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  1. Mr.C


    I used winter golf gloves. Most have a suede or similar palms Mine were super cheap Dunlop ones but others are available direct from a sports shop near you.
  2. Is gunwatch down or is it just me? Can't connect.


    1. Mr.C

      Side by Side Club

      @bruno22rf very very nice. One day I shall aquire a hammer gun.
    2. Mr.C

      PCP Servicing

      @Mice! you're not the first to say this, and I might just listen to advice. It works just fine.
    3. Mr.C

      PCP Servicing

      Bruno was right it's an MPR FT completely stock apart from some extra spacers to increase lop. And Ive taken the cosmetic air stripper off. Still wondering how often they need servicing.
    4. Mr.C

      PCP Servicing

      Yes it does. Was going to run a complete cycle full to empty. Usually shoot a zero check on the plink plus 30. Occasionally 50 so wondered what was possible.
    5. Mr.C

      PCP Servicing

      No it has no reg, but shot 1 was 760 and the next 40 were all between 748 and 754 and then it started falling off. I went on as far as shot 80 but was down to about 9ftlbs by then. You're prob right, but I like to blame the wind. ...............
    6. Mr.C

      Side by Side Club

      yup that'll do
    7. Mr.C

      PCP Servicing

      I have a Viper Connect so my face is pressed up against the end, zero eye relief. Cheers for the pointers
    8. Mr.C

      PCP Servicing

      Yup makes sense and explains why I've been dropping out of 45yrd kills (HFT) and splitting short 15mm's. Or it could just be me ! Thanks for your replies.
    9. Mr.C

      PCP Servicing

      So, in the summer when it was HOT, I got chronoed and it read 780fps @ about 30°. I chronoed yesterday and the 40 shot sweet spot averaged 749 @ 6°. So is this purely to be expected and down to temperature or do I need to get the gun serviced? I've been using it for 18 months and it was serviced a year before I bought it and unused till I got it. I shoot an hft comp most Sundays. Ta
    10. Mr.C

      2k budget - 692,725?

      Was just typing CG as figgy posted. Lots of gun for your money and 10 year guarantee, plus top customer service.
    11. It's a total lottery/mess. I've never been asked to pay for either grant or renewal Sussex
    12. Mr.C

      Browning A5 pistol grip 12 gauge

      Beautiful patina, do you know the age Mick?
    13. Mr.C

      Rifle Ranges in Sussex

      Ford apparently has a 100yd range