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    Is it me or are there more acorns than usual this year. There seem to be masses of them around here, Sussex
  2. Don't worry about that. Everyone has to learn and in my experience shooters are usually quite relaxed..... unless it is s major comp.!!
  3. JJ's is near Dartford, just south of Bluewater, I have been there solo and at Dartford as well. No issues at all. Usually joined a group for sporting or squad on trap or skeet. They have always been very welcoming. I have now moved away from that area and when I started shooting at my new location solo I met some more very nice people and now shoot with regualr friends. Just get out there and enjoy
  4. Personally I never seem to suffer from recoil. I think the Franchi is soft shooting even after a 100. A couple of friends have said the SX is softer but marginally softer.
  5. Personal view - I have shot both a lot and I prefer the Franchi over the SX3/4 but that it my view. Both are really good guns. The Franchi is so easy to clean whereas any gas gun will be dirtier and take longer to clean. I own an Affinity and a Benelli, similar actions and both easy to clean. Personally I prefer a standard to back bore, and as I shoot only fibre.
  6. B391

    Holiday fun

    Had similar fun as you suggested with my sons. Good times. They became so good we used to shoot match sticks off a fence post at 25 yards with iron sights, or try to........ we did hit quite a few.
  7. Just read the Telegraph way to make them, seems straightforward. Does anyone know whether the same nemotodes are the same ones that work on chafer grubs and leatherjackets? Thanks
  8. A few of my friends have a mixture of SX3 and SX4 some 3 shot and others FAC. They have all been very reliable and having shot them all many times, I am a fan of them.
  9. Hope he gets the guns back. and he might have an interesting conversation with the fire arms officer!
  10. B391


    Have a look here https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/accessories-tyres/92863/all-season-tyre-test-20182019-top-all-weather-tyres-tested Personally I chose Michelin C C as I dont see much snow and the tyres have been great all year round
  11. Mossberg 410 pump lovely little light gun and also fun on the clay gound as well https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/shotguns-silenced/mossberg/pump-action/410-gauge
  12. nearly 10 years ago my watch broke so I went in to a shop and asked to see a mechanical automatic chronometer with a black face and it must be very hard wearing and virtually indestructible. The man walked over to the display cabinet and brought out a Tag Heuer AuqaRacer with a stainless steel bracelet. I wear it all day every day whatever I am doing and that includes mechanics, decorating, gardening etc etc. It still looks great keeps virtually perfect time and never failed me.
  13. I have had mobile phones since the late 80's and they have all had the time on them. I use my very mobile a lot every day but it is a tool and not a time piece, and I am not joined at the hip by my phone so often without it. My watch is an automatic and stays on me 24/7/365 and only swapped for another if I am doing really filthy or potentially damaging work.
  14. that has reminded me to fit my camera..
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