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  1. Hats off once again to Sussex firearms. Variation in the post for final collection Monday and all sorted on the doormat this morning.
  2. Mr.C

    Stag head

    Thanks OPP I'll pass on the info.
  3. Mr.C

    Stag head

    As per title. Chatting with bro in law yesterday he wants a "stag head with antlers" for his man cave. I have no knowledge or experience with this side of shooting. If anyone has anything they want rid of I'll pass you his details. Thanks for looking.
  4. Just make sure the air tank is empty and you're good to go.
  5. I'm guessing it's, as has been said, the chance of clipping a pellet on loading. In HFT it's a faff using a multi shot as you have to remove it between lanes.
  6. I always double up around rifles, foam ear plugs all day and then the Howard Leights on the firing line.
  7. I live less than 4 miles from Alfriston and never heard of him. Thanks for the info
  8. Saw one on a chestnut this morning tearing into the spikey fruit after the nuts.
  9. Mr.C

    Butterfly ID

    Had a Hummingbird Hawkmoth in the garden last week. Never seen one before.
  10. Have you been in contact with the manufacturer, is that possible? Would have thought they would want to know as it won't be doing their reputation any good if it's a common fault. Guess see what the next one is like.
  11. So if you're getting a replacement rifle let's hope they checked the chamber and polished it out if needed. I'm not sure this is over yet but fingers crossed.
  12. Well, counting the threads and reading the ruler (as far as I can) I thought 5/8 x 18TPI but the ruler isn't an exact measuring tool.
  13. Mr.C

    Cheap .223

    That's been on GT for a while.
  14. I'm firmly in the leave well alone camp but.. If it were mine and had to come out I have some engraving tools, one of which is a fine chisel/parting off shaped tool which will cut the screw head slot. I see it's just still there. Deepen the slot and find a tight fitting screwdriver. I'd also, before turning apply some heat to the screw by heating steel rod, no larger than the end you're heating, to a dull red and holding it on the screw. Heat then travels along warming the screw and melting any gunge or varnish stuck to it. But probably I'd try and talk myself into leaving well alo
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