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  1. Thanks for the replys chaps would be better if i could drop off myself though local after lock down thanks again.
  2. Hi could anybody put me on to someone to service this air rifle contact numbers if *** thanks
  3. Think thats you not on his christmas card list this year lol
  4. l Looking forward to your vids when they start on the rape jacko.
  5. One of my farms is putting down 25 acres to wild bird seed can not wait just so nice to see.
  6. Time never wasted jacko it will come good in the future keep at it
  7. Absolutely made up for you keep the vids coming.
  8. you would not know a pigeon if it landed on your head mate
  9. mellors i bet you two end up shooting buddies lol
  10. Mellors can you take him out for a days shooting lol
  11. pigeon dont like rape seed say no more
  12. I have known pigeon speak between themselves for years also i wittnesed one doing a double back flip then i heard him to tell his partner to do the same honest.
  13. Old Butcher

    diana 52

    Peejay let us know if you get the 52 cheers.
  14. Old Butcher

    diana 52

    the diana 52 in .22 is a well made air riffle and is twice the gun of the bsa you would not go back to the bsa
  15. Good post of typical days on the rape, and then ending with a good day thanks for posting.
  16. on a recent day on some laid barley about a dozen birds coming to the decoys all of a sudden seemed to fly backwards and then do a double somersault strange it must have been number six your on about.
  17. Hi just move the red connector to the right on to the last pin you will not do any harm.
  18. Agree with yickdaz with a rotary it could have been a different day.
  19. where were you today picked 27 on sat same feild as last week not the same number of birds using it left it and leftit hoping it might get busey its now 3 a few birds here and there jumped on for three hours
  20. He does not eat them mate.He told me he will be using them as decoys on the whirley for next weekend had some good bags on the pigeons that way so he said.
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