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  1. What a nice gesture 👍
  2. Mr.C

    Gun Case

    Thanks Alan, will search for your thread.
  3. Mr.C

    Gun Case

    And if I can also retain the smell of 140 years of gun oil, well that'd be great.
  4. As I'm currently furloughed I thought I'd take a look at sympathetically restoring this gun case. It's leather on Oak with brass corners. I'm looking to clean and feed the leather, remove the green slime around the brass and repair a split in the oak near a hinge. The brass hinges are screwed in with steel screws, which I intend to replace. I'd also like to alter the inside as I've had the (restocked) butt extended. I will also need to source some leather straps in a similar colour, with brass buckles. I would appreciate pointers at products and techniques if pw'ers could help.
  5. Gave up on Eley 22lr after too many misfires. Admitted an old and well used target rifle but I was getting about 1 in 15 light strikes. Changed to RWS and not a one since.
  6. Target shooting at approved ranges I guess. I have shop BP percussion revolver at Bisley, with my club, at 25yds and good fun it is too. Almost as much as ML rifle in fact.
  7. Is this the dreaded trigger release issue? Shot a round with a mate Sunday and he kept doing it. Must have cost him 5 birds. Tbf he is a very occasional shotgun shooter but it is a known issue.
  8. Mr.C


    Or check our Remington Express AR1 . It's tuned by Lyn Lewington , aka venoman on airgunbbs. He sells various bits and pieces for the remy express including a silencer. I have one of his set back triggers fitted and have poilshed everything to an inch of it's life. Makes for a much lighter and crisp trigger break.
  9. Mr.C


    If it's like one in the picture then it's not glued on, there's a grub screw in the top. But..... It take a few sharp whacks to get the plastic lump off the end. I believe the Express XP has the moderator thing.
  10. Mr.C

    Puch maxi s 1974

    My Lord that takes me back. Recon that exhaust is good for an extra 0.2hp. They were everywhere
  11. Since I heard quite how much feacal matter is on the Mac D touch screens it only serves to reinforce my feelings towards fast food. I've had a grand total of 2 macdonalds and thrown them both away. Used to live at the back of a KFC and that was enough to put me off for life. I've had KFC once. Drunken donner kebabs, now you're talking.
  12. I think it may be down to the self isolation for 2 weeks and running out rather than a dose of the screaming trots.
  13. Do you know anyone in your are that loads their own? I'm sure that they will help with recipe and instruction advice etc. I can only speak from experience loading CF but I had an experienced mate who took me under his wing and has helped no end. In fact before I got my own gear and knew what I needed I loaded my 1st 50 rounds using his gear and guidance. I'm sure someone will step forward and offer to help. It's worth a drive just to actually SEE it being done.
  14. Mr.C

    50% increase

    Plenty of space on the train this morning
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