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  1. I had this very same issue with mine. It was completely locked. I tried WD over night and nothing could budge it. I took it to a gun smith in the end and he sorted it and it was back to normal. Never had an issue since but if I remember correctly, it was something to do with my locking the action open before disassembly. I might be wrong here but I think you have to effectively have it in battery in order to take the barrel off or vice versa. Not sure any of that helps you but it can be resolved.
  2. Very nice gun. Can you please confirm if this has the internal choke system as opposed to the external one you used to rotate according to the required choke? I hope that makes sense. Many thanks
  3. A tricky situation very well handled. I’m not sure I follow the reference to the ex US Sec of State (which one?) but you score on the diplomacy stakes. I’ve had a couple of similar situations crop up over the years and apart from the aggro, it puts a bit of a dampener on proceedings but sounds like you have set the scene for any future recurrence.
  4. Brilliant stuff Smoker. To confirm, when you say on grass, was this a recently silaged field?
  5. And I'll wager not a lot will change in the next 15 plus years either. Yes a few extra options coming on but nothing like the wholesale variety and supply in order for the UK shooting community to transition from lead. Mark my words. The genie is out of the bottle maybe, but it will be out of the bottle for a long long time before we see any significant impact.
  6. Yes but according to the manufacturers, the only wad that works with steel is plastic and so although the Jockers tick the boxes on the eco friendly front, you might find you can’t hit a thing with them.
  7. I said exactly the same to my 16 year old daughter a couple of days ago. That sound is one I indentify with as a child. Funny how sounds and smells can take you right back to that childhood feeling. My daughter enjoyed the original series when she was younger after buying the DVD for her several years back. I haven't seen this remake yet but I'll give it a view at some point.
  8. Not quite. The neck length is longer than the .30-06 but it would be easier to source .270 brass in any case. There’s lots of once fired FC stuff on the market and quite often Norma and at a good price.
  9. What a useless article he has been. Utterly useless.
  10. There ain’t half some ***** around - especially the mental defective old’un was unfortunate to encounter.
  11. Crows however seem to be active without issue. I’ve been watching a field of cut wheat for the last 2 days and they are on the stubble in good numbers. And when you think they are jet black it makes you wonder how they accumulate in any number in such hot conditions.
  12. Yes started off with a Milbro as in the pics above I’d say circa 1982 ish give or take and then a few years later progressed to a Black Widow. From memory the steel ball bearings cost a fortune so that limited using the correct ammo so then you progressed to using gravel or stones which damaged the rubber and rendered your catty useless in any case! Great fun. A bit like asking my mum if she could take me down town to buy me some more pellets and I’d always get the “Gosh have you shot all those already.” You use a lot of ammo shooting up your air fix models in the sand pit 😂😂😂
  13. BinaryB


    Very interesting. I remember being surprised to hear they are present in the UK and I was told Wiltshire is a county where they have been sighted so the locations above tie in with that and vice versa.
  14. Had a Barn owl land on the end of my rifle barrel last year whilst sitting in the high seat. My 15 year old daughter was with me at the time. She saw it land - I only saw it as it took off after she nudged me. Brilliant pic by the way.
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