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  1. Mr.C

    Heads up

    the ones at my lidl looked like they'd been made by a halucinating drunk wearing boxing gloves
  2. Ditto, same as @spandit 600. 150 does seem very low considering target shooting, I can easily go through a box in an evening and 100+ in an afternoon. Thankfully I can top up at my club
  3. So are you using molyslip on the piston seal and the cylinder? Used graphite in my Rem but considering stripping it back down and using molyslip instead of the graphite powder. It's still low on power but to be fair its not had a great deal of lead through it since.
  4. What a little gem! Is there a name on it anywhere?
  5. Decide on a safe place that you can store cartridges as even if you don't intend to buy and keep any in your house, yet, you will be entitled to do so when your SGC is granted.
  6. Mr.C

    White deer

    Thanks for the replys, a first for me.
  7. Mr.C

    White deer

    Just seen one from the train, cream coloured rather than white but all over, just plain no other markings. Any ideas? Guessing about a meter at the shoulder, not small by any means? Woodland north Sussex.
  8. That's a very reasonable price for a quality rifle and bob on accurate to boot. Best of luck with the sale
  9. All that said it'll be immensely satisfying to get it running well. I still want to know the reason it had no puff. Not all Chinese guns are made equal, just some are less equal than others.
  10. This. You could luck out and get your perfect gun with the Miroku but chances are you'll want to change after 6 months. Or before
  11. Just to illustrate, can I get the flat end of the cocking lug on the striker built up or will it distort it. Welding is not my thing.
  12. I'll check, not sure if thats possible. Thanks
  13. Dear PW I have one of the above, bought for a pittance from my club, that I use for prone shooting. I've been getting the occasional click, lift the bolt and re-cock and it fires the round. The striker runs the length of the bolt with the bolt handle cam operating on the end of a long lug on the striker. I've cleaned crud out of the assembly but have noticed that either several mm has worn off the cocking lug or someone has "eased" it for smoother cocking. Question Can anything be added to the end of the cocking lug on the striker to return it to it's original shape? This would mean the striker would be further tensioned against its spring giving a better strike and also allow the safety lever on the back of the bolt to function. Recon its about 3 or 4mm shy as it stands. Thanks Mr.C
  14. Just buy the Air arms S200 if you want a light accurate reliable pcp.
  15. Was thinking the same, if it likes them buy a sleeve of the same batch.
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