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  1. There is a company in France that made the brass pinfire cartridge case that could be re -used but they are expensive . Try Google Feltwad
  2. I also used English pinfire cartridges by Eley London , Eley -Kynoch , and GL London Feltwad Image showing English Pinfire and small bore continental's'
  3. That's not correct when I shot pinfire sxs shotguns many decades ago I shot hundreds of continental cartridges such RWS and other brands in several pinfire 12 and 16 bore English shotguns with no trouble .then they were more easily to come by than today Feltwad
  4. The stock resemble Albanian and the barrel would be secured with barrel bands made from either brass, copper , or tin sheet ,the lock is typical French with a French style of flint cock with a broken top jaw guns similar to these would have been for the tourist trad Feltwad
  5. The case is a original but all the internal partitions had been removed , this I fitted out to take the Lancaster percussion gun and the accessors one of those most difficult is to find a lock and a box key escutcheon although the Ord ones do come up on eBay. Feltwad
  6. Most of original baize you will find is oil rotten or moth eating I have found it better to reline the old case Baize can still be obtained from places such has Peter Dyson I personally go for felt baize which can be bought at some stores , has for ex billiard table cloths these are too thick and give a bulky look to the inside over the years I have relined quite a number of gun cases using felt baize Feltwad
  7. A good bag , brings back old memories when looking at the land contour I did the same has they came into the forestry plantation. next time treat yourself to a change and use a sxs hammer gun and black powder cartridges Feltwad
  8. I think that is the best idea you will get some surprizes concerning safety like loading from the flask and blowing down the barrel after a shot . Feltwad
  9. loading a s/b or a d/b muzzle loader is totally different to a breech loader be it a percussion or a flintlock I advise you too approach the MLAGB site for a copy of safety rules or better still visit a muzzle loading club or the shooting show where there is a demonstration it will give you a better idea than trying to explain the main factors . Feltwad
  10. A good video for the those coming into the sport for breech loaders has older shooters should know about safety. for the black powder muzzle loading shotgun shooter the principle is the same but there are many more safety rules Feltwad
  11. Have been in touch reason they are still waiting for payment Feltwad
  12. Still waiting for payment on a gun sold for me in the last main sale in March. Feltwad
  13. Last time I was in Skipton Gun Room was many decades ago then it was down by the canal . Feltwad
  14. Enclosed are a couple of images of a rare sxs 12 bore pinfire by James Thompson Gun Maker Hexham Feltwad
  15. All repros are Sec 1 if a antique and not too USE then it can be kept without a licence but if you want to use it then it becomes Sec1 and can only be used on a approved range .If a antique is used has sec 1 it is best to enter it has a antique so it can be returned to its antique status in the future Feltwad
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