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  1. With the death of Prince Philip a true countryman will the royal estates have a shooting future ? Feltwad
  2. You will find that prior to 1900 most guns were only black powder proof if nitro is to be used for safety sake they should be reproofed for nitro Feltwad
  3. What site is that ? Feltwad
  4. Yes I think it must be the same Boar Shooting Ground but do they still shoot black powder and muzzle loaders , I know that on that ground some years ago they made a video on shooting black powder . Feltwad
  5. Is this the same club that shot on the moor edge it was also a keen shooting ground for the muzzle loading lads ? Feltwad
  6. Glad to see you were using a proper gun with proper cartridges ūüėä Feltwad
  7. Have you had any luck with the  24 bore wads and have you tried Clay and Game


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    2. Feltwad


      I will help ,Has you may not know I shoot a pair of sxs 24 bore hammer guns and also a couple of 24 muzzle loaders  most of the cartridges I get from Firrochi  But I do have some wax felt wads  for the muzzle loaders , I will check what I have and I will give you some about 100 that will get you away . If you PM me your address will post them to you or ring me on 01388 663137


    3. HW95J


      Hi, that's very kind of you indeed though there's actually been a development and I'm unlikely to need these components after all. For context which may interest you - I acquired a Mauser M71 Sporter at auction online. This was said to be a 28 bore and sure enough it's proofed as such having been converted from a rifle at some point. On testing however it transpired that cartridges wouldn't fit (chamber much too tight). After leaving with a gunsmith to investigate, it was suggested that 28 bore brass would be the way to go. This was a miscommunication though, having done a chamber casting it's come out as the equivalent of a 32 bore! Altogether baffling but as of today I've been informed that work can be done so that it takes regular 2.5" 28 bore cartridges.

      A complicated scenario! I do like a niche gun but had no idea what I was getting into with this one. I appreciate your offer of assistance however. I'll let you know the outcome and if it's of interest can send some pictures of it your way once I have it back again. Getting these things working is have the fun as I'm sure you understand as a shooter of 24 bore!


    4. Feltwad


      Glad you got fixed up  has I said I do shoot with a pair of sxs 24 bore hammer Gus and also muzzle loaders  I have a 32 bore  sxs hammer gun and a single barrelled 32 hammer gun  I did buy most of these bore cartridges from my old friend Alex Kerr from st Fillians Grieff  sadly he has since died so I had to turn to Firochio God luck and stay safe from Corvid 


  8. 24 bore is not a regular size I know that a American company Circle Fly their wads were retailed in the UK but mostly for muzzle loaders . For 24 bore cartridge they are sold by Firrocho but have plastic wads . Feltwad
  9. There are several reasons but the most common is the noise it puts some shooters off .I once had a clay shooter who had only been shooting for four years and thought he new everything and tried to impress his mates approach me and told me that black powder guns with Damascus barrels should not be allowed because they were very dangerous , these types of shooters have changed the atmosphere of a lot of clay clubs . It is better when a group of black powder shooters get together in some famers field with a couple of traps and enjoy black powder day clay shooting Feltwad
  10. Has both game and clay shooting have been mentioned in this thread , my advice to any shooter who wishes to use both a muzzle loader or black powder cartridge guns always ask permission to use one . It is surprising how many estates and more so clay pigeon clubs that refuse. Feltwad
  11. The method I have used for the past 74 years for shotgun barrel is half a bucket of hot water , put the breech end in the water same for a muzzle loader .Drop a few drops of black powder solvent into the muzzle end and take cleaning rod with a fine bristle brush and scrub the bore using a pump like action this will clean the barrel . Next take clean cloth patches or pieces of paper towel on a old bore wire brush and dry out the barrel and oil the bore . I have always found this the best method and not yet come across a good solvent. Feltwad
  12. Always remember One driven pheasant shot with a percussion muzzle loader is worth ten shot with a modern over and under gun Feltwad
  13. These gold bands are common on a percussion and flintlock shotgun most sxs have two and singles can have three two close together near the standing breech and one opposite next to the joint where the plug screws into the barrel. Al pairs of percussion guns are numbered one and two ,you will often find these numbers on the standing breech and the tail of the trigger guard, this practise is still practised today on most pairs of modern guns. Feltwad
  14. Seems has though its is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but I know he did make them along with John Dunham , Swainton , and Arrowsmith in the same period in Barnard Castle Feltwad
  15. I would say that 99% of the American muzzle loading video builds are for the flintlock long rifle. Feltwad
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