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  1. impala59

    Pump Club

    Nice, looking forward to seeing the pictures! I’m guessing that heavy duck refers to long barrel 3” magnum?
  2. impala59

    Hushpower 12g Screw on Silencer

    Possibly be better on a pump due to the S/A action opening? this could also see a use for the much vaunted/criticised “Rambo” red dot sight recently discussed at length, which would put the aimpoint suitably above the bulk of the moderator. Just a thought
  3. impala59

    11-87 recoil pad

    Cheshire Gun Room has a good range and helpful people too
  4. impala59

    Pump Club

    I believe that you are right and that Steve's is a 62A, designed by JMB and commonly known as the fastest slide (pump)action ever made (.22 so much shorter stroke and much less recoil than a shotgun) Awaiting being shot down in flames🙄 Yeah saw that , price guide was a bit pessimistic, anyone in Bedford area would be advised to take a look before bidding
  5. impala59

    Pump Club

    Sounds like the only one not to enjoy that was Jerry and his can! very interesting though I think we are probably all agreed that 'slam fire' or 'trigger over-ride' is simply a by product of simple mechanical construction for reliability and longevity in an age without health and safety gremlins looking over everyone's shoulder. The terminology has probably been romanticised over the years for sales, ethos and ego, still a lot of fun though and not available on modern stuff!
  6. impala59

    Pump Club

    Now one of those would sit nicely with my 120 and 1200 Winnie’s!
  7. impala59

    Pump Club

    The magazine mod for the PM5 is now done, not really straightforward (I suppose these things never are!) but nonetheless it is working satisfactorily with one exception (more later) The curve of the HDM is slightly different and it puts the magazine in a slightly different place in the well. Not too much of a problem as I have plenty of room. One thing that struck me when I started with fine measurements was the relatively low quality of the HDM compared to the original, looking from the top or bottom, it was more a parallelogram than a rectangle. A little gentle vice work got me to an acceptable compromise. (I am glad this test mag was free, I shall look very carefully at any future purchases) Using smoke trace I marked out the various positions and high spots on the magazine. I drilled a 6mm hole which corresponds to the original view hole on the right hand side, this locates with an 8mm spring loaded ball. This gave me my ideal position. I re-profiled the forward lips and fitted new stops, aluminium at the front and steel at the back. Again with smoke I noted the mag catch position and fitted a brass block. I needed to slightly re-shape the nose of the follower to avoid the feed ramp. With a little tweaking the magazine inserts, feeds and cycles perfectly, with one exception as previously mentioned, that is, because the new follower is concave, I have no hold open with an empty magazine as the bolt, which normally engages the back edge of the follower, simply passes over. A small thing, but in competition a useful indicator. I shall investigate modifying the follower before I move on to high capacity mags. For now I have an, albeit only 5 rounds, spare magazine for those short load starts we occasionally see with an original 7 round mag
  8. impala59

    Semi auto chokes

    As this is regarding semi auto choking I thought I would throw another stick in the fire. An old shooting pal of mine always said that tight chokes made his gun (an old Beretta 301 ) cycle better and therefore gave him confidence on game and clays. I don’t know if there’s anything in it but he usually shot 3/4 or full and didn’t miss much
  9. Brilliant Pump guns these and a bargain basement price too!
  10. impala59

    Pump Club

    The plan at this time is to modify HDM high capacity magazines which come with a pretty beefy spring. As I have changed the entire magazine location and retention system it is simply (famous last words!) a matter of adapting the new mag to my stops and catch. I was fortunate today to have been given an unused 5 round HDM mag to experiment upon, so a couple of days off later this week to have a go. The body dimensions are almost identical. First thing that is apparent is the follower profile, but, oddly it almost mirrors my now modified original followers, maybe that bodes well (I hope) The HDM high capacity is apparently 10 rounds so that would give me an 10+1 starting load, which may be sufficient for most courses of fire. I will post warts an’ all report in due course. As an aside, when I was attempting to make my original magazines 12 rounders, l obviously needed really beefy springs as you correctly stated. I quite legally ordered some from Brownells UK and got a phone call from my FEO when they arrived at a UK port asking why I was ordering parts for an AK 47! They are still listed on the UK site and my FEO was fine about why I had ordered them thankfully. Just goes to show that our security services are working in the background, I found that quite reassuring once I was over the initial shock of the phone call
  11. impala59

    The one and only Single Shot Club

    Fabulous wood and metal artistry! You just can't beat pictures like that and the memories being made, thanks for sharing, brilliant!
  12. impala59

    SemI auto lubrication

    I think that a fingerprint of oil on each slide rail is fundamental metal/metal lubrication, I use the mineral oil for my Harley, The tube, piston etc., just the residue from cleaning/wiping down, ie virtually dry. have seen so many auto guns with oil/carbon paste gumming up the works
  13. impala59

    The one and only Single Shot Club

    That’s a really nice collection and great memories too!
  14. impala59

    Pump Club

    While on the subject of Fuglies, Frankenpump 2 is in its final configuration. Everything works smoothly and the functions are slick now, the only thing I am working on at the moment is adapting larger capacity magazines from another manufacturer as even I think that the magazine extensions are too ugly! Reliability is 100% now. Of course this could all fall apart by changing the magazine but I am confident that I fully understand this gun now and can get it cycling with 10 or 12 round mags which in the PSG world should have some advantage. Probably not see this on the clay range or in the hide though. Ok, so I now understand that the last entry puts that thread at the top of the tree, so come on pumpers keep the pump club No. 1!