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  1. So the gravy train moves on, one wonders what will be next. I wonder what the legislators view is of civil servants making up procedures and conditions that are not debated, voted upon or passed through parliament. Surely in our democracy such actions are unlawful, illegal and those flaunting their positions should be prosecuted vigorously. This is not a police state ( I am a staunch supporter of our police service) Why are our representive organisations silent? What can we do? where will it end
  2. Didn’t realise I was that out of touch🤨
  3. Forgive my naivety, but renewing my SGC, my doctor received an un-numbered medical form(I thought all official documents had a reference number) and promptly delayed returning it to the FET or me until the 22nd day (required within 21 days) it was given to me after a demand for £20 . I was not aware that this document was a requirement for renewal and cannot find reference in the published information documents. maybe I missed it and this is the current law, I hope not a police interference and blocking tool. Perhaps one of you could enlighten me. I have sent to the FET a pdf o
  4. A beautiful piece, I know all of your work is documented on here, I think it also deserves to be available to a wider audience. Truly a master of your art
  5. I have no experience of mole removal save having one surgically removed for biopsy a few years back, that doc was super efficient and left no trace. It seems that ditchy has a super mole maybe under the protection of special branch
  6. Nothing so glamorous I’m afraid 😟 I stepped off a bus that I had not noticed had raised its nsf airbag so instead of a 12” step down it was about 18” and I landed straight legged on my heel, hurt like hell though. thanks for concern and pm TC
  7. Sorry for doubling up, been laid up for past couple of weeks with impacted pelvis and banned from pc/phone/tablet etc, even missed the holts sale🤥 JC does make me laugh though, even though it hurts to do so!
  8. Google Jasper carrot mole to sympathise with Ditchy
  9. ?? 5415 is a Baikal single barrel £20 job Have you called or emailed them? I have always found them to be most helpful in all matters so quite surprised you have had to wait so long
  10. Lots 5350 and 5412 tank of gas nice trip to Sandringham to pick up
  11. As an aside, if I don’t get these two🤪😀, I can make a left or right handed (or even ambidextrous) safety with pin and spring for the M37
  12. Check out the Winchester 20g in “smallbores”
  13. One has no safety catch (or spring and detent pin) but both look ok, priced higher than most pumps (as always)
  14. Yes, seen them and always interested, will stay tuned 😀
  15. For what it’s worth, I have bought a fair few lower priced guns from Holts and have not had a duffer yet. Unfortunately the pictures tend not to be complete in their catalogues, but they are a reputation based business and the descriptions are , in my experience, accurate. I hope if the OP goes for one it is a bargain and serviceable/easily repairable
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