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  1. as sitsinhedges says they need reproofing due to drilling the barrels had to wait a week or so for my hushpower. Andrew
  2. Hi yeah superb guns. Webley and scott 410s are made by yildiz just the finish on the receivers are different. yildiz spzm models come with extractors while the SPZME models come with ejectors. only seen W&S models with ejectors. very good gun for the money . Andrew
  3. Hi Chris that was the big choice for me aswell 410 or 28,cartridges are expensive for both 410 a little less so and more choice in my experience that was what swayed me. I think Yildiz guns are multi choked but not all of them have ejectors while all the W&S I have seen come with both as standard.If you can get one for £600 to £700 you get a lot for your money. Andrew
  4. Hi yeah got a 941 28" barrels multi choke.Paid £700 for mine, lovely gun Belive its made by Yildiz but badged by Webley and scott. No regrets buying it. The 410 & 28g are the same But the 912 & 920 are made buy some one else I think. hope that helps. Andrew
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