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  1. What a load of utter nonsense. Nothing will ever come of it in any case. There is no where left to go with further restrictions. We’ve been legislated to death already. As for monitoring social media - yes I’d be all for that but good luck with that unless you are going to recruit 100’s of additional staff in order to resource it - which again will never happen due that very reason.
  2. I’ve no experience of them but one thing I will say is that for me, if it has an internal battery it’s a write off.
  3. Dear all Not sure if anyone else has experienced issues with reassembly of an Armsan A612 but if you have and you have any ideas or tips on resembling with ease any and all comments appreciated. This is the second time I’ve had this issue and on attempting to reassemble into battery the action is completely locked up. The barrel is approximately 5mm from being securely in battery but the action is now locked. Would welcome any comments from the experienced. many thanks
  4. Very good vid. Are you using a 12ft lb air rifle?
  5. In my case I had to produce original proof of purchase (which luckily I had as it was a long time ago) and also a valuation from an RFD of current replacement value and the payment was settled by return.
  6. I have used Gunplan for the last 5 years and had cause to make a claim a few years ago. Top class service and I can highly recommend.
  7. Brilliant Ditchman. Sounds identical to a lad growing up in the seventies too. Same comment from my mum and my Diana .177 ”You haven’t shot all of those already?”
  8. Really enjoyed watching that. Great find thanks for posting.
  9. Just what I was after. Thanks.
  10. Thank you for the explanation. Very interesting. I’m assuming after the application, the crop would be left for a couple of weeks in order for the glyphosate to work?
  11. Another question relating to barley that I have is what does it mean when the farmer is spraying it off? I know why this is done on a rape crop but why do they spray off a barley crop and does it mean it is soon to be cut after spraying? Ps sorry to hi jack the original thread but thought it relevant in the scheme of things.
  12. Would you consider using a flapper in this circumstance?
  13. Superb - very good photography skills too.
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