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  1. Jason_ox

    Electronic crow caller

    I assume this is a test of what draws them in better? Electronic or a manual call? If that’s the case I’m just bemused as you’re shooting a film for crow control what use is an electronic call going to be for controlling crows? Genuinly interested. Primos are good but take a lot of practice to get tone and pitch correct. Plus you can do a jackdaw call which brings crows in too and JD obviously.
  2. Jason_ox

    Recommendations for 1st shotgun

    If it was me I’d go for beretta 686 or browning 325. You’re not going to lose a whole lot when the time comes to upgrade.
  3. Jason_ox

    Where did they go?

    Too much choice I’m afraid, guess that’s not the only farm with OSR in the area. As Westley I get more luck flighting than decoying in winter.
  4. Jason_ox

    Feo visit

    You could always buy used and sell on and not lose anything if things weren’t to go favourably.
  5. Jason_ox

    Skiing trip

    Love skiing holidays, used to go a lot when I was younger as we were arable farmers and only time dad was not working was winter. Last time I went skiing was Meribel in 2011 with a group of mates, great times.
  6. Jason_ox


    My step brother started doing it, first up was a squirrel then a french partridge. He says it’s much harder than he thought but very rewarding to do. There is workshops run up and down the country by well know taxidermists
  7. Jason_ox

    Caesar Guerine

    Agreed the Maxum deluxe is a lovely looking gun. I have been looking at these and the B.rizzini RB regal deluxe. Not sure I can see the difference between these and paying a lot more for a new EELL!
  8. I work on a rural site that is totally fenced off and about 200acres total and has been since before ww2. There’s a huge number of carrion crow and magpies, a few foxes and buzzards ,badger, lots of squirrels and some muntjac. Very few songbirds here. No pest control is carried out and you can tell. All you can here on a still day is the cawww of crows not too far away
  9. Jason_ox

    Asking for shooting on first post

    Exactly as old’un above mentioned. Seems as though they’ll have a go, get the ticket find out that it takes a bit of skill and field craft to know what you’re doing so are unsuccessful on a number of occasions and lose interest. Either that or just don’t get the time and don’t want to lose their rifles and surrender their licence or not renew. It has also been mentioned by the FEO that a number of people have applied/renewed with our land as their location of shooting. No actions taken just noted, so we know they keep an eye on things and would probably pull us to one side if we gave too many people permission.
  10. Jason_ox

    Asking for shooting on first post

    We have a syndicate run on our farm, all the beaters who shoot are allowed pigeon shooting after season, all they have to do is ring one of us up beforehand to get the go ahead. They also get a beaters day and a walked up day if they want to. A couple of guns and beaters have used our land to gain FAC. I’d be positive that in the 5 years of the shoot running we have never had a phone call for pigeon shooting and the guys who got FAC grants have possibly showed up a handful of times and have never been out at night for fox. Needless to say that we probably won’t be signing anyone’s renewals! Goes to show that even when they get permissions some don’t put any effort in to keep it.
  11. Jason_ox


    Very personal indeed. I took my old man to look at a few guns and his remarks were that the barrels all look too glossy black almost painted. I thought they looked ok personally. Also the fact that most were 30” plus barrels and he’s still stuck in the opinion of shorter the better!
  12. Jason_ox

    Boxing day shoot

    Looks like it’s back on.
  13. Jason_ox

    Drones over Gatwick

    .50 cal being shot straight up, think it may leave a mark if it hits you!
  14. Jason_ox

    sgc information

    Where we get our carts is an agricultural supplier, they write down in a ledger cert details when purchasing. Never thought much of it.
  15. Jason_ox

    Perdix perdix.

    I agree, we have never before had greys on our 500acres, this year our first covey was seen!