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  1. Thanks for the replys chaps would be better if i could drop off myself though local after lock down thanks again.
  2. Hi could anybody put me on to someone to service this air rifle contact numbers if *** thanks
  3. Think thats you not on his christmas card list this year lol
  4. l Looking forward to your vids when they start on the rape jacko.
  5. One of my farms is putting down 25 acres to wild bird seed can not wait just so nice to see.
  6. Time never wasted jacko it will come good in the future keep at it
  7. Absolutely made up for you keep the vids coming.
  8. you would not know a pigeon if it landed on your head mate
  9. mellors i bet you two end up shooting buddies lol
  10. Mellors can you take him out for a days shooting lol
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