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  1. Unfortunately, the Liddle piece in the SUN was a personal opinion column. So it won't be caught be any complaint about accuracy.
  2. Anybody who persecutes raptors is doing the antis' work for them.
  3. Standard legal disclaimer. You are not allowed to actually profit from an insurance claim (only to be put back to the position you were in before) so if you have multiple cover, the various ins cos may come to a deal between themselves. You won't get multiple payouts for the same claim. But BASC insurance is first resort, so they will take up the claim for you (if eligible) and then later, if necessary, deal with other insurance cos. Some other orgs' cheap policies are last resort - their ins co may want to see all your other policies upfront before even entertaining your claim (if it gets p
  4. Like any org, BASC has its faults. But the sheer side of its membership seems to indicate that it is doing something better than its many competitors. Which isn't to say it couldn't do better, but let's keep some perspective, shall we? In America, the NRA has an estimated 6 per cent of gun owners signed up - and it is currently in turmoil due to internal wrangles. In this country, BASC has about 25 per cent of certificate holders - which is a higher sign-up rate than any other type of sports membership organisation I know of (ie skiing). Its membership seems pretty stable (though is boun
  5. I think that means for the liabilities that are covered, ie accidental injury to a third party. Not legal expenses for challenging your police force for the revocation of a certificate.
  6. The main insurance policy isn't affected, and is just as comprehensive as it always was - and first resort, too, unlike most of the other orgs, which tend to be last resort cheapos. Only the legal expenses add-on is going - something no other fieldsports org offers anyway.
  7. Seriously? BASC insurance is very wide ranging, and first resort, unlike cheaper ones, which will demand to see all your other policies (household, etc) before taking the matter on in the event of a claim. I can't remember when exactly when the legal expenses insurance bit was added, but it was not that long ago. CA, NGO have never had it. Apparently the BASC legal insurance policy was hardly ever used and cost £1 million a year. I reckon that sum could be put to better use for the majority of members.
  8. They already have, in effect. The annual sub has been frozen. Any other orgs doing the same?
  9. They give you a ref number to prove that you have opted out on the stated basis that you have no need for a licence. Of course, they might try to check - but they would have to have good reason to doubt your statement. They will probably contact you again in two years anyway. But if you simply cancel your direct debit, they almost certainly will start writing to you straight away - which can be amusing. Of course, you don't have to answer any of their correspondence, no matter how threatening. If they turn up on your doorstep, you don't have to open the door. If you do speak, don't confir
  10. Follow this link to officially opt out of funding the BBC. Very simple process. https://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/cs/no-licence-needed/about.app
  11. We must defund the BBC. https://twitter.com/defundbbc?lang=en
  12. The symptoms of lead poisoning include irascibility, memory loss, decline in mental function and constipation. (Just saying...)
  13. Can't find this posted before (apologies if it has) but it's a very good (if rather lengthy) listen: https://www.thepacebrothers.com/post/140-the-great-lead-debate-lead-ammunition-toxicity-birds-of-prey-shooting-community
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