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  1. And then they get in the stand and say "can I see a pair?" on a busy day. Had all 4 one after the other do it. And I wonder why I don't shoot so much clay these days.....
  2. Interesting Steve, keep us posted. May be in the market for one in the future. In the process of kitting up for a little light FTR
  3. Mr.C

    GT 85

    Was thrown back to my yoof then, I read GT185. 😎
  4. Damson Vodka is good, Mrs C did some last year. You must make chocolate truffles with the Damsons after though, it's the law.
  5. I was advised by my FEO that should any gun of mine be surrendered to police for any reason to take photos before handing it over. Nice shotgun chucked in the back of a van... It apparently happens.
  6. What Strimmer said, I've the XP in .22 @strimmer_13 do you have the setback trigger in yours? £25 from Lyn Lewington and polish the sears makes it much lighter, crisper and you don't need digits like ET.
  7. Recently swapped from Eley to RWS for this reason. Not had a misfire since. And I don't like Eley 12 bore carts either
  8. Welcome to PW. A wealth of knowledge here and a healthy degree of banter.
  9. Best shoot'em all then Bring back wolves and european bears I say.
  10. Best wishes chap, hope it all turns out ok. Good luck.
  11. I had my MPR serviced and wrapped my connect up in a fleece for the journey home to keep it safe. On arriving I realised that the house key was in said fleece, so I whipped it out of the kit bag and spun the scope across a block paved drive. It landed on the sunshade and badly bent it. I eased it back to shape and the scope is as good as new. I also have a Viper on a 308 with no issues other than making sure it's tight.
  12. "Outside is brilliant!" is the latest random exclamation
  13. There something irresistible about a nice bit of Damascus steel
  14. Mr.C

    Semi Auto,

    Coz they just don't "feel" quality like something like the Beretta. Tried an A612 when I was shopping for an SA and came away with a AL390 Golden Mallard for the same money. The Armsan just felt a bit "tinny", only way I can describe it. Fine if you want a tool to chuck in the Landy it's just not what I was looking for at the time.
  15. Mate had exactly this too with his 525
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