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  1. First clay pigeon shoot tomorrow with my dad, so the bike can wait
  2. Yamaha is ready for a little run out, no mot needed, as she's now mot & tax exempt 😁
  3. Got my renewal letter from GMP begining of april, ticket runs out in September, I put in my renewal on line on the 17 of april, had visit on the 21st of November to check safe as first renewal, ticket turned up today only took just over 7 months....
  4. G = Greatest O = Of A = All T = Time
  5. I've owned a 612s anodised red action very nice gun to shoot. Only used it on the clays, and would cycle just about anything.
  6. Depending on what size your tyres are. You could try. Michelin pilot road 4 or new 5, both duel compound fantastic grip and good mileage Dunlop roadsmart 3 Metzler 01 which is the new sports tourer Pirellis angel st is good and they do a gt for heavier bikes Bridgestone do the T30 . All the modern tyres are pretty much the same, all duel compound. I'd pick just on personal preference. Michelin are market leaders in the motorcycle tyre market, and I've used mich tyres for years worked in motorcycle tyre industry for 11 years there isn't really any bad tyres out there from the major brands.
  7. Machine mart do a set of brass and steel punches down to some small sizes and there only cheap worth having in your garage
  8. Love watching Moto gp, last track day was at festival of a 1000 bikes, and I got to ride with my childhood hero Kevin schwantz, fantastic. Raced with the straightliners for 10 years with the wife. And did the Guinness worlds fastest wheelie comp at elvington 3 years on the run great fun doing mile long wheelie at 150+. Try and get to the IOM every year road racing is the best
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