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  1. B391

    I'm going vegan

    In my opinion our genetic makeup is omnivourus. We need a variety of foods and that includes meat. I can just about understand a vegitarian who also eats dairy products but a vegan is not natural IMHO
  2. B391

    Old Hilux Advert

    Brilliant Just sent this link to my son who has a very flash top of the range Navarra that he tends to take golfing and no off roading....
  3. B391

    land rover descovery td5 53plate

  4. B391

    land rover descovery td5 53plate

    also check the wiring connectors, oils can leak into the harness wires and connectors and you will get faults. It is quite an easy and cheap fix if that is the problem. This might help http://www.discovery2.co.uk/Injector_harness.html
  5. B391

    Choke Question

    Agreed, he shoots a B525 and has had the same gun for years. He its quite annoyingly good.
  6. B391

    Choke Question

    This question of chokes is odd. So much debate. I just tend to stick in 1/4 & 1/2 and forget about it. Mind you a friend of mine who is a truly excellent shot just shoots Cyl and Cyl whatever the distance and consistently hits well over 80%
  7. B391

    This years flu jab

    Just had mine done, £10, and was told you get a different vaccine mix depending whether you are over or under 65
  8. B391

    This years flu jab

    Fills me with confidence - got my jab next Tuesday 😞
  9. B391

    Acorns needed

    Wish I had known earlier this year. I moved into an unkemp garden that had literally dozens of 'baby' oak trees growing up through the grass and around the border. Could not give them away so they were all mowed over. I still have quite a few in the borders that are 10 - 30 cm tall, and a few others as well.
  10. B391

    Could Had Been Painful

    I clenched everything when I read that...….. could have been very nasty. 😣
  11. B391

    This years flu jab

    Hope this year is OK, mine is booked for week after next. I dont have time for a sore arm or man flu 🤧
  12. B391

    moving countys

    Very similar, I moved from Kent to Sussex. I just stored my guns at the RFD until the new safe was intsalled. I get my guns back, then called the local firearms officer to arrange a visit and get my cert updated. It was very easy, quick and no problems at all.
  13. B391

    If your looking for a New semi auto

    +1 more for the Affinity. cracking gun
  14. B391

    Land Rover Automatic

    Thankfully none of my Defenders suffered from backlash, despite the upgrades and being driven quite hard. They also did regular proper off road as well. Have you had a look at the following forum. Huge amount of information. http://www.defender2.net/forum/