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    Brattonsound 7 rifle cabinet

    If this don't sell I can pick up tomorrow if poss.
  2. Another one almost ginger this one. Always amazes me the different colours and shades of grey to black and ginger they come in. Whipped up a crow frenzie when this went down.... colleted 14 crows before the game got sussed by the beady eye', Some quick action all over in 5 mins.
  3. Just seen this topic... 48 so far this year
  4. Can anyone recommend a company or contact for pigeon shooting in south Africa. Help would be great full.
  5. Rusty138

    Hiya from Essex

    Hi everyone , just thought i would say hello from deepest darkest Essex. Russ.
  6. Rusty138

    Pigeon Decoying

    Hi Dave, Have you got someone for sunday.... if not I am free that day, have own kit and insurance. Russ.