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  1. Just out of curiosity, why would this happen on a good quality gun? I have been shooting for 35 years and have never experienced this with any of my guns so just interested as to what might cause a rib to become loose?
  2. Great choice, I have one for my youngest and he loves it. I wish I had bought the non ejector though as its really stiff to open and he's been hit in the head a few times by ejected cartridges. Seems like they use the same springs as they do for 12 bores as they seem to fly about 20 feet into the air!!
  3. What you would advise to warm it?
  4. Hi All I want to remove the front blade bead from my Beretta 682X as I find it quite off putting (it shines super bright in sunny weather). I have tried pulling it with pliers and easing it out but cant seem to make it budge. I am nervous about applying to much brute force for fear of damaging the finish on the rib so before I send it to a gunsmith does anyone have any tips or advice on how the darn thing comes out?
  5. Here you go, top one was done with oven cleaner, your call if you want to try it I have read various reports of how successful but mine looks fine...
  6. Oven cleaner in the spray can worked well for me, I think I did a writeup on here a while ago when I did one of my Auto-5's..
  7. Thanks Mick let me know what condition it's in and choke etc.
  8. Bit of a long shot but wondered if anyone has a barrel available for a Beretta A302/A303 Semi Auto? Dont want one with the drop in Mobil choke (as I already have that), so looking for either a fixed choke or normal screw in Mobil multi. Thanks
  9. You just need a cheap one, loads on Ebay
  10. I started my radio career with AM CB back in the 80's so have had dozens of rigs and setups over the years. I now have an amateur radio license so dont dabble in CB these days but stick to operating digital modes on VHF/UHF and of course HF. I did stick a CB in my 4x4 a few years ago as we setup a 4x4 Response crew up in the village when the weather was very bad but dont have one now. Principles are all the same though so feel free to ping me if you want any help setting it up. Did you buy a SWR meter? You'll need one to properly setup the antenna system you can damage the radio if the SWR (standing wave ratio) is too high!
  11. All really helpful information thanks guys.
  12. Yep, done that car is 6 years old so had a few advisories last time and a previous fail due to a damaged tyre and a child seat stopping the tester from being able to test the seatbelt!
  13. Hi All Ok, so I am a bit paranoid it comes with the territory of working for 20 years in Security roles! My wife has seen a car she wants to buy, it looks very straight in nice condition and from a "reputable" used car dealer. The dealer also has a service and MOT department so today they have at our request MOT'd the vehicle and its passed with no advisories. Why am I suspicious?, well surely if a used car dealer has an MOT function then they would have a vested interest in making sure the car passes so it can be sold. So my question is whether the MOT process could be bent in favour of the seller or are there checks and balances in place that make this unlikely? Having not purchased a car for the last 10 years (due to having company vehicles) I am a bit unsure of the process, I remember back in the day stories of bunging the tester a few quid to make sure the car passed! Cheers all, stay safe!
  14. Absolutely you can, I did just that to my Mossberg pump gun, as I wanted something a bit handier for the hide. As long as it stays above the overall legal length your fine, but a word of caution my gunsmith reminded me that extended chokes cant be included in the measurement.
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