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  1. Hi Westley, yeah I did but, I already have a hushpower slip on moderator. Cheers
  2. Thanks UstraStu, I take it you have a hushpower mod? Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I have a hushpower moderator already. It's the slip in type. I want to try it on a semi auto, can anyone suggest a semi that it would work well on please? I have a Baikal mp153 and and armsan a612 but, before I cut the rib back l, I'd like to know it's going to work! Alternatively, can anyone suggest something else instead? Thanks
  4. Mud

    Benelli SBE3 26"

    Found this, 28" though? https://www.cfsporting.co.uk/products/8227-benelli-black-eagle Cheers
  5. Have you got a pick of the XXL please? Thanks
  6. Thanks Mr Downforce, I’ll try the phone option. I expect your correct and that the tube might be more than the gun! What’s the barrel please Mr Basher? Thanks
  7. Hi everyone. I need to buy a section 2 magazine tube for a Browning BPS, can anyone suggest where I can find one please? I've had no answer from Browning UK and Brownells don't seem to list it? Any suggestions would be gratefully received! Thanks
  8. Hi, is it steel proofed please? Thanks
  9. Cheers, I'll try and find it. Thanks. I was looking at them but, I wondered if there might be something better available secondhand? Cheers
  10. Has anyone got anything they are willing to part with please? I’m near Reading but, happy to organise a courier. I am looking to start reloading 410 and 12 bore. Any pointers would also be much appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone, I've never tried reloading before so I'm totally new to it. I shoot 12 & 410 and I'm keen to reload some subsonics for both.as I have both with moderators. Before I jump in and make a mistake, has anyone got any advice when starting out please? I am looking at a Lee loadall for the 12 but, the 410 looks a bit more difficult. I'd be delighted to buy something used as long as it's working so I can give it a go. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. I'll have it if you get let down. Thanks
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