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  1. I want to know where around Stoke you've found that many rabbits?? 😂
  2. Thanks for the reply everyone, I will have to see if I have time to make some up. We've tried spraying half decoys matt black but they don't seem to work for us
  3. youngratter

    Crow decoys

    My 10 year old lad wants a bash at the crows, wondering if anyone has some old ones for sale before I have to fork for new ones for him. Thanks Youngratter
  4. Same here, if I wasn't out with a airgun I was out fishing, I was out dawn till dusk most days and often took food out with me so I didn't have to go home until dusk
  5. If you decide to post, my son would have one and I would happily pay postage
  6. She's the best dog i have had, and hope she lasts that long, she's thought me a lot of things over the years! We kept a pup off the litter we had from her and she's an excellent dog too
  7. It's unreal how many children dont get out, or they just get taken to indoor activities. My other lad was at a pony camp thing for 3 days which was all outside with his horse for the 3days in this weather but he still went and enjoyed ever minute of it! Such a same about the generation that is coming up
  8. I managed to get today off which is rare during half term. Me and the 2 lads decided we were having a shooting day, so we got the 12g and 28g and us 3 went and sat in the hide for a couple of hours but there was nothing doing, so we packed and went home for some lunch. Once we had warmed up we got the airguns out and went for a good plinking session. We also got the 10yr old lab out of retirement for the occasion and she loved it
  9. It's ideal for my 10yr old but the 5yr old couldn't reach the trigger so we bought him a gamo hunter junior this afternoon and it's a cracking little starter rifle, he loves it!
  10. 😂 You will certainly lose the hour or two of peace and quiet once he gets the bug being in the hide
  11. It's brilliant, he loves nothing more than sitting in the hide for an hour or two on warm afternoon
  12. Oh he loves being out, he'd be out all day and into the night if we'd let him
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