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  1. Quite like the way the stalking directory labels the classifieds, and you can filter for sale, swap or wanted.
  2. Apparently a lot of surgeries in my area Thames Valley are responding to the polices request for the medical questionnaire to be completed with “as soon as MR **** **** pays the associated fee we will submit the report” the police take the stance that there’s something wrong, and will not take your application any further until you have paid the fee and the police have received the report. If the surgery does not respond to the request from the police within 21 days then the application can proceed as normal.
  3. From what I’ve heard they over ordered on the cervos boots and want to pass on a saving to customers. Probably won’t happen again any time soon!
  4. I’ve heard nothing but good reviews about their boots. If I had the spare £££ I probably would too
  5. I rear ended a car on dual carriageway back in September 2016, my fault entirely but I was in a works vehicle. The claim has only been settled this week! £4.5k for whiplash etc it’s a slow process! If you have legal expenses on your insurance I would go through them. However shouldn’t you report an accident to your insurance within a certain period of time?
  6. Another option is get some cards made up for pest control/pigeon control, get down to your local livestock or farm dispersal sales and hand them out. Has been known to work but if you’re a bit nervous about knocking on doors this may not be for you. Best option is finding a game shoot, or offering services in exchange for shooting.
  7. This is what happens when you don’t buy a big enough cabinet the first time! You’re always going to want more...
  8. Yes, if the person loaning for 72 hours doesn’t have any shotguns on their ticket or doesn’t have your shotguns on their ticket then they shouldn’t have access to the cabinet otherwise they’re in constant possession which negates the loan rule.
  9. My surgery has a price list, on the price list it mentions firearms medical £95. Below that there’s a fee for “letter” or some other paperwork £25. I will argue the toss with it if it’s deemed a medical! When in fact it’s admin!
  10. If it was up to me not only would we all be using fibre, we would all be using paper cases as well!
  11. If you have been following news of late you will see the stick that a huge proportion of the nations dairy farmers have endured. This is only going to get worse as time goes on. In years gone by there has been a huge disassociation between food and people, so much so that it appears to be the norm for some folk to not know what’s in season, where the meat and veg they eat has come from or how far from the UK it has travelled to be on their plate. Yes there are those that think chicken, beef or pork amongst others has been grown in the ground and isn’t actually the animal they see in the field when passing! If you believe there is a future in UK farming and how education on agriculture is paramount to stop the skewed views of a minority, which could and actually is brain washing the majority then please sign this petition to make the learning of agriculture compulsory in schools to year 9. There’s a huge proportion of a generation or two that is so out of touch with where their food comes from. We are at a fork in the road where if something is not done soon then we will be at serious risk of being unable to rewind the clock! Without agriculture we would not be here, let’s bring it’s importance back. The only way we are going to do that is to educate! https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/237937
  12. I assume this is a test of what draws them in better? Electronic or a manual call? If that’s the case I’m just bemused as you’re shooting a film for crow control what use is an electronic call going to be for controlling crows? Genuinly interested. Primos are good but take a lot of practice to get tone and pitch correct. Plus you can do a jackdaw call which brings crows in too and JD obviously.
  13. If it was me I’d go for beretta 686 or browning 325. You’re not going to lose a whole lot when the time comes to upgrade.
  14. Too much choice I’m afraid, guess that’s not the only farm with OSR in the area. As Westley I get more luck flighting than decoying in winter.
  15. You could always buy used and sell on and not lose anything if things weren’t to go favourably.
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