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  1. I use trains every day from South Coast to London for work. If there's one thing that'll cause me to jack it in it'll be be the travel. At well over 5k a year it sometimes makes little or no sense.
  2. You don't say which caliber or what you'll be shooting at what kind of range.
  3. Goodness me that's absolutely gorgeous. Good luck with the sale.
  4. They can cut the membership vote by getting to the last 2 then one candidate is persuaded to drop out. This was hinted at by Boris at pmq's.
  5. not quick enough again!
  6. Didn't know that, thanks. Just starting to load 303.
  7. Mr.C


    When I looked they did both. Could well be that, as they would have likely stocked heavier clay guns, they were all steel actioned guns.
  8. I would also say 223. Don't know what range you're shooting but I'd consider target shooting a out to 600yds with a 223. Don't expect little or no recoil from the 223 either. If you want the "full experience" go with the 308. It's very loud! You'll want to double up with ear plugs and cans, and it'll give you a good shove in the shoulder. 100yds is a bit of a waste but 1000 is quite doable. Most of all though is have fun. I shall be at Bisley on the 30th doing just that.
  9. Surely that's exactly the level of "humour" that the provocative fat shouty one employed in the original series.
  10. I'm with @islandgun on this. You want it? Buy it. What if what if? If you thought like that you'd never leave the house in case you got run over.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Yes I made something to remove that plug which was indeed quite snug. Doesn't look too bad at all inside so am going to fit a new barrel seal, arrived yesterday, and see how we get on.
  12. Call Highwood Classic Arms if you're after a good usable rifle and tell them what you want. They know their stuff and have all the equipment.
  13. Leave the grass long enough she won't see the fence. Sorted
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