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  1. impala59

    Benelli mag tube

    I would check with my FEO regarding conditions of use. With a “duck plug” fitted you would be honouring the wildfowl restriction. If you purchased a standard mag cap and fitted instead of your extension tube then a standard duck plug would limit you to two in the mag. Using your existing long spring would give you full power for cycling. The gun would look right for its secondary purpose. As an aside, S1 shotguns can be crimped, magazine permanently fixed (if not already), proofed and come back from the proof house as S2 with a certificate. Probably best to get an RFD to do it though. Going the other way is also possible, with a slight risk of weakening the magazine tube when removing the crimp
  2. impala59

    10g sizing ring

    I don’t intend to use the Lee exclusively, to remove the ring I have a vertical hardwood pin and an oversized steel tube with a T bar. I’m hoping I can push the sizer off or use a gentle persuader! As stated previously I am not looking at high volume and will probably weigh each charge and shot for accuracy. I will be loading for my Mag 10, 3 1/2” and also for my 1911 Flues which has 76mm proofed chambers, but I will look for some light loads for the old girl. thank you for your input
  3. impala59

    10g sizing ring

    Hi Mat the drawing is based on a Lee type sizing ring, I believe that the mec part has a threaded section. The measurements are based on the 14th edition Lyman reloading manual (max case size)
  4. impala59

    10g sizing ring

    Ecosox also out of stock Ive been looking for some time now
  5. impala59

    Ithaca M37 barrel

    These come with a bucket of rocking horse manure! Looking for a DS7+1 is even harder than trying to find a bog standard one, I have been trying fo a couple of years now with not so much as a whisper of one. I recently heard of a damaged (receiver) gun that is possibly for sale, if it’s 7+1 I will pm you
  6. impala59

    10g sizing ring

    Stainless or high carbon steel Updated diagram with other details
  7. impala59

    10g sizing ring

    Nominal sizes
  8. impala59

    10g sizing ring

    Just wondering if anyone has made a 10g sizing ring? I’m looking to modify one of my lee loadalls for 10 bore. Decapping, priming, powder, wadding and shot are not a problem. I will use an overshot card and roll crimp for finishing. So it is just the resize that needs addressing. I’m not looking for high volume so reluctant to invest heavily in Mec or suchlike. Any ideas gentlemen?
  9. impala59

    Pump Club

    Duly noted! I must confess if one came up at the right price I would be sorely tempted, even though my memories of the beast are mostly negative! Go figure!!
  10. impala59

    Pump Club

    So the "Duo" refers to the switchable Semi auto/pump operation, looks solid enough is the switch over easy? I have memories of my old SPAS 12 being a bit of a 'mare in that department! You won't go far wrong with a Mossberg 590, simple rugged and recommended by the US military!
  11. impala59

    Mossberg Stock bolt

    Threaded rod on eBay with a nyloc nut solved my Ithaca similar problem ( but that was 1/4” 20 tpi thread) only pennies too!
  12. impala59

    Deactivated Lee Enfield 303

    There is another way, check out Stroud auctions 6-7 February auction, they have a couple of Enfield 303’s converted to 410 shotgun, if you have a SGC it’s a way to get what you want easily and cheaper (est. £50-£80) and you can shoot it too! my brother has a deact(military, done and refurbished by RAF regiment) DP (drill purpose) 303 No. 4 but he can’t sell due to current legislation and can’t be bothered to go through the rigmarole so just gathering dust. I am sure there are many in the same position.
  13. impala59

    hatsan escort extreme

    Pictures to identify the parts? piston stuck with carbon?
  14. impala59

    Hatsan Escort Extreme Cartridge Ejection

    My old gen. 2 hatsan used to do this too. It’s a better (if slightly frustrating) problem than the thing not ejecting/extracting at all, as some have experienced with this brand
  15. impala59

    Sx3 spring strength

    To echo Figgy take care with the light spring as using it with 3 1/2” heavy loads would allow the working parts to fly back at too great a velocity, almost certainly causing impact damage and possibly making the gun a danger to the shooter. Was the light spring labelled as suitable for specific loads? If not and you wish to use it I would suggest starting with a 21g. If that cycles reliably then that is all I would use it for, if it does not then try a 24g with the same proviso. I would not go over 28g personally. My Ithaca 51 has two springs, one for up to 24g and one for 28+, that gun is only 2 3/4” chamber so no magnum issue. My 1187 (3” chamber) uses its original 1980’s spring and will cycle reliably down to 21g, I fitted a new factory spring and it’s lower limit is 28g. If I were to shoot 3” I would fit the new spring. Both guns have new buffers fitted and these are always checked as part of my cleaning regime for excess impact evidence. just take care, don’t mix your ammunition and be sure what you’re loading at all times