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  1. Mr.C

    Semi Auto,

    Coz they just don't "feel" quality like something like the Beretta. Tried an A612 when I was shopping for an SA and came away with a AL390 Golden Mallard for the same money. The Armsan just felt a bit "tinny", only way I can describe it. Fine if you want a tool to chuck in the Landy it's just not what I was looking for at the time.
  2. Mate had exactly this too with his 525
  3. Kaya sounds good to me
  4. It's all about the craic. I managed two doughnuts in a row today by range finding mistakes, but you know what, two people gave me tips for ranging in deep woods that will definitely help. Not often your competitors will tell you where you're going wrong and how to fix it. This was an open competition. I'm lucky enough to be able to shoot HFT virtually every weekend of the year.
  5. 15mm 13-25yds Max range is 45yds, can be a 35mm kill but must have 10mm of plate round it. Whistle goes, no touchy scope. 1 for a plate, 2 for a knock down, smiley face for fresh air. No sitting shots. Mostly prone where you can rest your rifle butt on the deck. At least one free stander and one free kneeler per round plus supported positionals. Easy? Try it. Not quite as frustrating as golf but close. Can be anything between 15 and 40mm
  6. Can't read that. Just the link wording has my blood boiling
  7. Shame, I have one in Sussex sat in my cab doing nowt. But have to agree with the above, Bosher's your man.
  8. Pick up a second hand S400 kit and have change for an air bottle.
  9. Got one sat in the cabinet, fixed chokes, reliable. Never been a problem. 1st gun.
  10. Just incase anyone else has light strikes using Eley ammunition try RWS. Not had a single misfire since changing. Thanks Fultons for the tip.
  11. Not recommended, wire ret so won't like the recoil. Hawke responded within the hour. Pretty good service. Scope is actually marked VAR832X42M
  12. Cheers I'll get the model number and try them. Turns out gun is coming with 30mm rings too so I've an MTC that'll stand it if not.
  13. I have one of the above scopes and want to know if it'll cope with a .308. Do any PW members have any experience of this combination? Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. Mr.C

    B2 refurb

    You can roll it in glitter though
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