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  1. Wingman

    What I learnt today!

    Probably although the shank of the old one snapped off and is still in the hole. Probably a gunsmith job.
  2. Wingman

    What I learnt today!

    Never seen these, where do you get them from?
  3. Wingman

    What I learnt today!

    Definitely seems to have made a difference I’ll try again tomorrow and see if it’s consistent.
  4. Wingman

    What I learnt today!

    Went off for a few hours down an AGL using my Perazzi today. The bead broke off a few weeks ago and I haven’t bothered to replace it I also grabbed a slab of 21G cartridges as my stocks are running low at the moment and these were the only clay loads I had. We’ll have to say I had probably the best round in months! I was hitting some of the more difficult high driven birds but did struggle on one stand which is a super high driven midi. Only chipped one out of the five on this stand. Don’t know why but these light cartridges seemed to smoke the clays I hit more so than my usual 28’s. So I’ve learnt that I don’t need a bead on my gun and won’t be replacing it soon (although it looks a bit rough as the shank snapped off in the hole). I’ll also be using 21’s again for sure. Don’t know if I was just having a good day but these things feel like they made a difference!
  5. Wingman

    Butt pad, sanding to fit

    Now that is a top tip! Never occurred to me to pop down to Timpsons when I need this doing. Thanks
  6. Wingman

    Shotgun snap caps

    Oh no, not this topic again.
  7. Wingman

    Use or pamper

    I also use my Perazzi for most things, pigeons, rough shoots, clays etc. Its been out in all weathers but its the gun I shoot best with and does what it was intended to do. Have a couple of Side by sides that I use if I want something lighter to carry in the fields but the Perazzi is my "main" do it all gun. Have a Beretta 692 that has sat in the safe for the last 6 months but I dont intend of keeping just to keep it nice, its just that I dont really get on with it, will be gone soon!
  8. Wingman

    AyA Yeoman sbs

    Good solid guns from one of the best Spanish makers. Nothing pretty and there intended as working guns but reliable. Where are you? if you PM me I know an RFD thats got a couple in stock at good prices.
  9. Wingman

    Are side by side guns obsolete

    Definitely not obsolete may be not in "trend" at the moment but that makes the market all the better for people like me that love them! I use my SxS for most of my rough shooting and for pigeons, its just so much nicer to carry than my O/U's. Took a while to shoot it well but I am there now, and have 2 of them one that just says "made in Spain" on it and a near mint AYA No4 love em both!
  10. Wingman

    Apple Watch 42MM - Milanese Loop Model

    Sorry TK421 this is now sold!
  11. Dont know whether anyone on here is interested but thought I would post in case. I have a series 2 Apple Watch in stainless steel 42MM case for sale. It has a factory fitted Apple Milanese loop strap (not a cheap Chinese knockoff) and is in perfect condition. It comes with all original boxes and packaging and includes 2 charging cables and an original Apple desk charge as seen on the pic. Selling as I just don't use it and prefer my old school Omega! £125.00 posted
  12. Wingman


    As others have said, there is always a solution. I have had cabinets secured by coach bolts into the rafters in a loft, passed no problems. from you posts you sound a little inexperienced (no offence intended, you've come to the right place!) so as has been mentioned you should seek advice from your FEO before deciding.
  13. Wingman

    Blaser f16 / Benelli 828u.

    +1 for the benelli tried one recently and it was excellent it’s on my shortlist for new gun purchases in 2019. As for the blaser I have heard too many bad reports to invest that amount of money. Friend I shoot with bought a new F3 and he’s had lots of issues failure to eject, logo coming off and bluing wearing thin after only a few months. I have owned Blaser rifles (LRS 2 in 6.5 x 55 SM) and it was amazing but it wouldn’t buy one of their shotguns but that’s just my opinion. Should have said I didn’t notice the recoil on the 828U being anything significant over other guns I own.
  14. Wingman


    We tried one for my son was ok but he couldn't operate the top lever it was so stiff. Bought a webley and Scott 928 which is smooth as butter.
  15. Wingman

    garden gun

    But there completely pointless unless your shooting mice (and then the likelihood of missing is still high).