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  1. Afternoon Apology for the delay in reply. It is my understanding that only septic systems that discharge into a watercourse must be changed in/by 2020. All other systems if new works e.g. increase capacity, then must be brought up to current regulation. Nothing has been flagged by our solicitor and I can see nothing that will immediately effect me. I will do some more reading to tonight, thanks for the heads up Diver One.
  2. As per the title really. Hoping to move house and the prospective new abode has a septic tank. It's in a hard water area so I'm looking into the prospect of a water softener. I currently live in a hard water area with no water softener and I am tired of scrubbing limescale off everything. The net seems to be a jumble of 'it's fine' and 'you will kill the world' if you discharge regeneration water into the septic tank system. I'm looking for answers/experiences from people who have had a septic tank system and a water softener. Was it ok? did you have problems? For reference it's an older type septic tank system 3 chambers made of brick iirc with a drainage field. Cheers Andy
  3. Developing Engineer says my job sheet. I just do what I'm told and hope no one notices I make it up as I go along mostly. Formerly in the Newsprint industry but that is dying faster than the Tory party so i got out 11 years ago.
  4. arm3000gt

    National Service

    Absolutely correct, but we are where we are. Can't pretend the issue doesn't exist. Just need a government with enough strength to do something about it.
  5. arm3000gt

    National Service

    I can see where you are coming from but when was the last time you walked or drove somewhere? Did on that journey did you note rubbish in a hedge row, a grass verge or path overgrown? There aren't enough people employed to keep up with what is required to be done.
  6. arm3000gt

    National Service

    Surely a simpler option is community service not national service. If you are not employed and have no reason not to be e.g. disability, you are required to do for example 16 hours community service per week. Litter picking, path clearing etc, in return you get your benefits. Even if each of the people in receipt of benefits collected a single piece of litter per week, it would amount to huge amount over time. That way even if you don't work, everyone still is of some benefit to society as a whole no matter how small the contribution.
  7. arm3000gt

    Loading supplies

    I have some stuff for sale if you are ever near Newbury area.
  8. arm3000gt

    Go fund me

    Good idea that. You could call the brand 'Tatti clothes'. Could trawl the textile bins to find stock. Put them on a hanger, add words like bespoke, unique, get a few Z list losers, I mean celebrities to endorse. Starting price £40 for a t-shirt. Millionaire in no time.
  9. Willing to split it up. Will post at buyers risk and cost, except primers, primed cases and powders (unless you want to pay TNT £70 surcharge, plus shipping cost) MEC 650N progressive press with universal charge bar. Used but in good working order. £185 -Lee Load All (67.5mm) - on hold -2 1/2 tubs (0.5kg) CSB5 - £40 -3/4 tub (0.5kg) Vectan A1 - £25 -300 approx old Eley Kynoch 65mm paper cases, 95% unused and primed - £15 -482 CX2000 Cheddite 209 primers - £18 -50 Cheddite 69mm new primed cases, clear, 12mm head - £5 -1300 approx 3mm fibre nitro cards - £18 -600 approx 3mm Cork capped fillers - £10 -1000 approx 21mm capped fibre wads - £20 -950 approx 18mm capped fibre wads -£20 -200 approx 2mm capped cork fillers- £5 Shot - 10kg Mix of No 6+7 lead shot - 62kg No 6 lead shot - 49kg of reclaimed lead shot, been magnet sifted and graphited -2kg approx SG lead buckshot £2.50 per kilo, postage would be about £30 per 30kg (from a quick google) if really wanted.
  10. Nick Boles has quit the conservative party.
  11. Corbyn wants another round of votes on Wednesday. Cabinet will convene tomorrow morning to make a decision on way forward. Default legal position is still we leave on the 12th.
  12. I will be near Llantrisant (junc 34 M4) over the weekend if that is any use to anyone. Don't seem to be able to edit my original post but I also have 600 Winchester 209 primers and a few hundred assorted others which will also be included.
  13. Thanks bostonmick. I think if I do it I will have live with awkward unfortunately. I'm going to wait until I move in (fingers crossed it all goes through) and reassess in a few weeks time.
  14. Thanks for the info. I've not really looked into others. I'll do a bit of searching over the next few days and drop you a pm.
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