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  1. Glad to hear you're happy with it Old Boggy. Here's to plenty of back ache free hours in the hide 👍
  2. As title says, I'm after a teague 3/8 light modified choke in invector plus if anyone has one they want to part with. Flush or extended. Thanks, Spower
  3. No problem. I stick the base and legs in my rucksack and then put the back rest through one of the straps on the outside. Takes up a bit of room but I've strapped a few things to the outside of my bag now to make the room. The extra comfort in the hide is well worth it. 👍
  4. Recently sold my swivel bucket seat for that same reason, after a couple of hours my back would be aching like mad. Decided to buy the commander seat at the shooting show this Feb. Used it a few times now and for comfort and supporting my back its a thousand times better than the bucket seat. Also being that touch taller it's easier to stand to take a shot. Not sure the exact weight but I wouldn't describe it as light, not very heavy but the legs do carry some weight. I pack it down into a 120 litre rucksack with all my other kit. Setting it up isn't too much hassle, just a wingnut to attach the legs to the base and then attach the back rest and it's good to go. Overall I'm really happy that I went for it and it's certainly comfy enough for 5+ hours in the hide. 👍
  5. I feel saddened that I wasted 7 minutes of my life watching it. What utter, utter tosh!
  6. Yeah it does look like it could be a fun little gun. Found a couple of videos on YouTube reviewing it in America, they call it the Tristar Viper G2 over there. Seems to be well reviewed and appears to cycle 2 1/2 and 3" shells no problem.
  7. Apologies for not replying on this. I forget to set it to notify me when someone replies. Net is sold. Bucket seat and Decoys provisionally sold . Thanks.
  8. I took the plunge and got fitted for some Emtec passive plugs at the shooting show yesterday after hearing good reports about them. Should be here in a couple of weeks. The price tag and potential for having to have battery changes/servicing was what put me off going electronic. I think cens recommends sending the electronic ones off annually to be serviced, at what cost I don't know?
  9. In the latest video he's switched to wearing Vario plugs. On their website it says they're coming soon so not sure what kind of price they'll be. They've certainly got lots of settings to choose from when he's demonstrating it in the vid.
  10. Only just found out about this gun. Looks like a nice little gun for mooching about with and using over decoys. Anyone got one as I'm wondering how they cycle shells? I'd most likely only be putting my 3" 18g reloads through it. Cheers
  11. Had a bit of a clear out of some decoy stuff. Camo bucket seat, great condition £15 Dozen pigeon decoys, used once £10 Camo Net 1.5m x 4m £5 Collection only from Sheffield, 5mins drive from jct 33 of M1. Cheers.
  12. Just show up, although it can get very busy at 10 so if shooting either by yourself or in a pair it's best to leave it until maybe 10.45 then you tend to get round with less waiting at each stand.
  13. Yeah the field was a bit churned up the last time I went a couple of weeks ago. Would probably be alright if you park on the left side near the hedge line. It's a fun place to have a few shots and at the price it is you can't complain. I'm off to the shooting show on Sunday otherwise I'd probably nip for a round or two.
  14. Yep, still going strong every Sunday 10-12. £5 a round of 25 birds 👍
  15. Pinewood is plug and play. Open Wednesday - Saturday, no need to book. As said, its a great ground with a very friendly atmosphere and some cracking targets.
  16. Fingers crossed you're one of the lucky ones that has a fast turn around. It does happen for some every so often. Yes, he can buy it, put it on his cert and notify SYP of the purchase and keep it in his cabinet. Then when your cert arrives transfer it over to your cert and notify SYP of the transfer.
  17. Yep unfortunately. This was coming up 4 years ago now so it may have gotten quicker. But 5-6 months is a pretty normal waiting period it would seem. Some people I believe have had it stretch to closer to 12months before receiving theirs after feo visit.
  18. Sounds like I'm too late to the party on this one. If memory serves me right I think mine was around 5-6 months wait from visit to it landing on my door mat, I'm also South Yorkshire. 👍
  19. Spower

    3" 410 cases

    After once fired 3" 410 cases, ideally fiocchi or eley extralongs as they seem to crimp best on my sizemaster but will try others. Can collect if close-ish to Sheffield area or happy to pay postage if it was for a decent quantity of cases. Many thanks Spower 👍
  20. I believe that's called the auto bouncer. Looks an effective piece of kit but is a pretty hefty price tag for it and could be a bit fragile to transport?
  21. I've got an FF5 which I imagine will be very similar apart from the FF6 now has a more powerful motor. Not a bad word to say about my FF5, a doddle to mount birds on it and it's worked faultlessly. I wouldn't hesitate to buy an FF6 if I fancy adding a second flapper. Mine is on a random timer which is fine for most days, think I'd grow tired of having to use a remote. 👍
  22. There was a post asking for thoughts on this gun started a few days ago, have a scroll down and read through the comments. The gun room on YouTube has done an in depth review of the gun too which is good to watch. Not handled one myself so can't comment but they certainly do look nice! 👍
  23. I've been reloading for about 18 months now and the reloading bug bit me bad! Like you I was very fortunate to have a member on this forum offer to show me the ropes and provide me with what I needed to have a go myself. You will learn so much picking the brains of someone who's been doing it a while and talk and show you through stuff. Started with a Lee Loadall, great piece of kit. Now I'm quickly running out of room in my shed for my reloading stuff! Just got up and running reloading for the 410 now. It's mightily satisfying breaking/dropping stuff with your homeloads. Have fun. Spower 👍
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