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  1. Longman

    Yamaha rd350 ypvs hybrid

    This is my baby.. RD250LC stanstevens stage 3 and dt125 pistons makes it 275cc, modded with yzf125r wheels & swingarm, cagiva mito forks, aprilia caliper & ducati mudguard..
  2. Longman

    Key fob

    +¹ for option4 in Preston he's sorted my renualt key card out, A lot cheaper than renualt..
  3. Longman

    Is it snowing yet

    Noting in Bolton but it's bloody cold!!!
  4. Longman

    Clutchless Gear Changes on Motorcycles

    Pics from the Guinness world fastest wheelie comp..
  5. Longman

    Clutchless Gear Changes on Motorcycles

    Changed the colour just recently and also put a set of RSV Millie 5 spoke brembo wheels in her.. Pics from the Guinness world fastest wheelie comp..
  6. Longman

    Clutchless Gear Changes on Motorcycles

    I'll try and get some pics up for you Matt
  7. Longman

    Clutchless Gear Changes on Motorcycles

    I only use the clutch on my bandit 12 turbo when pulling away I've had the bike 16 years and never replaced the gearbox had an issue with the clutch on the Dyno but it is putting out 250bhp at the back wheel?. But I do use the clutch for down shifts..
  8. Longman

    The walking dead returns

    Me to cannot wait😀
  9. Longman

    Storm Ophelia

    I did see the same just before dinner looked strange with a grey overcast sky with a orange glow coming through the clouds..
  10. Longman

    Motocross wheel re-furb

    Yeh his name is Jeff Holt
  11. Longman

    Motocross wheel re-furb

    GordenR I send all my motorcycle customers that need wheels to be trued or replacement spokes to K B WHEELS, Jeff is his name and he's only in Bolton 01204844204
  12. Longman

    Tx200HC or Prosport mk3

    Just done a swap of one of my shotguns for a TX200. Must say it shoots lovely, and very accurate
  13. Longman

    Hasan Escort MK1 magazine cut off

    1+ for the safety catch
  14. Longman

    Breakdown Recovery Services.

    Been with the AA for around 13 years, and are premium kept going up!! When I phoned to tell them to stick it!! They said that because we had been members for over 10 years they let you have part of your cover foc it's just that they don't tell you!! Ring them and have a word
  15. Longman

    browning choke tubes

    Why waste money on a set of extended chokes when the standard chokes that come with the 525 are fine