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  1. Cheers, I'll try and find it. Thanks. I was looking at them but, I wondered if there might be something better available secondhand? Cheers
  2. Has anyone got anything they are willing to part with please? I’m near Reading but, happy to organise a courier. I am looking to start reloading 410 and 12 bore. Any pointers would also be much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, I've never tried reloading before so I'm totally new to it. I shoot 12 & 410 and I'm keen to reload some subsonics for both.as I have both with moderators. Before I jump in and make a mistake, has anyone got any advice when starting out please? I am looking at a Lee loadall for the 12 but, the 410 looks a bit more difficult. I'd be delighted to buy something used as long as it's working so I can give it a go. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. I'll have it if you get let down. Thanks
  5. Hi Snow, so what would I need to buy to get these up and running as a 12 and a 20 and do they reload 3 inch mag please? Thanks
  6. Apologies Gents, so I’ll say £100 each or a deal / offer? Thanks
  7. I’ve got 2 decent size cabinets for sale. All measurements are in centimetres and are approximate. These are for collection from Oxfordshire RG8 which is about 9 miles North of Reading. Both have marks and a bit of standard issue surface corrosion but, they are perfectly useable. Hopefully these will make someone happy for Christmas. The first is 137 tall, 61.5 wide and 31 deep. It’s got 4 gun slots, a large lockable ammo storage box with a couple of moveable shelves. Some shelves underneath and some hanging hooks on the door. It’s got 2 locks and 3 sets of keys for everything. You could easily remove the ammo box, a few spot welds, and put 10 guns at least in it. The second is 153 and a shade tall, 43 wide and 27 deep. It has 2 locks and 7 gun slots with a top shelf. One set of keys with this one. As for prices, make me a decent offer? I’m always happy to do a deal and part ex some shooting gear, cartridges, shotgun reloading stuff, something interesting etc. Try me, I don’t bite! I’ve been asked to state a price as per forum rules so I say £100 each to comply with the forum rules. Thanks!
  8. Where are you Mr Logstove please? Thanks
  9. Have you got any pictures please? Thanks
  10. Hi, have you fixed it yet? I'm looking for a pump. Thanks
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