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  1. I also feel the same regarding the steady chip away at shooting in general. On the other hand over the last few years there seems to be increased interest in shooting. The clubs I am members of, seem to have quite a few people on waiting lists to become members. Practical shooting also seems to be in ascendance, at least from my small circle. I think that all the consultations and media attention has actually opened they eyes of many to the world of shooting. I think the general public assumes you can't have firearms in the UK and don't actively look into shooting. With the media coverage of potentially banning 50 cal etc I think some people have had their eyes opened to the huge variety of shooting disciplines out there. Hopefully this trend is not just in my small area. The general public are so indoctrinated by the media. The mere mention that you are a shotgun/firearm owner sends them reeling in fear. Anything that can be done to change this, anything at all should be pursued. Will it be enough to keep participation in shooting general high enough to defend it? Shooting in general needs new blood and lots of it i think. The shooting clubs are generally populated (from my experience) by 'older' men. How this can be achieved who knows?
  2. arm3000gt

    Eating my roses, what are they?

    I just cut off the leaves where the saw fly are and place on a bird table or where birds frequent in the garden. Doesn't take long and no need for sprays.
  3. arm3000gt

    Fiocchi stockest kent

    FES Kent sell Fiocchi cartridges.
  4. arm3000gt

    Ruger .22LR BX 25 magazine

    Yes please. Please PM me payment details.
  5. arm3000gt

    Ruger 10/22 mags

    On the look out for HCMAGS HC3R tactical kit (gen2), HC3R gen2 25rnd magazine, BX1 and BX25 magazines for Ruger 10/22. Thanks Andy
  6. arm3000gt

    Ruger 10/22 trigger kit suggestions

    Ok. Thought it might have just been me. I think ebay have changed their rules in the last year so you can't sell any integral part of a firearm. Choke tubes, trigger bits etc
  7. arm3000gt

    Ruger 10/22 trigger kit suggestions

    Can you show me where? I have looked for one but can't find it from any uk supplier.
  8. arm3000gt

    Ruger 10/22 trigger kit suggestions

    This is what I will be doing. Seems a cost effective solution without the DIY risks for £38 ish.
  9. arm3000gt

    Ruger 10/22 Target

    Sorted now Thanks
  10. arm3000gt

    Ruger 10/22 Target

    Might be I've pm'd you Edd.
  11. arm3000gt

    Ruger 10/22 Target

    I fancy getting a Ruger 10/22 Target model. I've recently missed out on a couple. So if anyone has one hidden in their cabinet they no longer use let me know. I've found one in a shop just thought I'd ask here before I buy it. Thanks Andy
  12. arm3000gt

    New Range South Wales

    Just to up date those who may be interested. The legal process is taking longer than planned but in 12 weeks hope have all that side sorted.
  13. arm3000gt

    New Range South Wales

    Has anyone visited this range yet? Any feedback? I've messaged Brian but would like to hear others views. Thanks
  14. arm3000gt

    Regionalised Terminology

    Cheese log = Woodlouse apparently in Berkshire. Still beyond me how that might of transpired.
  15. arm3000gt

    Hawke Scope. Buy One Get One Free!!

    Bargain, I'll take this please. Please PM me how you want paying.