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  1. The head of the Metropolitan Police was asked, on Radio4 this morning, whether BJ's much-publicised cycle ride complied with the law, and she was unable to answer the question.
  2. What??? You cannot be serious. Herbicides and insecticides have to be sprayed using droplets large enough to minimise drift. Any susceptible crops or insects downwind can be devasted if the pressure is too high, as may occasionally happen by accident. All this sort of thing is covered in the compulsory sprayer operators' training, testing and certification schemes, which have been in operation since the 1980s, and the tractor driver on your liocal farm will almost certainly hold PA1 and PA6 tickets. Maybe you are thinking of mist blowers for fumigation inside buildings, rather t
  3. Think of pesticide spray drift - small water droplets can in fact travel a very long way.
  4. Which is more likely to spread the virus: A. Driving alone in a car and then walking in a remote rural location? B. Walking around an inner-city area?
  5. It is not uncommon for period dramas to show fields with tramlines and weed-free cereal crops.
  6. For some reason the EU and its admirers always make me think of the Roman empire. Maybe it is because of that little speech in the 1960 film "Spartacus": “There is only one way to deal with Rome ………….. You must serve her. You must abase yourself before her. You must grovel at her feet. You must love her.”
  7. McSpredder


    BEWARE. “Unformat” software is readily available. EaseUS is the only one I have used. It is quick to download, and even the freeware version will allow quite a lot of data to be recovered from a newly formatted disk.
  8. True, but older vehicles can be driven off-road in the evenings without alerting the whole neighbourhood. Useful for honest citizens, as well as for poachers.
  9. Ordered binoculars online from Uttings at 4pm on Saturday (19 Dec), not really expecting to expecting to get them until the New Year, and DPD delivered them here in the north of Northumberland at 11am this morning (21 Dec). Pretty fast response at any time, and especially so for the weekend before Christmas. Very favourably impressed.
  10. The Renegade design seems to be more Fiat than Jeep, being a sort of grown-up version of the Panda 4x4 (which has itself been pretty capable, considering that it is nothing more than a small hatchback wth raised suspension and 4wd). Oddly enough, the Panda 4x4 is normally supplied with winter tyres as standard.
  11. Environment Agency. Wasn't that the same outfit that tried to prevent people from clearing the blocked watercourse at Glenridding a couple of years ago? Obviously couldn't give a **** about local humans anywhere.
  12. .Llewelyn and Gelert? Surely all that happened quite a long time ago, before the .308 came on the maket.
  13. Email arrived today, would this be a cloning scam? The curious phrase "...to stop stoppage..." and mis-spelling "sincereley" suggest it may not have originated from UK. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: *bt_please respond Subject: You must update your profile – Case 18539618 Pending Account Closure Hello customer, We have not been able to validate the details we have for you, and until these details are amended, your service is set for suspension. To stop stoppage of your service, you must amend your p
  14. Barrels in the photo from nobbyathome were once proved as 13-bore, and later as 0.740" diam, so the bores have been enlarged quite a bit (ie: the wall thickness must have been reduced). That is not necessarily cause for concern, because they passed proof at 0.740" diam, but it would be wise to have them measured and inspected by a competent gunsmith.
  15. Re-proofed sometime after 1954, I think. Have a look at this: http://www.gunproof.com/Proof_Memoranda/RULESOFP.PDF
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