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  1. Thanks washer boy I searched for ages and found nothing ! You obviously did better than me!
  2. Hello All, I have acquired a Remington Pest Controller rifle which I wish to purchase a set of tele sights but am not sure of the sight rail size , has anyone any info. Thanks all
  3. I contacted Peter Dyson (as surgested by Gordon R) and have sent the broken pin to him for replicating, about the £15 mark so not a bad result really. I have better quality guns but enjoy using this one the most plus I'll now have an extra connection with it as I've put some effort into it.Chears all.
  4. UPDATE: It was the little dowls holding the pin in now I just need to source a new pin !
  5. O.K I took it apart !! I take it the firing pins are held in by the small metal dowls nearby them on the picture ,what do you think ? Sorry about the naff pictures my phones worse than my gun !!
  6. I only paid £100 for the gun it had been sat as a spare in the chaps collection having had very little use . It was really stiff when I first had it but it loosened off in the end probably why the pin broke ??
  7. Hello All, Went out on the clays today with my trusty (until now) twin trigger o/u, halfway through my gun jammed half open but loaded I tried for 10 mins to reopen it until someone else tried it only for it to open first time (typical) I then noticed it rattling, I gave it a gun shake and the pin fell out . As this was only a cheap gun is it likely to be worth fixing ? Has anyone any idea of the possible range of cost ? forgot to ad its a Acciaio Breda B4 Thanks all
  8. Lenght of pull is 14 1/2 inchs, from what I've read and videos I've looked at this will need to come down to about(ish) 13 1/2 inchs, one inch making 4 inch difference on the thumb to nose measurement.
  9. We did see a coach and booked a lesson for her but as we still had the guns over our shoulders he asked to have a look. The first thing he said was the gun was far too long and the second was that she shoots with one eye closed (I must admit I do this myself) He said she would most likeley be better off with a 20 bore built for a youth. The worst thing is I was given the gun she was using but the gun I brought for her originally is a lot longer (I now use this) yet my local gun shop said it was a good fit. I won't be using them again ! I got her to stand side on with the gun mounted and as it's such an over reach for her she was clearly struggling to hold it on target. her front hand is 5 to 6 inchs back from where I hold it .
  10. Sorry for the confusion the measurement I gave was from the knuckle of her thumb to her nose when she has the gun mounted. This was 7 inchs and I allowed 2 inch as the required distance so 7 minus 2 = 5. Hope that makes sense ? I was going to cut 1/4 ich at a time until I got to the required size.Just over an inch if I listen to what people say ! Someone came up with idea of a 20g gun but all the guns anywhere near my price range seemed to be the same lenght ! As regards adding weight to the stock what sort of amounts are we talking ?
  11. I have an old but fully useable 12g shotgun which I am thinking of cutting the stock on so that my other half can use a gun which is nearer to fitting her ( she presently uses this but with a real bad fit, 5 inch out). As I am a little challenged in ££££ terms this would make more sense than selling it and getting a 20g.The gun has no real value. What do you think ? Is there much difference in recoil from a 12g with 21 gram load to a 20g with a 21gram load ? Thanks for your views
  12. Hello all , I went out to my local club today for the first time and had a great day with some very helpfull and friendley people (Kinver Club). I've only shot in the Garden before at relatively large targets so found it a real but interesting challenge. Just before I left I had the gun tested on a Chrono and it came up as 10.68 ft/lb dead on 3 tests but the two chaps testing it commented that the pellets were really tight in the barrel (SMK Spitfires) my question is , as the ft/lb is calculated by speed and weight If I had better fitting pellets ( some of them were really badley miss shaped and badley cast even to my untrainned eye they had to be chucked) which would travel at higher speeds would this alter the ft/lb of the rifle ? or would it remain exactley the same ? Thanks all.
  13. I'm using a break barrel SMK £35 quid job so super cheap at 5 meters (one end of workshop to the other) hitting the outline of a £1 coin and breaking a collection of Steps/Jason Donavan,Spice Girls and leonna Lewis Cd's I found the other day so at least I'm doing a service to music with it !!
  14. Hello, What sort of distances are shot in Air pistol (.177) Target shooting ? What could I expect from an average Gun and average shooter (Aka rubbish shooter) I've just brought a cheap pistol for a bit of target shooting in my workshop but wondered what a 6lb pistol could do. Cheers all.
  15. I was using some old ( at least 10 years) Markman pellets resonable result over a distance of 10 meters ,I've only shot in my garden so far!
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