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  1. Have alook here and compare with your existing chokes to check what you have http://estore.beretta.com/en-eu/documents/beretta-choke-tubes-guide/
  2. Need to know what it is, the rattly might only be tappets needing adjustment?? Having had 'old' cars I have always favoured Millers but need more info before before a proper suggestion Ford Capri? Triumph Land Rover Jensen Interceptor
  3. The lastest Navarra is very good and has better and softer rear suspention. Son has a 67plate Teckna auto with 50k now on the clock. I would recomend a test drive
  4. I actually agree with you and it is also probably a head thing, a nano second is a long time and I do do as you suggest, mine is an auto and I let it creep an inch or so to make sure the engine is running. My 16 plate auto diesel takes longer to get moving after a stop than my 18 plate petrol auto. I choose to err on the side of caution and switch the system off thus removing any doubt.......or risk however slight
  5. Quick exit from side road across a busy fast road.....the start delay can cause a concern if it slows your exit. That is the main reason I keep mine turned off
  6. My routine is - start engine, switch off the A button and enjoy and smooth stop/no-re-start journey
  7. B391

    Usb memory stick

    I would also store a full copy on a cloud storage - eg, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive etc then you won't loose your music
  8. I have been made redundant 4 times, twice by foreign companies buying my employer and making us all redundant, once because the boss sold the company and retired and the last time because the company moved its operations overseas. **** appens and each time my temporary new job was finding a better new job. Each time I changed industries and each time in the longer run I made more money, gained more qualifications and had a better lifestyle. I looked at each redundancy as an opporunity and sought out better jobs, and I held my head up high and got on with the search for a new job. Last year I managed to retired 3 years early so think on your redundancy as a life experience and an opporunity and make sure you have plenty of PMA......Positive Mental Attitude. Best wishes and good luck
  9. I really liked the 2CV - their main problem today is safety, they fold up really easily 😣
  10. The bottom picture is the one in my opinion. Just don't be tempted by a Toyota PU with a turret on the back
  11. Just been for a shoot this morning and between my Franchi Affinity, about 4 SX3's and a Mossberg we must have shot several hundred cartridges without a single jam or any other issue. I am inclined to think it was a dodgy cartridge. The Benelli/Franchi action is very tried and tested and all the reports I have read indicates that they are very robust and reliable. Hopefully your confidence will be restored in the Franchi.
  12. for a really soft shoot the Winchester SX3 or SX4 might suit you, they are gas but are very reliable. A couple of friends have them and they are awesome guns. The only reason I have not bought one is cleaning the gas parts. After years of Remington and Beretta gas guns I felt like a gun that in relative terms needs less cleaning
  13. Personally I would: a. take it out and put 50 or so through it and see what happens, hopefully all OK, or b. If I have any lingering doubts I would take it back to the RFD for a check and any warranty claims. It is under warranty for 7 years so they should have excellent faith in their product. Hope you get it sorted, says he who is about to buy a Benelli with almost the identical ID system
  14. That is not good. I have a Franchi Affinity One in 12g and shot I think over 10,0000 through it in the last couple of years without any problem. Could it have been a dodgy cartridge, malformed in some way? Otherwise I would put some more through it and see how it goes, the Franchi/Benelli inertia drives are about the \most reliable out there. So lets hope it is a one off.
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