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  1. I bought it from a local gun shop A few years ago and they are closed at present due to the lockdown. I have emailed saddlery and gunroom but they can’t help at present due to current circs.
  2. I wondered why my ears bled ever time I shot it!! 😝
  3. Yep, it’s the full length moderator. That’s why I’m so surprised that the barrel hasn’t got any porting holes drilled in it? Very strange!
  4. Thanks for your replies guys. I am going to err on the side of caution and use fibre wads. I am going to use the load data on the Folkestone engineering services (kent) reloading site (John has been a great help 👍). I couldn’t get hold of vectan sp3 but I managed to get ramshot enforcer. There are a couple of loads for this powder with a fibre wad but there are a few more options using plastic. I was interested to see if anyone else had come across the lack of porting on the barrel?? Thanks Jim
  5. Hi everyone, I’m hoping someone can advise me if they are aware of a baikal hushpower 410 single shot shotgun being released without any porting in the barrel 🤔 Ive just unscrewed the outer casing off my suppressor to expose the barrel and discovered there are no porting holes in the barrel at all. It appears to just rely on the baffles in the last 5 - 6” of the suppressor. I’ve just started reloading 410 cartridges and after viewing posts on the fibre or plastic wad debate I thought I’d have a look at the barrel porting but couldn’t find any 😳 Is it later models that d
  6. Hi Deershooter. Thanks for your reply. I'm in Derby (East Midlands). I'm going to order the BPI manual and see what options I have after reading that and then see where I can source the components from. I hope you guys dont mind answering a lot of questions.........!! Jim
  7. Thanks mab1954. That's just the help I needed. I don't want to go and buy a manual and then find its full of data using components I can't get my hands on. Jim
  8. I'm a novice starting out but 'clayandgame' sent me some useful data sheets for 410 cartridges including plastic and fibre wads. They might be able to help. (£1.00/sheet). Jim
  9. Thanks very much for your replies. Is it correct that 99% of cases in the uk are all parallel tube so they can be substituted for cheddite cases for example. Am I being a bit anal restricting myself to cheddite cases. I didn't think compression formed and parallel tube cases could be treated the same. Help. I'm so confused. 😬😬
  10. I totally agree cookoff013. I need to read a book, or maybe even a few books before I even start to think about reloading. In the above posts I've been asking for recommendations on manuals (books) that use uk components with Alliant/Hodgdon powders. Can you recommend any?? Thanks in advance for all your assistance. Jim
  11. That is one of the issues I am having. I've been on the Alliant and Hodgdon websites to look at data using the components available to me. The Alliant data doesnt mention cheddite cases at all and the Hodgdon website only lists x1 load using cheddite cases in 2.5". Thats why I am enquiring if there is a manual out there that lists cheddite (or other easily available cases in the uk) with the powder I can pick up locally (Alliant/Hodgdon). Jim
  12. I live in the midlands and I want to start reloading 410 cartridges for rough shooting. I've been scouring the Internet for info but found that the most of the info relates to American components. I've been looking at the clay&game site but all their info relates to vectan powders. My nearest vectan dealer is approx 2hrs drive away but I can pick up Hodgdon and Alliant powder locally. Can anyone recommend a reloading manual that contains data using components available in the uk (cheddite etc) with American powders!! I will be hand loading so need to use an rto closure. Hope the abo
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