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  1. The new licence GL36 is the best suited for my type of pest control Feltwad
  2. The licence I applied for was 19-04 to prevent the spread of disease in livestock on a number of organic farms for crows , rooks ,jackdaws , feral pigeons ,each day the numbers are increasing they contaminate the feeding and water troughs ,different method have been tried but to no avail they are back with in minutes . Feltwad
  3. I am confused I applied for mine some time ago for the spread of decease to livestock and damage to crops on several organic farms by rooks and jackdaws but have not had any reply I understood they came under the GL . Feltwad
  4. Has I understand that the licence for crow s mean carrion crows .When the damage to standing barley which is laid flat by the recent rain is mostly by rooks and jackdaws for which there is not yet a individual licence which should come under a GL which I think is a long way off . The licence for crows can give shooters the wrong idea in these circumstances . Feltwad
  5. Thanks Debbie for above information but have we not heard all this before the21st June will be the reply from Defra to WJ , has for a GL we may get that but it looks a long way off. Feltwad
  6. It would not surprize me that when WJ gets a reply from Defra by the 21st June concerning the licence for crows to protect pheasants that they will win. A organization that has only been going for a short while has more clout than all the shooting organisations put together ,it is a sad day for shooting Feltwad
  7. What I can see for the GL licence it looks that there is no hurry if not at all , they have thrown two individual sweetener's one for crows and one for pigeons to keep the shooting organisations off their back. I also noticed that the shooting organisation's have had not much to say in the last one and a half weeks Feltwad
  8. This last week has seen a large increase of rooks and jackdaws on three free range organic farm hoppers and water troughs for which they are contaminate the feed. This is now becoming a major risk to health and safety and more so disease and all I can do is walk them off and they are back within a half a hour it is just the same with a banger . The sooner the GL is issued the better but what was to be a few days is now weeks and is now looking has not at all Feltwad
  9. Not much info from the shooting organisation of late on the GL , have they gone off the boil maybe the NE two individual licences have kept most of the membership at bay .The longer we wait for the GL the worse it is getting which may consist of it not been issued at all Feltwad
  10. This is the time of the year has every country man knows when birds such has rook and jackdaws double in numbers in most areas , jackdaws over the last decade has increased the most . Rooks and jackdaws are the most destructive of all they contaminate the feeding and water supply to organic and intensive farms which becomes a health and spread of disease problem .The sooner the GL is available the better or we may see a live stock disease problem ,I do not want to witness another epidemic and the smell of burning carcases . Feltwad
  11. It looks like the new GL instead of coming into force in a few days time is now going to be some weeks which most likely will be months . Feltwad
  12. I would say that a large majority of members of these organisation are there for the insurance and as far has paying £500 for a day at driven game only may happen once a year for some which involves a year of saving. Feltwad
  13. All types of shooting are vulnerable has past experiences has shown shooting organisation s are many and weak with different principles which are easily picked off if they were all under one roof would have more clout . Feltwad
  14. I agree I have been a member since it was formed and have found it OK Feltwad
  15. Most likely there will be a large numbers of members who will not re-join their membership has one said to me I am not getting value for money for my membership fee Feltwad
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