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  1. Nothing wrong with a Hatsan in my book, sure the early ones could be a bit cartridge length and weight sensitive but that’s not unique in s/a’s. My old gen 2 never let me down and the chap I sold it to has it as his only gun. Enjoy yours and post your progress with it. Maybe like Skoda’s the joke is wearing a bit thin?
  2. Any votes for pinning S/A club? it slips back a few pages now and then and is an area that many members have an interest in
  3. Rest assured you have first dibs on it when it’s time comes!
  4. After a period of shift work and sporadic sleep 😩 I thought I would bring this up to date. Firstly, and to quote: Also generous people with their time, skill and fundamental good nature, thank you Dave (TC) I hope I can return the favour one day! My original remit was to be able to load short runs of 10 gauge in 3 1/2" (Mag 10) and 2 5/8" ( Flues S x S) this because, while I collect all things Ithaca, I see no point in cabinet queens and rotate through my collection constantly. I regularly load 12g on my old Lee Loadall, primarily slug and buckshot for competing in PSG, I get good consistency and felt that I could perhaps utilise the old clunker for my 10g. My findings as follows The 12 g de-capper (with sizing ring) will jam with a 10g hull, no surprises there really De-capping the 10 is now done with a spare parallel punch and a smaller ring to support the base. I will make a centring guide from wood or nylon to ease the operation Sizing is carried out with the new sizing ring, using a length of oversize tube to push down. If I get any difficult cases I will add a T bar Primer insertion and ring removal is standard Lee practice, the 10 will sink into the spring-loaded receptacle easily. The sizer returns the case to exactly factory spec. I found that my tapered 10g shell holder, which came with the roll crimper, fitted in the central position perfectly, but , after removing the 12g wad guide, the 10 quite happily stayed in place for the powder and shot delivery. (I manually built the fibre wad column (including tamping down with a 1/2" dowel with increments, as I was using a fairly soft (for a 10) load of 19.8gn red dot over a cci 209 primer, gas check, 10mm fibre wad, fibre (cut)shot cup, 1 1/4oz 7 1/2 shot, filler, card overshot and roll crimp) I went down to my garage to use the pillar drill for the roll crimp So basically, I can use about 50% of the functions of the 12g Loadall and can produce acceptable cartridges in 10g for a fairly low start-up investment. Once again thanks to Dave (Tightchoke) for his invaluable input into this project. Next in line is to make some 2 5/8" for the old girl of the collection, I have been using little skeeters 12/10 adapters up until now, it will be nice to stoke a proper 10 load for that 108 year old!
  5. Bought a few at auctions, some bargains, some surprises and some scrappers. Try to get to a viewing day if possible ( I got in trouble once for field stripping an M37 at a viewing but saved myself a lot of money as it was not what it appeared to be or was presented as)
  6. Thanks one and all , when I get off this horrible shift pattern, I shall endeavour to try the simplest way first!
  7. Yes, it’s just a precaution really, the cases I ordered are all 3 1/2” so for my old Flues I will have to cut to fit. With a little time to consider this, I will be able to insert the new(long) cases into the breech until they reach the chamber end and then measure the cut I need at the back end. The chamber casting idea came from a Midway video I was watching. Just have to wait for my cases I guess. Unless you have a better idea?🙂👍💡
  8. I will shortly be starting to reload for my 10g Ithaca Mag 10 and my 1911 10g Ithaca Flues Double. The Flues was, I believe, originally chambered for 2 5/8" cartridges but has a UK Birmingham proof mark of 76mm. To ascertain the actual chamber size, my research has led me to the above named product, Cerrosafe. I would be grateful for any experience you have with this product, or any other foolproof ways of measuring the chamber size accurately. The Mag 10 is not an issue as it is 3 1/2" chambered. I will be using a roll crimp for both loads
  9. Still waiting for my 10g cases ☹️ looking forward to testing my new resizers. I can't believe that not one shooting colleague of mine has even a single 10 bore case! I will have to be patient I suppose!
  10. Outstanding! nice bit of machining
  11. This! if you focus on the bead (in the field) the target will be a blurry apparition, but because you will be looking for and acquiring your target, your focus will be there (unless of course you have Superman vision!) Mounting at home and getting the bead in the right place will serve you well in the field
  12. Plus it’s been said before but worth repeating, new action springs are the enemy of light loads but are required for 28g + to protect the working parts. Good buffers are necessary for all
  13. impala59

    Ithaca M37 barrel

    I think you'll find Mick, that its a Mossberg (you looked for me last year!) it will be where your marbles and lost socks are!
  14. Sounds like the mix ratio of hardener may have been a bit weak with early wear showing like that. Still have my ceracoat kit (hardener in fridge) building up courage to finish the Wingmaster. My friend (we shared the cost of ceracoat) got a great finish on his, he did leave it a month to cure though. I have had some very good stove paint results ( good heat curing and spraying warm metal)
  15. Agreed, the 1100 is a slightly different gas system and I bow to your experience with that model, also putting 2 gas seals in is a very simple experiment to carry out
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