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  1. Shall I step in and give the pot a stir? Na, I'll just let them get on with it. Pot kettle black though Stu.
  2. As @Lloyd90 says I'd trawl around or put out a request for loads for the powder and heads you're using. I'm in a similar position but have a buddy gave me his recipe that works well in mime. Just got to refine the depth/jump. I could experiment with loads but I'm happy with the results so far. Happy shooting.
  3. Pressure gauge, don't know sorry apart from is the gauge OK after being sat 5 years? Regulator, all the advice I've been given (I have an MPR 400) is don't bother they don't need one and they can be a right swine to set up. Find the sweet spot and fill to that. It'll give you plenty of shots either hunting or target shooting.
  4. Mr.C

    Cheap side by side

    As the advertiser I assume so too although no one has let me know. Maybe I should have put them in the private sales thread. They're not mine to sell though. Oh well they may well just get chopped up.
  5. Welcome indeed. I look forward to reading further posts regarding adventures of a Bisley scorer.
  6. HFT is all I use the air rifle for, most Sundays. Sounds like a great location but it's 5.5 hrs from my house! Might have make a weekend of it.
  7. Mr.C

    Gun cabinets

    Ah South Coast, bit of a trek. Good luck.
  8. Mr.C

    Gun cabinets

    Where abouts in the country are you?
  9. Same actually, on my phone it looks banana yellow. I could still live with it if it came with the rest of the gun. Yet to shoot an exposed hammer gun and that's a very actractive example
  10. Yet again impressed with Sussex firearms Dept. Dropped variation in post box Monday, licence on the mat Friday morning. Apologies if this has members in less efficient areas spitting feathers.
  11. I have the HL ones and they are vgood. I tend to feel it clonk the comb unless the right one sits high enough. About the only drawback. I use them with the cheap squashy ear plugs and find that will dampen a 308 to acceptable levels. Battery life is good too which is a bonus.
  12. Still have a slot and will scratch that itch before too long.
  13. Is it converted or is it still .303? They do indeed kick like really annoyed mule although I never know if it's exacerbated by the short lop. Does it shoot straight? Does it have matching numbers? Looks very nice indeed, congratulations
  14. Mr.C

    Garden Plinking

    Wonder if our American cousins are reading this. 😕 They'll be banning Spud guns and water pistols next.
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