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  1. My daughter started at 12 with an O/U .410 and she is nearly 16 now and still using it and with success. What has upped the .410’s game in my opinion is the 19 gramme Eley VIP trap load. It’s great for clays and that’s what she uses exclusively. I’ve been considering upping her to a 20 bore or even a 12 but she enjoys using this Yildiz so much as it’s nice and light, I haven’t done anything yet.
  2. Crikey! That’s an Oxymoron if ever I heard one. If emailing you also receive a delivery report as proof of receipt.
  3. Very interesting. Thanks for the post and information.
  4. Superb and thanks. I was in Arne over New Year and went on the steam railway so I know exactly where you mean. Brilliant - I might have to take a special trip down there to see them. Have you ever seen any Adders round that area?
  5. Brilliant! Lovely striking colours. Where roughly is this please? County will do.
  6. Roger Hicks near Fairford is probably your best bet depending on where you are located in Gloucestershire. I use him for my deer and pigeons and have been for the last 12 years or more.
  7. What you need with that is good string whart in the hide with you. So you can concentrate on the shooting and your whart pulls the string on command.
  8. Outstanding Shootgun and taken with a proper cartridge.
  9. Well done. My daughter helps me with the deer and she is now able to hock them very proficiently before I winch them up.
  10. Brilliant and love the fact it was done the proper way 😂
  11. That might be correct (assuming the op has HMR designated on his cert as opposed to .17 rim fire. If that was the case selling him HM2 ammunition wouldn’t be illegal). In any case that is a separate matter in my opinion.
  12. I haven’t read all the replies - just your original post. The responsibility lies with you. It’s your safety that’s at stake here and you should know that a HM2 is not the correct ammunition to chamber in your HMR! Thank your lucky stars that you weren’t injured. Put it down to experience and learn from it is my advice.
  13. Nice one. Where about in the country is this? It seems rabbits are thin on the ground these days.
  14. Thanks everyone. Seems like a bag is the way to go then.
  15. Dear all Just wondered if anyone has found a plastic type storage box with suitable dims for a rotary? At the moment mine is in the cardboard box that it came in from A1 but it’s falling to bits. I’ve had an initial look online and at the moment the boxes ive seem are either too big or perfect on two of the dimensions but the height is too shallow ie wrapping paper storage boxes. Has anyone discovered a Goldilocks sized one? Many thanks
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