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  1. I still have a Bronica 6x4.5. Had a couple of 5x4 plate cameras in the past. Think my fav at the moment is a little russian range finder that was a 60's Leica clone. No meter so I use a period Weston Master V. Anyway not wanting to hijack the thread....
  2. So forgive my ignorance but the red dot is where the barrel is pointing? So that's a left to right crosser?
  3. Was sorely tempted also as it wasn't nearly so bad as forecasted. Had an air rifle comp cancelled so was free. Well done you, I should have got off my **** and gone.
  4. Indeed he is a giant among 20C photographers, also check Edward Weston. Large format B&W photograph is, in my humble opinion, the pinnacle.
  5. Alternatively just use 7.5s. Put it in right place and get some satisfying dust balls. Mate has the same and does OK.
  6. As @TIGHTCHOKEsaid you, the seller not an rfd, should fill in the purchasers cert.
  7. Download hawke chair gun pro. It'll give you a pretty good idea of aim points. You fiddle about plotting zeros and see what sort of trajectory will suit the situation you want to use the gun. You'll need to know pellet weight, barrel to scope center to centre, and pellet velocity in ft/s. You'll need access to a chrono for this and it will also give you a ft/lb figure for your gun.
  8. As Stu says we need to know calibre. Personally I dislike holdunder so set my (.177) zero and focus at 25yds. Half a dot from 15-35yds at 10x .
  9. Mr.C

    30mm scope mounts

    Then I think the Hawke jobbies will be perfectly adequate, I have a set on my S400 MPR. It gets used for HFT comps most Sundays, weather permitting.
  10. Mr.C

    30mm scope mounts

    What sort of rifle are you fitting them to? I have a set of Hawkes on my air rifle, they're not the best quality but perfectly adequate and £28 off the net. I would'nt use them on anything too punchy though.
  11. I think that last post is the most offensive thing I've ever read on this forum
  12. I paid nothing in 2018 but since Jan 1st this year Sussex are requiring doctors to sign it off and my surgery are refusing. So are another surgery up the road which has caused my mate, an occasional clay shooter, to pack it in and give up his ticket.
  13. Can't understand why it's needed for renewal, grant maybe. If you have either firearms or shotgun your medical records are flagged and the GP has to report it to the police if you present with a problem. So why the need for the countersigned records? If you don't present then your GP won't know anyway. I doubt anyone who reasoned this out would be granted a licence!
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