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  1. Thank you Maxwell - just what I was after.
  2. Dear all I'm looking for a choke as per the title. If you have one to sell please PM me. Many thanks
  3. Dear all Does anyone know if it is recommended or not to be able to shoot plaswad cartridges through an Atec A12 mod? Many thanks
  4. Dear all I have a spare (in as new condition) synthetic stock, forend and forend cap for sale at £40. Please PM me if you are interested. Many thanks
  5. Have you tried them yet? I’ve tried alsorts of downloaded.22 rimfire over the years and although it appears a good solution on paper, none have them have been minute of barn door and so effectively absolutely useless for me.
  6. I totally agree. There are some on here that seem to be very easily appeased. It shouldn’t have got to the point it did in the first place - it’s an absolutely disgraceful carry on on my opinion and very stressful for the complainant. The damage is done in my opinion and they will never be trusted in my eyes. The only positive outcome is that the OP is seemingly having the issues addressed. But moving forward I would never feel they could be trusted. As has been said the manufacturer could have used the original issue as a very pousutube PR opportunity. People talk about good service but they talk a lot more about bad.
  7. Yes I too hope you get it resolved to your satisfaction. It’s shocking how they have dealt with it.
  8. Wow! They won’t be in business in the short to medium term is my prediction. The sort of customer service you are experiencing is normally due to pressure in one form or another. Normally highlighting financial pressure but I wager they won’t be in business for much longer. I’d get what you can from them as soon as you can if I were you before they go out of business. Absolutely disgraceful customer service.
  9. Nice post - is your Rapid a FAC version?
  10. Morning Fellside I was thinking the same myself but haven’t got round to patterning with improved - but I might get chance at the weekend and if so will post an update.
  11. Agreed and I will be using lead for as long as it is available. An interesting point to note is that I was told steel pattern better than lead when in actual fact, in my limited test with these, I get a more distributed pattern with my lead loads using half choke.
  12. I have for a while been curious as to the performance of steel shot on live quarry. After speaking to a good friend who only shoots a 20 bore (mainly on driven game), he told me he was sold on the performance and recommended the Eley VIP Steel. This is the loading with the ‘Eco wad’ which magically disappears in front of your eyes when put in a glass of water or such like. Anyway after getting over the eye watering price, the curiosity got the better of me and I went to my local ground (Mickley Hall) which I highly recommend you visiting if you are in the area, and bought a slab of 5’s. This is the 32g load which my friend said pattern very well. I was looking forward to using them but before I did, I thought I would pattern them at 30 yards with modified choke. The result was as follows: Slightly disappointed in the dense distribution at the top, I thought maybe too much choke and so dressed back to improved. This being in my A400 Lite semi auto. For the purpose of scale, the orange patch is 2” in diameter. Yesterday I went to one of my favourite woods which is good for pigeons coming into roost and decided to try them out. I ended up with 10 for 21 which comprised of 9 pigeons and 1 magpie. I have to say I thought they killed well and even though it’s only 10 birds shot I got the impression it was no better or worse than my go to lead load for pigeons which is the Eley Pigeon Select or Hull Superfasts. All in all a great hour and a half up to last light and an interesting experiment. I picked 7 in total and lost 2 in heavy cover but a great early evening bit of sport.
  13. Hi OPP I’m not certain of the exact weight but it is sub 7 lbs. It feels very very light when walking around the place with it. Almost toy like if that makes sense.
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