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  1. Don't cut a circle, just fit a clock mechanism behind using the natural centre point and slim black hands, it would look prenominal!
  2. impala59


    The original 180 degree rotating safety was subject to firing the gun when deactivated, not fun or safe! I wish I still had mine, they are an appreciating investment. Awkward, Heavy, Cumbersome, Slow to load, Painful (with the original square edged folding stock) but brilliant nonetheless! I chopped mine in for an 1100 and my performance improved dramatically, but did the fun go out of it? Maybe a little
  3. Its a cosmetic piece and if cleaned regularly with solvents and oils, then any glue would eventually give up the ghost. I have sold my one but if I recall it was soldered in place. for a quick repair I would use a CA superglue and re-glue if it falls off after a while
  4. Had a 24" cyl,cyl years ago, one of those regretted sold over the years
  5. Getting a bit slow in my old age, I just got it! very nearly asked Dave TC what Pfizer made for diy use!!!! I could try mashing some up in resin I suppose 🤪🤪🤪
  6. Any particular brand of epoxy you recommend?
  7. I have been given a pine table top (45mm thick) and want to use it for guitar bodies. It is dented in places due to its relative softness. I was hoping to be able to harden it so as to preserve the finishes, oiled, painted or lacquered. Possibly, surface hardening will suffice as the parts would be difficult to get in a vacuum chamber ( roughly 17” x 13” x 44mm )
  8. Following on from the wood glue thread, I wondered if anyone had any ideas on hardening softwood to give it better structural integrity and longevity. Heat would appear to be one way and epoxy another but i am not sure how that would achieve internal hardness. Any pointers gentlemen?
  9. I think we've all been shamed, I can't find the screwdriver I was using 5 minutes ago. My wife suggested a system of having a box for each project and putting in parts and relevant tools so that I could go back and carry on the next day................I can't find the box🤪
  10. Interesting thread, I am in the process of knocking up some guitar cases and will follow a similar route with internals. I would be interested in photos of covered formers before being glued in. Are you gluing foam to board then stapling on back? What density of foam are you using?
  11. I must admit to enjoying shooting clays with a pump. Where I shoot, most of the lads and lasses are genuinely interested as its something different, unusual and historical. I always make an extra effort to 'show clear' when I am leaving a stand, and always call 'Clear' whether anyone is observing or not. (incidentally I use the same process when using a semi auto) It shows awareness of what I am doing and gives a nod of respect to those who prefer a break action gun. If I attend a shoot for the first time I consider it courteous to advise the people running the day of the gun(s) I will be usin
  12. I believe that one of them was on holiday in Florida and got a local gun shop to get a few ( about $4 each I think) I will ask when I see them. As a plastic part you should be able to order them from the states
  13. Guns can’t hurt you, only people (including yourself) can hurt you😀 I recall a pal who took his new (to him) S xS to a clay shoot, reverently removed it from its slip, opened the action at which point the forend fell off and both barrels dropped vertically on to his big toe. He went home without firing a shot embarrassed and unhappy, ended up in casualty and couldn’t walk for the best part of a month
  14. I’m not so well versed in the more modern pumps but have a few mates who have had magazine throat failure on SXP’s. It’s a plastic part and would appear to be a weak area. I’m surprised nobody has come up with a metal modification, I guess like car parts the ongoing sales of disposable parts is good business. If it were mine I think I would carry a spare. Having said that, an SXP running right is a fast and light piece of kit
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