watched a clip on utube and looks like he does'nt like recieving what he has been giving out for years
  2. They all work from home and cannot deal with anything. They can take your money But cannot refund Plus they close their site so no one can hack their site But they still have access to your bank. I went with them 13 month ago and they transaferred the wrong MPAN from BG So i ended up paying both for the same energy. I have eventualy got it all sorted with BG and am now with another company. But E-on still have my money that they took by fraud and will sue them very soon
  3. Well said As i live just south of the Border and knew you Scots did not want independence. Even thought Jimmy cranky tried to brainwashs the kids . If she goes for another vote She'll be in the hospitals getting hand prints form babies and X's from the insane
  4. You all seem to forget the 70's National companies bleeding money from tax payers and making **** .That is when they actualy went to work as the unions were running the damned country and allways striking aka Scargill. who was still taking a wage out the union long after the mines were closed Thatcher gave him a smacking and finished him and the mines were shut I missed out on a lot of schooling as there was no coal to heat the school boilers She pulled the country round in the 80's so i see Boris pulling things around
  5. I've a Electra Beckum HC333 if interested comes with dust extraction fitment
  6. sabel25


    I thought they did😃 With their hill decenct. Have i been misled with my Freelander? lol
  7. Hi I shoot all three 20,16 and 12 For walked up days the 20 or 16 are great You carry more smaller cartridges. All depends what quarry you wish to take down. I was at a shoot taking very high duck and pheasant using a 12g Then i took the 16g on a couple of drives and took realy long birds down . Even a picker up did not believe i was using 28g in a 16g. They all shoot the same but the smaller bore patterns better
  8. Sorry i meant Stoeger. Maybe this is why true Berreta men think the new Berreta's are not as good as the older models when they were made in Italy?
  9. Beretta own Soeger in Turkey who make some barrels for them Berreta have their receivers made in ATA factories in Turkey
  10. One of the blokes i shoot with bought one second hand. On one driven day the barrels swelled out where the chokes are. We asked him not to use it anymore' He later took it to the gunshop where he bought it and they wiped their hands of it and offered nothing. He took it home and sawed the ends off and still shoots it. Not for me. Buy something tried and tested
  11. I ignored them last year and they kept sending threatening letters. So i sent them a letter and attacked them about Packam and few other over paid over rated unprofesional staff and constant cheap programmes and repeats. Plus i stream and the dish is not receiving. They sent a nice letter back and said that i do not require a license So just write to them and the more and more letters they receive the better and it would cost them more to persue the matter Plus i do'nt think they would be allowed to use public funds to mitigate legal action Unlike Chris Packam has done
  12. YES is the simple answer and guns are out there in carbin fibre and in my own opinion is the alternative to wood. But i will get shot down ?
  13. No not a willy ****** contest. I like timber, Proper wood and a traditionalist and time served the old ways and done besoke joinery since leaving school. No one will ever sell me the idea of laminate stocks or battery cars that cost more to manufacture and more carbon footprint and toxins in the glues
  14. Miroku better buy, The laminate 525 is still £200 to £300 more than the wood. Made in the same factory in Japan. We had a simulated day on an estate i beat on and a friend stopped and gave me his gun and said try this and i shot realy good and he said so. But i told him i sold my Brownings as i could'nt use them. Then he said it's a Miroku' Different gun to shoot
  15. I have made and constructed timber frame houses both as an employee and for myself since 79 The outer skin was either ply or OSB and the trusses were manufactured in a factory but timber and everything was timber apart from the outer ply osb sheathing. Never had any movement or complaint. I live in a timber frame house done by another company The same construction technic and no cracks in 28 years I do loads of hardwood floors But no one has asked for a plywood floor. They want a nice timber floor Oak . jatoba. pine. Maple etc
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