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  1. Mr.C

    22 in HFT

    Cheers, will find some light weight pellets.
  2. Mr.C

    22 in HFT

    Anyone tried 22 in hft? I'm currently going round in circles in chair gun looking for a usable zero. 8x mag and whichever sportsmatch mounts will work best. Ta
  3. Is what I have a costs me £5 for a top up locally.
  4. RIP Hawkeye Condolences to all who knew him.
  5. @Smokersmith do you find the rubber comb "quieter"? I recon I get less headaches
  6. 4 hours and no one has told you to buy a bigger cabinet, what is this forum coming to........ 🙄
  7. I have a rubber comb on mine that has a suede style finish. It has been sanded with a coarse abrasive. It's very comfortable to use and you don't slip around on it. Just saying.
  8. Just ordered one so sorted now thanks.
  9. Clue is in the title, legally compliant BP storage box needed. 2,4,6 compartment, what have you got?
  10. And location, not obvious on a mobile.
  11. That's a very good price for a very nice looking mk2. Good luck with the sale.
  12. Mr.C


    After many many years of close up detailed work my eyes are quite long sighted, +3.5 needed for arms length work. Are there any solutions to the problem of open sight shooting, specifically a Lee Enfield smle 303. I know the brain does amazing things as far as pulling the target into focus but I need quite a strong diopter to cope with focusing with the rear sight. Not shooting the gun is not an option. Thanks
  13. Arrived safely today, many thanks.
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