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  1. I brought parts back last month in my checked luggage, no problem. Do not put anything gun related in your carry on, it is expressly forbidden
  2. I cut a couple of corners off to try glue, (epoxy) we will see how it bonds. A couple of pictures to show what I’ve got to work with. Could be stunning methinks🤪
  3. The other issue of course is that of blame. Many shooters I know say there is no such thing as an accidental discharge only a negligent discharge. How did the dropping of the rifle occur is maybe the question
  4. Any firearm has the potential to go off if dropped, struck etc. All ignition is percussive. I would think that .22 rimfire is more likely as the entire rear end of the case is the ignition point. As far as the firing pin is concerned, most if mot all are restrained to the rear by spring tension. The sear may be the weak area in an impact situation, especially if tuning work has lightened the trigger pull. I am not familiar with Sako rifles and would agree with the earlier advice to contact the manufacturer. Having said all this , it is still an unlikely occurrence
  5. Agree with everything you said Lloyd, particularly the above line
  6. Smells like money to me
  7. I do agree that a bit of healthy banter is good for us all but am concerned about the future of our chosen pastimes. There are many out there who monitor what we do (and say) in public and are not averse to turning words around for their own ends. I have had some personal experience of this when I was secretary of a large club some time ago. To the point of, at the time, surrendering my SGC, FAC and RFD. I returned to shooting after an absence of about 15 years, am enjoying it (as I always did) and am trying to stay out of the politics but see and feel it across the spectrum of my shooting colleagues and contacts. All I really want to say is look after it or lose it. I am sure I sound like a boring old so and so but I would hate for this site to be over serious, one of the main reasons I enjoy shooting is the camaraderie and friendships I have made. Indeed I have been fortunate enough to have met contributors to this forum through various sales purchases and events and a great bunch they are too. Just to prove I’m not all serious, I’ve just bought an old Dodge Ram pickup truck, not sure if I’ll be jacking the front up though! bit dodgy going Mopar with a handle like Impala 🤪
  8. And there gentlemen is the reason that shooting in this country is probably doomed. I don’t know the experience level of the OP, but he (maybe she?) asked a question and was basically shot down in flames with, my gun/sport/appearance/attitude is better/safer/ more appropriate than yours. Perhaps his question was phrased/worded wrongly but having sought advice, the least we could have done was give it in good faith. Now I shoot and enjoy practical shotgun, clay pigeon and occasionally a bit of rough shooting. There is in my case some crossover of guns from one discipline to another, but of course I would not take a box-fed gun into the field, it simply wouldn’t be practical in that environment. Likewise, I would not use one of my 100 year old doubles in a practical match, for the same reason. I have used a 3 shot pump in all of my chosen sporting environments, both with traditional wood or synthetic furniture, with no issues raised by fellow shooters or spectators. It is absolutely the duty of all of us to ensure that we perform and conduct ourselves safely in whatever we do and guide those who may not know or understand fully what is expected of them at any particular event. I was interested in the earlier comment about using a red dot for game shooting and surprised that no one jumped on that issue, it would be interesting to hear how that worked out. My main open class shotgun has many devices attached that may be termed or marketed as “tactical “ To me they are just tools to enable better sighting/loading/performance/safety etc Tactical is a word that has connotations of the military and is why Tactical shotgun as was, became practical shotgun, probably still not an appropriate title but perhaps a little less intimidating, I personally would prefer competition shotgun or target shotgun. But what’s in a name? IMHO mutual respect between shooters of all disciplines is the only way to preserve shooting of any kind in the UK, knock your rivals at peril of being knocked yourself, when we can’t stick together, should we be surprised at the whole lot coming unglued. Ducking down below the parapet now........
  9. I guess the fact that bowls are made of this wood means it will turn well and can be sanded to a good finish. Good advice about extending the drying time. Any thoughts about glues? If the wood is naturally oily is there a suitable glue type?
  10. Reading about Yew, I thought I would ask a similar question. I have some beautifully figured olive wood and want to make a stock and forend. The stock will necessarily be two parts glued together, maybe laminated with a thin walnut centre layer/ stripe due to the thickness of wood that I have (2 old olive wood chopping boards) My questions are; does this wood glue well? will it take oil (my usual preference is danish)? the grain is lovely in the raw, are there any cutting, working, finishing issues or tips? are there any turning issues? ( I intend to make a corncob forend) will it take checkering or stippling? (Undecided at present) Thanks gents, confident in the PW massive, someone will know!
  11. I blame Douglas Hurd. After the Hungerford tragedy, the government sought to defer the wrath of the media and anti shooting fraternity away from the police and licensing authorities, who it seemed did not enact the law and requirements for firearms ownership that existed at that time. Mr Hurd, needing to be “seen to be doing something “ did not want to upset his landed gentry friends so put the blame on certain types of firearm, thereby penalising specific shooting groups outside of his personal interest. If he had been honest in wanting to tighten up the law then he could have simply made everything section one. Can you imagine the Tory uproar if lord muck had to register all his doubles individually? And request a slot so as to buy another Purdey? And all the other restrictions that we suffer for our chosen sport(s) The half baked legislation (repeated after the dreadful events at Dunblane) would not, in either case have been necessary had the then current rules and checks been properly administered. the two tier shotgun rules make nothing or nobody safer, one shot is just as dangerous as five or three or ten. What we have is a system of political bias and dare I say corruption, media led hysteria and lobbying by activists for their own agendas, piggybacking on terrible events. The shooting public have been let down by their own organisations who have been negligent in the discharge of their responsibilities and have in some cases actually condemned other’s sports or disciplines with a misguided view that it would make their own sport look better. Sorry guys rant over
  12. My RFD friends always use Birmingham proof house over London despite being ‘down south’ Says it all really
  13. Work, the curse of the shooting classes☹️
  14. I think there are some anomaly’s around still, I bought a while back an S2 savage that was a bit needy, non functioning and had been taken in by a gunsmith friend as PX. As is my normal practice, I took it down to component level and found that the mag tube had been put in backwards which was preventing proper cycling, it was held in place by a ramped “one way “ screw which though difficult to remove was not impossible. Focused on cleaning and repairing, it was only when I had it all back together that I realised it contravened the S2 ruling. The tube was crimped and proofed as such but was not permanently fixed to the receiver. A quick call to my pal and it was returned to have the screw welded in place as the tube could not be fixed to the receiver. He sold it on and I understand that the chap who bought it was very happy with his purchase. I wonder how many others are out there that could technically be illegally held due to inefficient methods of compliance or lazy proofing?
  15. My understanding of the use of magazine plugs (or duck plugs as referred to in the US) is to temporarily restrict the magazine capacity of a tube fed self-loading or pump action shotgun so as to comply with local or territorial hunting restrictions etc in those areas where the regular licencing and ownership of shotguns allows for larger, unrestricted capacity, predominantly in the USA but possibly elsewhere too. The UK has a two tier licencing system for shotguns, a permanent (crimped tube) restriction limiting capacity to 3 rounds total (Section 2) and unlimited capacity (as a firearm) on the much more specific (to firearms held) Section 1 licence. Some clay clubs allow S1 shotguns to be used (either with or without a magazine plug) but it is always advisable to ask first as some clubs do not permit this. For wildfowling, I believe, and am sure will be corrected if wrong, that S1 with or without restriction is not allowed. For rough shooting etc, and its just a guess, I would think that you would need the landowners permission to use a Section 1 shotgun (firearm) on his or her land. Most S1 shotguns in the UK are held for Practical Shotgun competition shooting and require club membership to qualify for possession of said firearm
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