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  1. impala59

    Mossberg barrel (also drop & cast shims)

    Check with Wabbitbosher, I seem to recall that he had a Mossberg barrel when I was looking for an Ithaca barrel, He does pull a few bargains out of his hat now and then! Incidentally I'm still searching for the elusive spare Ithaca barrel (any length as long as its +24", 12g and post 1965) Getting a spare and having it cut to 24" and threaded for your choice of choke may be the best chance of getting what you need
  2. impala59

    Semi Auto Club

    Pretty gun and photography!
  3. impala59

    Semi Auto Club

    One begats the other!
  4. impala59

    Semi Auto Club

    For those of you looking for A5’s and Twelvettes, check out Southams auction next Thursday 13th. (catalogue on line now) there’s a good number at estimated decent prices. There’s also what looks like a nice ‘Twentyweight’ for the 2 shot semi auto aficionados ( mostly on the last few pages of the catalogue)
  5. impala59

    Shotgun from the States

    Register an interest with Holts they will update you as they become available, and you can view before bidding if you’re not too far from Norfolk
  6. impala59

    Shotgun from the States

    Nigh on impossible on a single gun due in part I believe to US home security rules. Even parts from the US are extremely difficult to get with suppliers not willing to ship outside of US and Canada. There are serious penalties for infringements of these rules and our market is so small (relative to their home market) that its not worth anyone’s while to send stuff here (mores the pity imho) I am sure that if you have limitless money then it can be done as there are specialists in this field but as has been said previously it would have to be a pretty special purchase.
  7. impala59

    Gun cabinet

    Absolutely and rescued from top and tailing! Also met another shooter, different disciplines but a gentleman to boot!
  8. impala59

    Pump Club

    As I understand it, there are about five different forends. If you could photograph your original wood and give some dimensions, I will probably have one the same that I can match so as to check fit etc . I’m guessing that your forend metal tube is longer than the short corncob one so anything made would have to be proportionally extended so as to look ‘right’ I’ll have a think about it, it would be an interesting project, somewhat in line with one I am working on now
  9. impala59

    Pump Club

    That’s a shame. I wonder how hard it would be to turn one on my wood lathe? May have a go when I get a little time
  10. impala59

    Pump Club

    Macon gunstocks will do a corncob and they ship to the UK
  11. impala59


    Now sourced through PW thanks (until the next time I need an overspill!!!!)
  12. impala59

    Gun cabinet

    Nice to meet you Nathan, a decent cabinet at a fair price, glad I got in first!
  13. impala59

    Gun cabinet

    PM sent
  14. impala59


    Ask on the DIY thread, there are some seriously good craftsmen there who could probably make them to order
  15. impala59

    Sling mounts- Semi Auto

    You can get a tube clamp with side swivel fitted (if you have enough exposed mag tube of course) You can drill through the centre of your end cap to mount a swivel (use the largest machine screw possible and affix with a nyloc nut For the stock, the same applies, do not be tempted with just a self tapper(unless there is plenty of meat to bite into) if the screw enters a void in the stock, shape washers to fit and again use a nyloc nut I have seen mounts made by fitting a steel spacer either between the stock and receiver or between the stock and butt pad with an extended shaped loop either to one side or below, likewise, if your mag cap fits tightly to the fore-end, a steel spacer with a loop below would work There are 'no swivel' slings available on the 'bay I believe, that simply attach by a slip loop so no drilling needed