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  1. Mossberg Pump Spares

    Happy to split but the forend is laminated wood not platsic.
  2. Mossberg Pump Spares

    Both plastic mate
  3. Pump Club

    Personally I would go 3 inch 26 inch barrel. That's only because I have no use for a 3.5inch chamber gun.
  4. Mossberg Pump Spares

    I need to thin out my collection of spares so selling a few spares for Mossberg 500/600 guns. Two forends One trigger mechanism in perfect order One trigger mechanism stripped (parts not shown on pic but included) 50 pounds posted.
  5. Ok mate just interested what it looks like as might try it myself..
  6. Pump Club

    Your in the wrong place if your expecting us to persuade you not to buy a pump action, of course you NEED a pump and the SXP is a great gun, get it bought. Personally though I wouldn't recommend a pump as your only gun if your planning to shoot clays or game as some grounds and shoots wont like them but you have the mighty Baikal to resolve that issue. Frankly I haven't found anything that I cant use my pump action for, that is perhaps apart from hitting clays at last months PW pump club shoot - I was utterly rubbish but was me not the gun. I love the SXP and its on my gun bucket list but at the moment a new Supernova beckons. Its black, makes that sound we all love when racking the action and shoots well, what's not to like! Hope my impartial advice has been of great service to you!
  7. Can someone share an example of the letter text they have submitted?
  8. air rifle targets, really nail gun blanks.

    We used to superglue percussion caps to the end of pointed .22 pellets and shoot pigeons and rats with them. Very effective!!
  9. Perazzi MX8 ??.

    Wonderful guns I wouldn’t hesitate at that price. Although mine is an older MT6 it’s by far the best gun I have owned. As others have said though I have paid to have it fitted, wood refinished and springs upgraded to the ones from an MX12 (basically the same gun) probably spent around another 500 quid on it. If I miss anything now I can’t blame the gun and I can’t see I’ll ever sell it! good luck and post pics if you buy it.
  10. Easy hit . Red eye

    Waste of money best bet is take the bead of entirely!
  11. I need to thin out my collection of spares so have a nice stock for a Lanber Sporter up for sale. Comes with stock bolt and butt plate (original) in good condition. There are no cracks or dents and it's got some nice figuring. £45.00 - posted
  12. Pump Club

    I could keep both but need to thin my collection out a bit to be honest! I just won't use both pumps and would rather the Mossy goes to someone that can enjoy it!
  13. Pump Club

    Decided I want to upgrade my Mossberg after handling a Benelli Supernova today so if anyone is interested I'll be putting it up for sale. Thought I would offer the members of pump club first before sticking it on gunwatch (hope I am not breaking any rules!) Package will include Mossberg 600AT 2 Barrels, 30 inch CLECT and 25 inch fixed choke, Mossberg heatshield (IC I think) both spotless Various bits and bobs, 3 forends brand new trigger mechanism other things I have bough from Brownells and not used. PM if interested.