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  1. Spower

    3" 410 cases

    After once fired 3" 410 cases, ideally fiocchi or eley extralongs as they seem to crimp best on my sizemaster but will try others. Can collect if close-ish to Sheffield area or happy to pay postage if it was for a decent quantity of cases. Many thanks Spower 👍
  2. Spower

    ff6 flapper

    I believe that's called the auto bouncer. Looks an effective piece of kit but is a pretty hefty price tag for it and could be a bit fragile to transport?
  3. Spower

    ff6 flapper

    I've got an FF5 which I imagine will be very similar apart from the FF6 now has a more powerful motor. Not a bad word to say about my FF5, a doddle to mount birds on it and it's worked faultlessly. I wouldn't hesitate to buy an FF6 if I fancy adding a second flapper. Mine is on a random timer which is fine for most days, think I'd grow tired of having to use a remote. 👍
  4. Spower

    Benelli 828u

    There was a post asking for thoughts on this gun started a few days ago, have a scroll down and read through the comments. The gun room on YouTube has done an in depth review of the gun too which is good to watch. Not handled one myself so can't comment but they certainly do look nice! 👍
  5. Spower

    New to shotshell reloading. (12g)

    I've been reloading for about 18 months now and the reloading bug bit me bad! Like you I was very fortunate to have a member on this forum offer to show me the ropes and provide me with what I needed to have a go myself. You will learn so much picking the brains of someone who's been doing it a while and talk and show you through stuff. Started with a Lee Loadall, great piece of kit. Now I'm quickly running out of room in my shed for my reloading stuff! Just got up and running reloading for the 410 now. It's mightily satisfying breaking/dropping stuff with your homeloads. Have fun. Spower 👍
  6. Spower


  7. Spower

    White Goose

    Another excellent shot GG👍
  8. Yeah from what I'd found everything seemed around the 13grain mark with lil gun. Just waiting on the evo wads to arrive at Fes then I'll get some loaded up. Thanks again 👍
  9. Much appreciated HW95J 👍
  10. I'm after recipes for 3" 410 loads using Lil Gun, particularly Fibre or Cork recipes. Wondered if anyone would be kind enough to share any they have? Thanks, Spower 👍
  11. I'm hoping the weather holds out on Sunday morning as I'm taking a trip up to near Bridlington on the motorbike to collect 3 tubs of lil gun. CGSG selling Hodgdon powders at a cracking price 👍
  12. Clay&Game charge silly prices for shipping Powder/Primers but just had a look on Henry Krank and they're showing powder shipping costs £14.40 which seems very reasonable, certainly compared to C&G.
  13. That's exactly the kind of load I'm after. I'll look into Henry Krank only about 40 miles from me so not too far. Thanks for that 👍
  14. Hi all, Does any one know anywhere in South Yorkshire where I can get Vectan SP3 or another powder suitable for 17-19gram fibre loads for the .410? Thanks, Spower
  15. Hi Chris


    I see you selling my old 525, its very tempting to have it back lol its such a nice gun, regards Richard