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  1. Large drawer fronts sprang to mind laminated to get the thickness or wardrobe sides/frames, bedrails, tabletops especially if incomplete for cheapness. Oh and the Mrs Bought me a pickup truck😁
  2. I think Carbon Fibre is a bit scary to work with isn't it? I've been thinking about visiting some of the local junk shops with a view to re/up cycling unwanted furniture into gunstocks, either with large solid pieces or laminated thinner material. It seems that nobody wants dark wood furniture around here anyway and why not save something that is certainly well seasoned and aged. I'm no expert with wood but may see something that I like and probably cheap too
  3. Well I blew that idea! I guess I found out what the write-ups said about this wood being unstable, my plan was to make in two halves then laminate together (due to 20mm thickness of available wood) Both pieces split along grain lines while cutting with a fine tooth band saw! All in the bin now and Mrs asking where the nice new chopping boards are...….
  4. What a great thread, reminded me of some past events and times. I ran a shooting club for the best part of 15 years with disciplines varying from Police pistol, long range rifle, .22 plinking to PSG and during this time my three daughters were growing up. My eldest showed an interest and eventually used to assist me with the whole thing from admin to range officer. As RO she was extremely alert and tough with the members. Later, I was the shooting officer with an ATC squadron and my two younger daughters joined and became proficient with the No. 8 and L98 rifles. All of them respected firearms and could strip, clean and re-assemble with ease. They now have all moved in different directions but we often recall those happy times and occasionally we get together for a clay shoot where their respective partners are constantly amazed at their proficiency and attitude. My grandson has recently expressed an interest after seeing some pictures of his Mum shooting so we will continue to educate and hope he takes to it as his Mum and Aunts did. Having remarried a few years ago (in Mongolia) I celebrated a birthday there and was presented with a freshly slaughtered sheep for the birthday feast. Whilst the animal was being butchered, the guests including children, were given strips of liver wrapped in a little fat, put on a stick and toasted over the bonfire. I can honestly say that it was the best liver I have tasted. I remarked to some of my new in-laws that in the UK many children would not even perhaps know where meat came from let alone enjoy the meal. They seemed quite perplexed at this and asked if we educate our children in the reality of life. Aside from the language, I found it quite difficult to answer. The sheep was divided, with some being presented to the elderly of the nearby village (gift of the Angli birthday boy) and the rest cooked with vegetables and red hot (washed)stones from the base of the fire in a home made pressure cooker made from a milk churn with a leather seal that was pricked occasionally to release some steam. All this on an open bonfire. It tasted great (a bit tough for western teeth though!) A brilliant day though with great people
  5. A Brand new one? Did I miss one? I must be slipping! any pics?
  6. I'd be happy to travel to Northampton, (is that north of Watford ?🤪) sounds like they would put on a suitable challenging comp for 3 shot pumps. The bugbears are always the date, how many will attend and what the range needs in terms of attendance. Worth sounding them out though
  7. Rock Island Armoury M5 video is the same gun, as still in production Any one can organise it, we did it a couple of years ago in West London but couldn’t get a date sorted last year. I made a trophy which I’m sure would be defended by The Shootist if one of you guys can sort a suitable venue. We did a bit of skeet and a bit of sporting which was great fun. I wouldn’t bother with snap caps, I always close the action and drop the hammer when proved clear on the range if rebagging or leave open with flag if that is the range standing order. In the cabinet it’s always hammer down on closed action. Most snap caps are unsuitable for cycling practice due to weight, size or construction . Making drill purpose rounds from fired cases is a short term fix as pumps will chew up the rims in a fairly short time. I have seen DP plastic rounds but have no experience of using them. I know it’s stating the obvious, but please do not be tempted to cycle live rounds unless at the range and shooting (in a safe direction of course)
  8. How about some votes to getting Semi Auto club pinned, it functions in much the same way as Pump Club and Side by Side Club in that it can answer readers questions about a specific type of gun they may be looking at or for Administrators comments?
  9. + 1 for Remington and Hatsan, I have owned both (still have Remington) Check back thread titled "Semi Auto club" for many and varied opinions and options
  10. All cartridge belts now sold
  11. Cheers Rob, was a pleasure to meet you
  12. A couple of my pumps on guns for sale a few pages back if you're interested, negotiable on price as need the space for more😀
  13. Sling sold to rarms subject to usual
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