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  1. Does anyone have experience of 4-stroke strimmers? Small 2-stroke engines are not always keen to start after being stored for several months, and battery life with cordless strimmer (using two 5Ah batteries) is not long enough for my requirements. Honda and Stihl appear to be out of my price league, just wondering about something like the Hyundai HY4BC31 (£180) or Makita EM2654LH (£280). Electric power tools from Makita are usually pretty good, but I know nothing about their engine-powered stuff.
  2. Come on folks, own up, how many of you have the proverbial hunting tattoo, hounds in pursuit and the fox disappearing into a hole with only its brush remaining visible?
  3. There was more than a grain of truth in their advertising slogan from many decades ago: "Sooner or later, you'll buy a Hayter"
  4. There is nothing wrong with lobbying, but claiming credit afterwards may be unwise. The statement that “… after substantial work by BASC and other organisations with government ministers and pro-shooting MPs, shooting has been included in the activities that are exempt from the rule of six” concentrates on the political lobbying and provides no background information. It was inevitably going to be interpreted in some quarters as “Toffs lobby their friends in high places and the Tory government allows game shooting to continue, while the lives of ordinary people remain severely restricte
  5. To our organisations (in relation to the previous 10 posts in this thread): Please do keep stressing that people outdoors and widely spaced are extremely unlikely to either transmit or be infected by coronavirus. Please don't brag about use of political lobbying to influence government decisions - it goes down badly with the non-shooting public.
  6. McSpredder

    Forum change

    The new style forum looked a horrible mess on my desktop PC when using the near-obsolete Internet Explorer 11 browser, but seems to work fine with Firefox.
  7. Good to see shooting organisations well represented in this new partnership. It will be interesting to watch how things progress. https://www.sruc.ac.uk/news/article/2714/new_pledge_to_share_wildlife_management "The following organisations have signed up to the Shared Approach to Wildlife Management: Association of Deer Management Groups; British Association for Shooting and Conservation; British Deer Society; Cairngorms National Park Authority; Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust; National Farmers Union Scotland; National Trust for Scotland; NatureScot; Royal Society for the Prot
  8. It makes you wonder why Corporal Jones still needed to use cold steel, which the enemy did not like.
  9. Didn't have much money to spend on blades like that during student days (mid 1960s), so I often used the cut-throat from my dissection kit. I found shaving was actually a lot easier than cutting thin sections of plant material for microscope slides.
  10. Panda 4x4 is supplied with 175/65-R15 tyres and a 125/80-R15 space-saver spare, which has 5% smaller rolling radius. Manufacturer obviously thinks that is OK, and we have run 50 miles or more on the space-saver a few times after punctures without experiencing any problems. One of the big tyre suppliers (think it was either Costco or Kwik****, but not certain) told me they were not allowed to replace tyres on any 4wd vehicle except as a complete set of four. I took my custom elsewhere.
  11. Watched some of it on BBC TV, presenter Joanna Lumley. Ex-servicemen, who must all have been mid-90s at least, never fluffed their words, no "ums" and "ers", spoke more fluently than some of the highly paid professionals who appear regularly on our screens.
  12. Chambers website shows trigger for SMK SYNTARG, might that be a target version of the same thing? Picture looks very similar to the one in jantar's photo https://www.gunspares.co.uk/products/25051/Syntarg/
  13. On the contrary, I suspect a great many do take it seriously. Circulation of The Sun is about 1.5 million per day, and folk wouldn’t buy it if they considered the content was rubbish. For that reason, I was very pleased to see some response from shooting organisations. Unfortunately, your first link gave no facts to counter what McCubbin and Liddle had been saying. The second link only told me that there were adverts in certain newspapers, but not the ones on sale in this locality. Many folk don’t have time to click on every link. Better to give every viewer a few facts in
  14. It is good to see that our organisations responding to misleading press articles, but why are no facts are being presented to counter the mis-information. Surely this is an opportunity to reiterate the truth. Without it, we have nothing more than a BASC rant against McCubbin and Liddle. It is all very well writing that "...followers who ‘liked’ her post will care little for the counter-arguments, no matter how well evidenced", but a non-shooter who knows nothing about those counter-arguments may just think "Well, BASC would say that, wouldn't they?"
  15. Might this be because a .308 or similar rifle is not a suitable tool for most crimes, rather than anything to do with the licensing system? Difficult to conceal for a premeditated close-range murder. Difficult to shorten (bolt action rifles in particular). Far too unwieldy to be used when robbing a shop or a bank (needs something concealable such as a pistol). Not capable of rapid fire for a gangland drive-by shooting (needs something fully-auto such as a Uzi). What sort of crime, other than a “Day of the Jackal”-style long-range assassination, might require a stalking rifle?
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