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  1. There are several reasons but the most common is the noise it puts some shooters off .I once had a clay shooter who had only been shooting for four years and thought he new everything and tried to impress his mates approach me and told me that black powder guns with Damascus barrels should not be allowed because they were very dangerous , these types of shooters have changed the atmosphere of a lot of clay clubs . It is better when a group of black powder shooters get together in some famers field with a couple of traps and enjoy black powder day clay shooting Feltwad
  2. Has both game and clay shooting have been mentioned in this thread , my advice to any shooter who wishes to use both a muzzle loader or black powder cartridge guns always ask permission to use one . It is surprising how many estates and more so clay pigeon clubs that refuse. Feltwad
  3. The method I have used for the past 74 years for shotgun barrel is half a bucket of hot water , put the breech end in the water same for a muzzle loader .Drop a few drops of black powder solvent into the muzzle end and take cleaning rod with a fine bristle brush and scrub the bore using a pump like action this will clean the barrel . Next take clean cloth patches or pieces of paper towel on a old bore wire brush and dry out the barrel and oil the bore . I have always found this the best method and not yet come across a good solvent. Feltwad
  4. Always remember One driven pheasant shot with a percussion muzzle loader is worth ten shot with a modern over and under gun Feltwad
  5. These gold bands are common on a percussion and flintlock shotgun most sxs have two and singles can have three two close together near the standing breech and one opposite next to the joint where the plug screws into the barrel. Al pairs of percussion guns are numbered one and two ,you will often find these numbers on the standing breech and the tail of the trigger guard, this practise is still practised today on most pairs of modern guns. Feltwad
  6. Seems has though its is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but I know he did make them along with John Dunham , Swainton , and Arrowsmith in the same period in Barnard Castle Feltwad
  7. I would say that 99% of the American muzzle loading video builds are for the flintlock long rifle. Feltwad
  8. Depending on what type of project there are plenty of videos on American web pages . the only trouble is that they are for a flintlock long rifle and if you want a one for a muzzle loading shotgun then there are only a few but have their flint lock long rifle look . My advice if you want to build a muzzle loading shotgun then buy an original scrap English one strip it down and work from these dimensions forget about any American videos Feltwad
  9. No not me think it was taken in the early 1930,s but I still remember cutting corn with a trio of heavy horses and the binder plenty of rabbits then the cur dogs were kept busy. Feltwad
  10. The dust shot you could buy was a number 12 shot , then it must have been 60 plus years ago we used it in hand loaded smokeless diamond cartridges for shooting sparrows on standing corn . Feltwad
  11. Looking for a sxs or single flintlock shotgun by James Rowntree of Barnard Castle Feltwad
  12. Using the same charge in a 4 bore to a 12 would increase the diameter of the pattern, but the 4 bore would have to take his shot a lot quicker than a 12 which would be able to kill at a greater distance with a better pattern if a bird is only wounded it may be able to fly beyond the 60 yard fence and be a lost bird so a quick shot with the big bore was essential The traps were collapse ones when the string was pulled also used was a sparrow release trap this was mainly used by the locals and for practice but this type of trap shooting was in use before live pigeon shooting was thou
  13. Before live pigeon became illegal in 1924 pigeon shooting from traps at the latter end was shot for big money at the top clubs And guns were made by the top gun makers they were 12 bore sxs hammer and hammerless full choke both barrels and very straight in sighting to make them shoot high . In the early days guns were muzzle loaders and were made in bore sizes from 4 to 12 to avoid cheating all muzzle loaders were loaded from a table and each gun using the dipper and bowls provided of both powder and shot this was under the watchful eye of a referee This same charge was for each
  14. Both the 32 bore and the 24 bore are good to use I like the 32 for pigeon decoying and the 24 also for crow decoying . The 32 is also good for driven partridge on a small bore day .The cartridges I get from Firrochi Feltwad
  15. Enclosed is a image of two early 11 inch flintlock converted to percussion punt gun locks Feltwad
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