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  1. Mr.C


    what will you use it for?
  2. Mr.C

    Lithgow LA101 .22lr DISAPPOINTED

    That's a shame when you're looking forward to some new kit and its less than perfect. Presume it's going back to be either sorted or a refund?
  3. This is her chilling and catching some rays on her 1st day at work. But as for feisty, she's not a good food sharer to put it mildly.
  4. There will be pictures for sure. She's a black Patterdale x, 9months old.
  5. I have a canine, not a springer in the end, will keep you posted.
  6. Mr.C

    Daystate X2

    I'll pass on those sentiments thanks @blasterjudd
  7. Mr.C

    Airgun & Shotgun

    Umm, I always had a problem with stopping the gun if not certain about a bird and rifle shooting doesn't help that bad habit. No plans to stop either.
  8. Mr.C

    177 recommendation

    I know you lean towards a 177 but there's an S310 in 22 on a well know gun trading website. £175 iirc.
  9. Mr.C

    "today im mainly an idiot"

    Have to say the "patent Ditchman stock darkening" is looking very good too.
  10. Mr.C

    hft targets

    If you Google UKAHFT 2018 format course setting guidelines it's all there on the ukahft page. Distances, kill zone sizes etc etc Would post a link but not sure if it's allowed.
  11. Mr.C

    Side by Side Club

    And I don't think I've read a crossed word yet?
  12. Mr.C

    Gun trader

    Seems fine to me, quicker and easier to use on the moby. Select, check filters and apply. Job done.
  13. Mr.C

    Side by Side Club

    Have used Bisley Gun Blue in the past but it was on a cheap old sxs but I was happy enough with the result. To be fair the gun doesn't get a lot of heavy use and still looks ok. However I would get it done commercially if the gun was a favourite or going to get frequent use.
  14. Mr.C

    Like a virgin

    The whole point of HFT is you don't need mega kit to compete. I'm currently using a £400 rifle with a scope I got chucked in with a hard case I bought off another forum. It's about having a go and enjoying yourself. Bit of banter and a coffee and burger. Im lucky enough to shoot with a couple of chaps way better than me and I learn stuff every week.
  15. Mr.C

    Side by Side Club

    @DUNKS man that is pure gun porn, proper quality, you're a very lucky man.