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  1. we are both over 6.2 - i'm over 16 stone and my [little boy 😁] son who still plays rugby has to be nearer 19 stone
  2. I'd love one - but too big. Jumped in one with my son and went to shut the doors and bashed shoulders together and against the doors. Big as in both over 6foot and built like rudgy props! Even Defenders are tight against the shoulder but I have forced myself to own 3 of them. Just wish they made a bigger Jimny, I'm sure there is a market for one
  3. This is an extract from my Miroku manual:
  4. Auto all day long I have have undertaken professional training for serious off road and auto is by far the best in all conditions with modern electronics, hill descent control, locking diffs etc. Having regularly driven on really rough terrain, snow, soggy tracks and wet fields I feel that you get better overall control with an auto and you never have the risk of traction loss if you need to change gear in a manual which can cause loss of momentum. Looking at trucks of these 3 my choice in order would be Navarra, L200, Toyota Hilux. I have not driven the Amorak off road, but it should be good. I actually converted one of my Defenders to an auto! Awesome vehicle. I have also owned 6 other Defenders, Freelanders, Discovery, Range Rover etc The overall key is skill level and tyre choice which will keep you moving
  5. Mossberg - I have one and it is very reliable and feels indestructable A freind has the SXP and although it shoots well he has had some reliability issues with it.
  6. I have had 3 attempted scam calls from HMRC saying there is warrant out for me unless I pay arrears - can I give them my bank details and then they will tell me how much if I press 1 on they keys - er NO Be careful peeps
  7. B391

    Elizabeth is Missing

    Having a 93 yr old living with me there a numerous similarities in many ways. It was very good.
  8. and the IT industry, Openreach do a huge amount of network and telecoms cabling for most industries and they are stretched enough, This would be horrendous for everyone. Most data centres and IP based companies have diverse routing of at least 2 of the companies they want to nationalise, massive disasters waiting to happen if they get in
  9. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 😬 How can you....yucky stuff what's left fry it up with mash - lovely
  10. could I suggest a glove might be the easier solution. my first 725 only came with one trigger and 2 empty spaces as well,
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    Order Order

    he did say the 31st October would be his last day as Speaker
  12. B391


    Is it me or are there more acorns than usual this year. There seem to be masses of them around here, Sussex
  13. Don't worry about that. Everyone has to learn and in my experience shooters are usually quite relaxed..... unless it is s major comp.!!
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