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  1. Got 246 Fiocchi Pigeon 32 cartridges which I'd like to swap for a similar pigeon cartridge e.g pigeon select, (new) clear pigeon There a great cartridge and had some decent kills with them but through my O/U seem to knock the out of me so if anyone around Sheffield area would like to swap either the lot or just a few boxes for similar that'd be great. If not, looks like I'll have to man up and get them shot Got to put a price on them so £60. Cheers, Spower
  2. Down the barrel

    Wowzers! Brilliant!
  3. neoprene pigeon decoys

    Ive got half a dozen of them that I got in a job lot with some pigeon gear. Put them out there with a dozen shell decoys and they seem to do the trick. There nice and light to carry and robust enough to just throw back in the bag at the end of the day which is a plus point. Mine are quite dark in colour though so don't stand out as much as the shells.
  4. Pictures of our companions.

    Cheers Yeah he's took a liking to them. Hopefully he'll be as eager for birds when the time comes. Long road yet though.
  5. Pictures of our companions.

    This is Avro. 16 week old today.
  6. Gull

    As always, fantastic pictures. Thanks for sharing. Spower
  7. Hit em when it counted

    Thank you both for that. Yeah roost shooting is brilliant sport, chuffed to bits to connect with a few goodun's today. Already excited for next year where, all being well, I'll have my retriever sat next to me waiting for me to actually hit one. Currently 3 months old so he's got some way to go yet.
  8. Hit em when it counted

    Hi Pigeon Watch, thought I'd have a go at my recount of the last roost shoot of February. I've only managed to make this Saturday and the previous Saturday so optimism of hitting much wasn't particularly high. We arrived at the wood around 2ish and both set off in opposite direction for a mooch around. Nothing presented itself for a shot while mooching about but did push several groups of 10-20 birds from the trees, so things were looking hopeful. 3.30pm came and I'd had a couple of shots, then the first proper chance presented itself and what do you know, I connected beautifully and down it came like a stone. Happy with that! 4.30pm and the little wind there had been had all but dissappear which kept the birds pretty high. I'd ended up stood in a spot just tucked in the edge of a ride and was joined by my father in law. Now, I tend to have a habit of missing absolutely everything in front of him as I always end up trying too hard or over thinking the shot. I'd just said to him how much I'd love to bring a bird down for Bramble (his dog) to retrieve. No sooner had I said this I then got a "behind you Chris!". A quick spin round and a snap shot saw it crumple perfectly and off launched Bramble after it. And then the words I never thought I'd hear. "reyt shot that mate" My afternoon had already been made by this point but the icing on the cake came about 2 minutes later with another clean kill and retrieve from Bramble. Ended the afternoon with just the 5 birds but the two I got in front of my FIL and watching Bramble retrieve made my day. Anyway hope I haven't bored you all to death with my soppy rambling on! Cheers, Spower
  9. Decoy set up . Sheffield

    In case this does get split, I'd be interested in the 12 fuds and the hyperflaps 👍🏻 Cheers.
  10. FF5 Flapper

    Long shot but thought I'd see if anyone has an FF5 they want to part with. Cheers, Spower
  11. Franchi Affinity One 12 gauge

    This is my gun. Any questions please feel free to ask. Price is now £450. Thanks.
  12. Just wondered how long people have waited to have their account approved for Gun Watch? Says they are checked twice daily (mon-fri), been a couple of days but not had a confirmation email yet. Thanks, Spower
  13. Hello from South Yorkshire

    Welcome from another Sheffield'er Spower
  14. As title says, I'm after two extended Briley chokes. 1x Full Invector 1x Full Mobil Thanks, Spower