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  1. We are all learning constantly, wouldn’t it be boring if we all knew everything! Mind you, I have met a few over the years who say they do! Maybe ‘gas check ‘ is an Americanism that I’ve picked up or that’s been adopted, obturator is, I believe, also a medical term. The English language evolves, I am sure we will one day only use txt spk so to speak
  2. As I understand it, an obturator wad is connected to a shot cup by means of a spring type arrangement and will seal to the barrel walls to maintain pressure. These are, as far as I know plastic in construction. In my experience from reloading fibre (all I use) the gas check is a harder fibre that seals the powder “in the case” from the softer wadding and does not maintain that seal into the barrel. I have experimented with various materials for cost reasons but concluded that the proprietary “gas checks” are the best at getting reliable cycling in my auto’s so maybe there is an element of barrel sealing also taking place. Also using gas checks avoids unburnt powder and seems to keep everything relatively clean. I am sure that the serious reloaders on the forum have much to add in this vast field. All I really know is that my reloads perform as well if not better than much of the ammunition out there and the reloading is as much a part of my hobby as is the shooting
  3. expert x being the unknown factor and a spurt being a drip under pressure IMHO any decent cartridge should work in any gun, fibre wad types have a gas check to maintain the pressure. The only thing you may find is that ultralight rounds,21g for example, may not cycle the action reliably, fibre or plastic wads
  4. I Have always found that yellow or amber enhance contrast so hopefully will work for you
  5. This was my understanding too, so I shall give it a try. Of course then we come to purchasing ammunition, so the whole issue can restart. 🤨
  6. A question gentlemen, with a .22 rifle slot on my licence, could I buy a .22 wmr? Obviously, I could buy a .22 short or .22 LR and the difference is just the case length. Also, can .22 LR ammunition be fired in a .22wmr? Asking the question here before going to my FEO to see what you guys have, or indeed if you have crossed this bridge before.
  7. IMHO the Leatherman Wave is the best compromise between weight,size, usefulness and price. Always have one with me ( I bought a second in the states as a backup and it’s still in the box)
  8. Always use email to Met, get an auto response and then file together. Backed up on usb stick for future reference if needed. I’ve used this on occasion when details on my certificate have been, shall we say, confused, ie a single listed as s x s and as dated evidence it is always accepted
  9. Ain’t that the truth !🤨
  10. got a Winchester 1200 28"and a Squires Bingham 24" pm if interested (sorry missed the multi-choke requirement, doh!)
  11. probably in the same place as the model 17 I'm looking for!
  12. Its a great feeling indeed, I used an old magazine release catch (from my PSG shotgun project) to repair the washing machine door mechanism, cost zero and no trip to Comet to buy a new machine (my wife's diagnosis) There's possibly an interesting thread there, what parts have you used to repair/make/improve something totally unconnected
  13. Could do with a smouldering roll-up in the gaptooth! Excellently crafted good fun piece
  14. Nice photos and descriptive text, perhaps you should do a YouTube video! Love the line in the original document ‘don’t disassemble unless really necessary ‘ like we’re going to do that! Thanks for posting just noticed the date! Missed that one earlier
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