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  1. Both the 32 bore and the 24 bore are good to use I like the 32 for pigeon decoying and the 24 also for crow decoying . The 32 is also good for driven partridge on a small bore day .The cartridges I get from Firrochi Feltwad
  2. Enclosed is a image of two early 11 inch flintlock converted to percussion punt gun locks Feltwad
  3. Feltwad

    New SXS

    The punt gun in question was sold Wednesday the 17th September 2014 at Tennants Militaria auction. Lot 508 it was entered in the catalogue has a percussion large bore punt gun by Sherwood , Portsmouth with a 106 inch iron barrel octagonal at the breech with traces of sludge green paint the lock plate engraved with duck shooting and the makers name. Fitted with a folding trigger, a walnut half stock with a checked grip, the for end set with a large iron ring and two fittings in the middle of the barrel the butt had a large piece removed and a steel but plate the overall length of
  4. Feltwad

    New SXS

    That method not needed stick with two 1/8 cards over powder , shot and finish with 1/16 card over shot Feltwad
  5. Feltwad

    New SXS

    Good shooting with your new gun use a volume load of 2.1/2 drms black powder to 1oz of shot and you cannot go wrong it is a good load for both game and clays . Feltwad
  6. Enjoyed the film thanks for sharing a total different world then Feltwad
  7. Well I wonder how many times I have heard that Feltwad
  8. Vesuvit is good powder and for game and clays it is OK , Swiss is to expensive more for competition work with pistol and rifle if you need new nipples make sure you get the right thread size they will be 1/4 BSF or 9/32 BSF .Make sure the gun is entered on your SGC has a antique because if you wanted to return it to its antique states you could have a problem from your local Constabulary. Why not join your local muzzle loading branch they will be a help with what you want also you are with other muzzle loaders . a gun club is OK but most do not like muzzle loaders or black powder hamme
  9. What you have is a gun retailed by a provincial gun maker George Sherwood Portsmouth Hants circa 1843- 1848 . There are several gun shops that still sell percussion caps which are Number 11,s but if your gun still has the original nipples then Number 11 will be too small , for loading go for a volume load of 2.1/2 drms medium grade black powder to 1 oz of shot keep of pydroex it is terrible stuff it is very rusty especially in Damascus bores , loading sequel powder 2 no 1/8 card wads m shot m 1/16 over shot card. Do not forget if you bought this gun has a antique before you shoot
  10. Cleaning out the back of my garage and came across these clay pigeon traps , maybe some of the older clay pigeon shooters will remember them one is a Whirlybird trap and the other is I believe a Phoenix trap and is powdered by compressed air, maybe they are worth a price to a collector . Feltwad Whirleybird Clay trap Feltwad
  11. The vendor will ship it with insurance documents etc I was not quite sure at this end if a licence and any duty to pay Thank you Feltwad
  12. Can anybody advise on shipping a antique percussion shotgun from Italy to the UK , would a licence be required for a antique and import duty to pay. Thanks Feltwad
  13. Joseph Manton made the first in the UK tube lock guns this was around 1810 the beginning of the percussion era ,Forsythe held the patent for the fultmate compound for which he sued any gun maker that used it , Manton used it in his tubes which later made him bankrupt from Forsythe. The tube lock was favoured by wildfowlers the tubes were filled with fultimate and rested on what is known has a anvil with one end entered in a touch hole ,the hammer nose has a device which is called a spade and when it strikes the tube which ignites and fires into the touch hole igniting the main charge,
  14. Enclosed is a image of Alfred Claytons 6 bore tube lock fowler Feltwad
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