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  1. I know there pretty cheap on Ebay but I wondered if someone has a small laser sight that is no longer required for a CO2 Glock 17 Air Pistol? It needs to attach to the rail under the front of the frame.
  2. Mine have been in the loft for the past 5 years no problems at all with rust or condensation damage. Couple of sachets of VP90 and all is well. FEO is happy also.
  3. A choke is a choke I’ve had Teague, Muller and the factory supplied ones in my beretta and I can safely say there is no difference. Even pattern plated them and in actual fact the best were the ones that came with the gun but the difference was marginal. don’t waste your money
  4. Just to add my two pence worth on this topic, my view is that the ATA's make some excellent guns for the money. You can search back on some of my older posts and will see of that I've been considering one the Supersport adjustable models for quite a while no and if it wasnt for a temporary move into rented accommodation while our new build is finished I would have one in my cabinet by now. There is too much of this if its isnt Beretta, Miroku, Browning etc its carp but that just simply isnt true, my gunsmith rates them very highly for the build and overall quality. Like most on here I have made my fair share of purchases of the so called better makes and have ended up with a Perazzi that keeps cracking its forend, a Beretta 692 that failed to eject and Miroku MK70 that didnt fire the bottom barrel. All had to be fixed at additional expense to me (apart from the 692 which GMK fixed for free as it was new). So now as I find myself thinning out my collection what I am keeping are my old Auto-5's a nice Cogswell side by side and the Perazzi MX8 which annoys the hell out of me but I still like it and lastly my Benelli M2. BUT I will get one of the Supersports at some point as I could do with a OU that may not carry a big brand name but does what it should.
  5. No idea at all, its certainly not new.
  6. I have a Benelli M2, Beretta A400 and an Armsan A612. Have to say that the M2 is by far the best auto i have owned mainly due to the ease of cleaning and it fits me better but I love the other two as well. I really cant knock the Armsan have had it a few years now and its been faultless, its my go to gun when its raining as I dont care too much about it. It goes bang every time and things fall out of the sky so works very well in my book! If your sold on an auto and watching the budget I dont think you'll go wrong with the Armsan.
  7. I have a bag of parts for the beretta A302/303 series autoloaders that’s not needed anymore as I have changed my auto to an M2. Includes a trigger mechanism that has been stripped down and a recoil spring (I don’t think it’s new). Looking for 20 quid posted for the lot.
  8. Wingman

    Cheap youths 20b

    The Webley 920K is great my sons had one for the last three years. Junior stocked and he's put hundreds through it and it's never missed a beat, thoroughly recommended.
  9. Had both, still own my Beretta's but they are older ones (682, 686, A303 & A302). Had a few newer ones but have let them go as they just dont seem as solid as the earlier models, that said I do fancy a DT11 Black Edition.
  10. To be honest I have had more problems recently with my higher end guns recently than either of the 2 turkish ones I own (one being the W&S the other a Yildiz .410) so I wouldn't worry about who the actually manufacturer is. A friend of mine who I shoot with uses his ATA SuperSport now all the time and he also has an F3! Tempting, I will have to go and take a look at these new Webleys..
  11. Looks the same as the 920K my son uses. I bought it for him about 3 years ago and I have to say its been faultless not a single problem with it, and it must have had thousands of rounds through it by now. I have used it in the hide a few times (with a slip on stock extender as its junior stocked) but yes I agree I have been very very impressed with the gun. Actually the boy has kind of outgrown it and wants to move up to a 12 bore so reluctantly I may sell it as he has been shooting my Beretta 686 recently but perhaps I'll buy him another W&S in 12 bore and full sized stock!
  12. You did the right thing I have an A302 & A303 both are faultless never fail and cycle everything from 24 grams up.
  13. .410 definitely has a bit of magic for me, there is just something nice about carrying a light gun and a pocket full of cartridges around my permission. Dont have a Webley but find myself pulling out my sons Yildiz OU and sticking on a rubber stock extender quite often. Lovely little gun and have dropped some good range pigeons with it and also the odd squirrel. You got me looking on Guntrader now for a bolt action!
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