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  1. Ok drop me a pm and we can sort out paypal info for payment.
  2. iPhone 5SE in arctic white, unmarked in virtually as new condition. Its unlocked to any network and comes with a faux leather case no box though, but has a charging cable. 45 pounds including postage.
  3. .410 is hard enough full stop regardless of the gun. I have used my Yildiz a few times and my hit rate is much less than the 12 bore. Practice is the way to go and try heavier shells the Eley fourlongs seem to do well for me.
  4. Have a look on AliBaba (AliExpress application in iPhone or android) have bought 3 pairs from there they were around 20 quid and the same as the Howard Leights which are Chinese anyway. Turned up with no issues.
  5. What’s a Beretta 525??
  6. I recently took my Beretta 682X trap gun for a longish (about 4 hours) walk around my permission. By the end of the session my arms felt like I had been to the gym but it wasnt too bad to lug around. Wont do it again I dont think, will probably go back to my side by side or 20 bore OU for longer mooches.
  7. i've got these and they are great, I would recommend them for the money. https://www.topgunclothing.co.uk/shooting-glasses?product_id=233
  8. True enough, but the 686 I bought was definitely not tired and is near mint.
  9. Hi there. Whilst I don’t own one I have shot a few of the ATA’s and a mate of mine has just bought one of the Supersports with adjustable comb. I really like them and for the money I think there a better bet than a tired “top brand” gun. The chap I know traded his Miroku 7000 in for his super sport and is extremely happy with it he’s probably put 1000 cartridges through it and hasn’t had any issues. The only thing I don’t like personally on the ATAs I’ve tried is the rather odd roach belly forend. To me it felt bulky and cumbersome but that’s a small point can’t really find much else negative to say about them. I would have bought one for my son who’s about to step up to a 12 bore from his 20 but that forend was just too big for his hands so we ended up with a second hand 686S which suits him. All in all a good buy and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Good luck with it!!
  10. Good shout scully that’s one that pretty high on my list of “wanted” guns.
  11. I would add the Beretta 692 to your list. I have one the black edition with adjustable comb and it’s a great gun. But as said select the one that feels and fits the best to you.
  12. A good Miroku will be a much better option.
  13. Me too I have Perazzi, Beretta and Miroku in the cabinets all of which range from 1980’s to early 2000 but none of them new. They all are supremely reliable the only gun I have had problems with (apart from usual wear and tear related) was my new 682 which as Scully says was probably down to poor QC but was fixed by GMK and has been fine since.
  14. Proper gun fit is key to getting better!
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