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  1. 28 gauge hull hi pheasant carts

    Is Dave decides he doesn’t want them can I have second dibs please?
  2. Does gun buying ever stop?

    It does when you realise that despite owning 6 guns you only ever shoot 1 or 2. Well that’s my case anyway.
  3. Clay Shooting Holidays or Hotels

    Have to say the white horse in chilgrove is top of the list. Spoke to them today amazingly helpful we’re booking for later this year. Can’t wait!
  4. KOFS Shotguns

    Yep agreed, I want to look at a 28 bore for the Mrs so keen to hear from any current owners. Must admit the Webley and Scott 928 or Yildiz were on the list also but these look well worth a look at.
  5. KOFS Shotguns

    Seems to get a pretty good review here.... https://www.gunmart.net/gun-reviews/shotguns/over-and-under-shotgun/kofs-sceptre-sxe
  6. 28" or 30" Barrels

    In 30 years of shooting I have never really been able to notice a huge difference it certainly doesn’t seem to make any difference to my shooting. I have a perazzi with 28 inch tubes and my pigeon gun (a lanber) has 30’s. couldn’t even tell you the barrel length on my other 3 don’t think it matters. More important is gun fit and the overall feel. Good luck welcome back to the sport!
  7. Clay Shooting Holidays or Hotels

    Thanks for this really useful info, I now have a good list of venues to look into. Like the look of the White Horse, going to give them a call for sure!
  8. KOFS Shotguns

    Can you summarise the report, be interesting to understand what was said.
  9. KOFS Shotguns

    Good advice thanks was quite sceptical to be honest.
  10. Clay Shooting Holidays or Hotels

    Brilliant thanks for the advice guys much appreciated. Will look into these options now.
  11. KOFS Shotguns

    Interested in this also as I am thinking of a 28 bore or 20 for the Mrs...
  12. Hi Guys My wife is getting quite into clay shooting now, and we were talking about trying to find a nice hotel that offers a decent clay shooting option. Seems to be loads for the stag and hen do' brigade or just casual have-a-go but we wanted something a little more challenging. Wondered if anyone on here had come across any they would recommend or perhaps any other ideas for a shooting orientated break? Thank for any comments!
  13. Schoffel ???.

    They are superb I have a shooting coat from them. Makes my Barbour gear feel very cheap. As has been said keep an eye on the sales I bought mine for a very good discount still cost 350 quid though.
  14. Motorcycle test

    I did direct access years ago also on a 600. Be careful with the slow riding and turning around in the road (curb to curb) I failed the first time on this point as I put my foot down during the turn and managed to stall the bike! As long as you look at where you are intending to go rather than the front wheel or road directly in front of it you will be fine. Passed second time and went out and bought a shiny red Kawasaki ZX-9R, and spent many years of exhilarating riding, but alas I am now bikeless :( And remember heavy left foot, I dont know if they fail you if you drop your right foot first might be worth checking with your instructor Good luck mate!
  15. 20 bore patterns better than 12?

    20 doesn't inherently pattern better than 12, its down to the cartridge and gun combination. I have patterned my Perazzi with a number of cartridges and found the best ones for each given scenario (ie. clay or game). I had a 20 for years and didnt notice it killing any better than my 12.