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  1. impala59

    Pump Club

    The SPAS 12 is a pig of a gun, not living up to its movie image at all. Slow to load, overweight and not really usable at all, It is a gun that entertains everyone but the shooter and the gun that everyone wants to shoot. It would appear to be a good investment as the prices are getting silly now, I wish I'd kept mine, I let it go for silly ( (low) money a few years ago. Early Winchesters are also good investments as they move into becoming antiques (still good shooting too!) The PA8 is the SPAS after a crash diet, losing the auto crud and a great, simple little pump gun, these handle really well. My brother in law had one of these and he was a serious competitor back in the day, he even used it with the original folding stock before the OAL rules came in
  2. impala59

    Sights for Typhoon F12

    201840734096 ref. number on the bay, under £30 been on my pump for over a year dirt cheap! and genuinely shock resistant surprisingly enough! Avoid the cheapies with click stop switches, they fall apart, the one above has a constantly variable brightness control and is far more rugged. I have an expensive Shield sight and still prefer the one above
  3. impala59

    Pump Club

    Very pretty gun it’s true and a quality Wingmaster will always command a premium price. Still a little over-priced though IMHO. From a personal perspective I would always rather save a dog than buy a cabinet queen. I actually have a nice, good condition Wingmaster that I am tempted to do a full blue restoration job on. Collecting parts at this time, and looking forward to searching through a friends alladins cave soon for some nice wood 😀
  4. impala59

    Benelli M2 issue

    If it was a Remington I would say it was an interceptor latch issue, not familiar with Benelli but its probably a similar part problem, ingrained dirt, wear or weak/broken spring
  5. impala59

    Pump Club

    Very expensive indeed! It’s the same gun as the Squires Bingham, which is, as is the venerable Captains Higgins, a very nice gun indeed! I paid less than £100 for my near mint SB Maybe the collecting of pumps is not going to be so cheap in the future? Hang on to those old clunkers, they may be worth more than you thought 😀
  6. impala59

    Opinions please on co2 pistols

    Go BB! for up close 'Action Air' shooting they are more than accurate enough. I use a Swiss Arms 1911 4.5mm (177) and Dan Wesson 6mm revolver and both can "snake eyes" on double taps. All the fun of the old Practical Pistol courses for very little money and dirt cheap ammo!
  7. impala59

    Pump Club

    I have a good used, undamaged, fracture free, Savage/Stevens action bar/tube assembly if you are interested perhaps you would pm me Tape measure shown as there are some variances within the model range In your pics it appears that you have 2 pistol grip stocks for the Winchester, I would be interested in a trade
  8. impala59

    Sbs help before I give up and sell it

    Odd thing, this shooting lark, I have 2 SKB s x s guns, one with a semi pistol grip and one with a straight stock. In a side by side competion (no pun intended) with myself on the same clays, i shot better with the straight stock (that I am not familiar with) than the pistol grip stock that felt “normal “ maybe the answer above about flatter shooting was the reason, who knows?
  9. impala59

    Mag tube stabiliser

    Had an hour or two today so made a lighter, aluminium tube version with nylon modified terry clip above, Possibly the answer is somewhere in the middle, although this one also stabilises well and is locked by an M5 grub screw for anti rotation
  10. impala59

    Once fired 10 Gauge Hulls

    10 gauge slugs! what are you hunting ? Raptors?! 🤣 Seriously though, if some come up for sale I would also be interested
  11. impala59

    Mag tube stabiliser

    I have often seen at PSG matches that the magazine tube extension clamps for Semi's and pumps seem to bend the tube away from the barrel. This could IMO, over time, possibly weaken or fracture the original tube, which could be catastrophic. Below is my first prototype 'Stabiliser' as opposed to 'Clamp' for my 1187 The mag tube half is steel (a bit over the top really) with a slot machined internally for an O ring (I keep all my old ones) and the top half is aluminium, with countersunk M3's screwed into the steel and with washers in between to set the spacing correctly. As this is just a try out I used M4 screws as set screws to fix at bottom, I will get grub screws later. It slides on easily, the O ring gripping the tube, it definitely stabilises the tube to the barrel and both are parallel. It does not look as elegant as I had hoped, but perhaps using some different materials I can improve that. With apologies for the rough looking low profile Hi Vis sight on pic 4 (another work in progress)
  12. impala59

    Pump Club

    Does not have to be November, but if we do it again, it should be this year. Lets keep it loose and see if we can sort out a suitable date/venue
  13. Choate machine tool 14" magazine extension tube for 12g Remington's, 1100, 870 and 1187 (with original bayonet fit cap retaining lugs removed) Together with 33" spring and magazine clamp with nylocs (not Choate) Gives 10 round capacity with 70mm cartridges. As pictured below (inset shows it fitted to a 28" barrelled 1187 £30 incl. postage no silly offers please
  14. impala59

    SKB Semi Auto owners Manual

    No worries good luck! ps 300 and 900 the same except for engraving and finish etc