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  1. stagboy

    Phillip Green

    Well said; the "government" has no money, only ours. And the interesting thing is that no civil servant in a culpable department ever seems to lose their job, let alone their index linked final salary scheme pension - which is, again, funded by taxpayers, most of whom can only dream of such schemes.
  2. stagboy

    Phillip Green

    As so often with corporate bullies, they think their HR policies should apply to everybody except them, and its only when they get publicly exposed that the ordinary employees get their say. Which begs the question|: what were Green's fellow directors doing? Didn't they know what was going on? How far did the cover up go? https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/nov/02/philip-green-allegations-its-not-banter-its-a-climate-of-fear-say-staff
  3. stagboy

    Phillip Green

    Green at a select committee hearing. One has to wonder how he behaves on his own turf, behind closed doors, with subordinates.
  4. stagboy

    Phillip Green

    Bullying is not always a criminal offence - or readily provable even when it is, not least because witnesses are intimidated. But it is wrongdoing all the same. It can be very severe and the victim may be largely defenceless. The people Green was bullying were far, far junior to him and wouldn't have stood a chance in any legal confrontation, for obvious reasons. All big companies have high-minded policies relating to bullying and strict official for the offender: why should the people at the very top - be able to circumvent their own corporate policies (using shareholders money) while applying them to everybody else? Are rules only for "little people"? NDAs do have valid uses, but they should not be used to conceal wrongdoing. Even more evidence about Green (and Bercow, and all the others in position of power who used NDAs improperly...) are coming now every day. It reminds me of the flood that broke re Jimmy Savile - "why didn't anybody speak up if everybody knew?" is the cry. Remember the adage attributed to Burke "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing".
  5. stagboy

    Phillip Green

    I couldn't agree more!
  6. stagboy

    Phillip Green

    It's simple, really: Green paid up (using his shareholders money) in order to conceal his wrongdoing. An NDA is supposed to protect commercial confidentiality and may be part of a normal leaving procedure. Sometimes it is. But in many cases, such as Green's, it was being used repeatedly to conceal grotesque bullying of relatively junior staff (some of the most lurid accounts have emerged from Green's former PA). Such workplace harassment may be an offence, but it is difficult to prove in a legal forum when there is no equality of arms whatsoever. The company has big lawyers, lots of HR lackeys and of course other employees are too scared to come forward with corroborating evidence. Hence the NDA is rolled out to cover up the wrongdoing, and the perpetrator carries on, secure in the knowledge that he can always buy his way out of the legal consequences of his appalling behaviour.
  7. stagboy

    BREXIT - merged threads

    The only entity that wants a hard border within the island of Ireland is the EU high command. Yet who, exactly, is going to actually build and man this border, if it comes to it? Not us. And not the Irish. So, who?
  8. stagboy

    Bird ownership

    I do understand your point, but in this particular case it seems that the keeper doesn't understand the law, so it may be that a credible intermediary might be able to broker an agreement between the two sides. That's all.
  9. stagboy

    Bird ownership

    Might be worth trying to check if the keeper is a member of any org, like the NGO. If he is, then contact them and they might have a word in his shell-like. Likewise if the shoot (or captain) is a member of BASC. I recall a shoot behaving badly with a neighbour in Yorkshire, which regional BASC staff sorted out. Worth a go, anyway.
  10. stagboy

    Mrs. webber R I P

    My condolences.
  11. stagboy

    parking tickets

    I wouldn't pay. At least, not without a fight. It sounds like it's a contractual parking charge notice. I would appeal (they have to tell you how to do this) citing your circumstances, blue badge etc. If this was private land (ie belonging to the hospital, not the local authority) then Parking Eye have no legal authority to actually "fine" you, merely to try and enforce a claim for breach of contract, showing that you would have seen a sign saying you couldn't park there, or couldn't so without payment, or whatever.
  12. stagboy

    Alan Myers

    Maker of big bore guns and cartridges, RFD, etc.
  13. stagboy


    Personally I am in favour of clubs buying land, for all sorts of reasons, and agricultural land prices seem to have levelled off at the moment so the next couple of years could be a good time to invest.