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  1. dont forget to include your repeat shot,,
  2. dabbers

    The War

    i would also add the holocaust to school curriculums ,so that they would never be forgotten,
  3. dabbers

    The War

    if remembrance stops,then denial creeps in ,its happening just now,,we cannot allow world wars or war to happen again,,and for respect for those who died and suffered ,we have to make sure each generation knows what happened,,one day as you say it will pass into history ,but not for some years ,its still fresh ,,
  4. when i practice ,i go to the so called bogey stations ,to me are 3.4.5,,do 50 on these ,then will have a round ,then miss 1 high ,,practice does not help me,, 😥 and i shoot skeet every week,,
  5. geriatric,,, been a while since i heard that,,⚰️⚱️
  6. thats another way of admitting its difficult,, stations 3,4,5 ,especially.
  7. use a side by side if you want,if your mate hasn't shot before and you have ,just make sure of your safety regime on the skeet ground,,and the discipline itself,
  8. skin so soft is rubbish,,
  9. dabbers


    should be called Myherpes
  10. dabbers

    Radio Scanner

    i have a Grecom PSR-295 with a Watson Antennae not to expensive and great for airshows,
  11. i believe the famous Roslin Chapel always welcomed gypsies or as you say travellers over the centuries,,cant see them doing that now after Tom Hanks visited
  12. switched to flogas from calor 3years ago as flogas was 47 quid and calor was 63 ,,big difference ,but the price of ,flogas has been creeping up,, for a 47kg ,,cyl.i pay 55pounds.i think calor is the same at 63 ,i may be wrong,
  13. dabbers

    My Shame

    i am a fan of google earth my fav place is america and manuas in the amazson basin,,you can drive all over the place ..
  14. well when i put on my MRA electronic defenders i can hear very clearly,so woudl think that the hearing aid would have to come out ,unless you can swith the hearing aid of..suppose its all hypothetical till i actually try it,
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