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  1. Still work in the industry latest project is with these https://www.lockheedmartin.com/en-us/products/jassm.html
  2. Funny that! I have just last week bought a Beretta S686 Special, fixed choked at 1/4 & 3/4. What a lovely handling gun and reminds of the Beretta's I had many years ago. Traded in a Miroku MK70 Multi Choke with no regrets as I learnt years ago that fiddling with chokes is a total waste of my time. I have 1/4 & 1/4 in my Perazzi all the time and that has seen my right for clays, game, pigeons and the odd round of skeet. I cant even remember what chokes are in my wife's 692, Skeet and 1/4 I think. I would say 100% go for it, the 686 will be a definite upgrade to your Lanber, lovely guns. Only thing I would say is see if you can try it first some are low in the comb, fortunately the one I bought has a sporter stock rather than the field model which feels pretty bang on for me. Be worth finding out the age of the gun, look for the date codes on the bottom of the barrels, (mine is AP 1986 but is near mint)...
  3. Wingman

    GDK cabinets

    So true! Just about to buy a 3rd cabinet as both mine are full and have found another gun I want to buy.
  4. Wingman

    GDK cabinets

    I have one but the lock was really stiff. In fairness to GDK they sorted out the problem and sent me a new lock and some spacer to raise the door slightly. Been in for a couple of years and it’s fine. I have 2 cabinets though the other one a brattonsound and that is clearly much better quality.
  5. That dont make any sense.... If the OP means that they think the destruction of the wad from fibre carts have a positive effect on breaks, then they are on cloud cuckoo land.. Many modern fibre cartridges blow the wads apart Eley Select's are known for this has no bearing on how well they break clays..
  6. I am looking free, so at this point I'll say I am coming also. Presume I'll be ok to bring my son to shoot he's not a novice but doesnt have his own SGC yet (has his own gun though).. That ok with the organisers?
  7. Or an older Beretta something like a 686S but try before you buy to find out what fits you best.
  8. Thanks mate

    1. Wingman

      Easyhit bead

      Yep drop me a PM and we can sort something out
    2. Wingman

      Lanber forend

      Country pursuits in Rickmansworth had one a few months back as I nearly bought it.
    3. Wingman

      Easyhit bead

      I’ve got one I don’t use PM me if your still interested in one.
    4. Wish they fitted me but just can’t get on with berettas.
    5. Always cheaper to buy them by the thousand.
    6. Unless your a top flight shooter being sponsored by a cartridge brand I dont think it makes a difference. I tend to buy whats on offer at the club currently using Eley Select 24G and they smash clays just as well as the more costly brands I have used in the past..
    7. Let’s not ask what chokes he’s using 😀😀
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