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  1. Barrels in the photo from nobbyathome were once proved as 13-bore, and later as 0.740" diam, so the bores have been enlarged quite a bit (ie: the wall thickness must have been reduced). That is not necessarily cause for concern, because they passed proof at 0.740" diam, but it would be wise to have them measured and inspected by a competent gunsmith.
  2. Re-proofed sometime after 1954, I think. Have a look at this: http://www.gunproof.com/Proof_Memoranda/RULESOFP.PDF
  3. I was told last week of a couple being stopped from travelling in the other direction. They were heading for Berwick to buy groceries, and were instructed to turn around and do their shopping in Kelso in future.
  4. They might not want people to enjoy shooting, but Mark Avery supports the killing of animals for pleasure – provided it is for his own personal pleasure. He freely admits that his excessive consumption of meat and fish is bad for his health and bad for the environment. Those creatures are not being killed for nutritional reasons, but to satisfy his own gluttony. You can read all about it on his website: https://markavery.info/2015/09/29/hate-vegans/ If Avery ever pretended to disapprove of killing for pleasure, or to have overwhelming concern for the environment, it would
  5. I suspect the trail-cam might be creating some sort of “two-channel” output, combining the video on one channel and the time/date/temp banner (probably just a single image) on a second channel. However, that is just guesswork, so I may be barking up the wrong tree.
  6. When viewed on PC, the videos from my Bushnell Trophy Cam model 119636C have a banner at the bottom that displays date, time and ambient temperature. However, if I edit a video to cut out unwanted footage, or join two videos together, the date/time/temp banner disappears. This occurs with both of the editing programs I have been using: Freemake Video Converter and VirtualDub. Is there a simply way to retain the date/time/temp display after editing?
  7. We find the Panda 4x4 is OK for 3 adults, with the front passenger seat fairly well forward. I am only 5'9", but I need the driving seat a long way back, leaving very litle leg room behind me. That might be a problem for the OP, who wants to carry 4 adults. Narrow body is handy for parking, but won't take my shotgun sideways across the boot. Our other car is a Duster 4x4, 67reg, trouble-free to date, 30k miles. Suits us very well. We just need cheap, practical transport for rough roads, with good ground clearance, small wheels and fat tyres, and don't care about being fashionab
  8. Fairly big item, comparing it to the bricks and the stool (and assuming the stool is intended for a backside of normal dimensioons). The size and the 1000rpm shaft suggest it is transmiting a lot of power, pehaps for something like a rotavator.
  9. That would seem a sensible course of action, best sending the note anonymously via Royal Mail to avoid personal confrontation. Any report to the authorities would go down in statistics as another "firearms incident". A police car (possibly even an armed response vehicle) might be sent to the man's house, or a distorted account might appear in the press or on local TV, all unwelcome publicity for the rest of us.
  10. McSpredder


    Is the problem caused by the dentists, or by the NHS administrators? I have been told that dentists would happily undertake non-emergency work as normal, but at present the NHS is refusing to pay them for anything other than serious emergency treatment. Can anybody confirm this?
  11. Many thanks, Gunman. Fascinating information for those of us who, though never directly involved in gunmaking or gunsmithing, have followed careers in other branches of engineering. It is easy for an outsider to look at something designed long ago and say “That seems crazy, why on earth did they choose to make it that way?”, but there was almost certainly a good reason at the time. And with regard to modern manufacture, most of us have on some occasion said “If I ever meet the person who designed that…...…”
  12. Yes please, another vote for some information about the W&S 700 (and apologies for diverging from the AYA topic). I always make a point of reading advice posted here by the UK professional gunsmiths, which contrasts with a more brutal approach described on certain websites from other parts of the world (eg, action tightening by the big hammer technique or the shim + superglue method). I’d be very interested to learn more about the non-replaceable hinge pin, having once been advised not to buy any 700 series gun that shows even the slightest sign of looseness, because re-jointing co
  13. Some home insurance policies are invalid unless the chimney is professionally swept at least once per year.
  14. The Barbour “Border” jacket that I bought 35 years ago is still in reasonable condition (if slightly tatty-looking). The Barbour wax gilet bought a few years later (forget the model name) started to disintegrate after just a couple of years, and I think the material must have been quite a bit thinner. With the good old wax jacket you can work in heavy rain all morning, shake off the drops from the outside, hang it in a warm place for half an hour while you have lunch, and it is ready to wear again. Modern multi-layer jackets have many advantages, but the ones I have tried take ages to
  15. Don't know about Musto, but I have found DuckDri gilets much more durable than Barbour, and a lot cheaper. Hoggs clothing is usually good.
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