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  1. Very nice. I'm sure you can't wait to try it out.
  2. I'd say make sure it's dark but I don't think it'd make much difference. That must be luminous! I would seriously consider stripping it back to plain wood and giving it a sympathetic oil finish. But, as said in the other thread, it's your gun, your taste.
  3. Nice case hardening. That table needs a good rub down and several coats of oil too.
  4. different it certainly is.... must admit I prefer the original but each to their own. If I put that down in a field I'd never find it again! Brace yourself there may be a little banter incoming...
  5. Mr.C

    Reloading kit

    What twist rate is your barrel? 1-12 may struggle to stabilise anything much heavier than 55gr 1-8" for up to 80, GGG 69gr are sweet in my Tikka but have yet to try the 77s 1-7" for 90gr The above gleaned from people far more knowledgeable than myself. If you're just starting out loading your own I would seriously try and find a mentor. There's nothing like experience.
  6. I double up and use in ear plugs and Howard Leight over ear muffs. I already have mild tinnitus and would not want it worse. I can still hear what's going on through both. As for clonking the comb I do have to make sure that side is pushed up (there is always some movement) plus I have a rubber adjustable comb which has been sanded to stop stiction which helps too.
  7. Mr.C

    Boeing 737

    Thought the pilot was there to feed the dog
  8. Well Jimmy Saville got a knighthood off Mrs Thatcher, does that count?
  9. What a great gesture, restores ones faith in human nature. Well done sir.
  10. £51, however pretty sure you'll need to post a price or the ad will be pulled.
  11. Does the A612 need 70mm carts to cycle? Just a thought before the op buys a slab.
  12. Anyone else getting them? Adverts at the top of a reply, not all but one or two in a thread.
  13. Glad someone else piped up with my views on this. A few years ago I walked into a gun shop to buy a new Armsan 612. I came out with a second hand Beretta 391 in immaculate condition, it was a different class. Near enough same price. My point is try the ATA against a Beretta if that's what you want. If you're buying from a dealer you'll have a guarantee.
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