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  1. Tikka or Bergara. I have a T3x. Excellent rifles that do what they say. Also if you get bored there’s a heap of aftermarket kit for them. I have looked at a Begara HMR in .308 and sorely tempted to put in a vari for one.
  2. Take it back to the shop, it should of lasted at lot longer than 1 shot! If you don’t get anywhere with that give Jackson rifles a call, explain the situation with the Atec mod. I have heard they will give up to 40% off a new Atec mod if you send them your old Atec mod.
  3. Basically, you get a condition put on your FAC that you cannot go out shooting without mentor. You’ll have to get this condition lifted, have heard it could take a while to process. More than likely longer than it will take to do the below. versus Go out a few times, mate writes a letter to feo. Cert gets issued, then do as you please.
  4. No, with a mentor condition you have your firearms certificate issued however you can only use your rifle in the presence of the mentor. Then you will have to get the condition removed to use your rifle(s) on your own. It’s another hurdle. If you go out with your mate a few times, get some experience and when you’re both ready have your mate write a letter stating that you’re experienced, have sound knowledge of backstops, can handle a firearm safely etc This is what my police force wanted and I was granted with no condition apart from a closed cert.
  5. I would seriously be questioning the mentor condition. As it has been pointed out to me by my FEO police forces in England cannot use this condition any more, could be different in Wales/Scotland. I was not allowed a mentor, I had to instead get someone to sign their life away and declare that I had experience of using a centre fire rifle in a hunting capacity, and that they have witnessed clean kills. Also that I am able to determine safe back stop etc. This can take a few outings but at least you will have no mentor condition.
  6. You will be fine keeping it at your parents. My firearms are stored at my fathers address and sometimes I won’t go there for months! They aren’t listed on my certs that they’re stored there either. Remember security is down to the certificate holder. Good luck with the RAF 👍🏻
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    pick a number between 1 and 3
  8. Well I’ve had the opposite end of the age spectrum and they still know zilch.. a recent e.g. “I only stock the best centrefire ammo” ”oh what manufactures do you stock?” ”only Winchester, all the others are a gimmick” “okaaaay” .door closes
  9. I’m using a .243 tikka t3x with Sako 70g varmint rounds. It’s a laser and devastating!
  10. Congratulations, I saw this in the DM too. Thought it was a great way of doing things, wish you and your family all the best!
  11. The night we returned off our first family holiday when our youngun was only a year old my wife fully asleep asks me in a perfect tone “did you unpack the baby from the suitcase?”
  12. Not sure what the Steyr twist rate is, most .243 are I believe 1 in 10, bullet weight between 60-90 I think works best. Some are indeed capable of stabilising 100g+, it’s horses for courses though. You can read as much into it until you’re more confused than you’re now! Trust me I’ve done it. Like others have said, you’re best bet is to try a selection of weights/makes that your RFD keeps a good stock of. I’ve just bought a tikka t3x in .243 and I’m told that from factory it should be shooting MOA or they don’t let it go out the door. So with that in mind I am trying a selection of Sako ammo, just tried their 70g BTSP varmint round. It likes them! Will be getting hold of some 90g Soft points tomorrow to try, fingers crossed. Hope you find something soon!
  13. 31, fathers an arable farmer on 450 acres. I work as a mechanical service engineer for a big UK equipment company on a gov contract. I would like to work on the farm but 450 acres isn’t enough to supply two wages. I help out when needed, and possibly one day step into his boots, that’s if the Labour Party doesn’t get in!
  14. Stayed there a few years ago in December, the choppers were coming in and out of Culdrose very low. Was also very wet and windy. Nice part of the country though.
  15. I believe (may be wrong) there was a home office review within the last couple years and it may of been only in England. Basically the outcome was amongst other things they can’t put a mentoring condition on your FAC any more.
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