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  1. Can anyone point me at a 2 1/2“ steel cart I can shoot through my beautiful Damascus barreled 19C boxlock?
  2. I too feel a subscription cancellation coming on. Not happy about this.
  3. Think mine came back with something similar on with the last variation, all mine are for target shooting.
  4. My 1st ever shotgun has a slight left caste and palm swell and I shot it off my right for 18months before I realised. Mate says he prefers a little left caste as it tucks into his shoulder better.
  5. Reminds me of British bike shops, the contempt not the coffee.
  6. There was a BSA 22 pump action in the Holts auction recently that I quite fancied. It was a take down gun with a period scope and I think it had an estimate of 100-150. The FN Browning trombone is worth it just for the name.
  7. That's why I bought my CG Impact, came to my shoulder better than anything I had tried and felt "right". It was 2nd hand and previous owner had perhaps put a slab through it.
  8. Was thinking the same, group of mates fair play, someone you don't know in another group bad manners, another competitor in a comp unsporting.
  9. Mr.C

    Which 223

    I have a P14 and a 1200TX both in 7.62 both single shot. Granted a creed would be a better option but I shoot 1000 3 or 4 times a year I fancied a smaller caliber after shooting a mates 223 remmy. I'll add it to my reading though cheers
  10. Mr.C

    Which 223

    will take a look thanks
  11. Mr.C

    Which 223

    @washerboy Poss a Remmy 700. Mate has one but I've heard the quality can be hit and miss (pun not intended) @Vince Green Yes I'd like to push it out to 1000yds occasionally just to see if I can so heavy bullets would be necessary. Home loads.
  12. Just in case any of you have a rav4 with an alarm that goes off in the middle of the night for 8 secs again and again or when your Mrs is driving on her own and comes back all shouty! They can develop a fault that doesn't affect any function of the car apart from driving you out of it. The cure is to disconnect the block attached to the battery carrier, there is only one, and it disables the siren hidden underneath it. Everything works as it did before but without the siren.
  13. Mr.C

    Sun glare

    A pigs ear on the back and/or tube shade on the front will help, or get a mate to shade you for your shot. Pigs ear won't work with glasses, or at least doesn't for me.
  14. Mr.C

    Which 223

    As per the tag it'll be used at Bisley on targets only. Been doing some reading and think a heavy 1:8 twist longish barrel is in order. The crunch is Mrs C has offered to buy it for me so I think budget will be £1200-£1500. Don't mind less as that'd allow me to add some glass as a package. Accuracy is paramount. Thanks for reading
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