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  1. Wingman

    Cheap youths 20b

    The Webley 920K is great my sons had one for the last three years. Junior stocked and he's put hundreds through it and it's never missed a beat, thoroughly recommended.
  2. Had both, still own my Beretta's but they are older ones (682, 686, A303 & A302). Had a few newer ones but have let them go as they just dont seem as solid as the earlier models, that said I do fancy a DT11 Black Edition.
  3. To be honest I have had more problems recently with my higher end guns recently than either of the 2 turkish ones I own (one being the W&S the other a Yildiz .410) so I wouldn't worry about who the actually manufacturer is. A friend of mine who I shoot with uses his ATA SuperSport now all the time and he also has an F3! Tempting, I will have to go and take a look at these new Webleys..
  4. Looks the same as the 920K my son uses. I bought it for him about 3 years ago and I have to say its been faultless not a single problem with it, and it must have had thousands of rounds through it by now. I have used it in the hide a few times (with a slip on stock extender as its junior stocked) but yes I agree I have been very very impressed with the gun. Actually the boy has kind of outgrown it and wants to move up to a 12 bore so reluctantly I may sell it as he has been shooting my Beretta 686 recently but perhaps I'll buy him another W&S in 12 bore and full sized stock!
  5. You did the right thing I have an A302 & A303 both are faultless never fail and cycle everything from 24 grams up.
  6. .410 definitely has a bit of magic for me, there is just something nice about carrying a light gun and a pocket full of cartridges around my permission. Dont have a Webley but find myself pulling out my sons Yildiz OU and sticking on a rubber stock extender quite often. Lovely little gun and have dropped some good range pigeons with it and also the odd squirrel. You got me looking on Guntrader now for a bolt action!
  7. My A303 and A302 wont cycle 65mm carts either, stick 70mm in though and they cycle everything even 70mm 21 gram carts like Eley Ambers all day long. Can you confirm for us what your using?
  8. Which chokes are you using ? (briley, teague etc). I havent found an extended choke that doesnt come a slightly loose over time, apart from my Mullers which I use on my Beretta 682.
  9. Just out of curiosity, why would this happen on a good quality gun? I have been shooting for 35 years and have never experienced this with any of my guns so just interested as to what might cause a rib to become loose?
  10. Great choice, I have one for my youngest and he loves it. I wish I had bought the non ejector though as its really stiff to open and he's been hit in the head a few times by ejected cartridges. Seems like they use the same springs as they do for 12 bores as they seem to fly about 20 feet into the air!!
  11. What you would advise to warm it?
  12. Hi All I want to remove the front blade bead from my Beretta 682X as I find it quite off putting (it shines super bright in sunny weather). I have tried pulling it with pliers and easing it out but cant seem to make it budge. I am nervous about applying to much brute force for fear of damaging the finish on the rib so before I send it to a gunsmith does anyone have any tips or advice on how the darn thing comes out?
  13. Here you go, top one was done with oven cleaner, your call if you want to try it I have read various reports of how successful but mine looks fine...
  14. Oven cleaner in the spray can worked well for me, I think I did a writeup on here a while ago when I did one of my Auto-5's..
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