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  1. Wonderful looking gun which is very difficult for me to resist. Although I know I don't need it, a lovely SxS 20 bore would be a great addition to my cabinet! Thank god I don't live anywhere near you Bosher or I'd be in serious trouble with the missus!
  2. I've had an Echo since it was released in the UK and I think it is worth the £99 I spent (£50 off for prime members if ordered before release). Very useful for playing music, setting timers, quick updates (traffic, train times, weather etc.) and occasion simply questions (e.g. who many grams is 10 ounces). However don't expect it to be able to respond like a human -it is light years away from that - but still very helpful. Sound quality is much better than some other £100 sound bars as well.
  3. Looking again at JustCarts - if you order 10,000 postage is free, so an alternative might be to set up an order with a few other people locally and get 10,000 delivered. You could also pick and choose whatever you wanted rather than having to stick to one brand.
  4. I like the idea, but I would assume that you would need to order a huge amount to get a big enough discount, and I remember reading somewhere storing over about 10k or so would require an explosive license. Also, it would need someone to be trusted with a large amount of money, be able to receive then, store them safely and securely and then be able and willing to distribute them afterwards! Because of the above, it looks like it is going to be a real pain for one particular person to save a few pennies overall. If there is a real need to ship in non-stocked carts, it might be worth ha
  5. I have young kids who are naturally curious - that's why I would always lock up my carts. FYI - my FEO suggested he would prefer the carts to be stored in a separate room from the gun safe. I know this is not compulsory but does seem broadly sensible and doesn't cause me much bother.
  6. Thanks for the measurements! Just seen this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/230779528840 which means no more keys to loose! It is built to BS7558 and at 53 litres, it is slightly bigger than the other one and I don't mind having to unpack each box to fit them all in! Thanks again! Ben.
  7. Snoozer - can I please ask if you know how many boxes you can fit in this safe? It might work great for me but I don't really want something that only fits 500 carts - needs to be more like 1500 so I can restock with 1000 before I run out. Thanks!
  8. I just use google maps on my phone. Simply type in destination and then press the blue car button. It auto-downloads the entire route so doesn't need a constant connection so I do this just before I leave the house. It is also very good at avoiding known traffic problems and roadworks and always seems to sort out the best route very well. Only downside if if you end of going off route it does need an internet connection to sort you out. The only other one I have is navmii as stated above as this downloads the maps to your phone, so can re-route you without needing a connection. Seems to wo
  9. Loads of choice from something bare bones like Gun Plan which is £25, up to CPSA/BASC for £67/£74. Depends if you just want the insurance or a subscription to an association which provides loads of other services as well. For what is a very small amount of money a year - it does provide a large amount of cover if the worst did happen. Also some places do require you to have your own insurance before they will let you shoot. However you should make sure you get is some kind of proof of insurance such as a card or certificate so you can show this when required - beware as some insurers will
  10. Had a nightmare at Ford recently. I've always used my local until I bought an SMax for the wife with a full ford service history so decided to keep the history up for when we decided to sell it. However after the last service where they didn't tighten up the oil filter which meant we were spilling oil everywhere and needed rescuing by the AA I was having seconds thoughts. Then after they had taking it back in and looked it all over and delared it all well, they damaged the o-ring which meant it was yet again leaking oil. Trip #3 to Mr Ford seems to have done the trick, but they should have
  11. By way of a quick update - I got the chance to go with a friend to Bisley pay-and-play on Saturday and had a great time. All of the stands were open and the variety available is amazing. Really easy to use the machines as well and a delay being available on all stands meaning a solo round is possible. We shot about 200 clays between us and had a great time - would definitely recommend!
  12. Thanks again for the input - especially for Buze's comprehensive reply. I have three young kids so time wise shooting is going to be limited to the odd Saturday unfortunately rather than being able to shoot regularly and I work in London so evenings for me start at about 8pm! Agree with Buze that membership doesn't look worthwhile on this basis. I do occasionally go to Bisley NCSC for DTL as I can do that on my own, however I have heard from a few people who have been to the Pay and Play at Bisley that it is a little lonely and they close a load of the stands on Saturday. Also - at £39
  13. Hi All, Many thanks for all the replies so far - very helpful! super sharp shooter - please let me know how you get on and what you think! Sian - thanks for the suggestion, I'll check it out. Ben.
  14. Hi All, I have just started shooting and after having several lessons and being taken along to a few shoots it looks like I have well and truly been bitten by the shooting bug! As such I am looking for a regular club where I can practise and am seriously considering E.J.Churchill as it is about 40 mins away from me and from what I can see on their website it is open all week. It is quite expensive at £50 for a 100 bird shoot, however all of the other grounds I have looked at shoot on a Sunday morning which is the only time I can't do! Also, I will be looking at shooting a bit of Skeet
  15. That would suit me perfectly - just too far away unfortunately!
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