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  1. Good to see u out again Al and yes some good shooting with the 525 as usual lol
  2. Hada agree mith Motty on this 1, he's talking sense, unfortunately the pigeon numbers aren't to the same scale in northern Ireland as they are over with u guys but 1 farmer was on fone crying out for help during the week cause they were on his wheat field, shot a few last night to keep him happy but I'll be out all day Saturday to get as many as possible, we shot just over 💯 last Saturday in a neighbouring field as well so yes they need controlled
  3. Yes mate I have saved it already, good to finally meet u, a true gent 👍
  4. Hi Al, I have an improved cylinder, modified and full all new inventor plus flush chokes here, got them with my sxp but been using the kicks choke since I got it. Regards Tony
  5. Agreed cookoff they were pants, it was very frustrating watching the pattern surround the bird for it to fly off but today's steel is a lot better and kills well at appropriate range, those feral pigeon I shoot r soft and easy to kill, I only shoot 32gram 3 at ducks 36gram 1 if their decoying
  6. There really is some rubbish talked about steel shot on this forum, if its banned it will be nothing to do with some people shooting it for their own needs r reasons, I shoot feral pigeons with gb competition steel regularly because its all I'm allowed to use because its near animal feed in a big mill, we shoot 2 / 3 thousand birds between 6 r 8 guns regularly and the birds r 50 yards high after the first 20 minutes of shooting, not allowed to film it r I would post it up, yes u hada hit the front half of the bird but that's as technical as it gets,sorry for the rant just hada get it off my chest lol
  7. Just read in the basc magazine that pochard r now on the red list and will be protected from December this year, any1 else hear anything about this and is it true, I shoot lough neagh and shoot pochard most weeks so it will be a big lose, hopefully only a temporary measure
  8. I regularly shoot feral pigeons with gb 28 gram 7 competition steel at decent ranges with a kicks hyflier full choke, 50 yards will kill em no problem, woodies 45 yards, what brand of shell r u using and choke, I have to agree with Kraai steel kills fine when u get used to it, I shoot ducks out to 50 yards with gamebore 32 gram 3s but u hada be on the front half of the bird for a clean kill
  9. Yes Gerry that is a bit steep £200 in 1 club and £100 in the other both have 6 members
  10. Y don't u buy a sheet of mylar of ebay and cut ur own reed, costs a couple of quid and ull get plenty out of it till u get the right sound
  11. Havnt seen many on the east side of the lough where I shoot either Gerry saying that there's not a lot of ducks at all where I am atm I'm hoping the next full moon brings a good few divers on to the lough
  12. Not over on my side either although I got 4 on Saturday but I was out from dawn til 1 O clock to get them, haven't seen any big numbers of any species but I have noticed a lot more guns on the lough this year, I'm hoping they all shoot pheasents and ****** off in a few weeks time
  13. Good luck to all out who r out this morning, this is my 31st 1st of September on lough neagh, hope u all have a great safe morning. Tony
  14. As mudpatten says u hada practice alot before you can call them in, ducklander videos on YouTube really do a good explanation of how to get a proper sound out of a call, but it will take a while
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