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  1. Thank you. Just picked one of these up, for £25 pound can't go wrong.
  2. arm3000gt

    Waetherproof Padlock

    I have used a Abus weather proof padlock for the last year on a coast site. Seems to be holding up well so far. Due to salt spray, sand and almost continual damp most locks start to fail after 12 months. Or if your after a more expensive option ingersol 711. Much more expensive, usually get 3 years before they start to fail at above location. Depends on your security requirement.
  3. arm3000gt

    Debenhams now!

    The modern high street or town centre offers me personally nothing apart from one thing, Clarks shoes for my daughter (once Mothercare closes, Clarks inside). I don't loiter in town centres paying £2 p/h to drink coffee. I have no desire to be clad head to foot in Superdry gear at huge expense or some other equally expensive brand. I don't go to bookies. Rarely visit charity shops. Have no desire to walk into an estate agents office. Rarely need to go to the bank. Have no desire to sit in traffic to get to said overpriced car parks. It doesn't help I'm a grumpy so and so. After I've been offered various gym membership, charity sob stories, forced out of the way by someone blindly talking or texting on their phone, I lose what little interest I had.
  4. arm3000gt

    Rules..for the many, or the few ?

    It's worst than that in my view. It's opening up both him and his mother to outside pressures. What happens if the people he buys from start pressuring him to do x, y and z? This is the slippery slope, where the inside 'man' in organisations occurs. Once you start telling lies or doing shady deals, it's difficult to stop for fear of exposure. Press officer for Shadow International Development Secretary. Sure he has potential access to some sensitive information. Foreign agencies would clearly not be interested getting access to someone in the shadow cabinet of the UK government would they.
  5. arm3000gt

    Rules..for the many, or the few ?

    https://www.gov.uk/government/statistical-data-sets/outcome-of-unduly-lenient-sentence-referrals This link allows you to track the progress of any referrals. Only look for the one you want, it makes grim reading. I have requested the sentence be reviewed. Looking at the list though not many are actioned upon. Despite the limited information I have, it definitely seems fishy. Community order does fall into the sentencing guidelines for Class A. Surely that is for some guy getting stopped with a few wraps in the street. Not some bloke with half a dozen different substances, in reasonable quantities trying to get into a festival. Either way we shouldn't have convicted drug dealers as councillors or parliamentary aids, no matter who they are related to or party affiliation. Anyway I could rant away but we will see what happens in 28 ish days time.
  6. arm3000gt

    Rules..for the many, or the few ?

    Anyone can appeal the sentence. Not sure if this classes as a serious drug offence but might be worth a go. https://www.gov.uk/ask-crown-court-sentence-review To save looking for the details Ishmael Osamor Bournemouth Crown Court 19th October 3 offences of intent to supply 1 offence of possession It's all we law abiding can do. But the fact the he admitted 3 offences of intent to supply would surely mean it was not a mistake.
  7. arm3000gt

    RUGER 10-22 Magazines

    if these are still available I'll take them. Please pm payment details
  8. arm3000gt

    GECO 22lr semi auto

    Which incidentally happens to be my next on my wish list. Yep realise what works in one might not work so well in another. I'll try and get hold of some as not come across any bad review.
  9. arm3000gt

    GECO 22lr semi auto

    Thanks. What rifle were you using them in? More consistent than CCI Mini Mag? I will add Eley Club to the list next time I go shopping. So far I have tried: Federal Champion, Fiocchi SV, CCI SV, CCI Mini Mag, RWS Semi Auto, SK Match, SK Standard Plus, Eley Force. The best so far is Eley Force close behind CCI SV and worst by a huge margin is Federal Champion. All have fired, extracted and fed fine so no other issues apart from 1 bad primer.
  10. arm3000gt

    GECO 22lr semi auto

    I've been trying a number of different ammo types over the last couple of weeks, and I am almost at a stage to buy another selection. Has anyone used GECO 22lr semi auto? How did you find them for consistency? Many flyers etc. Only ask, as the shop near me would have to order in and if they are rubbish I won't bother. I'll be using them in a Ruger 10/22 for paper punching and turning targets. Thanks
  11. arm3000gt

    Labour's new policy

    It's good idea in principle but won't work in the modern world IMO. The company will just register itself somewhere else and keep the 10%, or what ever labour propose to be sold at market rate. As for seats on the board. See above, why would a company give away a seat on the board, when it can base itself somewhere else and not have the hassle.. Can't see this ever being a workable policy without companies abandoning the uk. There has got to be a better way of doing things than the current rinsing of employees, but I can't see how the proposed labour policy will be workable. I'll admit I've not read all the fine details so happy to be corrected/educated.
  12. arm3000gt

    Ruger 10/22 mags

    Still on the look out for a couple 10 rnd magazines. Missed out on a a few bargains recently.
  13. I also feel the same regarding the steady chip away at shooting in general. On the other hand over the last few years there seems to be increased interest in shooting. The clubs I am members of, seem to have quite a few people on waiting lists to become members. Practical shooting also seems to be in ascendance, at least from my small circle. I think that all the consultations and media attention has actually opened they eyes of many to the world of shooting. I think the general public assumes you can't have firearms in the UK and don't actively look into shooting. With the media coverage of potentially banning 50 cal etc I think some people have had their eyes opened to the huge variety of shooting disciplines out there. Hopefully this trend is not just in my small area. The general public are so indoctrinated by the media. The mere mention that you are a shotgun/firearm owner sends them reeling in fear. Anything that can be done to change this, anything at all should be pursued. Will it be enough to keep participation in shooting general high enough to defend it? Shooting in general needs new blood and lots of it i think. The shooting clubs are generally populated (from my experience) by 'older' men. How this can be achieved who knows?
  14. arm3000gt

    Eating my roses, what are they?

    I just cut off the leaves where the saw fly are and place on a bird table or where birds frequent in the garden. Doesn't take long and no need for sprays.
  15. arm3000gt

    Fiocchi stockest kent

    FES Kent sell Fiocchi cartridges.