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  1. Feltwad

    Smeggin Crows😵

    Crow shooting has pest control over crops which is at its peak from June to September can give you many different sporting shots has any other type of shooting .To obtain good bags you must know your field craft decoying patterns more so future weather conditions . For over a decade or two crow shooting has pest control has been my major type of shooting using a sxs hammer gun averaging 2 to 3 days a week cost can be expensive but so can driven pheasant shooting . Feltwad
  2. Feltwad

    Trip wire alarm

    Had another look to try and dismantled it but because of the state of the wood and the rusty dog nails I think it will be better to leave it has it is Feltwad
  3. Feltwad

    Trip wire alarm

    When the hammer is set ready for firing the part you marked is also drawn up , for a better description lets call it a stirrup which connects to a main flat spring just the same has a ordinary hammergun lock, when tripped it falls the same has shot gun hammer. I will have a look and see if it is possible to extract the mechanism from the wood base this may be impossible has the dog like nails have not be out for a long time . Feltwad
  4. Feltwad

    Trip wire alarm

    The part you mentioned with the arrow is the connection to the flat spring. ,I still think that the V is hold a copper tube loaded with fultimate with fires into some device which is now missing . Has to where it may have come from it has been in my collection for many decades and if my memory is correct it came from the Norfolk area but it could have been anywhere Feltwad
  5. Feltwad

    Trip wire alarm

    When the hammer is set it is held in place by protruding part of three leg device which has a hole in each leg which I would say is too connect a wire to each , this would be stretched across a footpath in any direction and when pulled by a foot would trip the hammer which then fell onto a loaded device .. Feltwad
  6. Feltwad

    Trip wire alarm

    I think it is some device along the lines has what you explained has the hammer is worked by a long flat spring mounted underneath when tripped , whether there is a part missing when the hammer falls I cannot say Feltwad
  7. Feltwad

    Trip wire alarm

    Enclosed are images of what I believe to be a trip wire alarm of the Victorian period ..What it fired when it was tripped I can only guess it was some kind of fultimate copper tube maybe some members have the answer to what was used to fire it Feltwad Trip Wire Alarm Another image Feltwad
  8. Feltwad

    Midland game fair

    Have not been for a long time just wondering do the muzzle loaders still attend . Feltwad
  9. Feltwad

    Kempton Classic Arms Fair 3oth September

    Good luck with your arms fair I would have liked to attend but it is a long travel for me from the north east , Feltwad
  10. Feltwad

    Fenland Fair - Stow c-u-m Quy

    Hope you manage to try a black powder gun most likely it is a branch of the MLAGB who are really sociable guys .Shooting a muzzle loader is not has bad has it looks it is a good sport Feltwad
  11. Feltwad

    shotgun stock alterations

    I agree too that , always a good job . Feltwad
  12. Most of these Home Guard cartridges have the arrow on the case and were loaded with SSG shot , LG shot and round balll Feltwad
  13. Feltwad

    Side by Side Club

    Have some barrels that I did several decades ago and it is still good not a glossy black but a black with a mat finish known has Birmingham Black Feltwad
  14. Feltwad

    Side by Side Club

    I have used this black solution for several decades has it resembles the old Birmingham Black . Feltwad
  15. Feltwad

    What was the 1st steam engine to do 100mph?

    That also goes for the history of gun makers and the gun trade . Feltwad