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  1. Hi, sorry if this has been asked before. I have had my s410 for a couple of years now, from new. Standard stock. I tend to cart it about with NV for rabbits and rats and use a primos trigger stick. I like to think I am reasonably fit, however, after a while I get tired arms as the rifle is pretty heavy with a scope NV etc. Compared to my other rifles even without anything on top it is pretty heavy. Any ideas for a lighter stock? Plastic maybe? I don't need any wizzy stock adjusters etc. Cheers.
  2. Well today my card company gave me my money back which is a result. I would have preferred the torch as they are great bits of kit! I am now on the hunt for a good quality IR torch! Again. Thanks for your help/comments.
  3. My price was just for the torch, no extra bits. Apparently there was a hold up in production. I was patient then chased. Very polite on the phone but they are just ignoring me! They have £149.99 of my money in their bank since September. My card company are now onto it. Very very poor. I have seen their torches. They look great. Just can't get one! Think twice before ordering anything online from this company.
  4. Cheers. Good idea Walshie. Leaves a bad taste.......now where is that receipt...?
  5. Hi, Has anyone else had trouble getting any sort of answer from Starlight NV? I ordered a Dragonfly IR torch and payed £149.99 via their website September 12th 2019! After numerous phone calls empty promises, emails, answerphone messages I have had enough! I have been very patient and totally ignored. I feel as though this is a scam! Can anyone help me please.
  6. I would cull them. Stick 'em in the freezer and get wild ducks to come into hand feed/auto feeder. Never have problems with ducks not flying. Ducks not turning up when guns are out is another problem! But it's not a Zoo! Good luck.
  7. Just a thought....has your rifle got a bipod with free floating barrel and synthetic stock? The extra weight may be flexing everything causing unexpected results. If it's a wooden stock it should be fine. I would strip everything off back to basics then pop it on sand bags or stand and zero. Make a note of the results, then pop NV back on and try again. Good luck.
  8. I have been using a couple of the following this year to good effect. Cut and paste the following into E-Bay : NEW Automatic Feeder 6v or 12v Battery Bird Pheasant Duck Chicken Game You may need a car size battery if your splash is not easy to get to. Great value for money and saves hand feeding. You can set the controller for as many times as you like and duration of spin. I set mine to 10 secs, sunup/sundown.
  9. Thanks for your replies. The pen is plenty large enough, good quality feed and water etc. All the same as the last couple of years. Didn't notice bloody vents today, no dead birds. All looking good. I will stay vigilant as ever. Most are out now and returning nicely to roost. Still on grower. Will start the switch in a week or so. Thanks again.
  10. When feeding today i noticed a few red backsides. Very small percentage of birds. Not hen pecking on back, more around the vent area. Apart from that everything healthy and running around as expected, faeces normal, appetite normal. We have had a lot of rain lately. Is this anything to worry about? Thanks.
  11. Hi Pete, We have a few out on the shoot that are at various positions. I would consider the following for starters: Not in a frost pocket. Not in an area where there is a constant wind. Make sure you have sufficient side panels in your pens for shelter from wind rain snow and sun! Including shelter from a direct downpour as rain + wind = dead birds. Electric fence is a must imo. Think about where you want to drive the birds from/to as the birds will consider the release area to be a rough home base if there is food and water/shelter. We release ours in small groups of about 10 at a time
  12. We have a remote pond. What do you use? Cheers.
  13. +1 Davyo, any water in the hopper and you are *bleeped*. Squirrels have a habit of destroying our lids. Nothing that a .22 can't deal with!
  14. Holes. Google Wright feeders. There is a previous post regarding these feeders, type "Bean can feeder" into the search bar. £43 for 10 I believe. Easy job to fit too. Good luck.
  15. So are you hitting the rats and squirrels on the feeders with NV or trapping?
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