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  1. That's a very good price for a very nice looking mk2. Good luck with the sale.
  2. Mr.C


    After many many years of close up detailed work my eyes are quite long sighted, +3.5 needed for arms length work. Are there any solutions to the problem of open sight shooting, specifically a Lee Enfield smle 303. I know the brain does amazing things as far as pulling the target into focus but I need quite a strong diopter to cope with focusing with the rear sight. Not shooting the gun is not an option. Thanks
  3. Arrived safely today, many thanks.
  4. Yep my rfd reported 2 recent game bore price hikes
  5. Mate I shoot clays with has sadly decided to give up his ticket. The 20 has some pitting in the barrels but, as far as I'm concerned to good to chop. Shoots fine just unsaleable.
  6. Was gifted this little 20g today and will be trying it out on some clays tomorrow.
  7. @Vince Green Last time I bought a rifle privately I got a photo of the sellers licence with the gun entered on his ticket at the start of the transaction. Don't know how easy it is to replace one photo for another on a licence, would it be worth the trouble? I'm sure there are easier and less conspicuous ways of acquiring an illegal firearm.
  8. Well, as you'll have worked out by now, a great fun bike. We had an early one from new. Handle well with an engine that loves revs in a comfortable package. I found the 1st gear a tad tall but that's the only neg I can remember. Enjoy.
  9. Kit plus extras arrived with thanks, even smells right 😄 Pleasure doing business.
  10. Henry you have PM
  11. Does anyone have a cleaning station/rifle rest in a cupboard before I go and buy one? One suitable for shotgun and rifle would be ideal. Thanks
  12. Agree with OF, my 1st was 600 then 1200. Sussex
  13. I have a Zeadio bipod I got from the rain forest. It's a blatant Harris clone with a swivel mount. I replaced the stuck on rubber strips with pieces cut off an old leather belt.(evostick) Had it on a heavy PH 7.62 so it'll cope with a 22lr. £24 "deluxe" or £18 standard version.
  14. Is that someone discharging a strapped up black powder firearm on a petrol station forecourt? No wonder they look like they're filling their pants. 😳
  15. Maybe a black powder section, I can see this thread getting a bit hijacked.....?
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