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  1. Yeah I had noticed they were listed under different names at different prices. Its been on my watch list for months and have noticed it slowly creep up in price, fortunately got enough to keep me going for a fair while yet 👍🏻
  2. You can buy antimony on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/402243407615 I've bought a couple kg but it's recently shot up in price (scuse the pun). Was £21 a kilo. Make sure your lead is properly clean before mixing. 3% antimony 1% tin Runs through my shot maker very well and makes more than adequate shot 👍🏻
  3. Just to let you know this gun has sold in case the seller doesn't announce it.
  4. I've an army bergen that I keep most of my pigeon gear in, I carry both my ff5's by looping the clip straps on each side of the bag through the flapper body. No damage so far carrying them like this.
  5. I use my 24g of 7 homeloads through my Lincoln premier gold 28 on pigeons but have used some of the Eley VIP 24g 5's and they seem to hit very hard. Also tried some 21gram Hull cartridges, can't remember the name, and they were also nice to shoot.
  6. My father in law has the cre8 and it cycles 24gram Eley VIP cartridge faultlessy. They certainly hit the pigeons hard aswell. Had some good birds roosting last week with my 28. 👍🏻
  7. If I can only sell my two Brownings in time I'll be very very tempted by this! Beautiful gun.
  8. Price should read £720. This is my gun, any questions please feel free to ask. Thanks.
  9. My fibre wad homeloads in 12, 28 and .410 have all patterned more than satisfactory on the pattern plate from my experience.
  10. +1 for Emtec passives, had my moulds taken at shooting show last year and really pleased with them.
  11. 28ga and .410 are by far my favourite gauges. I find the enjoyment of shooting the smaller lighter guns far outweigh the frustration of missing due to being a smaller gauge (which 99.9% is my error) Tried going back to my 12ga but didn't enjoy it half as much and ended up missing just as much. I'm currently selling both my 12's and sticking to 28ga and .410.
  12. The Lee Load All will come with all the necessary powder bushings to drop the correct powder charge that you'll need, however, you'll need a good set of jewelery scales to find whichever bushing gives you the correct throw of powder as different powders will throw a different weight depending on how fine/coarse they are. The powder bushing guide that Lee publish are only a guide to get you in the rough area then it's over to the scales to see what it is actually throwing. Then it's a wise move to drop 10 or so powder charges to check that the bushing is throwing consistently.
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