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  1. Does this come with any mounts ?
  2. Evening all Not sure if this topic has came up before - I have a navara np300 and was just wondering if it would be possible to wire in a cut off switch where all lights disappear for lamping etc and roughly the cost of it ? trouble with these modern truck is they have Too many Gadgets etc would appreciate any advice cheers top gun
  3. Evening, 

    i had messaged you

    many thanks 


  4. I just want it to go a bit quicker than the average, I didn't ask how to suck eggs mate I shoot pigeons every week, just would like my magnet a bit quicker that's all! cheers Dead birds, nothing competes with them.
  5. Morning all, I'm wanting to speed my magnet up, any ideas how to do this, or is there any on the market that go faster than the norm? cheers
  6. I was simply asking because I didn't know if it was me or others thought the same, and at £65 a slab (the same as most other pigeon cartridges) why not buy them to see if there similar to the pigeon extreme load which I rate very highly (my opinion) which I use on pigekns and pheasants And like I said these pigeon were flighting in a tall wood.
  7. Evening, was just about to ask about this magnet, looks a heavy duty brilliant bit of kit, do you know anywhere where I can get one of this model? many thanks
  8. I agree, it's ridiculous the conclusions and opinions folk on here have, I simply asked if anyone had used them not if they overkill 🤣 and at a reasonable price why not use I cartridge I like using which I'm confident with!
  9. Thanks mate, and yourself, hope you are finding a few 👍🏻
  10. Just for clarification I wasnt asking anyone if it was an overkill etc, not that I have to justify myself but I think pigeon extremes are the best cartridge on the market and these were used for flighting in a tall wood and I was nothing but impressed with the way they performed, and I wouldn't be put off using for decoying either, I got fed up with the likes of clear pigeons pricking too many! So at £65 a slab I thought I would try them, I was simply just asking if any haD also used them? cheers top gun113
  11. morning all I recently went to the local gun shop after some pigeon extremes and they were out out of stock, instead they offered me the joker bio 34g 5s which are the same load! Just wondering if anyone else have tried these? I tried a box yesterday in a wood, They kick like a mule and seem loud but they do kill very well. Cheers
  12. I will pm you buddy, have you used a pard on this before? 👍🏻
  13. Hi thanks for the reply, whats is it? And how much do you want for it? 😄 thanks
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