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  1. Thanks everyone some good local contacts there, the gun is just a cheap O/u Breda and it is the bottom barrel pin that has broke.
  2. The firing pin on my under over shotgun has broken can anyone recommend any gun smiths who could re manufacturer one ? I posted on here a few years ago the same question when I broke the other firing pin but cannot find the original post or remember the gun smith who sorted that one out other than he was up North in Yorkshire.
  3. Thanks everyone, I was given an under over a few years back which I shortened the stock on to make it a better fit for the Mrs, the barrels are fairly long so making it just over the 24 would make it easier for her to handle , I just need to work out what fixed choke it has to work out how pattern would be affected.
  4. Hello all, Can you shorten a shotgun yourself providing you keep within the legal limits ?
  5. Thanks everyone, much appreciated. Once this Covid thing is over I will look further into a local club I have one very close to me in Dudley and a couple of others that aren't too far away, I'm looking for an informal club rather than a competitive club as I have no interest in competitions so will have to see what exactly each club is like.
  6. Hello all, I've been doing a fair amount of Air rifle shooting recently and I'm looking at the possibility of doing some target shooting with a .22 short or LR in the future can anyone advise on the process of doing this which type of guns to go for with the most chance of getting the FAC ? I already have a SGC . Whats the rules on Silencers ? This most likely will be a fair bit into the future as I need to give it a try /join a club. Thanks all for your input
  7. This gun has been amazing fun and at this point has cost me next to nothing to use, the bbs I brought (Umerex) worked out to be a third of the cost of cheap pellets and I've even put a few back through the gun. Using the iron sights I am able to take shotgun cartridges standing on end at 14 meters and about 70% of them end on at the same distance although I was struggling to see the sights properly as they are both black and the background/target were fairly dark .By using a white paint pen to mark the front sight the sight view seems a lot better but I haven't tried shooting yet. The shortnes
  8. I've just tried it in the workshop shooting at used 12g shells with BBs it fired the shotgun shell up in the air went straight though the biscuit tin backstop and ended up embeded in the wood of the door ! The .177 air pistol just put a little bit of a dent in the biscuit tin if I missed the shotgun shell ! It's also a nice length sort of carbine.
  9. I'm always in the right mind but unfortunately my mind is defective !
  10. O.k I came across this on Gun trader within a couple of miles from me, It really appealed to me as it matches the summer dress and pink High heels I like to wear whilst out shooting ( It really does keep people away. I've been having some good plinking fun with it in the garden and the added bonus is it really winds the Mrs up ( Although she did have a go with it) It look like a really cheap version of the Pink Hatsan Escort 20 gauge Mrs Badger had.
  11. Hello all, I'm considering a Daisy red rider BB rifle for a bit of garden plinking has anyone had one or something similar ? I'm interested as my grand kids have shown an interest but cannot handle my full size rifles. cheers
  12. Good news the hammers come down, the bad news is it's embed in next doors Jaguars wind screen and there is a helicopter with police written on it upside down on the grass outside with a hammer shape hole in it ( just remember it's got nothing to do with me ! I wasn't even in)
  13. O.k I tried to hammer the shot shell in and this happened ! The hammer still hasn't come down there is a big hole in my roof and I seem to be missing some fingers all though I've never been good at counting ! please advise ! I'm 51 by the way
  14. That makes total sense Ultrstu So the softness of the lead allows it mold to the barrel as it fires or is pushed in. The gun really is naff I tried shooting an Ali beer can at point blank range and all it did was put a small dent in even his BB gun had more power and actually went through. That said I think it really is a cheap gun and this one had clearly suffered some abuse in the past.Next experiments will be to see if I can get a 12g shell in it.
  15. Woops ! Bruno seems to have anger management issues I hope no one has been daft enough to allow you near guns ! I did try fitting .22 pellets but even with a very big hammer they still wouldn't go in.
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