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  1. So.... After all of the above in late November I tripped over a gun that I just had to buy. It was in a local tackle shop which also sold air rifles and a few 2nd hand guns. I understand the commission sale was due to the owner not being able to shoot any more. Anyway - the gun ia a 12g Remington 11-87 Premier Skeet with lovely wood and in near brand new condition even though it is 30 odd years old. Could resist. I managed to shoot it twice before lockdown and it didn't disappoint. As it is quite old I am assuming the recoil spring and gas seal etc are possibly 'tired' so
  2. I have a Teague black extended choke, in fact 2 of them. Not sure how much they are worth 2nd hand. They have not had much use. I also have 2 x Teague skeet chokes as well if you are interested
  3. Hmmm I have 4 guns and 4 different manufacturers, each for a different purpose and each have very good reputations. On balance not my new Browning, the Mossy or the Affinity. I'd say my old Remmy 11-87 Premier just because it's a tad different
  4. Out of interest what is the swing like on the A5, is it front end heavy and has a smooth swing or is it quite light and whippy if you know what I mean?
  5. That was sooooo good. I remember buying the album, going home and listening to it on headphones start to finish .... fantastic and still is
  6. After a huge amount of research and help on this forum I think I have decided on either a 2nd hand Maxus or SX4 or maybe a new SX4
  7. Have a look here, is this the one https://www.gmk.co.uk/browse/franchi/shotguns/semi-auto https://www.gmk.co.uk/product/affinity-select/796
  8. 🤣 If I get one it would probably be one with wood
  9. I have shot SX3, SX4 and have an Affinity. The SX's are very similar to shoot and I would have either one any day as well as the Affinity. The SX's to me seem to have a lighter swing, more like a wand, the Affinity has a slightly front end feel the steadies your swing and tracks longer targets better. I have shot them all at skeet and they all perform very well, but i feel you have to work a tad harder on the swing with the SX's. The Affinity stays very clean and really only needs to have the barrel pulled though even after 100+ cartridges. I only strip clean it occasionally or
  10. Westley - thanks, so much food for thought
  11. Thanks for the above, shame I can't buy new wood for the Affinity. Over in the thread called "Cheap first semi auto advice" the comments echoed some of my previous thoughts. Instead of spending a fair bit on a new gun could I find an older good condition gun with some nice wood on it. Think I need to explore this a tad further. My only concern is the LOP as I am tall with very long arms and older semi's seem to have short stocks and higher combs without any adjustment apart from adding a butt spacer
  12. Thanks, I am thinking of getting either a new something or an older Beretta.
  13. Slightly OT - I have heard that the 303's are good guns but what about the 302? Can they both shoot 28gram clay loads without issue?
  14. To be honest I actually have a Franchi Affinity all in black and I really enjoy shooting it. I just felt like getting a gun with wood, i'd keep the Affinity. This thread is making me really think hard on why I want another gun!! I have regularly hit 23 or 24 on skeet using the Affinity. But there are so many guns out there to try...........................🙄
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