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  1. B391

    Slam Discharge in Semi Auto

    Just been for a shoot this morning and between my Franchi Affinity, about 4 SX3's and a Mossberg we must have shot several hundred cartridges without a single jam or any other issue. I am inclined to think it was a dodgy cartridge. The Benelli/Franchi action is very tried and tested and all the reports I have read indicates that they are very robust and reliable. Hopefully your confidence will be restored in the Franchi.
  2. B391

    Slam Discharge in Semi Auto

    for a really soft shoot the Winchester SX3 or SX4 might suit you, they are gas but are very reliable. A couple of friends have them and they are awesome guns. The only reason I have not bought one is cleaning the gas parts. After years of Remington and Beretta gas guns I felt like a gun that in relative terms needs less cleaning
  3. B391

    Slam Discharge in Semi Auto

    Personally I would: a. take it out and put 50 or so through it and see what happens, hopefully all OK, or b. If I have any lingering doubts I would take it back to the RFD for a check and any warranty claims. It is under warranty for 7 years so they should have excellent faith in their product. Hope you get it sorted, says he who is about to buy a Benelli with almost the identical ID system
  4. B391

    Slam Discharge in Semi Auto

    and welcome
  5. B391

    Slam Discharge in Semi Auto

    That is not good. I have a Franchi Affinity One in 12g and shot I think over 10,0000 through it in the last couple of years without any problem. Could it have been a dodgy cartridge, malformed in some way? Otherwise I would put some more through it and see how it goes, the Franchi/Benelli inertia drives are about the \most reliable out there. So lets hope it is a one off.
  6. B391

    Semi Auto Advise

    Agreed. Mine has been faultless
  7. B391

    Def 200 tdi running problems.

    Before you strip things out check the easy option. On older Defenders the linkage from the heater lever on the dash to the heater box can stretch/slip and you might not get the flaps fully closing to give you max heat. It will be worth checking the cable adjustment on top of the heater box. It worked on my 300tdi so you might have the same issue. Good luck
  8. B391

    Def 200 tdi running problems.

    Nope, it will be white. And when a turbo goes it can be a lot of smoke. Thought I had this problem on a 300tdi thankfully it was just a hose gone Have a YouTube search. There are some examples on there.
  9. B391

    Def 200 tdi running problems.

    As the engine could not get any fuel, or very little the engine was probably sucking in some oil via the turbo seal or vent filter hence the white smoke
  10. B391

    Winter tyres, even on 4WD vehicles.

    I agree with a lots of the above. My Defenders had BFG AT tyres when I changed over to Cooper AT3 it was quite a transformation for the better! My Freelander 2 had Michelin Lattitude Cross tyres that went everywhere summer or winter Our new car is a Kodiaq 4x4 that has Hankook Evo SUV tyres that are very good in the wet/dry and seem very good in muddy tracks so far despite the less than chunky tread. Only had it 3 months so not had a chance to try it out in snow yet but I think it will need All Weathers on it ...... it has 19 inch wheels and ATs are not easy to find .
  11. B391

    7 Seat 4x4

    Interesting so many recommended Jap 4x4's
  12. B391


    followed by an intercooler wind to chill your bones..... sorry, i'll go now 🙄
  13. B391

    At the Farmers Request

    Question - is the amount you shoot making a big difference in the pigeon numbers or are you just taking a few percentage of them? I ask as I often see huge number here in Sussex and wondered how on earth you can shoot enough to make a big difference? Thanks and good shooting
  14. B391

    sad news

    That is sad, but the news is saying Andy Murray giving up tennis is also sad. I do not agree with that, it is an injury and unfortunate for a very wealthy person. Dianne is sad news. Grump over...........
  15. B391

    I'm going vegan

    In my opinion our genetic makeup is omnivourus. We need a variety of foods and that includes meat. I can just about understand a vegitarian who also eats dairy products but a vegan is not natural IMHO