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  1. Out of interest what is the swing like on the A5, is it front end heavy and has a smooth swing or is it quite light and whippy if you know what I mean?
  2. That was sooooo good. I remember buying the album, going home and listening to it on headphones start to finish .... fantastic and still is
  3. After a huge amount of research and help on this forum I think I have decided on either a 2nd hand Maxus or SX4 or maybe a new SX4
  4. Have a look here, is this the one https://www.gmk.co.uk/browse/franchi/shotguns/semi-auto https://www.gmk.co.uk/product/affinity-select/796
  5. 🤣 If I get one it would probably be one with wood
  6. which Maxus did you buy?
  7. I have shot SX3, SX4 and have an Affinity. The SX's are very similar to shoot and I would have either one any day as well as the Affinity. The SX's to me seem to have a lighter swing, more like a wand, the Affinity has a slightly front end feel the steadies your swing and tracks longer targets better. I have shot them all at skeet and they all perform very well, but i feel you have to work a tad harder on the swing with the SX's. The Affinity stays very clean and really only needs to have the barrel pulled though even after 100+ cartridges. I only strip clean it occasionally or
  8. Westley - thanks, so much food for thought
  9. Thanks for the above, shame I can't buy new wood for the Affinity. Over in the thread called "Cheap first semi auto advice" the comments echoed some of my previous thoughts. Instead of spending a fair bit on a new gun could I find an older good condition gun with some nice wood on it. Think I need to explore this a tad further. My only concern is the LOP as I am tall with very long arms and older semi's seem to have short stocks and higher combs without any adjustment apart from adding a butt spacer
  10. Thanks, I am thinking of getting either a new something or an older Beretta.
  11. Slightly OT - I have heard that the 303's are good guns but what about the 302? Can they both shoot 28gram clay loads without issue?
  12. To be honest I actually have a Franchi Affinity all in black and I really enjoy shooting it. I just felt like getting a gun with wood, i'd keep the Affinity. This thread is making me really think hard on why I want another gun!! I have regularly hit 23 or 24 on skeet using the Affinity. But there are so many guns out there to try...........................🙄
  13. I had a Urika 391 a few years ago and couldn't hit a barn door with it, as it was 2nd hand i managed to trade it back for the same money and bought a Remy 11-87 which I liked until the mag tube cracked off the receiver. Like the sound of the Supersport, just not too sure about fake carbon fibre though. Same thoughts about the Maxus Sport in carbon as well.
  14. Do you use the A400 for game or clays, or both? Interested to know what it is like for sporting clays Thanks
  15. Thanks for the advice, i really need to try an few once lockdown allows
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