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  1. skin so soft is rubbish,,
  2. dabbers


    should be called Myherpes
  3. dabbers

    Radio Scanner

    i have a Grecom PSR-295 with a Watson Antennae not to expensive and great for airshows,
  4. i believe the famous Roslin Chapel always welcomed gypsies or as you say travellers over the centuries,,cant see them doing that now after Tom Hanks visited
  5. switched to flogas from calor 3years ago as flogas was 47 quid and calor was 63 ,,big difference ,but the price of ,flogas has been creeping up,, for a 47kg ,,cyl.i pay 55pounds.i think calor is the same at 63 ,i may be wrong,
  6. dabbers

    My Shame

    i am a fan of google earth my fav place is america and manuas in the amazson basin,,you can drive all over the place ..
  7. well when i put on my MRA electronic defenders i can hear very clearly,so woudl think that the hearing aid would have to come out ,unless you can swith the hearing aid of..suppose its all hypothetical till i actually try it,
  8. i,m going to see the audio dept in my local hospital,,been working in heavy industry for over 40 years and i think i have tinnitus ,wore ear protion for most of that time but sometimes not,,had occupational hearing tests but never did a thing ,now as has been said i think i have cocktail party deafness . when i say pardon people automatically raise their voices ,but its just that i cant make out what they are saying,,,same with watching tv,plus they will insist in playing music over the commentary,,, i hopei get hearing aids fitted, whats the position with my MRA ear defenders do i have to remove my hearing aids while wearing the defenders??
  9. braid for beachcasting ,boat fishing yes but sufcasting no ,too expensive ,,,or its ok for lures for bass,,,,but always use a shockleader,,for beachcasting,,
  10. i use a kasp combi on my gas bottles and its getting spray from the sea,,still working after 3years no problem..
  11. never used a darkening lens ,been welding all my life,,heavy ,light engineering and shipyards,,50 odd years at the game,,never needed an automatic shade
  12. if you still cant get the part or it to work properly, phone this guy,he knows his stuff,show him a pic https://www.yell.com/biz/tom-holliday-maybole-2068130/
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