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  1. Interested but that’s a fair distance for me. I’ll have a think though
  2. Might be interested in a meetup, if its not too far.
  3. Let me know if you want to sell some of the cartridges I might be interested. I am about 10 mins from you.
  4. Another vote here for the Armsan has one for years and it never gave me any issues.
  5. You’ll learn from that and luckily it didn’t end in tragedy. I remember a time shooting clays on a friends land when when one of the shooters swung his loaded gun across me standing next to him to pick up a crosser, 15 years later I still remember that and shudder at the consequences. It happens and count yourself lucky that all was ok. don’t beat yourself up it will make you anal about safety just like I am after that experience.
  6. Hi all i have a Webley and Scott 920K multichoke and I want to buy a couple of extended chokes for it. They look like top threaded Mobil chokes but I can’t find anywhere to confirm that. Would anyone happen to know if these are indeed just bog standard Mobil chokes or something different?
  7. When I bought a miroku it had a label on the barrel that said “lead shot only” so worth checking that gun is ok for steel.
  8. All the fixtures are published in the CPSA monthly magazine “Pull” so worth joining for that info.
  9. Beretta trap vest for sale size is extra small XS. I bought this for my 12 year old son and he’s now outgrown it. Hardly used with no stains, tears or damage. 30 pounds posted, PayPal only please.
  10. Yep and here in Buckinghamshire field was crawling with them today. No pigeons or corvids though and I wasn’t out for rabbits!
  11. Sold to Mr Tightchoke. thanks all, happy new year!
  12. Hi all i have 3 extended Briley chokes for sale all in Mobil fitment. There are 2 x light modified and 1 x improved cylinder the IC one was only used a couple of times and still has the original plastic tube. looking for 75 quid posted for the lot, PayPal only please.
  13. Seriously most FEO’s are trained to look beyond physical appearance and understand the person rather than the way they look. It’s worth getting some experience though and maybe being an active member of a clay club would help.
  14. Blimey if tattoos were a barrier to getting an SGC or FAC I would be taking up golf!
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