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  1. Post code DH6 5AT Just of Junction 61 of the A1 Feltwad
  2. Do not forget the Bowburn Militaria Fair on the 15th December should be a good turnout of sellers. Feltwad
  3. A lot of clay clubs banned the Baikal cartridges and also the black powder ones because of the noise .To date when I shoot nitro using Rio cartridges with my Browning auto there have been some complains because of the noise ,These cartridges are the only cartridge that my gun will always eject when others will not Feltwad Old Paper Cartridges
  4. If you live any ware near the North-East what out for the local auctions to pick up a good sxs box lock Ryedale auctions is a good bet .I have seen racks of them in local gun shops Feltwad
  5. Boxlock non ejector today are at rock bottom prices on English made guns they can be bought for around the £100 only the top makers hold their price Feltwad
  6. Not a bad video the early breech loading hammer guns were well documented but the muzzle loaders could have been more , seems their muzzle loading knowledge was limited . which was a pity . Feltwad
  7. Hope this was just a joke if not a really dangerous practice . Bishop afraid it is not Bill Feltwad
  8. Plenty on ebay average £4.99 plus £1 postage this seller has a good selection Feltwad
  9. Bishop If has you say you are keen on muzzle loading shooting there is a M.L.A.GB Cumbria branch who shoot clays only a couple of miles from Carlisle , see MLAGB webpage for more information . Feltwad
  10. With the ban on lead shot my original fowling guns were pensioned off original fowling guns in bores of 4 to 10 are 150 and more years old with Damascus barrels to shoot steel from is not recommended and would soon ruin them and bismuth is too expensive . I have been shooting black powder for the last 71 years be it flint ,percussion or hammer gun one, duck or goose shot with black powder is worth 10 with a modern nitro gun Feltwad Astand of large bore fowlers
  11. I agree most likely there will be some sellers that may have something you need. Feltwad
  12. Bowburn Co Durham arms and militaria fair Sunday the 15th December at Bowburn community centre over 40 tables selling medals antique weapons and militaria worth a visit Doors open at 8.30am till 1pm admission £2
  13. Most of them I still have on video the one I did not record was the one on goose shooting , I still think of the one that his two mates and himself made on their rough shoot quite a few cock ups and the noise they made I think every pheasant in the next county heard them. but they enjoyed the day Feltwad
  14. Reared a good number melanistic way back in the seventy's good flyers but took some keeping on the shoot proper roamers. Feltwad
  15. Not a bad turnout at todays Bowburn Fair although the weather was bad , a good turnout of sellers for militaria , antique weapons etc . Feltwad
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