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  1. The vest now sold to the gent above.
  2. Brand New JACK ORTON olive quilted waistcoat/gilet, size S but it would suit 40" chest; £10 posted.
  3. Bonart Leather Shooting Vest. Condition is "Very Rarely Used". High quality leather shooting vest, 4 cartridge pockets plus 1 large pocket across lower back, quilted lining. Excellent condition. Size XL (aprox 48inch chest). £35 posted.
  4. Yes, it is in VGC; it looks to me now similar to what it looked like when it was new.
  5. Selling a Beretta 12g mobilchoke as shown in the photo; it is improved cylinder (IC), steel proofed, £15 posted.
  6. Hello, I would like to take the silver case, please. I wonder though what does it look like internally? Regards, Mike
  7. I wonder who makes them ... wheer are they made?
  8. Any more opinions on the chokes in question?
  9. Hello, Are the ties all sold?
  10. Hello, Are you prepared to sell single chokes? Mike
  11. Even if we were totally unlocked it might have been a long shot for me to get to Cornwall any time soon ... unles there was a good reason such as a pheasant hunt.
  12. The Eleys are about 2 years old, the Lyalvales are a couple of months old. All shoot as they should; I just sold my 16g gun.
  13. A mixed slab of 6 Eley VIP 6shot, 28gr and 4 Lyalvale Express 6shot, 25gr, all fiber.£60 colelcted/delivered around Lincoln.
  14. Extending offering of 3 slabs (3x250) of 16g, various brands, at a total price of £200.
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