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    Thing is they don’t say what constriction they are machined to whether that is an issue or not i don’t know but was on my mind after I bought some.
  2. Pretty sure it’s varnished. I have a browning auto 5 from 1962 that’s got a hard shiny finish very hardwearing but shines like a shiny thing in the field. Keep thinking about getting it stripped and refinished but don’t want to change the original look. I’ll post some pics up when I get home to see if it’s the same.
  3. Tried different cartridges? I had a Miroku that did the same thing, hated Power Reds and Power Blues but worked perfectly with Eley Olympic Blues. Having said that if its brand new it shoudnt be fussy so I agree I would take it back for a refund or exchange.
  4. Thanks Chaps, as I said not my gun but the owner is very happy with it!
  5. An interesting question indeed! For me I would rate my overall passion level as 8-9 for clays, have to admit to being quite addicted to clay shooting now after changing my gun and seeing my scores progressing. Its helped by the fact that my son has also really taken to it so I enjoy the time he and I spend at the local ground and watching him develop his skills. Up until a year or so ago I would have answered this question differently, and said that my main interest is pigeon and rough shooting I would now rate this no higher than a 3. This is down to the shambolic situation around the general license and the growing negative public opinion around hunting. I feel like shooting sports in the UK are facing a slow death, the constant changes in the licensing process are gradually chipping away at our sport. Things like shooting being dropped from the commonwealth games all serve to alienate us and our sport even word that Sainsburys are stopping selling shooting magazines all serve to push us further into the margins (I cant remember where I read this but am sure its true!). Of course none of this is helped by the ineffectiveness of the shooting bodies and the uncontrolled hyperbole from the likes of Packham changing public opinion.
  6. Thought so figgy he didn’t go out with it today so I’ll leave him to it and wait to hear if it’s not working as it should. Thanks for the the response.
  7. All I can say is it’s probably best to check with your local firearms officer for the definitive answer. I am going back a bit so quite likely things may have changed. Best be safe so you don’t fall foul of the law.
  8. Definitely fine. I’ve used my mates .308 and 6.5 on land that he has full permission over.
  9. Have to say for 200 quid it’s seems really nice for the money and well built. The barrel selector thing is a bit odd though as we can’t get it to fire with snap caps if it’s selected on the top barrel. Bottom one is fine I am assuming it’s probably something to do with an inertia system.
  10. What I thought interesting configuration.
  11. Hi all friend of mine bought a cheap yeoman over under yesterday in lovely condition. Just noticed a button on the trigger anyone know what it’s for?
  12. Briley will make you chokes if they dont already stock them.
  13. Used to get this alot when I lived in Surrey and had my FAC. On a number of occasions the FEO would turn up unannounced to check my security. In the last 10 years of holding an SGC in Thames Valley its never happened though.
  14. I agree with Lloyd90, I have 3 Beretta's a 692 that is a couple of years old, a 682X Trap from the early 90's and a mid 80's S686 Special. I have had issues with the 692 including a failed ejector and lower barrel not always firing. In fairness both were fixed for free by the dealer and its been fine since but for a gun that cost around 3 grand I was disappointed. the 686 is my wifes gun and has never missed a beat its in great condition and feels as tight as a new one it cost me around 800 pounds. My jewel in the crown though is my 682X trap, bought from a friend that had probably only used it a few dozen times, its nearly mint. Both of my older Beretta's feel far better made than my new 692 despite being way cheaper the 682X is a big and heavy gun 32" multichoked barrels and a monte carlo stock yet when mounted feels as light as a feather. I also have a Perazzi MT6 that is a lovely gun but even that feels a bit agricultural compared to the 682. If it were me I would look out for a 682 series gun with the older wider receiver (I think they are referred to as pre Graystone in the USA) buy a good one and it will outlast you. Parts are easy to find and cheap (Cole's Gunsmithing in the US are the experts) and can be almost entirely rebuilt to be good as new again.
  15. I have bought loads of different brands over the years but keep going back to Eley Olympic Blues 28G 7.5s. Seem great in all my guns. My son has been shooting Eley Ambers in 20 bore 21gram no8s. He has no problem with them and happily breaks high tower birds that i often miss with them!
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