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  1. Hello there is it ok to book a peg for the 10th of December. I have your address and name ready to send a deposit but work away so won't be able to send a cheque untill the end of next week.
  2. hello there, great website you've got running with some stunning photos. what are you charging for a 100 bird day October time ?
  3. miroku is your best bet
  4. Don't swap ios for android, its like trading in your range-rover for a Pontiac Aztek. no one wants to drive an aztek
  5. what are the short courses like at easton, i was going to push my self through a few of the courses to become more appealing to an employer and top up my skills
  6. no i havent but i shall try giving that ago, thankyou for keeping an ear out much appreciated
  7. stick them in a hide! at least the dog can get some exercise
  8. i cant remember my forum name nor password ill have to make another thanks. JD
  9. Hi all, i am looking for an agricultural based placement for my college apprenticeship. i finish my engineering level 3 course in June and am looking to gain a work placement as i have been accepted at Easton college for level 3 Agriculture. if anyone could help with this it would be much appreciated. Norwich, brundall postwick gorleston lound potter-heigham ect
  10. They are the kind of people that bring a bad name to shooting
  11. haha i couldn't help but chuckle
  12. don't forget franchi, baikal, huglu, yildiz, zabala and fabarm
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