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    it says Lead Shot Only
  2. B391


    My MK60 has a non steel shot stamp on the barrel as it is fixed 1/4 and 3/4. It says lead only. I would take the barrel off and see what stamps are on it Lovely guns
  3. I've had the Michelin CC on 2 vehicles and the Goodyears on 1 vehicle. I much preferred the drive on the Goodyears but both performed very well in all weather conditions. My main concern on the Michelins was the audible drone above 50mph on some road surfaces.
  4. Thanks for the advice, appreciated
  5. Hi, Please can anyone recommend a product to seal an interior brick wall. I have just had a porch built and we decided to keep the exposed brickwork on the inside. I want to seal to minimise brick dust etc. I was thinking about a wash of PVA but not sure if that is the best solution. Thanks
  6. This might help you https://www.landrovermonthly.co.uk/articles/buying-guides/top-ten-tyres-for-your-land-rover/
  7. So.... After all of the above in late November I tripped over a gun that I just had to buy. It was in a local tackle shop which also sold air rifles and a few 2nd hand guns. I understand the commission sale was due to the owner not being able to shoot any more. Anyway - the gun ia a 12g Remington 11-87 Premier Skeet with lovely wood and in near brand new condition even though it is 30 odd years old. Could resist. I managed to shoot it twice before lockdown and it didn't disappoint. As it is quite old I am assuming the recoil spring and gas seal etc are possibly 'tired' so
  8. I have a Teague black extended choke, in fact 2 of them. Not sure how much they are worth 2nd hand. They have not had much use. I also have 2 x Teague skeet chokes as well if you are interested
  9. Hmmm I have 4 guns and 4 different manufacturers, each for a different purpose and each have very good reputations. On balance not my new Browning, the Mossy or the Affinity. I'd say my old Remmy 11-87 Premier just because it's a tad different
  10. Out of interest what is the swing like on the A5, is it front end heavy and has a smooth swing or is it quite light and whippy if you know what I mean?
  11. That was sooooo good. I remember buying the album, going home and listening to it on headphones start to finish .... fantastic and still is
  12. After a huge amount of research and help on this forum I think I have decided on either a 2nd hand Maxus or SX4 or maybe a new SX4
  13. Have a look here, is this the one https://www.gmk.co.uk/browse/franchi/shotguns/semi-auto https://www.gmk.co.uk/product/affinity-select/796
  14. 🤣 If I get one it would probably be one with wood
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