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  1. McSpredder

    Auction question

    Don't be too hard on the auctioneer -- the poor chap only earns £9.10 because he has to give the other 40 pence to the VAT man. I suppose an auctioneer's costs are pretty much the same for selling a cheap lot as for a very expensive one. That £5 per lot entry fee, on top of all the other charges, is presumably intended to deter folk from entering low-value items; it would certainly deter me.
  2. McSpredder

    Auction question

    At our local auction house the buyer pays hammer price + 20%. The seller is charged commission (20% of hammer price) + VAT (20% of commission) + insurance (1% of hammer price) + entry fee (£5 per lot, whether sold or unsold). Result: Hammer price £10, buyer pays £12, seller gets £2.50 (21% of what buyer pays) Hammer price £100, buyer pays £120, seller gets £70 (58% of what buyer pays) Hammer price £1000, buyer pays £1200, seller gets £745 (62% of what buyer pays)
  3. McSpredder


    At the ground where I usually shoot the sequence is: A / B on report C / D+E sim B / C on report D / E+A sim C / D on report E / A+B sim D / E on report A / B+C sim E / A on report B / C+D sim
  4. McSpredder

    Any thoughts?

    Why stop at double barrelled? Folk not far from you (Muncaster) seem to manage OK with triple barrelled surname. I wonder how they manage to fill in those official forms that ask you to write your full name in a tiny box.
  5. McSpredder

    BREXIT - merged threads

    The clawed junkie is intoxicated by its own sense of self-importance....... .......while Theresa "May-or-May-not" flounders around, with Philip and the Carney-vore confidently predicting doom in a manner reminiscent of HMS Pinafore: "It is one of the happiest characteristics of this glorious country that official utterances are invariably regarded as unanswerable." One must hope HMG is not taking advice from the sort of financial "experts" who devised Collateralised Debt Obligations that severely damaged the banking system, or the PPI schemes that were apparently intended to defraud the banks' customers.
  6. McSpredder

    Domestic Vacuum recommendations

    I read somewhere that fine dust (the sort you get when rubbing down with sandpaper) can wreck a cyclone type vacuum cleaner. Apparently the cyclones are excellent if your main interest is in picking up a piece of fluff, but fail to separate out very small particles, which pass through and clog the fan and motor, therefore a bagged machine is preferable for fine dust. Fact or fiction?
  7. McSpredder

    Payne Galway

    Maybe buy a brush intended for the next gauge up? I have a very old cheap twisted phosphor bronze brush that is too worn to do much good in a 12g, but it fits tightly in my 20g and very quickly shifts any deposits.
  8. McSpredder

    Potential move to norfolk, good or bad idea?

    There are some beautiful looking broads, people who spend their holidays in and around Cromer often go home having caught crabs, and the name of the county town is a salacious acronym. Norfolk is in truth a delightful place, especially for anybody interested in shooting and country pursuits, though perhaps not the ideal location if you want to go hill walking.
  9. McSpredder

    Midland game fair

    It’s much the same story with a lot of agricultural shows - expensive to park, expensive to enter, expensive to buy anything once you are in. But one notable exception is LAMMA (agricultural machinery show), where entry and parking are both free. How do they do it? They have large numbers of exhibitors, and the show is very well attended. A high proportion of the folk manning the trade stands wear boiler suits, rather than city-slicker outfits. The event seems to get by without having lots of stewards and assistant directors walking around wearing white coats and bowler hats. Maybe there is something to be learned from LAMMA’s example.
  10. McSpredder

    Duster 2018

    Have any PW members driven the new model Duster in hilly terrain? Brochure for the 2018 model 4x4 suggests a very large gap between 1st and 2nd gears (1st = 3.6mph/1000rpm, 2nd = 9.97mph/1000rpm). If starting off on a long steep hill, you would presumably need at least 5000rpm, maybe more, before you could change up into 2nd. Years ago, in a very low-powered car, I had to drive all the way up Porlock in 1st gear, and it wasn’t much fun.
  11. McSpredder

    Frank Field

    Did that girl teach you how to yodel?
  12. You could try a cheap rubber slip-on pad, with an inch or so of packing inside. Best take the gun when buying, in case the slip-on pad might not grip tightly enough around a junior size stock.
  13. McSpredder

    Hello all

    Thanks for that info. I was familiar with the word, and have often seen references to a book "Musings of an Old Shikari: Reflections of Life and Sport in Jungle India" (but have never read it). I worked on short assignments in the subcontinent (Pakistan & India in the 1970s, Bangladesh in the 1990s), but had no opportunity to do any shooting, nor time to learn any of the languages.
  14. McSpredder

    Hello all

    Welcome to Pigeon Watch, you'll find lots of friendly and helpful advice here. My experience with pigeons has all been in UK, and I have usually shot at them from a hide, but your username reminds me of tales about shooting from a howdah on the back of a heffalump. Does shikar include pursuit of small creatures like pigeons, or does it normally mean hunting tiggers and other big beasts?
  15. McSpredder

    Help, What Glue!

    I stuck a mirror onto a tiled bathroom wall using ordinary silicone mastic, and at first it seemed to have worked brilliantly -- but after a few years the mastic destroyed the silvering (or whatever they use on the backs of mirrors nowadays). For the replacement mirror I have used "Evo-Stik Mirror Adhesive", which is claimed not to damage the backing. Time will tell.