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  1. We replaced ours last year with a Flavel one. Can’t fault it to be honest wasn’t the most expensive but definitely well built.
  2. Wingman

    IPhone 5SE

    Sold to Martyn pending the usual.
  3. Wingman

    IPhone 5SE

    IPhone 5SE in black, unlocked. Good condition but has a small chip on the side which doesn’t affect the screen at all see picture below. 30 pounds including postage and a case
  4. Got an S4 mini you can have for 25 quid if you want it.
  5. Wish I had time to reload can barely find time to go shooting these days. Used to love reloading for my rifles.
  6. I agree my monthly cartridge bill is astronomical with my sons shooting 20 bore and .410 at least my wife and I both shoot 12’s!
  7. Yep they are ridiculously expensive! Bought a slab of 14gram no 6's for my son last weekend best part of 80 quid! Sooner he outgrows the damn thing the better.
  8. Don’t get me wrong my 32” 692 is lovely and handles well but I think my 30” fixed choke 686 just feels lighter and livelier. Would love to find a really nice fixed choke Winchester 101, one day the right one will pop up but still looking!!
  9. I think chokes come into the equation here also especially the additional weight that extended chokes add. As you can see from some of the previous posts to this thread those that have fixed choked gun state that they handle and swing better than those with interchangeable ones. My older fixed choke beretta handles way better than my 692 with its long extended optima chokes and I’ve recently gone back to the factory flush mounts in my 682X which has definitely improved its handling. For me barrel length doesn’t make much of an difference I have guns ranging from 26 inches to 32” it’s all about the handling in my book.
  10. Welcome to PW, no such thing as a daft question here so please feel free to ask anything!
  11. Especially the nice pink eley ambers
  12. Agree with the lighter cartridges my Mrs shoots 21 gram always.
  13. Mrs Wingman has been shooting for a few years originally using a Miroku MK70. She found it quite heavy so I found a Beretta 686 Special that we bought as a stopgap until she found something she really liked. 2 years later she’s still shooting the 686 and doesn’t want to part with it. Was a minter but you can pick them up reasonably so might be worth a look. It’s a 12 bore by the way.
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