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  1. Mr.C

    Air Arms T X 200 .22

    It is quite a confusing advert it has to be said.
  2. Mr.C

    New Ceasar Guerini guns

    I'd wait till you get to know more about people before making assumptions about them. I have a CG Summit Impact, suits me fine. I appreciate how it may not suit others. I also appreciate that there are far better and more experienced shots than I'll ever be posting on this forum.
  3. Mr.C

    First car for new driver

    Just saw a nice little Fiat for sale in for sale section. Ideal
  4. Mr.C


    Arrived as described and looks in perfect order. Cheers
  5. Mr.C

    HW80 tuning advice

    In which case I shall consider mine in a fresh light.
  6. Mr.C

    HW80 tuning advice

    Buy a cheap remmigton express in.22 and let me know how you get on. In fact if you want a cheap express, coincidentally, I can sell you one.
  7. Mr.C

    HW80 tuning advice

    I don't shoot springer myself but there are a few 22mm piston kits being used for HFT but as far as I can make out they're not fit and forget. Think I'd leave it as it is. You tickle the trigger up a bit if you haven't touched it yet
  8. Mr.C


    Pm'd db58
  9. Mr.C


    Let me know make/model, we could have a deal.
  10. Mr.C


    Well if you'd like to sell let me know what you have and what you want for it.
  11. Mr.C


    As per title, anyone got a chrono sitting in a cupboard they're not using? Tia
  12. Should be OK, mines 20-60x60 one of the Aldi bargains and I can fit in a card(just) on 20x at 20yds.
  13. Mr.C

    Home made bsa bullpup

    Im liking the micro solenoid route, as suggested by the car door central locking. Be a neat way of doing it with a battery in the stock. Little mill grade switch behind the remote trigger and solenoid working the real trigger. If only I had the time and bullpups weren't at a massive disadvantage in HFT I might well have a go myself.
  14. Mr.C

    Oldest Shotgun

    As above SxS club. I have an early 1880`s boxlock that gets aired occasionally. In fact........ 🤔