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  1. Yes watched it live on YouTube, awesome!
  2. Could be any number of things but first it needs to be hooked up to a diagnostic machine and fault codes read. Lambda, injectors, coil pack, spark plugs etc on modern cars you cannot diagnose much without reading the fault codes.
  3. Jason_ox


    Just seen the fund has now reached 1billion euros!
  4. I didn’t have to download form to sign it. Applied for FAC this way no signature required. I think I remember I just had to tick a box and input my name
  5. I believe Thames valley started doing the online renew/application early this year.
  6. How ours works is you log your business miles and submit them when time allows within the month. Usually post code to postcode with a 10% (I think) leeway. If you’re diverted etc you have the text box to let them know why. You also log private mileage. As long as your end of month odometer reading tallies up with the mileage you have logged it’s all good, the fuel for your private mileage is then taken out your next months pay. This is all done online, or by an app or even txt message with a miles consultancy. If you fail to submit any logs then the whole fuel spend for that month comes out of your pay. When doing 3-4k miles a month I wouldn’t want to make that mistake!
  7. Brilliant! I was contacted to audition for BBC 2s “love in the countryside” would of been a tad awkward when me and the mrs sat down to watch it wouldn’t it?! 😆
  8. Thing is with some of these orgs such as BASC they are barely proactive on shooting issues and certainly being less reactive with individual issues like what’s happened here. Time and again I’m seeing “they told me to pay”, “don’t rock the boat”, “we can’t go any further with this” etc etc... I’m glad I’m not wasting my money for advice or legal that never materialises!
  9. Quite like the way the stalking directory labels the classifieds, and you can filter for sale, swap or wanted.
  10. Apparently a lot of surgeries in my area Thames Valley are responding to the polices request for the medical questionnaire to be completed with “as soon as MR **** **** pays the associated fee we will submit the report” the police take the stance that there’s something wrong, and will not take your application any further until you have paid the fee and the police have received the report. If the surgery does not respond to the request from the police within 21 days then the application can proceed as normal.
  11. From what I’ve heard they over ordered on the cervos boots and want to pass on a saving to customers. Probably won’t happen again any time soon!
  12. I’ve heard nothing but good reviews about their boots. If I had the spare £££ I probably would too
  13. I rear ended a car on dual carriageway back in September 2016, my fault entirely but I was in a works vehicle. The claim has only been settled this week! £4.5k for whiplash etc it’s a slow process! If you have legal expenses on your insurance I would go through them. However shouldn’t you report an accident to your insurance within a certain period of time?
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