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  1. Thanks all for the useful comments. I think i'll persevere with dead birds and look into how where to position the spreaders exactly. Good tip about breasting them!
  2. Dear all Calling on the more experienced pigeon shooters on here than I to ask the following :- Are real pigeons or decoy birds best in terms of using them on a rotary? i can never seem to get real birds to mount on the spreaders etc that well and as a result I always feel the birds look odd to say the least. It got me thinking if I would be better off buying a couple of decoy birds that are designed to mount on the arms of a rotary. i would be interested to hear any opinions on this. Many thanks
  3. BinaryB

    Short gun slip for a Yildiz junior o/u .410

    Thanks very much BBB. Just the job.
  4. BinaryB

    Short gun slip for a Yildiz junior o/u .410

    I have considered that sportsbob but if possible I was hoping to get a dedicated shotgun slip. Thanks for the suggestion mind you.
  5. Dear all I don't suppose anyone knows of a short in length gun slip that would best fit a short gun such as the one in the title above? I've just bought my daughter a Yildiz junior .410 for her 13yth birthday but wondered if I could get a junior length slip for it? Any suggestions appreciated. Many thanks
  6. BinaryB

    What is classed as a good ratio.

    Some great replies there gents. Thanks very much - very useful.
  7. BinaryB

    What is classed as a good ratio.

    Without over egging the thread, I had watched an episode of Fieldsports Britain in which Andy Crow was shooting pigeons over decoys and (unless I mis-heard) his ratio was almost 1 to 1. That's what got me thinking about it and if there was a general rule of thumb to bench mark against.
  8. BinaryB

    What is classed as a good ratio.

    Thanks very much and interesting info ref Jack Hargreaves. I think he says that the best day he had was 70 odd but he heard of bags of upto 200 in a day. Just interesting to get his honest take on things. I think in that episode he is shooting them over maize in the winter months in Sussex. I wonder if that was the one you are referring to? I used to watch him on TV sat with my Grandma. I couldn't wait for it to come on. I would have been 10 ish years old at the time. Great series.
  9. BinaryB

    What is classed as a good ratio.

    Some good answers there and I like JDog's take on things too. Thank you very much. I remember watching Jack Hargreaves on TV but I saw that particular episode on DVD. Thanks to Stuy too. Great info to benchmark against. I almost wish I hadn't discovered pigeon decoying as finding it truly addictive sport. My ratio is averaging at 2.25 to 1 which I thought is ok but I would agree to what Stuy says ref a knack to being consistent. Thanks again all.
  10. Dear all I have recently got into pigeon shooting over decoys. I was wondering what is classed as good shooting in terms of cartridge to kill ratio with regards to pigeon shooting over decoys? I remember watching a Jack Hargreaves episode on decoying pigeons and he was saying anything less than 3 to 1 is good shooting. Is this the case?
  11. BinaryB

    Choke key for Remington 11-87

    Thanks Sishyplops.
  12. BinaryB

    Choke key for Remington 11-87

    Thanks all My Browning key won't work so i'll look to see if I can find a Beretta one and failing that then go for a Teague i suppose.
  13. BinaryB

    Choke key for Remington 11-87

    Dear all I've recently acquired an 11-87 multi choke but unfortunately there wasn't a choke key with it. I don't suppose anyone out there has one they no longer need that I could buy off them? Kind regards
  14. BinaryB

    Decoying on Rape stubble

    I like you Mr Wasp am a late comer to this fantastic sport. So all the info I'm gaining from looking at posts such as yours is very helpful. I had what for me was a good day yesterday and had 40 pigeons for 90 shots over wheat stubble using my newly acquired rotary which did seem to work. Anyway this is all good info and good luck with the rape stubble.
  15. BinaryB

    Semi Auto -What to buy?

    After doing more diligence I deceided to get a refund on the A400 Excel I bought a couple of weeks ago. I loved the gun but when spending £1400 on something you want to ensure it is built to last and I'm not sure it is. I'm now on the look out for an auto which will fit my height and monkey like limbs.