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  1. Wingman

    Caesar Guerini vs Beretta?

    I have to say if I was faced with that dilemma now it would be CG all day long. As an example my 692 which is probably 3 years old has had 2 problems since I had it, a faulty sticking ejector and a period when it occasionally failed to fire the bottom barrel. Both were fixed by the RFD I bought it from but its just not a gun I have masses of confidence in. Also hearing about problems with Blaser's if I was in the market for a mid range gun I would be looking at CG. Miroku or a SH Perazzi. the 692 hasnt been out of the cabinet for months and nearly all of my "proper" clay shooting is done with my 30 year old Perazzi MT6 which has never missed a beat. Will probably trade it in next year, shame as it was an expensive bit of kit!
  2. Wingman

    Loose action pin on Miroku MK70

    Thanks Gunman. Will whip the stock off and take a look.
  3. Wingman

    690 Black Edition action wear

    Same thing happened to a friends Blaser F16.
  4. Wingman

    Loose action pin on Miroku MK70

    Sounds like a fairly simple diy job assuming the set screw can be accessed just by removing the stock. Has anyone had to do this on their gun? Any pointers as to the process and tools needed?
  5. Wingman

    Loose action pin on Miroku MK70

    Set screw sounds logical, not sure I have time to fix it tonight before tomorrows outing on the pigeons though!
  6. Wingman

    Loose action pin on Miroku MK70

    Thanks Gordon, not entirely sure about using superglue on this gun though, is that the right way to fix it?
  7. Afternoon All I had the good fortune to spend this morning at the local clay ground and managed to shoot a good 150 odd clays with my MK70. As always the gun was faultless unlike my shooting. Whilst cleaning it I noticed a very small amount of play (about 1mm) on one of the pins at the rear of the action, see the picture below the pin in question in marked in red: Not overly concerned about it as the gun works perfectly but I was wondering if anyone can tell me what it is and whether the tiny amount of play needs to be looked into. Cheers All
  8. Wingman

    Prescriptions shooting glasses

    There used to be a specialist shooting opticians on Bisley camp, next door to Fultons. Not sure if its still there, but I remember going in a few times over the years. My latest pair were from an internet site Goggles4U, simple pair of black aviators with brown non reflective lenses. Work perfectly for me and were cheap.
  9. Wingman

    Osmo Hardwax

    Excellent stuff, yes its expensive but the finish is second to none. We have oak worktops in our kitchen and used osmo to seal them, they looked amazing and very hard wearing. Wind forward a couple of years me being a skinflint decided to go over them with some danish oil I had left. They look absolutely **** shiny and horrible and lost the dull sheen the Osmo gave, they will be getting sorted with my power sander and then Osmo once again.
  10. Wingman

    A Cabinet Problem.

    Wasn’t a GDK cabinet was it? There very poor quality and the courier literally threw mine into the front garden Yodel also I think. Was quickly replaced with a 5 gun brattonsound which I picked up from my local RFD.
  11. Wingman

    iPhone 6S Plus - Unlocked

    Now sold, sorry for those that missed out..
  12. Wingman

    iPhone 6S Plus - Unlocked

    Actually just noticed that strongman PM'd first, so have to give him first refusal for some reason I didnt get his PM! PM Sent to Strongman
  13. Wingman

    iPhone 6S Plus - Unlocked

    PM Sent with details Provisionally sold to James!
  14. Wingman

    iPhone 6S Plus - Unlocked

    Hi all Thought I would post this to PW members before I stick it up on Ebay. I have a spare iPhone 6S Plus that is now not being used due to an upgrade, and it will only end up sitting in a draw with my other old phones. Its a 32GB model in space grey and is in very good condition no scratches or damage and comes with the original charger and cable. I have had it since new and its not been used that much being a second phone, the full spec can be found here https://support.apple.com/kb/sp727?locale=en_GB The phone is unlocked so can be used on any network. Looking for £80.00 including postage, PayPal please if anyone is interested.
  15. Wingman

    New auto

    +1 as good as the Benelli M2 I had faultless gun. No point paying more.