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  1. Welcome to PW. 2nd congrats on reviving an ancient post. 3rd what are you hunting? If you want advice folks will need more information.
  2. Thoughts are with you. The poem had me drying my eyes.
  3. I must be getting old, I read beech warden and thought it rather a specific arboreal caretaking job.
  4. Currently on hold for @Ferretlurcher1970 till we can move about and arrange handover.
  5. Eastbourne area. Am usually at Bisley once a month if that helps. I expect you're very likely right @Scully. I had in my mind 1/4&1/4 then wrote down what was under the barrels without even thinking. I can get a bore guage from work Monday if necessary.
  6. I'll photograph the barrel markings and post it tomorrow.
  7. I have too many shotguns. To qualify that statement I shoot manly CF target rifles these days. So I'd like to give away a Belgian side by side ideally to a youngster, however as I need the space I guess it would also make an ideal truck/hide gun. Fashionable 26“ barrels, dtne. Stock is a stretch of 15 1/4" to the front trigger from the butt pad. Chokes are * and * so I'm guessing 1/4 and 1/4. It cost me not very much from Wabbitbosher and I've had my fun out of it. I'm on the South Coast if you're interested, rather not chop it. Pm if I interested.
  8. I get great satisfaction from restoring and maintaining musical instruments from historic to modern. You never know what's going to walk through the door. On the downside I spend 4 hours a day travelling but at least I get to bring the Patterdale.
  9. There are many and various treated and plain versions of crushed walnut shells or corn cob, or for all I know combinations of both with additives.
  10. Gentlemen I have a tumbler coming for cleaning 308 and 223 brass. There are various media on the market but I would like a recommendation from someone who does it. I'd rather only tumble once and it'll be fired brass not anything I've dug out of the ground! Suggestions please. Thanks in advance.
  11. Mr.C


    Like the black horse thundering along the beach. I know nothing about horses but it appeals
  12. Saltings, I think you may be a poet. Enjoyed the line about the grouse going to bed.
  13. No he said a few posts up it's an MPR, and also in the description, just the heading that's wrong.
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