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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone,I started with the idea of a crossbow but as a couple of you pointed out there is very limited places where you can shoot one so then thought about standard archery., partly as something me and the wife can do together at a cheaper cost than the clays ( It gets quite expensive when there is two of use shooting and only one earning ) and partly as an interest for me. I am more interested in field targets and am not really competitive so would be looking to shoot for fun rather than competition. Do you shoot an arrow or is there another term for it ?
  2. I remember someone at the clay ground I use was making wreaths for charity using old carts I must admit they looked great.Your fridge magnet idea sounds good as well prem1234.
  3. I'm intending to have a go this spring at a spot of Archery with my wife at a local club but I have a few Archery related questions if anyone can answer them it would be appreciated. Here we go ! How does draw weight on a crossbow related to arrow speed compared to a standard bow/ Recurve bow ? Why is it more difficult to shoot a Longbow than a recurve bow ? Is there any aiming devices that can be used with a Bow ? This one will probably sounds daft to anyone who has used a bow. But is there a rest on the bow which holds the arrow in position ? I remember shooting home made bows as a kid and you had to balance the arrow on your hand and then try and shoot . I've seen people using a release on a bow ,once pulled how is this released under tension ? Thanks everyone.
  4. Apart from reloading what other uses do you put your old cartridges to ? I quite often bring a handful home and use them as air rifle targets in the garden when hit they generally jump into the air if I've stood them up so quite reactive, I've also used them on end as a target and on the odd occasion put a primer in and attempted to shoot that . I've also used 20g shells as bar ends on my push bike and I gave some away to a guy who cut them down and used them as wheel nut covers for his car. Come on what else ya got.
  5. Hello all, I'm interested in having a go at reloading with some basic equipment and am at present pricing up how much it would cost to see if it is any where near viable . I've no idea even as a rough idea how much powder each cart will take so of course cannot do the calculation as to what it will cost. So in what range would the amount of powder be ? I'm interested in steel shot 21g in 12g. I'm not expecting it to be any cheaper than buying 12g carts but at the same time do not wish to spend a fortune. Thanks all.
  6. Yes Ultrastu, you information was very useful, much appreciated as is everyone else's.
  7. Another question which I'll keep on here rather than create another thread but are all 12g shotgun primers the same ie: I could reuse any shotgun shell or would I have to make sure they are all the same make.
  8. Thanks all I had thought about the difficulty in cocking but hadn't thought about the affects of the battering the gun would get, I can remember as a teen a friend of mine was into air gunning and had messed with the gun to up the power but wondered how much difference it would have made. He is now dead so might be immune to prosecution !
  9. Thanks all, RWS super field in .22 they are 15.9 grains 1.03 g.
  10. Hello all, I've brought myself a cheap 3-9x40 mildot scope and have a few questions ( at this point I have not had time to use it ) I have no issue zeroing it but wondered about a few other issues, Am I best to zero at round number 10 rather than 12 meters ? ( my max garden length) it has a focus adjustment am I to set this up once or will it need setting each time I alter magnification ? When I adjust magnification will this not alter the amount of offset that the mildots create ? How do I offset this ? The rifle /scope combination will mainly be used in my back garden plinking so will be used in a set, setup but when I finally get to use it at longer distances I would like to at least like to have an idea what I am doing. Thanks all
  11. A bit late to this but Milride has the advantage that you can use it 7 days a week roughly light to dark, and I also find a a complete lack of snobbery whether your using a £20 single shot or £50,000 gun everyone is friendly. When I first started with the wife within the first month I had tried various very expensive guns, muskets ,muzzle loading shotguns and a blunderbuss, .410s 20 gauge , side by sides semi autos, Plus I had plenty of input from other users. The owner is a very attractive young lady who is an excellent shot there's a cafe, fishing lakes and an area for airguns plus compact in the summer. plus a gun/fishing shop. I'm only a user of Milride but other than that have no connection to it. PS Because of the wide spreed of hours you rarely get the situation where you have to wait for a stand for long or have people breathing down you neck waiting behind you which really turned me and the Mrs off when we first started and tried a couple of other local clubs one was trying to get 300+ people through all the stands in about 2 hours. They have skeet, sporting and DTL.
  12. I've just watch a vid from an American chappy who was hunting using a break barrel rifle. I'm just wondering how much foot pound you could realistically get from a break barrel rifle, All the FAC rifles I have seen have been PCPs. so I'm guessing not really much more than our legal limit.
  13. Thanks everyone for the advise, and your point about the size of the mil dots Mice is something I hadn't even thought about.
  14. Thanks for all the replies everyone , I have three 12g under and over guns and thought I may swap a couple of them for something difference .410 ,20g or even a muzzle loading gun. As the cartridges for the .410 or 20 gauge guns are a little more expensive I thought about the possibility of reloading them then looked into it on Youtube and did a little reading and it did come up a few times that the over shot card can cause a hole in the centre of the shot pattern which made me wonder if that is the case how do Manufacturers do it. From what most of you say this is not the case. Thanks again everyone.
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