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  1. Feltwad

    Horse fly bites

    Buy a good fly repelling had the same trouble while clay shooting this morning used Jungle Formula it kept them away Feltwad
  2. Did anybody go to the Scottish Muzzle loading National and Breech Loading championship on the 16th ? Feltwad
  3. I understand that there will be £250 prize money to be shared among the four competitions plus medals an trophy, for the winners. Feltwad
  4. For those interested in the Scottish Muzzle National enclosed are the following Competitions Leuchars D/B Muzzle loading 30 targets {Pairs} Tayside [Muzzle Loading} 20 targets {Singles] only one shot per target The Craigie Hammer Gun 20 targets {Singles} Black powder cartridges only Max Cal 12 g only one shot per target The Rhynd Hammer gun 30 targets {Pairs] Black powder cartridges only Max Cal 12g Max Cal 12g Max load for all competitions Black powder only 1.25oz shot and 3.5 drms powder Max shot size 6 Feltwad
  5. I have often promised myself that I will go to this National but it is the driving the distant that puts me off although there are members who travel from the south and make a short holiday of it Feltwad
  6. The Scottish Black Powder Muzzle Loading/Breech Loading Championship Saturday 16th June at the Scottish Clay Shooting Centre ,Leuchars,Fife, KY16 0DT. Should be a good day . Feltwad
  7. Feltwad

    Jackdaws today

    Over the last few years the jackdaw population has increased dramatically this is mainly due to the mild winters of late also we see more farms changing to organic . These places are free meals for jackdaws they raid the meal stores , enter the free range poultry houses and steal the eggs , sheep and beef field feeders are a favourite place also the piggeries . Where you see sheep in fields you also see rooks and jackdaws ,the most destructive period is when the barley starts to ripen ,if you get a flock of 100 plus jackdaws and rooks on ripen barley it is not long in taking out a half of acre .. Feltwad
  8. Feltwad

    Henderson Hammer Gun 20 bore

    If it is by the Anderson of Malton this family was in Business in Malton from 1848 to 1937 I believe there was a period between 1867 to 1900 when there was no record of them but William was in Hull in the 1860 . William Anderson Malton Market Place 1848 - 1855 William Anderson Hull 1867 John Anderson {Son ] 52 Market Place Malton 1901 -1937 There was also another son Henry F Anderson Market Place , Bedale 1900 This is what I have on the Anderson Family but the name Henderson in the gun trade is rare , but he may have been a iron monger Feltwad
  9. Feltwad

    Side by Side Club

    Is it cased ? Feltwad
  10. Feltwad

    16 bore?

    Yes I shoot a sxs 16 bore Belgian Hammer Gun with black powder little difference to a 12 ,I also shoot sxs muzzle loaders in 16 bore with black powder. Has I said there is little difference to a 12 and I do like a change to the larger bores. Feltwad
  11. Feltwad

    The making of Handmade Turnscrews.

    James they should go well in my gun cases you know where I am . Feltwad
  12. Feltwad

    Henderson Hammer Gun 20 bore

    Very much a Scottish name records show there were two gun makers in Scotland of that period P Henderson & Co of 20, Barrack St Dundee 1890-1913 Also Thomas Henderson High St Inverness 1897- 1905.. Feltwad
  13. Feltwad

    Side by Side Club

    Yes it looks a nice gun any makers name. May I say and I am not nit picking but the gun looks to me of a later date say 1840 -50 and is of a true percussion build , I have restored several guns like yours with the broad band of Damascus barrels . Feltwad
  14. Feltwad

    Side by Side Club

    Too good for a museum here is mine Feltwad
  15. Feltwad

    Heads up Gilsans of Melsonby

    Very modern gun shop it is worth a visit . Feltwad