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  1. Same here, I do have 2 x 1/4 Teague chokes for my 725 but I find I get better results with the DS chokes and importantly I think the Teague chokes are a tad heavier and for me the gun doesn't swing as well - well that's how I perceive it. I'm sticking with the DS chokes and just shoot and enjoy it and I just shoot 2 x 1/4 DS chokes as well, range has never been a problem ..... or the tower!
  2. B391


    this might help give you ideas
  3. https://www.carwow.co.uk/best/best-pickup-trucks have a look here
  4. We have had 2 x Navarra. Both have been very reliable and neither have had chassis problems. The previous model was very good, the current one, 67plate, has been ultra reliable apart from one sensor whoich was a warranty fix The 1st one covered about 100k and the current one is on about 65k. We will either get the same again or maybe a Ford
  5. Awesome. Some years back I did a rolling resto on a 300tdi, but not to the level you are doing. Wish I had never sold it. Excellent work..
  6. This - I was 16 when this was released
  7. B391

    Harry, oh, Harry!

    For a while and then Hollywood will get bored of them and then they will be just another pair of celebs!!
  8. That is very good of you, excellent example of a social conscience
  9. B391

    Lawnmower advice

    I have had the same petrol Honda HR rotostop mulching mower and it has been brilliant and utterly reliable. Starts 1st time every time even after the winter.
  10. B391

    Its Spring

    sun back in the northern hemishpere ☀️
  11. I had a 1.4 turbo auto and with the right tyres on it was awesome. I only sold it regrettably because I needed a bigger car to carry wheel chair etc etc. Now have a 2wd Caravelle. I was very impressed by the Vitara
  12. we are both over 6.2 - i'm over 16 stone and my [little boy 😁] son who still plays rugby has to be nearer 19 stone
  13. I'd love one - but too big. Jumped in one with my son and went to shut the doors and bashed shoulders together and against the doors. Big as in both over 6foot and built like rudgy props! Even Defenders are tight against the shoulder but I have forced myself to own 3 of them. Just wish they made a bigger Jimny, I'm sure there is a market for one
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