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  1. Probably time for a new machine. When the drum can no longer be rotated, it might involve serious damage to the drum spindle or to the fixed housing, rather than just knackered bearings. In the past 35 years I have replaced bearings on two low-spec Indesit washing machines, but only when we got fed up with the ever-louder rumbling noise (neither machine ever seized up as Old Boggy has described). Bearings seem to last about 8-10 years at our rate of usage. Parts were not expensive from places like espares.co.uk. The earlier model was a fairly simple job because big removable panels made things quite accessible, but the later machine involved working through a small opening and was far more awkward. I think that is what they call progress. From speaking to neighbours, I get the impression that high-spec washing machines break down more often than basic models, and are far more expensive to repair. When our current machine finally dies we’ll just buy another cheap model.
  2. Perhaps DC, like certain other well known people, is telling "his truth".
  3. This twaddle from UEA brings to mind a little quote from Shakespeare: "It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."
  4. Not experienced that problem with my Bushnell, which is model 119874. Only complaint is that I don't find the menu settings at all intuitive, and need the instructions to hand if changing any of the settings. It might be worth re-formatting the card, because data on them does occasionally get "scrambled". Do the same faults occur if you use a different card?
  5. Sir Robert Mark, Commissioner of the Met in the 1970s, said: "A good police force is one that catches more crooks than it employs"
  6. I have just checked my own AYA No3, and it definitely shows those same figures (76mm, 1200 kg/cm2). Serial number is 570xxx, so it may be quite a bit younger than K.K.B's gun - mine is from the period 1978-1983, according to this website: https://dorkythorpy.blogspot.com/2015/03/how-old-dating-finding-out-age-of-aya.html
  7. "low density" and "potential to support far more" suggest to me that perhaps poaching is NOT under control. Also, I wonder whether zoo elephants might have lost any natural suspicion of humans, and be particularly vulnerable to poaching. In other words, somebody hopes that the millions poured into this project can be used to justify spending a lot more money on similar exercises in future. Please forgive my scepticism, but I suspect the main beneficiaries might be the "conservation professionals" rather than the elephants.
  8. How long would zoo-bred elephants from Kent survive when let loose in Kenya among the predators and poachers? Flying large animals around the world is not exactly carbon-neutral. It might be better for the environment if Mrs Johnson's favourite charity arranged for the Kentish elephants to be converted into dog meat, and a wodge of cash sent to help the local conservationists in Kenya. But maybe the project has more to do with virtue-signalling than conservation?
  9. Come friendly bombs ......
  10. Please let us know the result. Does it really work, or was somebody pulling my leg? Might have been the same person who mentioned launching "clays" moulded from hard rubber -- the idea being that some expert marksmen would be disconcerted when the targets never seemed to break.
  11. Use a one-inch brush to run a line of white paint down a stack of clays, makes them highly visible in poor light or on a foggy day. A chap told me that about 30 years ago, sounded like a good idea, but I have never seen it for myself.
  12. Perhaps some of our policital masters have been studying the infamous 1631 bible (often referred to as the Wicked Bible), in which the word "greatness" was printed as "great-asse" and the seventh commandment was printed as "Thou shalt commit adultery".
  13. Large draught force, but apparently very little wheel slip, and negligible sinkage. I'd be interested to know about the ground conditions, and also the furrow width and depth. The biggest plough I ever saw working in UK was 12-furrow, pulled by a 500hp tracklayer. It did, of course, travel faster than the old Case steamer and produced less smoke, but one must wonder exactly what progress has been made in the past hundred years or so.
  14. ...... unless components have been replaced, or worn through normal use, or deliberately modified. How long would it take to alter the profile of the striker and ejector, by use of a file? Ten seconds, maybe? How long would it take to remove any tell-tale marks from the chamber walls by twirling emery cloth in the chuck of an electric drill? Perhaps the supporters of this scheme have assumed that criminals possess neither intelligence nor technical skills.
  15. "You may strut, dapper George (Boris), but 'twill all be in vain; We know 'tis Queen Caroline, not you, that reign." That satirical rhyme is from the days of King George II. He kept a succession of mistreses, but was married to a very clever woman (Caroline of Ansbach) whose used her powerful political friendships to manipulate government policy. Does history repeat itself?
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