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  1. McSpredder

    Went ahead and done it.

    Me too, but I could not find a petrol model with the right spec available from stock (I prefer to see what I am buying, and dislike those waiting lists where delivery date is unknown, and the specification can be changed at the whim of the manufacturer). Websites suggests the 1.6 petrol engine is reliable but thirsty, while quite a lot of problems have been reported with the newer 1.2TCE petrol engines (in Nissan and Renault vehicles, as well as Dacia).
  2. McSpredder

    Went ahead and done it.

    Bought a 67-reg Duster 4x4 last month, not yet certain of fuel consumption because I have driven it less than 1000 miles, but the computer says overall 51.5mpg during my ownership (fairly gentle use, mainly on rural roads). For comparison, similar driving has given me long-term consumption of 55mpg in Panda 4x4 and 38mpg in Grand Vitara (both diesels).
  3. McSpredder

    Educational DVDs

    Tour de Yorkshire? Imagine yourself keeping pace with them as they pedal up Tan Hill.
  4. McSpredder


    ..…and at the station, people crowded onto a platform, vertical drop (sometimes with a 750 volt “third rail” at the bottom), no guard fence of any kind, fast-moving machinery passing only a few inches away …. Could you get away with that in a factory, or any other sort of business premises?
  5. McSpredder


    Maybe worth contacting one of the organisations that offer advice on clay lump buildings, eg: https://www.breckland.gov.uk/media/2046/Clay-Lump-Advice-Leaflet/pdf/claylump.pdf http://www.eartha.org.uk/Clay%20Lump%20Construction.pdf
  6. McSpredder

    Wage packets

    Last time I got wages in a brown envelope they were calculated and paid to the last halfpenny (pre-decimal, the sort with a ship on them). Earlier, in geometry lessons at school, we found that a penny and a halfpenny came in useful when we needed to draw two circles of different sizes, and the halfpenny was a handy measuring aid, being almost exactly one inch in diameter. On a dairy farm in 1964, we used to put in at least an hour and a half per day more than the official working time, and around the third week of December my workmate asked whether it wouldn't be fair to pay us some overtime. The farmer thought about it for a few moments, and then said "No". The said workmate was somewhat disgruntled when the next payday happened to fall on Christmas Day, and we were still paid down to the last halfpenny. I didn't complain because we were pre-college students, and supposedly there to gain dairying experience, although the thing I learned most about on that place was shovelling and distributing bovine excrement (hence the username).
  7. McSpredder

    Need a new truck

    Presumably the front end remained attached to the back end during your ownership?
  8. McSpredder

    Midland gun history

    Original proof prior to 1954, specifying the maximum shot load (1-1/2 oz) and using the old style description of bore diameter (13/1). Reproof 1954-1989, specifying maximum pressure (4 tons per square inch) and bore diameter 0.728". Nice engraving and side clips, so I guess it must have been one their better quality guns. I am quite envious.
  9. McSpredder

    Midland gun history

    A web search for proof date codes would tell you quite a lot, and you could start with these two sites: http://www.hallowellco.com/proof_date_codes.htm http://www.gunproof.com/Proof_Memoranda/RULESOFP.PDF I think you will find it was made prior to 1954, and re-proofed some time after 1954. Take a close look at the letters and numbers associated with the crossed swords, below rear end of the left barrel.
  10. McSpredder

    Drones over Gatwick

    Presumably a high priority in that “very thorough questioning” would be to check any claimed alibi, so that the hunt for the real perpetrators could be resumed without delay if the arrested person was actually at work at the time of the alleged offence. I don’t recall reading that any other suspect had been arrested, or even questioned, during that 30 hour period. Did I miss something?
  11. McSpredder

    Drones over Gatwick

    On what basis can anybody, other than the couple’s own doctors, make statements about what medical care they may or may not be receiving? Any suggestion that they are attention-seekers would seem to be directly contradicted by their own words: "We would ask that the press please respect our privacy and leave us to try and get through Christmas as best we can." ( https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-46675612n )
  12. McSpredder

    Drones over Gatwick

    If Lord Adenoids does indeed know that ”What’s happening at Gatwick is just a foretaste of what would be happening across all ports and airports in the event of the no deal Brexit”, he obviously has prior information about criminal activities being planned by the drone operators. Is he likely to do his duty and hand over that information immediately to the police? His Lordship’s contribution was apparently circulated via social media, and I think we all know the four-letter past participle of the verb “to twitter”.
  13. McSpredder

    Snap Cap Tension

    Folk who have replied saying don't bother with snap caps are probably implying (quite correctly, in my opinion) that there is no need to release the spring tension when simply putting the gun away until the next outing. However, some people recommend that you regularly practise at home, mounting and swinging a shotgun on an imaginary target. If you want to make that feel more realistic by actually pulling the trigger, it would certainly be sensible to use case snap caps. Maybe one of the professional gunsmiths will comment on what damage, if any, can result from dry firing without snap caps (which perhaps depends on the gun's design?).
  14. McSpredder

    sgc information

    I never heard the word database before the advent of computers, but it is certainly possible to store and retrieve quite complex data without any electronics. Half a century ago I kept information on Copeland-Chatterson edge-notched cards that could be sorted according to several criteria at once, using nothing more than a few knitting needles. The word database is not listed in our old 1977 Concise Oxford Dictionary, and the 1996 edition defines it as "a structured set of data held in a computer". However, legislators never have seen things the same way as ordinary mortals, as Dickens noted 180 years ago - "If the law supposes that," said Mr. Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically in both hands, "the law is a *** — a idiot." Edit: I typed the Dickens quote verbatim, but political correctness has apparently compelled the PW forum to substitute *** in place of the old word for donkey. What is the world coming to?
  15. McSpredder

    sgc information

    The Copyright and Rights in Databases Regulations 1997 …. “database” means a collection of independent works, data or other materials which— (a) are arranged in a systematic or methodical way, and (b) are individually accessible by electronic or other means. The term "database" does not imply a particular type of software, nor does it even have to involve a computer (note the phrase "...electronic or other means"). If the OP’s certificate information was being hand written onto an old-fashioned card index, it would still be in a database. Presumably the cartridge sellers have some means for retrieving the information at will (whether it be to satisfy a possible police enquiry or just for their own marketing/management purposes), in which case they are holding it on a database. I would imagine this means they are obliged to comply with GDPR, but maybe somebody else can comment further.