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  1. Looks like they Mustafa lot of CNC equipment! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Agreed, I already have two and I dont have the space for any more!
  3. I have heard conflicting views on this, and when I visited the Beretta store in London (which is amazing by the way!) the gunroom manager categorically denied that any Beretta barrels have ever been made by any Turkish manufacturer. I have had a good think about purchasing this ATA SuperSport and whilst I think its a great gun for the money the only way I can do it is to part with something from my collection to free up cabinet space. My main gun is still my Perazzi MT6 and I really dont think that would be a sensible gun to chop in for the ATA and the others are all in regular use... But then again given some of the great reviews, perhaps the ATA could be a viable main clay gun?
  4. Good info thanks for that. I wonder how many people actually use guns like these for all round use, as I said when I shot with it it felt very natural to me. I really liked the parallel comb and higher head position and managed to put in a decent performance although on high fast crossers i really struggled.
  5. Thanks for the comments. I did ask him what the point was, as his 682X is a multi choke so probably still useful as an all round sporter despite the MC stock and step rib, I think it was more of a question out of interest! Actually I have shot the 682X on sporting and did rather well with it, it doesnt feel very much like a trap gun to me!
  6. Hi All Quick one, does anyone happen to know if its possible to swap the barrels between a Beretta S686 Special and a 682X Trap gun? My mate has a 682X 30" tubes multichoke, and is looking at a 686S and we were both wondering if they use the same barrel configuration and can swapped around. Purely academic at this point but I didnt know the answer so thought I would ask!
  7. Thanks to everyone who responded given me lots of great info. I didn’t get a chance to go and pick up the gun on Saturday but still tempted. Think though I’ll try and see if I can try one out somewhere. I do think these look like stonking value guns though!
  8. How old are they? my 11 year old has a yildiz .410 and my 13 year old a 20 bore webley and scott 920K. Both have short junior stocks but replacement full sized ones are cheap when they outgrow them.
  9. No I didn't try and take it out, and if I go back tomorrow I'll ask for a set of snaps to try out the pull. Wonder if anyone on here has any thoughts on the trigger?
  10. I already own 2 Turkish guns, a Yildiz .410 and a Webley & Scott 920K, both used by my sons and they have been spot on, no issues since I bought either of them. But if you compare the ATA to either of these it feels much better, overall fit and finish is excellent and at the end of the day if I can hit things I dont really care if I am using a cheap Turkish gun or my old Perazzi. In fact on that note I had the Perazzi with me at the time (mine is an MT6) and dare I say it but handling both guns side by side the ATA felt better. My MT6 is a bit of a lump quite heavy and although I shoot well with it I dont think its ever fitted me perfectly.
  11. Hi All Went to buy some cartridges today and was chatting to the owner of the RFD and we got onto the topic of cheap vs. expensive guns. He duly whipped out a brand new ATA Supersport apparently a brand new model, with 32" barrels adjustable comb and a piece of walnut that made my Perazzi look like a Baikal! What a lovely handling gun, I have to say I am super impressed with the build quality and handling so much so that the thought crossed my mind to buy it. Well I didn't purchase it then and there, but after handling it for a good 10 mins, I begrudgingly handed it back and asked him to put it to one side until tomorrow so I can have a ponder. So I have 24 hours to do some research and decide what to do, I would be really keen to get any views or comments on people that own ATA shotguns, especially around reliability, robustness etc.I have been after a gun with an adjustable comb and 32" tubes for a while and this really did feel better than its rather small price tag. I guess the only thing holding me back from getting the cash out is a bit of brand snobbery but I can get over that and the fat forend that looks a bit like its carved from a fence post, albeit a very nicely figured walnut one! Any views appreciated guys!
  12. I always keep 1000 clay carts and 500 pigeon carts in stock anyway!
  13. Interested in this also, I have had my Planet Ocean for 13 years and its never been serviced although it runs absolutely perfectly. Last time I looked it was eye wateringly expensive for a coaxial chronometer at about 400 quid!
  14. I had a Blaser LRS2 for a while, although was in 6.5x55 but they come in .308. Topped off with a S&B scope was an amazing rifle. Pricey but worth a look.
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