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  1. sabel25

    Caesar Guerini vs Beretta?

    Do'nt have any of Kate winslet Bloody Japanese camera was'nt water proof
  2. sabel25

    Caesar Guerini vs Beretta?

    Haha You'd have more chance of copping off with Kate Winslet on the Titanic than getting my CG maxum 20g But i can send you some pics to peruse
  3. sabel25

    Brady 12g leather cartridge belt SOLD

    " SOLD " to rosshouse Thanks S
  4. sabel25

    Brady 12g leather cartridge belt SOLD

    PM inbound Thanks
  5. As title Guardian Canterbury leather 20g cartridge belt new with tags holds 23 cartridges in closed loop pockets Suede lined £32.00 posted
  6. New never been used real leather Brady 12g belt Holds 25 cartridges in open loops with leather stop to bottom £33.00 posted NOW SOLD
  7. sabel25

    Caesar Guerini vs Beretta?

    God loves them
  8. sabel25

    Caesar Guerini vs Beretta?

    I've a nice Lincoln no2 for sale the original and bomb proof and not alot of money Be on third page here guns for sale private
  9. sabel25

    Caesar Guerini vs Beretta?

    I was in the same dilema some years back and looked ar Beretta and Browning and went to rwo local gunshops The first one i went for Beretta and none fit me as the comb was too high Even the gun instructor said the same as they did'nt fit him Went to second gunsmith a bought a B525 and they shortened the stock to suit and did'nt have much success with it .But because it was my first o/u thought i'd have to persevere with it I also bought a Browning citori white lightning 16g and could'nt get on with that either Then i bought the CG magnus new and what a diferece It handled great and i regained all my confidence The deeper action of the brownings did not suit me and both went down the road the 16g held it's price but the 525 was a £350 loss and it was as new( so there's a lesson in that ) I have gone on to buy 8 more CG's One for a mate one for my nepthew one i sold to upgrade tp another I have just sold my CG magnus jaspe 20g as i purchased a maxum 20g that matches my maxum 12g and i have gained money on all that i sold ( there's another lesson )These hold their money and even gain money and £ for £ you get alot more for your buck with CG's They are supurb guns All steel action and wood to die for and when out on shoots everyone wants to look my guns over which they do;nt with anybody's beretta or brownings From what i've seen it appears the older beretta is the better built ones well from what beretta shooters say If you look on guntrader there are over 2500 berettas and over 2500 brownings compared to 531 caesar guerini's CG for me but that's my somewhat peronal preference Also CG have the best after sales service of any other manufacturer Fact Dave above has a point too as i have the sideplated John Macnab in 12g game and nice guns but not as good as cg in the looks department and when selling that's what people look for amongst other things Good luck mate
  10. sabel25

    Shotgun motor case

    Loads on fleabay from £35 upwards
  11. SOLD This is now SOLD Thanks
  12. sabel25

    Gun cabinet

    There's 3 for £50 Norfolk in private sales which is'nt too far from you
  13. Yep still here although i've pm'd you Cheers S
  14. sabel25

    guerini choke key

    I find that hard to believe as they have always spoke to me in the past and emailed and find them great for after sales service They gave me a full set of chokes FOC which were specialy ordered from Guerini in Italy
  15. sabel25

    Looking for a 5+ gun safe. Deep enough for scoped rifles

    As i say i have two 8 gun Both arrived in perfect condition and are of good build and locks are to good standard Not sure where they get plasticy from These are all solid steel construction I used to have the 5 gun GDK vault and it was perfect But was'nt big enough as the collection got bigger But the metal was of thicker guage than Brattonsound which i think are over priced I looked at local gun dealers but even used ones were too expensive for what they were And remember these i mention are brought to your door Free You'll be better to go for the 8 gun