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  1. In the 1950 s there were several shot towers in England the closest to me was the shot tower at Elswick Works Newcastle -Upon- Tyne owned by the Associated Lead Manufactures ,I bought all my shot from them at a cost of £7 a cwt delivered ,I understand it was demolished for the metro line Feltwad
  2. The following grades for black powder were Fg A coarse powder used in big bore fowling guns FFg used in shotguns from 10 bore upwards FFFg mainly used in rifles but also used in small bore shotguns FFFFg this was for pistols and revolvers also used has a priming powder in flint locks There was also a large coarse powder known has Punt gun powder I can not remember Eley loading black powder cartridges of late the last known black powder cartridge manufacture to load black powder cartridge was Gamebore and if my memory is correct the powder THEY USED was a French powder named SNIPE Feltwad
  3. Yes I have used it for 20 years it is a medium grade black powder equal too FFg I think clay and game now sell it which I think the price is £32 A Kilo. the MLAGB have a National Black Powder Shoot at Greystone Wood shooting ground Otley on the 6th April Feltwad
  4. Every person to his own choice those that prefer the black powder substitute fine but I will stick to the proper black powder . Feltwad
  5. Correct my mistake should have said that they were trap and game with a setter on the case Feltwad
  6. Enclosed are a couple of images of the old black powder tins which no longer are available ,I remember has a young man buying a 1lb of this black powder for the sum of 7 shillings which I too save up for , this to me was the best black powder which was sadly missed Also a image of two well known brands of powder in the states. Feltwad
  7. Came across this box of 12 bore cartridges of Steve Smith of Newcastle -Upon -Tyne although later they were called the Setter , Also a box of 100 foreign capped paper cases which still are found at some auctions Feltwad
  8. Has I said I will l not use pyrodex in any of my muzzle or breach loaders because of the instant rust has for Triple 7 FFg I have never used it so I cannot comment ,for me it is always black powder .But it may be that I am a traditionalist whose loading has been the same for many decades and find modern substitute black powder hard to accept. Feltwad
  9. Just steady away using the old reloading tools I can hand load 50 plus in a hour first I powder the capped and resized cases next I wad them with the card and fibre wad , then the shot and over shot wad and finished with a rolled turn over . You will find that paper cases are the best for black powder ,plastic ones melt and a rolled turnover is the best .I have used this method now for the past seven decades . Feltwad
  10. Most of the information has been said extra advice is go for the antique loading tools such has a powder measure which is detailed in drams and some are also have the shot measure on them , you also need a capper decapper and a bench rolled turnover most of these loading tools are easy to come by at auctions For loading you need 1/8 card over powder wads , a felt or similar 1/2 inch wad and a 1/16 over shot wads . Using black powder medium grain keep of pyrodex it is terrible stuff and soon makes you gun rusty this can happen before you get home too clean the gun .For loading use a volume load for a 12 bore using the old measure is 2.3/4 drams of powder to 1.1/8 oz of shot. Cap and resize the case first powder then a 1/8 card wad .then the felt or similar 1/2 inch wad then a 1/8 card , then the shot and a 1/16 card over shot wad then finish with a rolled turnover Feltwad
  11. Figgy That is a common fault when shooting big bore muzzle loaders Bentejockey The one in the middle is a small flintlock punt gun full stocked and in about a 6 bore the other flint lock is a 2 bore bank gun Feltwad
  12. Never close your eyes before you pull the trigger it is the first thing to make you miss . Feltwad
  13. Explain how it was not my intention. Feltwad
  14. Yes some still use pinfires for the odd day out providing that they can find a few pinfire cases .You will find that a lot of pinfire shotguns were converted to centre fire Feltwad
  15. If the gun is good condition be it flintlock , percussion, or breech loader there are still used by groups of muzzle loaders for both clays and game shooting ,which must be entered on a S. G. Certificate it is living the past. Feltwad
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