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  1. Hi Nick apologoes for for the late reply. i have been away from the forum for some time due to family and work commitments. I am sure you have shooters organised now but on the off chance you need one more this winter or next then please let me know. i live in ip20 so just up the road. many thanks
  2. Hello to everyone that has made me feel most welcome 😄👍👍👍 and thank you for all the welcome messages 👍
  3. Hello to you too Les, La Bala and Subsonic Nat 👍 Thanks again for the warm welcome 😄
  4. Hi guys And thank you for the warm welcome 👍 And gandalf ha ha I guess I could go with that as I live on the border 😉
  5. Hi all Thank you for accepting me into your forum. I have visited several times in the past and thought it was about time I joined. I was lucky enough to grow up in the beautiful norfolk countryside and started my shooting life beating on local shoots and carrying the ferret box and spade for my step dad and his pals. Once I was big enough and ugly enough I was taught how to shoot using an old single barrelled bolt actioned 410 on roost shoot Saturdays on my local shoot and I have never looked back. I have had a few gaps due to work and family commitments but have always tried to keep my hand in with some clays here and there for some practice. This looks like a great friendly and informative forum and I am looking forward to being a member and chatting to some like minded people. All the best Ben
  6. Hi Trevor Apologies if that is the first impression I have given as it was not my intention and I can certainly see your point of view. I am new to forums in general and not just this one. What would you like to know ? I am still finding my way around the site. I will post a joining message in relevant section with some more information about myself. It goes without saying that not only would I be very grateful for any help and advice and that I would be more than happy to help anybody anyway that I can 👍
  7. I am an experienced responsible fully insured gun. I am looking to join preferably a diy shoot within resonable distance of the norfolk , suffolk border. I would also like to get permission for decoying and roost shooting. I used to do a lot of ferreting and beating and would be interested in any opportunities that are avalible. Many thanks
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