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  1. Mr.C

    30mm scope rings

    Did you find any? I might have something. Off the top of my head I've a Leupold mount with 1“ and 30mm rings. Looks similar.
  2. I use a connect with glasses. I have the 32mm objective and field of view is wide. I have no trouble with both eyes open. Parallax error is greatly reduced however can still be used for range finding.
  3. A chap at the club I used to attend had one arm and he used a C bracket attached to his belt lined with felt. He would break the gun and rest it in the cradle, unload and reload, lift the stock out of the cradle and closed the gun and be ready for the next shot. He favoured skeet and did pretty well.
  4. Was going to post as above but beat me to it. Very full set of extended chokes.
  5. Mr.C

    Favourite songs

    This is one of those topics where you later you think "oh what about??? and I how could I have forgotten X" A few in no order Heroes, David Bowie also Young Americans (sing along factor for both) Nothing Else Matters, Metallica Teenage Kicks, The Undertones (have to agree with John Peel on that one)
  6. Recon a little ultrasonic as wyn said.
  7. How many are you going to be cleaning at a time, how often, what sort of finish are you after? I have recently acquired a dry tumbler which I'm looking forward to having the need to use. Previously l used a bowl, some hot water, washing up liquid, white wine vinegar and salt. Got them clean if not like new. I also have a small ultrasonic cleaner but usually do 100 and it was a faff doing a few at a time. You'll find the recipe for the DIY mix on you tube.
  8. Mr.C

    V Mach Kits

    He also does a kit and other replacement parts for the Remmington Express, set back trigger etc. Also very nice chap to deal with. I have nothing to gain from this recommendation.
  9. Think we might need a picture for the sbs club when you have a moment. I have something from the same period.
  10. The gentleman has PM. Enfieldguns website has one for sale.
  11. I rember making full sized plastic repro pistol kits. They'll require notification of these next! 😳
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