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  1. Theyre not very user friendly! Plug the batteries in and turn them on. Theres no indicator they're on or working. You'll only know once you check the memory card in a computer. I had one, I've still got it but I never use the bloody thing!
  2. The funny thing is the only people that care about girls riding in races is the media. Maybe when it first came in there was a fuss made by the trainers and other jockeys but nowadays they're just part of the furniture. Go to a point to point at the weekend and you'll see any amount of girls race riding. There wasn't many riding when I was who I'd have told couldn't ride because they were a girl, I quite like my teeth and I might have been a few shirt afterwards! Girls have reached more notoriety on the flat than over fences more quickly because most of the time they can do the lighter weights
  3. There was a kick back against soya being used for animal feed by the coop at the end of last year. What they didn't account for was that a large amount of the soya used in animal feed is by-product from vegan food. After it was pointed to them by a few farmers they quietly dropped the issue!
  4. Ill venture into the garage in a little bit and look up what make and model it is.
  5. All once fired, some will have been tumbled others won't have been. 20 Sako 243 cases 55 Hornady 243 cases 19 Hornady 243 cases PRIMED 17 Winchester 243 cases PRIMED 25 Federal 270 cases 57 Sako 308 cases 15 Sako 308 cases PRIMED 24 PPU 357 mag cases 1 full unopened tub of IMR 4895 2 full unopened boxes of federal Large rifle primers. No idea of value of the empties so let's say 50p a case but open to negotiations especially if you want the lot. Plus p&p. £35 for the powder and £5/box for the primers. The primed cases, pri
  6. I've got a generator in the garage. I very rarely use it although its handy when it comes to pressure washing the cars or jet washing stables where there's no electric. Came to use it the other day and its not kicking out any juice. Not even flicking the gauge to show its making any power. Worse still is I filled it up with fresh petrol before I started trying to use it!!! From what 8 can glean off tinterwebs its likely lost its magnetism because its not been being used. So my question is how hard is it to remagnetise a generator?
  7. They're brilliant machines but very painful even with the safety brake. If the catch a root it can be unpleasant.
  8. As sheep go theyre fairly indestructible. A few years back, possibly the beast from the east I can't remember, a lot of sheep got buried in snow drifts. It took the farmers days to get to them and longer to dig them out. The Herdwicks survived by licking snow and eating lichen and moss off the stone walls they were snowed in beside. So they're one of the toughest sheep going but they're also bred to live up in the lake district and they're not all that respectful of boundaries! Depending where in the southwest you are your mate would be better getting a sheep more suited to his general area. S
  9. @fatchapits a bit big to be desk mounted but maybe you could extend your shed 😉
  10. The organisers are probably bordering on breaking terrorism laws same as the hunt sabs. Even packham could be justifiably be tried under trying to insight civil disobedience and hate speech. Christ if they could try old Trump for insighting the sacking of the capitol for not saying "Don't riot" there's surely bags of scope to take down these other scumbags who are actively insighting violence/criminal damage.
  11. He cashed out partially but still stands to win 50k
  12. Today I was Tb testing and only finished feeding my sheep and cade lambs about 20 mins ago and so didn't get to see one race. I like Cheltenham but there's no horses running lately that bring out my inner fan girl like Kauto Star did. I much prefer Aintree and much preferred riding there even though the big fences have lost some of their allure nowadays.
  13. Depends if you've done steps 1-3 right, you might just smack yourself in the nuts with a blunt lump of steel or slice the old chap right off 😂
  14. 88% I got the minimum release time wrong, I got the game cover/bird seed question wrong and one of the Scottish questions wrong. It took me about 10 minutes whilst I was sat on the toilet.
  15. I can back a trailer but am truly awful at knife sharpening.
  16. Youre going to want a tele handler and a tractor. The tractor for doing the muck spreading, fert spinning, harrowing, topping and silage carting. And the tele handler for doing the heavy lifting and stacking, cleaning out sheds, filling ring feeders etc. Also if its a dirty old beef farm you want to invest time and money in a decent stock handling system. Its always a compromise with what you can afford and what you need but a decent handling system means that Tb testing goes a lot smoother! Getting smacked on the head by the opening lever on a knackered old crush trying to wrestle weanlings t
  17. I know of a abandoned house that I use to live near to, known to the urban explorers lot as Red Dress Manor - Google it for a full tour - where someone drove into the stack yard round the back and took the slate roof off the sheds and nobody questioned it. Needless to say they didn't have permission to acquire said slates!
  18. Joey Carbstrong. Hes a full blown nut case. My 2yr old daughter knows and fully understands we rear animals for meat and I shoot animals for meat. She regularly asks for deer meat for tea. Shes seen dead deer, lambs etc hung up in the shed whilst I skin them but she wouldn't see them shot because she doesn't need to see that. Trouble is he believe so vehemently that he's right there's no arguing with him. Watch the video on YouTube of him talking to a girl in a small abattoir and she's doing her best to explain what they do and how it all works and all he does is question her using progressive
  19. Benthejockey


    "Weve got a saying round here...don't tell me your problems" generally used when someone is moaning.
  20. Oh god no! Have you been talking to my mother?! Her favourite thing is creosote and bitumen, heavy on the bitumen, daubed on really thick making sure she gets it onto gate handles fir good measure. It's really good because its still wet next year when it's time to reapply it.
  21. Got the first cut of the year early last month just to take the top off and hoover up the leaves and then got on it again today just to take the top off it again and mulch any leaves left over. Didnt use the grass bag so it lightly mulched it which should give it some protection from the frost.
  22. ****** otherwise I'd have had the lot
  23. Do you ever get anywhere near Shrewsbury?
  24. I think the power supply can be a bit tricky but if you can get round that you've got a tidy chiller.
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