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  1. Wingman

    Cartridge storage

    store mine in the loft but keep my cartridge bags full and stored in my wardrobe.
  2. Wingman

    alcohol & gun license

    let’s be honest for a moment here though most of the guys i work with and know well have a couple of pints every night after work. Those that work in our central london office go to the pub nearly every night many of them are shooters and in very senior positions (legal etc). Putting the medical advice to one side for a moment does that constitute “problem” drinking? i don’t know, but i guess it depends on the individual. were too quick to label things these days.
  3. Wingman

    Uberti Navy Other

    they are great fun so much better than those things with fake silencers and wire bits on the back. i used to love my Ruger Old Army proper revolver shooting!
  4. Wingman

    Benelli M2 Essential

    Have to say that my armsan 612 does everything that my m2 did (sold it last year) for a quarter of the price. Autos are only tools as far as I am concerned mainly used for pigeons personally i wouldn't buy another one but each to their own.
  5. Wingman


    I have had an Armsan 612 for six months I bought it as a cheap semi auto for pigeons. I have used it a lot and I have to say I am very impressed. I can’t recall a single time it’s jammed and it consumes all the shells I have put through it including 24 gram clay loads. Build quality is excellent for the price mine is the wood furniture version and the stock is nicely figured and I really like the way the gun handles. My wife has started using it for clays recently and she gets on very well with it. I have had many autos over the years and sold them on after a while (includIng a Benelli M2) but this gun is staying! dont think you can wrong at the price
  6. Wingman

    Perma blue

    Any cold blue won’t give you a permanent finish. You’ll forever be reapplying it.
  7. Wingman

    new to the forum

    Good to meet you, welcome to PW!
  8. Wingman

    Covert a gun from ejector to extractor?

    Have tried a bit of grease on the bite, but will be a little more liberal!
  9. Wingman

    Covert a gun from ejector to extractor?

    Yes the top lever is very stiff to move across when both barrels have been fired, its also a bit "notchy" in other words feels a little rough when operating it. The gun is fairly stiff to open and close but my son can deal with that. I have to say that even I find it quite hard to operate the top lever when 2 carts have been fired (no I am not an 8 stone wimp!!).
  10. Hello guys I bought my son a Webley and Scott 928 recently which he is getting on very well with and improving his scores nicely. The only problem he's having is that the top lever is very stiff to open after both barrels have been fired. I am guessing this is due to the ejectors needing to be cocked when opening the gun. The gun also seems to launch the spent 28 bore cartridges about 20 feet into the air quite a problem as he's still learning how to catch the ejected cartridges! I have seen a few posts on the internet where people have made a change to their gun so it extracts rather than ejects the spent cartridges I wondered if anyone could offer any advice on how I might be able to do this (or is it a gunsmith job?) I would want any change to be temporary as when he's ready I want to reinstate the ejectors. So any tips would be appreciated I think that the Webley and Scott 928 is basically a Yildiz rebadged. Thanks
  11. Wingman


    Actually the Alcione 1 is a nice gun my mate has one and hasn’t had any issues with it for as long as he’s owned it. In fact I have just got back from shooting with him this morning and he did very well.
  12. Wingman

    Cre8 semi auto

    If it’s anything like my A612 it will be excellent. Had mine for a few months now and I can’t think of a single time when it’s jammed or failed to feed. Great guns for a cheap price
  13. Now I am confused from this day forth I shall leave what’s in the gun alone and just enjoy shooting it!
  14. Cheers figgy, I think taking the boy to a pattern plate would be interesting for him so might look into that soon!
  15. Sure is and this was my roundabout way of trying to explain not to worry about the chokes that are in the gun! Best thing I ever did was buy him his own gun as he's now developed real interest in the sport..