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  1. Leave the cartridges in it and I take it😉
  2. 1 pair of camouflage shooting trousers & 1 pair of green light weight trousers. The green ones have additional layer of protection from knees down against brambles / nettles and are waterproof. they have only been worn twice so are in excellent condition. The camouflage ones are a bit tight on legs for myself. Size are 34 to 35” waist leg size is about 31 to 32”. I am 5ft 11 and they fit me fine. £15 for both plus p&p
  3. Hi centrepin regarding the waists size I am a 36” waist and they fit me easily. They have side press buttons to allow extra room if needed. the easily fit over myself when wearing another pair of trousers / jeans. They are dungarees so are quiet free when being worn over additional clothes. I am 6 ft and 14 stone and still have room when wearing them. hope that helps you
  4. I will take the jacket an trousers let me know cost and payment details thanks 

  5. A couple of items no longer needed • Camo Dungarees Mossy Oak. Xl size. £7 plus P&P sold • Mossy Oak Camo jacket. Good control but zip does stick, so I would change this. XL size. £7 plus P&P. • Camo game bag. £5 plus P&P sold
  6. I have managed to speak with the person regarding the guns and have 1 reserved. Just waiting for the actual seller to contact me tonight.
  7. Kingmoaner

    Pard 007

    Hi looking for a pard 007.
  8. Kingmoaner


    You may need more then a shotkam to help your shooting Duncan 😂
  9. Hi looking for a Second hand 30” Caesar Guerini 12 gauge Tempio Must be in excellent condition. cash waiting.
  10. ABU reel only used on 1 occasion, so in as new condition with 20lb braid line. £55 inclusive of postage
  11. Any pics of the above guns?
  12. Do you know what the setup is? have you any pictures
  13. Kingmoaner

    CZ 452. 22lr

    Hi looking for a full set up of a CZ452 in 22lr for a friend. located in Cornwall, but am travelling to the NEC next weekend so could meet there or on way if right gun is available Cheers
  14. I also live and shoot pigeons in Cornwall. The pigeons are less fluent then I used to shoot when I was living in Essex, but big numbers can be found if planning and recon is put in place. A bag of 52 over standing crops is a good day especially being able to pic 40. I tend to wait until the fields have been cut to prevent the loss of birds and also I hate barley becoming stuck in all sorts of body parts. Regarding decoying items I have stoped using magnets as I find that the bids don’t decoy as well and use ff6 flappers and the auto b with about 8 dead birds on cradles. This works
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