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  1. I'm hoping the weather holds out on Sunday morning as I'm taking a trip up to near Bridlington on the motorbike to collect 3 tubs of lil gun. CGSG selling Hodgdon powders at a cracking price 👍
  2. Hi all, Does any one know anywhere in South Yorkshire where I can get Vectan SP3 or another powder suitable for 17-19gram fibre loads for the .410? Thanks, Spower
  3. Clay&Game charge silly prices for shipping Powder/Primers but just had a look on Henry Krank and they're showing powder shipping costs £14.40 which seems very reasonable, certainly compared to C&G.
  4. That's exactly the kind of load I'm after. I'll look into Henry Krank only about 40 miles from me so not too far. Thanks for that 👍
  5. Spower

    Browning 525 Advance 12 gauge

    More pictures for those requesting. Thanks.
  6. 246 - Fiocchi Pigeon, 32gram, 6 shot, Fibre wad, 67mm 50 - Gamebore Clear Pigeon, 32gram, 6 shot, Fibre wad, 70mm Always stored in the house. £70 Collection from Sheffield, 5 mins from Jct 33 M1.
  7. Spower

    Browning B325 Chokes

    My 525 are invector chokes. As above it should be stamped on the barrels. ?
  8. Spower

    Ardea alba

  9. Spower

    Gaep BN2 Spinner 12g

    Looking for a Gaep no2 spinner in 12 guage if anyone has one they no longer use. Thanks, Spower
  10. Spower

    Gaep BN2 Spinner 12g

    Too deep I'm afraid as I'm only using fast/medium burning powders. Thank you for the offer though
  11. Spower

    Which decoys for magnet ?

    I've got a pair of Proflap decoys from A1, didn't rate them much so always swapped them for the real thing once I could, but since I've been using extension bars on my magnet it's made them flap far more consistently and definetely seems to draw them in better now. There just a pain to transport in case you bend the wing bars.
  12. Spower

    Home reloading in the uk .

    Yep, if its just clay loads in 12 guage you're wanting to reload then you'll have all on trying to do it cheaper than just buying factory loads. Certainly not if you're starting from scratch. There's savings to be made reloading for smaller gauges and/or non toxic loads. I reload in 12 gauge purely for the fun of reloading and the satisfaction of firing your own stuff. Plus met some like minded and very knowledgeble people from it. Spower
  13. Spower

    Benelli M2 Essential

    Don't have any experience with one myself but my wanted post I put up for a Browning Maxus a week ago attracted a divided opinion on the M2. Some loved it, others less so.
  14. Spower

    Browning Maxus

    Just seeing if there are any Browning Maxus' for sale around the South Yorkshire area. After 26" barrel and Camo finish would be nice. Around £700 area. Thanks, Spower
  15. Spower

    Flapper info ? Recommend one ?

    It' £20 over your budget but I took the plunge and bought an FF5 last year. The quality is second to none and whilst I've not had any problems with it, from what I've read, Nick is more than happy to help and send spare parts if there is a problem. Not had any others so can't compare them to the FF5. Spower
  16. Wish you were closer, I'd be mighty tempted. Don't suppose you get up Sheffield way at all?
  17. Spower

    Hi from Sheffield

    'Nother Sheffielder here too Welcome mate.
  18. Spower

    Large Cock Pheasant

    Stunning picture once again.
  19. Got 246 Fiocchi Pigeon 32 cartridges which I'd like to swap for a similar pigeon cartridge e.g pigeon select, (new) clear pigeon There a great cartridge and had some decent kills with them but through my O/U seem to knock the out of me so if anyone around Sheffield area would like to swap either the lot or just a few boxes for similar that'd be great. If not, looks like I'll have to man up and get them shot Got to put a price on them so £60. Cheers, Spower
  20. Spower

    Down the barrel

    Wowzers! Brilliant!
  21. Spower

    neoprene pigeon decoys

    Ive got half a dozen of them that I got in a job lot with some pigeon gear. Put them out there with a dozen shell decoys and they seem to do the trick. There nice and light to carry and robust enough to just throw back in the bag at the end of the day which is a plus point. Mine are quite dark in colour though so don't stand out as much as the shells.
  22. Spower

    Pictures of our companions.

    Cheers Yeah he's took a liking to them. Hopefully he'll be as eager for birds when the time comes. Long road yet though.
  23. Spower

    Pictures of our companions.

    This is Avro. 16 week old today.
  24. Spower


    As always, fantastic pictures. Thanks for sharing. Spower