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  1. Cheers mate, ive sent him an email.. hopefully have a reply tomorrow or sometime this week Its much appreciated your help. If only there were more people willing to help instead of jump straight in with negetivity 👍🏻 I honestly dont know why its such a task now to gain permissions. Like ive said previously, i dont know if its the farmers just being extra vigilant or what but its like finding hens teeth now getting a good permission.. or even a bad one at that 😔
  2. Cheers for all the replies lads.. Much appreciated, think ill give john a ring 👍🏻
  3. Cheers Paul. Ill give him a call sometime this week 👍🏻 Its exactly the same where i live. Alot of poaching happens round my way and farmers are reluctant to say yes due to it. Ruins the sport for the genuine shooters. Even when i tell them im Ex Army they still hesitate then decline. Good luck buddy 👍🏻
  4. Anyone know if this site is monitered anymore?? Ive emailed the enquiries address a couple of time but had no reply. Thinking of joining as shooting in the durham/teesside is VERY hard to come by as all farmers/land owners are reluctant to give out permission. Thanks is advance
  5. Brilliant, thanks for the feedback. Looks like ill be joing the team very soon Thanks again hawkfanz
  6. I live in County Durham Figgy mate, ive emailed a few clubs now just waiting for a response ??
  7. Thanks very much mate, ill look into them ??
  8. Really contemplating joining a wildfowling club in the North East within the new season or next if theres room for a new comer? Never tried the sport before but never been one to shy away from new things. My grandad used to do it many moons ago up on the scottish borders and told me about it. Thanks in advance Stu
  9. Is anyone a member of the NPPC on here? Very intrested in joining but thought i would get a members vue first before committing. Thanks Stu
  10. UAfternoon all, Myself, my brother and my 7 year old son are looking to widen our horizans and are looking for land to ferret on. Willing to travel up to 2 hours from County Durham. We do not charge as it is a much loved hobby. Please get in touch if we can be of help. Thanks Stu
  11. Good stuff guys. Glad your getting out .
  12. So guys, with the festive season here, what are your plans for over the holiday period?? I'm looking to shoot at my local, Spennymoor and district clay club on the 20th if I can get the day off work? Anyone else got anything planned over christmas?? ATB Stu
  13. I've only got my lass mate and I wouldn't take her ratting haha only joking I'm looking into getting a dog but haven't decide on what breed as of yet. I'm also not in a position to get a pup yet, Christmas has wiped me out!
  14. Fair point Scutt mate and I have stated that I don't mind traveling at times but all the lads/posts I've seen for people to shoot with all seems to be down south. On another hand I only heard about this forum and another forum yesterday so haven't exactly had time to get my feet under the table as much as others and make 'friends' as of yet. I'm not one for trying to steal peoples perms or anything like that, I'm just a young lad trying to get back into the swing of things and gain experience and help out where I can. as for mid week shoots etc im in the same boat as many others I work mon-fri and most sundays as a nine day fortnight so I only really have a Saturday and a random day every fortnight to persue my hobby.
  15. Its a close circle down here mate, no one gives anything away at all. Its a selective circle. I've been trying always for years but never ever had any luck. Suppose you have to be in with the right crowd and I just cant it unfortunately
  16. stu2309

    How do they do it

    That lads got some stones swinging between them legs, mental
  17. Nothing ever seems to be in the North East area. One day mate one day ha
  18. Hi guys. just putting it out there if any opportunities arise for shooting around the Durham area to point me in the right direction. Any type of shooting, ill give anything a go. Thanks in advance Stu
  19. To be honest mate, I've just bought my first semi, I got a Beretta A400, cant knock it so far. I'm quite a geek when I come to buy things like shotguns, cars etc. and every review I've watched have said there pretty much the best on the market followed extremely closely by the Browning Maxus and the Winchester sx3. always a though but if you like the more conventional style I love the Beretta silver pigeons and also starting to take a liking to the browning b525 recently. I think its all personal preference at the end of the day and what your main quarry/target is.
  20. if you look on the page before this there's a link that takes you into a page where paid shoots are available mate. hope this helps
  21. Hello all, I'm new to the forum, Looking for any opportunity to do any kind of shooting with shotguns, times are hard in my area as no one seems to want to let people shoot around my area More time out with the gun the better for me. don't mind travelling but preferably in the North East area would be perfect. Thanks in advance Stu
  22. I thought waiting 4 weeks for Durham Constabulary was bad. what gun/s are you looking towards if you don't mind me asking?
  23. Hello everybody, I'd just like to introduce myself, My name is Stu, I'm 25 and I'm from County Durham. Just a little bit about myself, I was in the British Army for 4 years, served in the Royal Corp of Signals as a Radio Operator based down in Warwickshire. left the army in 2013 and started working as a fibre optic cabler for BT Openreach. Hunting was beaten into me by my granddad from a young age, shooting, dog work, ratting you guys know the score. I gained my shotgun licence at 17 and inherited my granddads shot guns (Mossberg 12G Pump Action and Baikal 12G Side by Side). due to Army commitments I had to sell up with the shotguns but regained my license once leave the Armed Forces. I am now the owner of a 12G Beretta A400 Xcel which is an excellent gun so far and has never skipped a beat so far (touch wood) which I use for clay shooting at the moment with a close friend who is also into his shooting. I'm pretty much an all round shooter/hunter, ill have a good crack at any type of hunting, so if there's anyone who needs a regular shooting/hunting partner im always willing to try and help. I'm also willing to travel and help where possible. that's enough about me (probably heard it all before) and I look forward to meeting/talking to you all. Cheers for having a read and happy hunting. Stu
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