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  1. Very good vid. Are you using a 12ft lb air rifle?
  2. In my case I had to produce original proof of purchase (which luckily I had as it was a long time ago) and also a valuation from an RFD of current replacement value and the payment was settled by return.
  3. I have used Gunplan for the last 5 years and had cause to make a claim a few years ago. Top class service and I can highly recommend.
  4. Brilliant Ditchman. Sounds identical to a lad growing up in the seventies too. Same comment from my mum and my Diana .177 ”You haven’t shot all of those already?”
  5. Really enjoyed watching that. Great find thanks for posting.
  6. Just what I was after. Thanks.
  7. Thank you for the explanation. Very interesting. I’m assuming after the application, the crop would be left for a couple of weeks in order for the glyphosate to work?
  8. Another question relating to barley that I have is what does it mean when the farmer is spraying it off? I know why this is done on a rape crop but why do they spray off a barley crop and does it mean it is soon to be cut after spraying? Ps sorry to hi jack the original thread but thought it relevant in the scheme of things.
  9. Would you consider using a flapper in this circumstance?
  10. Superb - very good photography skills too.
  11. Thank you for posting. Very interesting to see the cultural differences between countries.
  12. I happened to be in Francis Lovells once when Alexander Armstrong was in there collecting a couple of guns. A local old boy walked in and said to AA “you look familiar. Don’t I know you from somewhere.” Thinking he’d seen him locally around and not realising he was on the tele. AA replied something like “you may have seen me on TV - I present a couple of shows.” We all had a chortle and he went up in my estimations. Seemed like a very decent fellow.
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