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  1. If like mine there's a slight looseness of the trigger group when the gun is assembled I found a small 1 inch square piece of duct tape fixed to the inside of the receiver resolved it. I don't know whether that's a problem with only the 302 which mine is as the magazine cutoff is the main trigger group pin but if yours is the same it works! Also made a shim for a slight bit of play in the forend and that's sorted now as well.
  2. The Pachmayr slip on ones are very good
  3. Thats a good price! I have two Beretta SA's an A302 and A303, my 303 cost me 350 quid and whilst in good condition I wouldnt describe as mint. Cracking autos mate you'll enjoy it when I am at home next I'll have a look in my spares box for chokes I dont have a teague but might have a briley. Is it Mobil chokes?
  4. Hi All This is probably a long shot, but does anyone know where I can get a replacement circlip for my A302? Its what Beretta call the hammer bush retaining spring and fits into the hammer bush in the trigger group (marked in red in the pic). Or better still have one knocking about or even give me some pointers as to how to make one? Mines missing and the result is the trigger is a bit loose.
  5. But the cartridges cost an arm and a leg!
  6. Wingman


    Now let's be clear that's a lovely gun I wish you all the best with it and hope you enjoy it. But for me that wood doesn't look too clever perhaps it's the photo but it does look like transfer wood to me.
  7. Does that actually work? Seen a few crazy rednecks doing it but it looks dodgy!
  8. Been sitting on a slab of gamebore buffalo's 36gram BB pattern horribly but would do ok for invading zombie hordes. Failing that an SMLE .303 would be my choice.
  9. I'll be honest I bought one for my son and it was pretty awful. The bolt jammed regularly and it patterned terribly. Sold it for 20 quid and bought a Webley bolt 410 which was way better.
  10. Bought a Beretta 302 a couple of weeks ago for 250 quid as like you I wanted a cheap auto for pigeons and the odd clay outing. Have to say for a 1980s era gun it's a really nice bit of kit handles well and cycles 28 gram carts perfectly so far.
  11. Wingman


    A MK70 is the gun I regret selling the most of all the guns I've owned. Definitely will get another one at some point.
  12. A little leather shim in the forend housing has worked perfectly it's now rock solid with no play at all.
  13. I am happy to do that Westley when the new one arrives impala59 PM me your details.
  14. Decent gun but as Westward said there have been some issues. I bought a brand new 692 black and went back after about 6 months with ejection problems.
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