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  1. Dibs85


    This might come in handy next time I loose my cabinet keys!
  2. When I used to live in London there was a family run butchers called kenedy's they only had two shops. No matter how much I bribed the butcher for the recipe he would never give it away! Sadly they are no longer but they were without doubt the best tasting sausages I have ever eaten! I used to drive from Somerset back up there just for those sausages! There Xmas puds were good too!
  3. I would definitely be Interested in that when its up and running! I expect quite a few of us would be I hope it takes off and is successful for you!
  4. Hopefully I can do that wont find out until the interview. It's a lunchtime finish on the Friday as standard so fingers crossed i can do 40-45 during the week and finish Thurs eve!
  5. It's just the way I phrased it, I've been running a ltd company for over ten years. I meant I'd claim the relief, but thanks for the concern. Doing the 45p a mile (for first 10k) i'd have relief of roughly £1600 a month then £900 a month on 25p a mile! or relief on roughly £500 a month for digs plus expenses. financially id be better off driving but i think digs may be the way to go.
  6. Digs it is then Ditchman! Thanks for the replies chaps, I'm off up there on Sunday to drop off my Enfield to get it refurbed so will try it then (I know the traffic will be different). after all the comments I'm thinking if I can smash the hours in Mon to Thurs and try and negotiate Fri off I'll probably get digs. I think driving will get a bit much each day but if the kids miss me too much I can always nip back every once in while.
  7. Did think about that, maybe come back on a weds eve. I would rather not be away from home at all but the money is too good. I have 3 kids and a mrs at home (that i would like to see!). but I spose the upshot is that its only temp and i'll be home every weekend. I'll have to play it by ear and see what the traffic is like. I'm doing it through my own company so i can either claim the mileage or digs off mr taxman! was hoping to see what the general consensus was either driving or digs!
  8. Hi Chaps, Going for a job interview next Monday for a job that is 2 hours drive from my home. I am a contractor so work away quite a lot and have had a lot of contracts close to home (1 hour ish) so getting digs isn't an issue neither is driving. My question is, is it to far to drive 2 hours each way or should i get digs? it's a lot of driving but i know that come half seven in the evening I'll be sat in my digs thinking I could be home by now? it is only a 6 month to a year contract and the money is good,its just its too far to drive and not far enough for digs? what
  9. Hi Again Chaps, I have a couple of guns for sale but it doesn't seem to want to let me post in the guns for sale section. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Cheers
  10. is it easy enough to get guns through the tunnel or on a ferry?
  11. Hi Again Chaps, Can anybody clarify the following for me, after seeing a 22lr barrel liner for sale by Brownells, I imagine it would be a part you would need to show your FAC for, Is this correct? Also as a general question to think about what parts of a gun do you need a licence to buy ie. bolt, Firing pin etc. Cheers
  12. PM sent I'll take them if there still available? Cheers, Ben
  13. Hi Again Chaps, just wondered if anyone has had any rifle/scopes etc dipped in hydrographics? I know that you can get all sorts of flavours but does anyone know if they have a durable finish? thinking about doing a custom Remmy 700 stock but didn't want to put the hydrographics on if flakes/peels etc, or is not durable! Cheers, Ben
  14. Hi Chaps, Sorry if this has been asked before (it probably has but I couldn't find), what is the score if my shotgun certificate is full and i want another gun? do I have to Send my licence off to have the sold ones removed or can i squeeze a gun on the licence somewhere? Thanks, Ben
  15. Hi, I am after preferably a 3/4 gun cabinet with or without top ammo box. Need due to me wanting even more toys and not wanting to sell the old ones. Obviously I can only do local pickup (Somerset) near Yeovil Thanks Ben
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