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  1. No original muzzle loaders just repros Feltwad
  2. Try the Bowburn Military Fair Durham on Sunday the 25th July you may find one there Feltwad
  3. Do not forget the Bowburn Militaria fair {Durham} July 25th Bowburn Community Centre the first fair for almost a year usually 40 tables selling Militaria, medals antique weapons and more. ,looking for a bargain worth a visit just of the motorway Doors open at 8.30am till 1 pm admission £2 Feltwad
  4. Generally a good day run by a group of muzzle loaders that know all about muzzle loading clay shoots Feltwad
  5. Bowburn Co Durham Arms and Militaria Fair Sunday the 25th July at Bowburn Community Centre selling antique weapons ,medals, and militaria , just of the motor way , worth a visit Doors open at 8.30 am till 1 pm admission £2 Feltwad
  6. I used these cartridges in the 1960s my records show they were loaded with Nobel 2 and 3 powder and they sold for£3-9s-4d per 100 another cartridge that was common at the same time was Alphamax and sold for£3-16s-10d Feltwad
  7. Heard my first one last Friday it called all morning from 6am Feltwad
  8. Thanks for that info has there is deadlock between myself and the auction House it maybe wise to seek legal advice . Feltwad
  9. Thank you for the info ,but what is adequate packing The gun in question when it arrived was in a corrugated card board box just loose with no internal packing it had moved about in transit till the box side was torn and the gun hammers were protruding through the card board the box then was wrapped with bubble wrap and finished in brown wrapping paper Feltwad
  10. Caution must be taken if buying a gun online at auction to reading the terms and conditions of the Auction in question .If you buy a gun which is packed by them and is damaged in the post some auction houses terms state they are not responsible if damaged .If a claim is lodge against the courier and the packaging was not to their standard then they will reject the claim. I have witnessed this but if the parcel had been insured but badly packed would the outcome have been the same. i am now the owner of a expensive gun with a broken stock and there is nothing I can do about it , so if you buy online at a auction always read the terms and conditions before you place your bid Feltwad
  11. Feltwad


    I have been getting this call every day except Saturday and Sunday for nearly a month some times twice a day , I put the phone down straight away Feltwad
  12. The usual is no shipping on ammunition also at auctions I have seen buyers paying more for cartridges than what they would have paid in a gun shop. Feltwad
  13. Yes that what I said if it was in a special wad but would that be only in a true cylinder and not a full choked barrel has most early Damascus barrels were stamped [not for ball }. This would be nitro if it was black powder it would be different Feltwad
  14. My personal view is that Damascus barrels are to soft a material for steel and would soon wear maybe if the shot were in a special adapted wad then it would leave the barrel like a ball which the barrel would be true cylinder , in the early choked guns the barrels were stamped {Not For Ball} .For me Damascus is too soft for steel , in fact it s soft enough you can whittle it with a knife so what would the barrel walls be like with steel . Feltwad
  15. Now we are reminiscence yes I new both shops The one in Hexham was in Hencotes and the one in Newcastle was Friar Street. I used to buy my Curtiss and Harvey black powder there price was 7 shilling and sixpence a lb I also bought my shot from the Newcastle manufactures called Associated Lead Manufactures at Elswiick works that cost me 6 pound a cwt delivered. Yes there has a lot of water run under the Tyne bridge since then Feltwad
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