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  1. Hi does anyone use one of these two if so which would you recommend. Any general info about these shotguns. Which one would you get. Thanks
  2. Was in local gun shop today asked about stock protection gunsmith told me to use clear boot dubbing,all i need to protect the stock.i suppose it's wax and will do the job. What do you all think
  3. After a browning maxus shim kit if anyone has got one for sale
  4. Looking for some bases for a a300 can anyone tell me which ones I need to mount a red dot Thanks
  5. Looking for a new jacket are the Browning jackets any good anyone recommend any or any other make that your impressed with
  6. Hi anyone near wrexham who could let me have a go with a Mossberg 500. Thinking our buying one just would like to try first to see what recoil is like compared to a semi Thanaks
  7. Seen a beretta a300 for sale s/h £625 cased but with no shims or spacers in very good condition. Is this a good price, how much would a spacer shim kit cost. Any info would be appreciated thanks
  8. Looking for a pump for a knock around pigeons duck geese etc. Pump only because of the price don't want to spend much. got a semi in 20g want a 12g for duck geese mainly. Was looking at winchester sxp,mossberg 500 any recommendations or any other makes reasons why would be helpful thanks
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