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  1. Heard a few people blasting away nearby. Birds will be doing about mach 3!
  2. If she doesn't she can always use it to Bury him with 😂
  3. Shes said she's going to make bacon sandwiches in a minute so she definitely wants something! I don't think I've annoyed her yet this morning so hopefully nothing too exciting. I've only just about warmed up from chasing escapee heifers about in the dark last night at work!
  4. Tin sheet off the stable roof. Graciously Mrs BTJ has said I can wait till the winds drop before I put it back on. Very kind of her!
  5. Stick some photos up. The pigeon watch boffins might not know it but there's bound to be someone who could work out what you might need to do.
  6. Surely if an award is for best X and you don't fit into that category you just don't win? You don't shift the goal posts. I genuinely worry for the future generation they're bombarded with so much **** nowadays they don't know if they're a boy, girl or a teapot. The trouble is kids are bombarded with so much stuff and expected to understand adult issues younger and younger and remaining more immature for longer. I remember being 15, I was working a bit, had a girlfriend, school was a piece of cake, life was easy. 15 year old step daughter gets stressed about being stuck in traffic on the way to school because she won't be 10 minutes early. She lives her life in her phone. Nephew was on the verge of a nervous breakdown over his gcse results this time - even though his teachers had marked them and liked him - because he wanted to go to the local 6th form....their criteria is pretty much you have to have a pulse and be able to write your name in pen not wax crayon. Hes going to have a torrid time when he works out he likes boys - everyone else already knows!
  7. We had a new carpet fitted the other week. Bought direct from one of the carpet emporiums - I forget which one because there's only so many shades of beige with pretentious names I can look at before in zone out. The fitter it a self employed chap that has a contract with them to fit their carpets. He got talking to Mrs BTJ about the prices and what not. Apparently the carpets only have to be listed at RRP for a minimum of 6 weeks and can then perpetually be on sale for the rest of the commercial life of that carpet. I'd imagine its the same for most retail stuff it has to be at a higher price for 6 weeks before it's discounted even if the BF discount is less than a previous discount such as @Aledslowcooker.
  8. 2019 China man: I'll eat this raw bat dipped in pangolin whats the worse that can happen? 2021 Nasa: Let's play pool with some space rocks minding their own business. What's the worst that can happen? 😂😂
  9. Potentially avoided an accident yesterday! Me and the farmer both had said we were knackered yesterday. Wed just finished dehorning calves and I went to scrape put before coffee time. He always sets the feeder wagon going to mix the silage and corn for the cows and puts it out whilst they're milking after we've had a coffee. I came round the corner to see him climbing off the side of the feeder wagon after fishing something out whilst the pto was turning. I told him to be more careful and he agreed it was because he was tired he didn't think about it.
  10. I've got a 15mm. If you've never used a thermal before it's absolutely incredible. Pick up heat signatures quite a long way out and although you have to work out what it if its a way off you get used to picking up foxes etc. For the money it's very good and without something more advanced (expensive) it's brilliant. I had the unfortunate opportunity to use a new pulsar Helion this autumn for 8 weeks. And to be perfectly honest it knocks the HIK into a cocked hat but it's 2.5X the price! If you're wanting a ratting toy for an air rifle the 15mm is more than enough.
  11. Farmers wife where I do a bit of milking was putting a kick bar on a heifer in the parlour and next thing she knew she was waking up on the floor of the pit. She doesn't know what happened but she ended up in hospital with a nasty concussion and a bog gash in the back of her head. She either slipped or got kicked and fell backwards off the standing ledge 3ft in the air. She was lucky not to catch the ledge on the opposite side. Could have easily been fatal.
  12. I don't get many chances to go game shooting, this was a day from Mrs BTJ's dad, so I try and watch everything I hit or think I ***** so fortunately I watched it all unfolding in slow motion. I was glad I wasn't on the adjacent peg where birds were flying towards where the cars were parked and manage to land one on someone's bonnet 😂
  13. I was on a nice day on Monday first drive I couldn't hit a cows **** with a banjo. Lots of empty cartridges but nothing fell out of the sky. 2nd drive was a much more snap shooting type of drive and more my style and I got my brain in gear and enjoyed myself. 3rd drive I shot a couple of crackers. Stopped for a late elevenses then on to the last drive. They were decent birds and I was back gunning in a dip so they were even higher by the time they got to me. Even an initially average bird was a decent bird by the time it got to me. And they were zooming along. Again I shot a couple of cracking birds including a partridge that was hitching a ride with Jeff Beezos on the way to outer space. Then I shot a hen pheasant coming straight towards me high and fast. Lined up, swung through, 30g of number 5 flew from the end of my 20 bore and made Mrs pheasants acquaintance. Stone dead. Congratulations from my neighbour quickly subsided to look out. She landed stone dead where I would have been stood had I not been watching her and stepped to the left.
  14. The wife had one when I first met her but it was a thin skinned, neurotic, highly bred pedigree dog that wouldn't stand a long walk never mind a good day's work but that bitch looks a cracker! Game as a badger. You shouldn't have much trouble finding her pups a home.
  15. I'm not a hugger! It's coming up to Xmas and there will be hugging and much cheek kissing going around and I just don't like it! I try and position myself out of reach when I sense the impending unwanted physical contact. A good firm hand shake is perfectly acceptable!
  16. Whats your address Mel I'll box it up and send it over to yours so you can give it a lick 😂
  17. Good call but they haven't touched the bale string so far this year. I've had 5 massive ones at home in a week. This is my ground down the road away from home.
  18. Benthejockey

    Rat poo

    Any ideas what Roland has been eating? Found in my hay shed yesterday. We're 150 metres from the nearest house. I've got no poison down, there's no bags of dressed seed closer than half a mile away probably, there's no feed about that I know about that could dye the poo bright red like that!
  19. There was one flying low round her a couple of months back. Very interesting planes.
  20. I'm a couple of years younger than your @Rob85but we were introduced to them by my grandad really. He'd eat any old filth - case and point he blew up a little fridge one Xmas wedging a 30lb turkey into it and then made my gran cook it despite it smelling of electrical fire and burnt plastic, and he ate it and said how nice it was! He used to be friendly with an old boy who ran an abattoir over Stafford way and he'd regularly get phoned up to see if he wanted half of some casualty or other they'd had in. I can remember being probably 6 or 7 and one Saturday morning sitting in the front room with him watching him eat a trotter with tomato sauce and he said I could have one if I wanted it! Straight into the kitchen and grabbed a tepid trotter off the rayburn and a big dollop of tomato sauce. Then on holidays to France we've tried various incarnations of tripe sausages and chittlins 🤮 not my favourite. They still taste a bit like pigs smell! Then as I got older I had a few pigs and we've made pigs head pate (brawn) and potted trotters and I love that sort of thing. I sent 3 pigs off on Monday so hopefully there's a bit of poverty fare to come over the weekend. I can't bear liver and that's 100% my mother's fault. She's a terrible cook and tried to force us to eat liver one day as kids and it was bitter and dark and irony and YUK! But now again being older and wiser and a fairly proficient chef I use hearts, liver and kidney in faggots and even the eldest who is fussy beyond belief will eat a venison meatball as long as its called a meatball not a faggot! Back on topic I used tonhate marmite too but now I like it more than Mrs BTJ and she moans I spread it too thick!
  21. Yeah thats definitely not where we used to go. My bike tyres would have burst long before we got there! And my handle bars would have definitely fallen off.
  22. Is there anyone on here in or close to Shrewsbury with dies etc to reload 270 win? Ammo selection is a bit hit and miss locally I've found. I can get 130gr federal powrshok from Cambers for £36/20 which isn't too upsetting but its strong enough when you're using a few and the last 8 weeks I've shot just over 3 boxes! All my reloading gear is packed away and realistically with my little one being the feral beast she is its better off shut away so she doesn't start building her own bullets for barbie to shoot. I fancy having a look at making up a light for calibre round and a heavier round for not much reason other than I'm interested in how they'd perform. 95gr ballistic tip from a 270 sounds like the big brother of a 58gr vmax out of a 243. The powrshok are possibly a bit hard on soft skinned stuff if you don't hit a bone, I mean I'm really just making excuses I've only had 1 fox argue the toss and that was because it turned out my stock bolts had slackened a little and my accuracy went when using the sticks. Obviously I'll buy the primers, powders and pews and supply the brass I'd just like some guidance and loan of the equipment.
  23. That's not a little lake in Shropshire is it? It looks mightily similar to a lake we got banned off as kids for paying with coppers when we had no other money 😂
  24. The vast majority of the public dont actually care about anything that doesn't affect them. They don't care about hunting or shooting or the environment or being carbon neutral or any of the other bull **** we have rammed down our throat on a daily basis. They believe what they're told by the last person that told them. The biggest threat to country sports is ourselves. Shooters hate Hunters, Hunters hate Shooters, lurcher men are hated by everyone. Shooting is worse in that there's so many factions and none cooperate. We won't ever stick together because "it won't affect me" and the anti brigade will slowly chip away and destroy our way of life and by the time it affects you who thought it wouldn't, it will be too late. I avoid getting involved in the whole hunting debate because feeling always runs too high. But look at the number of convictions for illegal hunting despite the huge scrutiny by the smelly hairy lot. More people are prosecuted for raptor perfection than illegal hunting...so does that mean actually we're all out there shooting golden eagles every Tuesday just for a laugh?
  25. Benthejockey


    Bet its the cleaner unplugged the server to do the hoovering.
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