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  1. Yes, I had a couple of Heralds and really liked them, but they didn't turn quite as tightly as the Bond 3-wheeler that I drove for a while in the mid-1960s. Single front wheel drive, Villiers 197cc mounted on an arm that rotated a full 90 degrees either way, so you could park in a space just a few inches longer than the car. Reverse obtained by running the 2-stroke engine backwards, via the SIBA Dynastart. If the battery was flat you could open the bonnet, stand on one leg, put the other leg into the engine bay, and thus operate the kick-start. Not a very effective tart-trap (expression coined by Motor Sport editor Bill Boddy in connection with some low-slung sports car, maybe a Marcos, that pulled the birds and was hard to get out of).
  2. Girl who used to run a cattery near West Linton drove a 4x4 with spare wheel cover saying "Support your local cat house".
  3. Rover 16 (late 1940s model). Nominal 16 horsepower, and only about 16 mpg . Very soon traded it in for an LE Velo, which did 80mpg. I covered a lot of miles on that bike, but it was tricky at night because the headlamp (6v Miller electrics) seemed to produce only about one candle power. And the hand-change transmission (with a lever working in a "gate" on the RH side of the tank) meant you had to take one hand off the bars when changing gear, which could be a disadvantage on icy roads.
  4. Email from some providers does seem to be horribly inefficient. I use two email addresses, one BT and the other Tiscali. When I check for incoming emails on the BT address, it is always slow to respond, and on about 25% of occasions it fails to connect (timed out). Usually it will work on the second or third attempt, but occasionally I have to give up and try again after an hour or two. By contrast, the Tiscali email always responds instantly. The same PC and hardware (BT line, BT broadband and BT router) are used for both addresses, so I can only assume BT’s central mail server is simply not up to the job. Or is there some other explanation?
  5. 2CVs were amazingly capable on the southern fringes of the Sahara, in their heyday in the 1970s. The French certainly knew how to design small cars for rough roads. Ditchman might perhaps remember seeing the nuns in the remote areas of Uganda with their Roho (Renault 4) models. Those ladies didn't stop at anything (driving-wise).
  6. Sorry I won’t be able to make it for the Seals Cove event, which should be really good fun. I had intended to make a long weekend of it, stopping off in Forfar for a bridie, visiting old haunts such Lunan Bay and Dunottar, maybe even a jaunt northwards to my one-time home to hear the Doric and take another look at the Turra Coo sculpture, then back down along the scenic route via Glenshee. Unfortunately, not possible this time.
  7. Sexist advertising in 1916. But I prefer the "Somewhere west of Laramie" advert from a few years later, famous because it gave no technical information at all about the car being advertised, and simply conjured up an image of the "broncho-busting, steer-roping girl" girl who might buy one.
  8. If you are using it for 2-3 hours in a single session, you probably do need a petrol strimmer, but if it is half an hour each week you could consider a rechargeable machine (cheap to buy, no fiddling around with 2-stroke engines). Decision would depend partly on whether you already have other rechargeable power tools using the same battery.
  9. Yes, HMRC will give a refund provided you sell your previous main residence within 3 years of buying the new one, but you must put in the claim within 3 months of selling the old house, and you need to supply the Unique Transaction Reference Number (UTRN) for purchase of the new house. Our solicitor gave us the UTRN (free of charge), we applied online, and the cheque from HMRC arrived about a fortnight later. I read somewhere that quite a number of people have been missed the 3 month window for refund claim (either unaware of the deadline, or else unable to find the UTRN) and been unable to get any money back.
  10. Figures from the Office for National Statistics indicate that the UK population is NOT declining. 1975 56.2 million 1985 56.5 million 1995 58.0 million 2005 60.4 million 2015 65.1 million 2025 69.4 million (projected) 2035 73.0 million (projected) 2045 76.0 million (projected) https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/populationandmigration/populationestimates/articles/overviewoftheukpopulation/mar2017
  11. Welcome to PW. Many years have passed since I last visited St Neots, but I knew it well at one time, having been born near Stonely. Back in the 1960s there as a chap (Jervis R Wardley, if I remember rightly) who kept a pub in Brook Street and also did gunsmithing. The pub had a window where there would always be a few guns on display, and the last time I visited his workshop (accompanying my father, who was having repairs done to a rather complex ejector mechanism on a Hinton S/S), the man showed me a muzzle loading pistol that he had made from scratch. How times have changed.
  12. Anybody used Fawcetts lately? I used to drop in occasionally when they were located in the middle of Lancaster, but have never been to their new place.
  13. I remember that dispute, but have forgotten the name of the person whose response was "If the French don't want our lamb, we don't want their letters".
  14. If every police force can read these chips, there is a fair chance that any serious criminal gang will soon acquire a suitable scanner, enabling them to locate and remove the chips from stolen guns. Just as thieves can remove the chip from a stolen dog.
  15. Reminds me of that TV series "A very peculiar practice", broadcast a few years ago, in which the senior partner always used the expression "the ****-ant swamp" to describe the money-grubbing, self-serving bureaucracy of the fictional university in which he was based. Edit: I see that PW has inserted asterisks to replace the common word for urine.
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