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  1. I use a non stick plastic press, have no problems with cleaning. I use Dijon mustard and Worcestershire sauce to bind the burger. Press is useful for stuffed burgers, if I’m having a bbq I do some stuffed burgers with mozzarella and chillies.
  2. Honda, all day long...
  3. I put Austone AST71 tyres on an identical trailer, they were around £54 each,
  4. I spray with Napier Gun cleaner, leave a couple of minutes then pull through a couple of times with a bore snake. My barrels are gleaning and just like new.
  5. My Gran's homemade rice pudding with a skin on top when it came out of the AGA
  6. Had no problems with my 2016 Ranger, the 3.2 litre is a bit thirsty but it's worth it for the low down grunt.
  7. Plus 2 I'll continue with Ranger Wildtraks until Land Rover starts to produce working vehicles again!
  8. 22mpg is not good, I average 27mpg in my 3.2 Auto Ranger with 285 AT tyres.
  9. BFG all day long, if they did the M/T for 18'' rim I would prefer them as they are as good on the road as the A/T but offer more bite off road. Most other brands have weak side walls compared to BFG, have less grip off road and they don't last as long or have the look.
  10. Td5 sounds better, but tdci all round better package.
  11. Mr Muscle oven cleaner works a treat, spray on, leave for 5 minutes and wipe off.
  12. Depends on the age, and what you are using it for. Second hand I'd say the Mitsubishi is better value for money you get more for your money.
  13. Does anyone know if the Duddon Valley Gun Club still exists and if so, who's the point of contact?
  14. To be fair, it was better than I was expecting.
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