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  1. Wingman

    Sbs help before I give up and sell it

    I must admit I struggled for months with my SxS, and became frustrated with it. I ended up taking a lesson with the gun and was taught some of the techniques others have mentioned already in this thread. I still dont shoot it as well as my OU but I can hit things with it and it comes me with me sometimes for pigeons or a wander around the fields. I wouldnt give up mate and try and get a lesson with the SxS before you make a decision.
  2. Wingman

    Home made sloe gin

    Making some of this today i have 3/4 bottle of grouse so will use that. Thanks for posting!!
  3. Wingman

    VPN providers

    NordVPN, all you ever need!
  4. Why does it feel that our sport is on a knife edge at the moment?? What with the clear intention for licensing authorities to seek anyway they can to deny renewal or applications based on weak risk assessments, the constant confusion around doctors letter and gradual erosion of shooters rights, I wonder if many of our numbers will simply give the sport up due to the hassle it involves. I have been thinking of buying a high grade shotgun to pass down to my eldest son, but as it stands now who know what the law will look like in ten years time. Its death by a thousand cuts....
  5. Wingman

    Home made sloe gin

    sloe whisky? never tried that what’s the method?
  6. Wingman

    Home made sloe gin

    Easiest thing in the world to make. Just find sloes, add to a decent gin and sweeten with sugar boiled in water. i add a spoon of black treacle and a stick of cinnamon. Turns out amazing (we’ll it has for the last couple of years!). Use a kilner bottle with the flip lock lids like you used to get on grolsch bottles.
  7. Wingman

    Briley Extended IC Beretta Mobil Choke

    Really?? didn’t know that! sorry mods, genuine mistake!
  8. Got a briley extended choke Improved Cylinder in Beretta Mobil fitting going spare. Bought it for my Armsan but prefer something tighter for pigeons so this is spare. Only used twice and still in its original tube packaging. 25 pounds posted (Paypal gift please) or near offer
  9. Wingman

    Packing in booze

    It’s actually not that hard once you get over the first few days. I have given up drinking during the week as i commute to Coventry every day and can’t risk being over the limit the morning after. I have found that even with my only drink at the weekend rule i am drinking much less probably a couple of gin and slimlines on a friday and maybe a few beers saturday. I try and treat sunday as a non drinking day but may have a glass of wine or two with dinner. As other have said I feel sharper and the weight is coming off. Christmas might be a slightly different matter though!
  10. Wingman

    Beretta 692 loose forend

    Thanks for posting this info have to say my 692 has been trouble free since i bought it although it doesn’t get used that much anymore. As for overall quality it doesn’t feel as solid and well balanced as my Perazzi MT6 and i would be very disappointed if it needs tweaking to sort out problems like this. Think i agree with Lloyd90 i would take mine back!
  11. Wingman

    Perazzi mt6 12 gauge

    I have an MT6 and it’s my favourite gun in the cabinet. Use it for game pigeons and clays and the balance and handling is second to none better IMHO that my beretta 692. Would love to see some pics and good luck with the sale!!
  12. Wingman

    Winchester SX3 & SX4

    Worth trying an Armsan if you haven’t already i tried them at the same time as the winchester and thought the handling was better than the SX4. Had mine for best part of a year now and it’s never missed a beat.
  13. Wingman

    TVP Renewal and doctors letter

    Yes share please!
  14. Wingman

    TVP Renewal and doctors letter

    This will be interesting my wife just sent of her first SGC grant application yesterday to TVP. I’ll track the progress and see what happens (probably won’t be posting an update for a few months though!!)
  15. Wingman

    Franchi Budget semi Long recoil 12 gauge

    Yep I agree not seen any of your SXS bargains for ages and I'm in the market for one!