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  1. Willing to split it up. Will post at buyers risk and cost, except primers, primed cases and powders (unless you want to pay TNT £70 surcharge, plus shipping cost) MEC 650N progressive press with universal charge bar. Used but in good working order. £185 -Lee Load All (67.5mm) - on hold -2 1/2 tubs (0.5kg) CSB5 - £40 -3/4 tub (0.5kg) Vectan A1 - £25 -300 approx old Eley Kynoch 65mm paper cases, 95% unused and primed - £15 -482 CX2000 Cheddite 209 primers - £18 -50 Cheddite 69mm new primed cases, clear, 12mm head - £5 -1300 approx 3mm fibre nitro cards - £18 -600 approx 3mm Cork capped fillers - £10 -1000 approx 21mm capped fibre wads - £20 -950 approx 18mm capped fibre wads -£20 -200 approx 2mm capped cork fillers- £5 Shot - 10kg Mix of No 6+7 lead shot - 62kg No 6 lead shot - 49kg of reclaimed lead shot, been magnet sifted and graphited -2kg approx SG lead buckshot £2.50 per kilo, postage would be about £30 per 30kg (from a quick google) if really wanted.
  2. Nick Boles has quit the conservative party.
  3. Corbyn wants another round of votes on Wednesday. Cabinet will convene tomorrow morning to make a decision on way forward. Default legal position is still we leave on the 12th.
  4. I will be near Llantrisant (junc 34 M4) over the weekend if that is any use to anyone. Don't seem to be able to edit my original post but I also have 600 Winchester 209 primers and a few hundred assorted others which will also be included.
  5. Thanks bostonmick. I think if I do it I will have live with awkward unfortunately. I'm going to wait until I move in (fingers crossed it all goes through) and reassess in a few weeks time.
  6. Thanks for the info. I've not really looked into others. I'll do a bit of searching over the next few days and drop you a pm.
  7. Got some pictures, certainly quite a bit of work to do. Waiting for some year information. Spare engine of unknown condition (assured was working some years ago) for some extra £££. Might be a deal to be done. Guess it had a loader attached at some point in its life. Might be able to get a friend to view over the weekend. Wife thinks I'm mad, I told her feeding her horse £500+ food over winter is crazy.
  8. Moondoggy on here does stuff with wood maybe send him a message.
  9. I have read this. It is obviously be a concern and won't find out until the engine is stripped down. Still reading up on all the potential pitfalls. Seller has said he has another engine but is also of unknown condition.
  10. Unfortunately not. We've compromised on driveway space for better (to us) location. The drive way is only really big enough to accommodate our cars and no access to garden except down the side of the house which is not 5 1/2ft wide. I'd rather not move in and start abandoning vehicles and stripped down tractors about the place. It will have to be in the garage.to get past the wife as well.
  11. Thanks for the replies certainly echoing my current thoughts. I will have a shed in the garden but that will be full of normal garden type stuff. The garage roof is pitched so there will be space to store some things above head height. I've based everything so far off a Fordson New Major just shy of 11ft length 5.5ft width. I thought about sliding it one way working on one side then moving to do the other. How easy that would be in reality is another thing. Garage is 18ft long, 10ft wide approx. I've been wanting to do it for a number of years but I've not had space close to home. I knew even if I rented somewhere I wouldn't spend the time required going and getting stuck in. I am hopefully moving soon and the house has a largish single garage attached. This would make it easy for me to just pop out for an hour and do something, but still be about the house. Logistics of power, water, heating etc also much easier. I've tinkered with fixing cars but never a tractor so will be a steep learning curve. Not sure what model yet I'm still on the hunt. Ideally it will have a belt pulley as I would like to run table saw off it (which I have already secured). I've found one but needs a complete rebuild inc engine according to the seller. Waiting for serial numbers and pictures. A lot of work but still tempted just for the experience.
  12. Has anyone stripped and rebuild a Fordson Major in a garage/workshop 10x18ft. The tractor dimensions say I'll have space but I'd like to know if I'd realistically need more. Especially as I will probably split it at some point.
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