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  1. Just to bump this up the listings. Just bumping this up. Been sat not un-used for over 12 months so want to get it moved on to a new home. Open to offers, will split etc. Collection is preferred due to the current hassle of trying to post things with a young child in tow but will try if someone really wants something just might take longer. Thanks
  2. Well that didn't to plan. The guy practically gave it away to someone for less than half he was hinting at to me. Oh well, win some, you lose some. Thanks to all that posted good and bad points. It has still been informative and food for thought in the future.
  3. Farm in my village still has a thrashing machine come round for 2-3weeks a year to make thatching straw. It was October - November last year (2019).Machine was a Ransoms, painted in a now rather weather worn pink ish colour and driven by a Fordson Major. I have a short video but not sure how to upload here.
  4. Maybe but it's going to cost me regardless. Even without moving the tank and replacing in existing location, I'd still need to do put some fire proof screen in place as it's too close to the shed. So I might as well move it to a better location.
  5. Tuffa Tank and another company make these. I did look but they seemed expensive, but I've just looked again and seen one for a price within £300 ish of what I propose. Would certainly save a lot of hassle. Cost is getting up there though and would have to go plastic instead of steel.
  6. Hi I am looking at moving my oil tank to a 'better' location, tank is also single skin and 16 years old so will get a new one at the same time. I would like to move it to the far corner of my garden but it won't meet the separation distances in the regs without fire protection. Are there any OFTEC bods on here who could advise if what I propose is correct? Just in the thought/planning process at the moment so don't want to start calling installers out just yet. Ideally the tank will be located about 400-500mm from neighbours fence and fence at the end of garden. Tank will also be within 1800mm of garden shed so will need fire protection on 3 sides. Proposal. New concrete base 100mm + thick, 300mm bigger all round than proposed new tank (as per regs). Concrete fence post every 1000mm, attach external rated fireboard (rated to min 30 minutes) to inner (tank side) side of posts to 300mm above tank height. Then I intend to put trellis/batons on the outside face of posts to hide the fireboard and concrete posts a little. This seems to be the quickest solution and possibly most cost effective. I did consider a block/brick wall but for the amount of effort doesn't seem worth it, especially as no one will directly look at this location. Should be about 1500mm to top of fire board. So have I miss interpreted anything? Apart from it looking a bit ugly.,or is there an easier way I've not considered. Thanks.
  7. Seems it might not be such a foolish idea after all. Thanks for all your input.
  8. Thanks for your views gents. As always there will be differing opinions and good to see not everyone hates or loves them. It would be mainly my vehicle day to day and pile the family in it when we do 'things'. Shopping and other tasks are normally tackled by the wife's car. When we get another dog a pick-up appeals, as does when collecting hay, feed, wood etc. With regards to ride. My Sorento is a bit 'choppy' on the country roads I use everyday, the old work Ford Ranger 2006 had a smoother ride i think.
  9. I would like a Pathfinder but the ones I can afford are the same model which suffers from snapped chassis (D40??). I live in a quite rural spot and the wife has a horse so nice to have something a bit robust to tackle anything that might be required. I'm just tempted because it's priced close enough for me to buy it. Seller said he is in no rush to sell so ponder it for a while. I saw it yesterday and apart from body damage and dirty interior seems good all round. Maybe a compromise too far.
  10. Evening I have the option to buy a 2007 Hilux (3.0 manual) for cheap. It has no MOT, few battle scars, 120,000 of easy life. Looking at what is needed could be just a few hours work and a few hundred pounds to get the MOT, maybe another £1000 to get it nice. Even with this expenditure it would still be below ebay and Autotrader values. What I want to know is what they are like as a daily drive and long distances? Would it make a good all round family vehicle? I currently have a 2003 Kia Sorento has anyone had both? Is the Hilux more comfortable on the road? I'm expecting fuel economy to be broadly the same at about 30mpg. Thanks Should have said it is a double cab.
  11. I have now managed to source one. Thanks
  12. I now live near Andover, Hampshire/Wiltshire boarder if that is of any use to anyone. Still have everything, open to offers.
  13. As above anyone got a Honda Izy HRG 465 grass bag and frame laying around? Thanks
  14. Afternoon Apology for the delay in reply. It is my understanding that only septic systems that discharge into a watercourse must be changed in/by 2020. All other systems if new works e.g. increase capacity, then must be brought up to current regulation. Nothing has been flagged by our solicitor and I can see nothing that will immediately effect me. I will do some more reading to tonight, thanks for the heads up Diver One.
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