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  1. If you substitute the nail with a scalpel blade you have the perfect tool for cutting leather straps. I'm not sure what its called, I am sure Mel's Lin would know
  2. Ithaca Mag 10 for sale Good all round, unmolested condition, 27 1/2" barrel, modified choke (fixed) 14" LOP. 3 shot (as manufactured) so S2. 3 1/2" 10 gauge magnum. Collectible, rare, BIG gun! Reluctant sale but needs must £600 SGC holders only, collect from SW London/Surrey
  3. I successfully shortened a friends single 410 from 30" to 24 1/4". It was an un-named clunker but he said it became his go to 410 in its shorter guise. It was full choke but ended up cylinder (near as damn it) I marked the length with a pipe cutter (after measuring at least twice, Don't forget the 24" rule!) and cut with a high quality 1mm angle grinder blade. after checking for square I used a step drill on slow to achieve an acceptable crown, finished with emery then wet and dry and cold blued. came out nice and was apparently much more useable. Was not moderated though
  4. Made for Ithaca Gun Co. by SKB 1966 - 1978, here is an example of a model 600 Trap, the family resemblance is clear and these are now quite sought after
  5. Russian state television has issued a strong warning that the Kremlin could wipe out the UK with the push of a button for supporting Ukraine. Russian state TV threatens nuclear tsunami on UK Play Video01:19 The broadcaster said an underwater missile could spark a 500-metre radioactive wave that would wipe out the UK and Ireland. (Source: Other) In his Sunday evening primetime show, Channel One anchor Dmitry Kiselyov told viewers Russia's underwater Poseidon missile had the capability to spark a 500-metre radioactive tsunami that would wipe out the UK. The Poseidon is an autonomous, nuclear-powered unmanned underwater missile approximately 20 metres long and weighing up to 100 metric tons. "The explosion of this thermonuclear torpedo close to Britain's coastline will cause a giant tsunami wave, up to 500 metres high," Kiselyov said. What next? The above from a dear friend in Moscow, the people there are afraid and fear Putin is going to escalate. Many Russian people want to leave the country
  6. Of course, let me know what you want
  7. 9 X 10/22 Magazines to clear 3 x BX10 Ruger (including tri-mag mount, 2 x 25 rnd Butler Creek clear, 4 x 25 rnd Archangel hard polymer. Also fit 96/22 and Sabatti 18/22 £100 the lot
  8. I wonder if Lin has ever made a cat ‘o’ nine tails? I’m sure she would make an excellent job of it, and would have a suitable test candidate!
  9. Tinkering in the garage today and with some scrap ply, a bit of a scaffold board and lopping 8" off my overlong yard broom, I knocked up this rocking horse to go with the duck for my niece. My neighbour commented on how unusual to make a rocking fox! So, fox it is! I will have to brush up on my drawing skills! I guess a fox is more appropriate for PW though! I suppose a one year old will not notice the difference anyway. A bit of sanding to do then decide on finish, I may paint this one so will have to sort out some non toxic paint.
  10. I just love the life and expression in your carving!
  11. I wouldn't be without my old Clarke, got about 25 years on the clock and never missed a beat. can be picked up for next to no money on the 'bay. Adding a 3 jaw chuck and tail stock chuck doubled its capability. Having said that I looked at the Lidl one recently and thought it looked very good value, and decent quality, with the warranty mentioned above it would seem a no-brainer!
  12. Reminds me of when I left school xx years ago and converted my Saturday butchers boy job to trainee shopman cutter. ( probably due to my old mums influence with the butcher and her lazy son wanting to be a rock star!) the old school butcher, Len, told me his dad had made the chopping block many years earlier and explained about the end grain construction, apparently each piece was 8” long originally, when I was there it resembled the South Downs from constant use and scraping clean ( my job, and he was a hard taskmaster!) I was only in the trade a year or so but learned an awful lot which is surprisingly still with me. Great board by the way!
  13. They do say that the funniest comedy is always real life! PW humour at its best!!!
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